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The Fort Worth Modern Art Museum is scheduled to open

While the Stockyards north of downtown are still

located immediately south of the existing Fort

in October 2002; painting by Mark Hoffer, courtesy Fort

the heart of the “trail drive” aspect of Fort Worth’s

Worth Museum of Science and History, will include

Worth Star-Telegram.

past, the Will Rogers Coliseum and Auditorium have

that museum, which plans a $26 million expansion

been expanded over the last decade or so and now

of exhibit space designed by Lake/Flato Architects

hold claim as site of the ongoing public shows of

of San Antonio. That expansion will include 7,000

horses, guns, and other elements of the “Western”

square feet of space dedicated to the legacy of

lifestyle. Will Rogers Coliseum has long since

the Texas cowboy/cowgirl in addition to 7,000

displaced the original 1908 Northside Coliseum as

square feet of gallery space for traveling science

the site of the annual Rodeo/Stock Show, and due

exhibitions and another 10,000 square feet for

to its size and qualities as a venue for performance

display of recently discovered dinosaur fossils from

the Auditorium has hosted artists as un-western as

the Fort Worth area.

Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Emerson Lake &

The plaza will also contain the new National

Palmer, King Crimson, and more recently, Sheryl

Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame which is currently

Crow and Melissa Etheridge. As with other entities

under construction and expected to be completed

in the district, there is conversation at the moment

in spring of 2002. This $21 million project was

proposing a new Coliseum to handle the larger

designed by David M. Schwarz Architectural

crowds that have become the norm.

Services, Inc. of Washington, D.C., with Gideon

The newly defined Western Heritage Plaza,


t e x a s

a r c h i t e c t

Toal Architects of Fort Worth and includes 33,000

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Texas Architect Nov/Dec 2001: Public Spaces  

Texas Architect is the official publication of the Texas Society of Architects, each edition features recently completed projects and other...

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