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THE 'IT' FLOWER seven acres of inspiration





If ever there were a flower that was sensuous, boldly beautiful, and an inspiration for countless artists and designers, it is the dramatic anthurium. Just one look at this heart-shaped, anatomically suggestive houseplant and you’ll understand why The New York Times calls the anthurium an “’it’ flower for a feminist moment.” And for you lovers of Valentine’s Day, the glossy anthurium is a perfectly romantic gift. One of the easiest tropical plants to care for, they ensure long-lasting color and drama. As a potted plant, they can survive year-round with minimal care. When used in cut-flower arrangements, anthuriums can last up to three weeks. Though red is the most common color, they are also available in soft pink at Rock City Gardens. This “it” flower makes a stunning statement.


Native to South America, anthuriums were brought to Hawaii via England by the politician Samuel Mills Damon in 1889 where it was later widely propagated in the 1940’s. By the 1980’s, flower production was at an all-time high in the United States and the anthurium gained its popularity through dramatic arrangements created for hotels and restaurants. 3



It never ceases to amaze us when visitors step inside our garden gates and are surprised to discover a plethora of home and garden wonders — and a friendly bunch of garden associates. We love it when new visitors find us, yet it’s just as delightful when returning clients discover a garden feature for the very first time. To us, and to many of our loyal followers, Rock City is a seven-acre horticultural wonderland. For over 50 years, folks have driven from miles around for our fresh grown flowers, colorful container gardens, home and garden décor, and, in recent years, our design build services. Rock City has an impressive, talented team for designing and installing outdoor living areas. Hardscapes that include outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, poolside patios, and garden pathways have captured the attention of many homeowners.

Behind the wonders of Rock City Gardens is our devoted and talented staff. Thanks to them, we’re winning accolades – as much for our customer service as for our passion for growing stunning flowers. A retail garden center is a complex operation. It’s one that requires not only careful attention to business cycles but also a watchful eye on the weather at any given moment. As we Floridians know, it’s not always sunshine and peaceful ocean breezes. This season has demonstrated just how dedicated our staff is to ensuring Rock City Gardens is open and ready for business regardless of what Mother Nature brings our way. What began as an unusually hot summer quickly turned into an active storm season. By early September, we rapidly had to prepare for Hurricane Irma’s arrival. We’re grateful for our employees who worked diligently to secure

DID YOU KNOW? Rock City Gardens offers a host of gardening services, including: CONTAINER GARDENS Creation, installation and maintenance Rock City's Garden Associates

HOMEGROWN FLOWERS Cultivated and grown right on site LANDSCAPE DESIGN Planning beautiful landscapes, whether big or small

the gardens before the storm and who worked equally hard to clean up afterward. Because of them, we re-opened our garden gates within three days of the storm’s landfall. Fast forward just four months later and we were preparing for a historical cold snap. Once again, our garden associates stepped up and marvelously protected our plants and flowers from damage. We’re proud of our team. More than 50 parttime and full-time associates keep Rock City Gardens beautiful and our clients well served throughout the year. During your next visit, feel free ask our knowledgeable associates for advice on gardening or all things related to outdoor living spaces.

GARDEN BOUTIQUE A charming boutique filled with home and garden seasonal delights DESIGN BUILD SERVICES Hardscapes designs and installations for any size outdoor living area WE GROW FOR YOU A custom growing program that allows you to select the color and quantity of flowers you want and Rock City grows and cares for them until we install them in your gardens for fall





» BACOPA MegaCopa™, a variety of bacopa, is loaded with beautiful blooms. This flower, with its trailing habit, is ideal planted alone in containers and hanging baskets or as a spiller in mixed potted arrangements. Bacopa loves lots of sunshine and thrives in heat. Available in white or pink.

» DAHLIA A diva of the garden, dahlias are big and bold. Planted alone or mixed with other flowers, it’s a definite showstopper. And they’re grand as a cut flower for dramatic arrangements. Our bi-color varieties are available in pink + yellow, orange + yellow, and lavender + white.

MAINTENANCE: Keep evenly moist.


LIGHT: Full Sun

Let soil dry between watering. LIGHT: Full to Partial Sun


Our friendly garden associates will happily help you select just the right flowers for your winter gardens.


It’s February and love is in the air. What better way to express your love for all things beautiful than with fresh-grown flowers that keep sharing their beauty for months to come.



» PLECTRANTHUS This lovely lavender, tropical flower is a tough little plant. Mona Lavender™ has velvety, dark green foliage and upright orchidlike blooms. This shrubby plant thrives best when planted in a spot that receives morning sun and light shade in the afternoon.

» ALLAMANDA It’s easy to see why this splendid variety is known as the Golden Butterfly plant. It has clusters of yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers with dark green, glossy leaves. Allamanda is a favorite in Florida’s sunny gardens and landscapes for its hearty growth, easy maintenance, and the beautiful butterflies it attracts.


MAINTENANCE: Keep evenly moist.

Let soil dry between watering. LIGHT: Partial Sun

LIGHT: Full Sun



Seasonal Fun Fresh home from the garden and gift shows, our team of boutique buyers are excited to share their new collections. Our hand-painted candles were so popular at Christmas that we expanded our line, including new sea turtles, jellyfish, owls, birthday greetings, and flocks of bird designs. These all-occasion candles make thoughtful gifts for hostesses, friends and those deserving a special “thank you.”

The Garden Boutique is well known for our unique collection of Lori Mitchell™ figurines, and this season doesn’t disappoint. Don’t miss Lori's enchanting and whimsical personalities like Eggbert Herbert, Little Lost Lamb, Bea Blossom, Gone Fishing and the brand new OZ figurine.

ASK DOC ROCK Q: What can I plant that will create a natural privacy hedge? A: If you’re looking for a fast-growing shrub to create a natural barrier and offer additional benefits, we suggest radermachera. This evergreen performs beautifully in moist, well-drained soil and at least 5-6 hours of daily sun. Its clusters of medium-sized blooms are as fragrant as they are beautiful – and they attract the occasional hummingbird. Most people that want a natural privacy hedge want a plant that will grow quickly. Redermachera does the job. It also grows beautifully as a small flowering tree. Whether clipped as a shrub or grown as a decorative tree, radermachera requires only an all-purpose fertilizer 3-4 times per year. It blooms year-round and can be pruned anytime.

Tropical hibiscus growing at Rock City Gardens

How Does Your Garden Grow? To all of our devoted followers and garden enthusiasts who love Rock City Gardens, please know that Rock City loves you back. From our garden gates to yours, we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay connected with us on Facebook and Houzz, anytime, anywhere.

seven acres of inspiration

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Early Bloomer :: February 2018  
Early Bloomer :: February 2018