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(above) Required by the city for controlling access to the

first branch library (a Spanish eclectic design by

The new lake-pool, as Beaty calls it, is intended

pool during summer months, the wrought-iron fence is

architect Atlee Ayres), a network of deep drainage

for year-round use. A demountable wrought-iron

demountable for off-season storage in the bathhouse.

ditches, acres of parking lots, and an assortment of

fence controls access during the swimming season

hardscape features whose provenance and original

but is to be stored in the bathhouse during the rest

purpose are obscure.

of the year, leaving the lake and its promenade

In 1992 the city asked RVBK Architects to

open to the park.

develop a comprehensive master plan for the park.

The bathhouse, originally dating from the 1920s,

After consulting with numerous neighborhood

was expanded. Two new wings of rough limestone

and civic groups, the architects proposed improvements estimated to cost about $9 million, half of

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which has been funded from bond issues. Beaty & Partners Architects assumed design responsibility

t e x a s

a r c h i t e c t

concrete pavement:

Alamo Cement; unit pavers: Alamo

Concrete Pavers; fountains, pools, and water displays: Neptune Benson,

to start his own.

Pumps Unlimited;

The rehabilitation’s first phase, completed last



when RVBK partner Michael Beaty left that firm

Site Furnishings;

site , street , and mall furnishings :

concrete materials:

spring, has as its centerpiece a new swimming pool

Jewell (Eagle Concrete Products);

whose irregular shape approximates the contours of


Alamo Cement;

cast stone:

Fairweather masonry units:

Pyramid Stone;


Crown Steel; metal decking: Vulcraft; architectural metal work:

the old spring-fed lake, just a few yards downstream

Crown Steel; railings and handrails: Crown Steel; stainless steel: Kuest

of the springs. The lake, lined with concrete in


1922, had been used for swimming until spring flow


declined in the drought of the early 1950s. In 1954,

Cadillac Plasticrafts;

it had been replaced by a smaller conventional

unit skylights:

pool with recirculating water – the spring water was

performance coatings:

diverted underground, emerging as San Pedro Creek


just south of the pool – but the outlines of the lake


remained clear in the tall cypresses at its edge.

beaded board ceiling:

waterproofing and dampproofing:

Henery, Inc.;


US Intec; pre-fabricated roof specialties: Bilco; roof accessories: metal doors and frames:

Cadillac Plasticrafts; Tnemec;


Ceco Door Products;

ICI (Devoe/Glidden);

grilles and screens:



letters and

The Southwell Company; signage and graphics: The Southwell grandstands and bleachers:

Southern Bleacher Company;

Allen & Allen Company

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