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Headbands And Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

PHA001 - Mock Flap Hair Holder with Button $15.00

PHA002 - 3 Cowrie Ruffled Hair Holder $15.00

PHA003 - 3 Cowrie Triangle Hair Holder $15.00

PHA004 - TT Cowrie Hair Holder with Stick and Mock Flap $15.00


PHB002 - Cowry Flower Mobius Headband $20.00

PHB006 - "Sonji" Twist Headband $35.00

PHB007 - "Sonji" Pretzel Top Knot Headband $35.00

PHB008 - "Sonji" Interlocking Circles Top Knot Headban $35.00

PHB009 - "Sonji" Swirl Top Knot Hat $35.00

PHB010 - "Sonji" Top Knot Twist Headband $35.00

PHB011 - "Sparkle" Mock Turban Headband $35.00

PHB012 - "Sonji" Mohair Headband $35.00

Hair accessories and headbands  
Hair accessories and headbands  

Crochet items for all seasons to hold your hair or go around your head. Choose your colors. Created by Ta Ankh of Ioni's Creations