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list 10 products carried in Superstores such as Walmart, that you can find in a specialty store.

Super store!

Payless shoes

Koodo cell phones! Wal-Mart cell phones Super store!

Canadian tire super store! Thornton's cycle (Niagara region)

Sobeys Super store!

Convenience stores!

The farmers market.

Sobeys super store!

You can also purchase fruits and vegetables at the market!

Walmart super store!

You can also buy clothing at small clothing stores at your local mall!

Shoppers Drug Mart super stores

There are places such as convenience stores and not well known pharmacies in you local city that sell certain medications

Staples business depot super store!

People can purchase school supplies everywhere! Convenience stores, dollarama etc.

Shoppers drug mart

People can also purchase beauty products online and in beauty stores!


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