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MAY 2014

In living color! in this issue In Living Color A Field Guide to Outdoor Living Bug Off! May Flowers Demystifying Landscaping Special Events Indoor Treasures How Does Your Garden Grow?












In living color Springtime is magnificent at Rock City Gardens. As you stroll throughout our seven acres, you are greeted with sweet floral scents and vivid colors. In addition to our flowers, you will enjoy the company of butterflies, bees and birds. Many visitors to our garden have commented how refreshing and relaxing it is to spend a little time during their day enjoying all the sights, sounds and scents it has to offer. A beautiful garden nourishes the soul. We spent an afternoon capturing some of the glorious colors – up close and in living color. Here is a peek at what you are likely to experience during your visit. We hope you find joy and inspiration in nature’s works of art!

The nose knows this fragrant vine! Right now our Stephanotis vine is in full bloom and the fragrance these beautiful flowers emit will knock your socks off. Known also as the bridal flower, the beautiful white blooms, small and waxy, are often tucked into the bride’s bouquet. We have a limited number of Stephanotis vines available so stop by our retail garden center soon. One sniff, and you’ll know why you to have at least one of these beautiful vines in your own outdoor spaces.



A Field Guide to Outdoor Living We have the answers to what will make your outdoor living oasis a favorite hangout for family and friends. It’s all about comfort and easy living, but we dare not forgo style and convenience! Here are some tips for those finishing touches to your outdoor space.

Take a Seat. Our Windsor-style, cast aluminum chairs, hand-forged in the USA are amazingly handsome and durable for our coastal environment. It’s also a smart choice for wind-prone areas thanks to their heft. Understated in its beauty, they complement most patios and outdoor kitchens.

Hot Commodity. When it comes to outdoor features, firepits are a great idea. Cooler evenings are welcomed when you have one of these at the center of attention. Numerous fire options are available, including gas logs. Styles range from traditional to modern, and they can be installed on a patio, poolside or in the center of your garden. S’mores anyone?


Tranquil Features. Introduce beauty and tranquility into your outdoor living area or garden with a fountain. Water features become the focal point of any garden with their gentle bubbling and ability to attract a variety of birds and butterflies. You can tuck one at the entrance of your home or create an oasis within your garden.

Perfect Pots. No outdoor space is complete without beautiful container gardens. Tall and thin or short and stout, there’s a perfect pot for you just waiting to be planted. You’ll find a sea of choices and colors at Rock City, including natural materials to high gloss finishes. And these beauties not only adorn your floor space and grounds – small, low-profile containers can also add the perfect touch to tables and bar spaces. 5


Image: cotinis

Bug off! Insects are everywhere. Before

Ladybugs, for example, are helpful

you swat those little critters away,

and beautiful. Both the adult and the

think about what they may be doing

alligator-like larvae are especially

for your plants. Did you know that

good at feeding on small pests such

some insects are beneficial to your

as aphids and thrips. People love


them because they are a symbol of good luck. Green lacewings also feed on aphids, mites, thrips, and various insect eggs. The hover fly is another helpful bug. They look like little bees that hover over plants and flowers and dart quickly away. They don’t sting! They lay eggs which hatch into green, yellow, brown, orange, or white half-inch bugs that look like caterpillars. They feed on aphids, mealybugs and others. And you’re in luck. Ladybugs recently flew in to Rock City Gardens. While supplies last, pick up a bag of these little cuties and let them go to work in your garden. Inset: Ladybug larve


container garden of the month

May Flowers Summer is just around the corner. It’s

Lysmachia “Goldilocks,” and

time to start thinking about replanting

Lobularia “Snow Princess.”

and updating your container garden.

For more inspiration and assistance

This month, our container garden

with your container gardens, please

features Angelonia (white upright),

contact Rhonda or Shirley at

Caladium “Celebration,” Celosia


“Ice Cream Mix,” Zinnia “Profusion,”



Demystifying Landscaping More than 50 people attended our April seminar, From Consultation to Installation: Demystifying Landscaping. Rhonda Lowe, Co-Owner and Wade Baxley, General Manager presented how they engage their customers from the onset of new landscape and hardscape projects. Many new clients are confused about where and how to begin their new outdoor projects, but, at Rock City, we take the guesswork out of the process.


discuss with you what you want to achieve with your new or improved

Wade said, “A thorough consultation

outdoor living spaces, considering

with our clients has proved invaluable,

your lifestyle demands. The complete

often saving them from costly

project, including materials, labor

landscaping mistakes.”

and production timeframe is carefully

During the consultation, a designer


from Rock City will meet with you to

Our subtropical climate allows us

walk and review the site. Photographs

to enjoy beautiful landscaping year-

and measurements may be taken.

round. As we move into the summer

Visiting the property to evaluate

months, it’s an ideal time to plan

sun exposure and soil conditions

ahead for the fall and winter seasons.

will help determine what plants are

For a personal consultation, contact

most appropriate. The designer will

Wade Baxley at 772.589.5835.

special events

Special events Butterfly Garden Seminar Saturday, May 10th - 10:00 am May is a great time to start a butterfly garden. Join us in our seminar pavilion on Saturday, May 10th as we present how to grow host and nectar plants that will attract beautiful butterflies. The seminar is free of charge. Please RSVP Margaret at 772.589.5835 or so we are properly prepared.

Plant a Butterfly Garden Pot for Mother’s Day Saturday, May 10th - 11:00 am – 4:00 pm It has become a tradition at Rock City Gardens – our annual “Plant a Pot for Mom” Mother’s Day event. Over the years, kids of all ages have enjoyed creating container gardens for their mothers, grandmothers, aunts and others. Many return year after year! This year, we’ll be planting flowers that attract butterflies. Bring the kids and join us on Saturday, May 10th. Rock City will provide the pot, flowers and soil for each container garden. The cost is only $10 per container. We kindly request that you contact Margaret at 772.589.5835 so we are properly prepared. May your Mother’s Day be filled with lots of love and beautiful surroundings!



garden boutique

Indoor Treasures We create container gardens of all shapes and sizes in our retail garden center. Many of our clients love the drama and color that they provide. And we admit we’ve designed some pretty fabulous gardens! But there is something to be said for sweet indoor treasures like terrariums and fairy gardens. They are a form of container gardens, but they require very little maintenance and water. You can even add tiny treasures to the terrariums to create your fairy garden. You’ll find lots of these little treasures at Rock City’s Garden Boutique! Here are a few tips for these pint-size gardens: • Pick plants that can tolerate humidity, since the enclosed nature of a terrarium traps in moisture. Also keep in mind that terrarium plants need to be able to tolerate low or indirect light. • Choose plants that are small enough for your terrarium. You don’t want the plants’ leaves to touch the sides of the container. • Consider succulents and cacti since they can grow in a terrarium, but it’s best to use an open container that will retain less humidity. You should also add some sand to the potting mix to mimic the plants’ native environment. • Add moss – this is a common terrarium staple because it thrives in the moist and humid environment. Visit our Garden Boutique soon and ask for Diane or Brad. They will be happy to help you get your indoor garden started!


How Does Your Garden Grow? From garden to table, sustainable gardens are healthy and provide support for our local organizations and farmers. Rock City Gardens recently donated 30 vegetable plants to Wabasso School for their student garden. We are proud to support education and teaching our youth how to grow and maintain sustainable gardens now and into the future.

seven acres of inspiration

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