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‘Tis the season! Fill Your garden and home with some 'Merry Finds'! Few things bring back fond memories than the joys of Christmas, especially decorating for the holidays and finding those one-ofkind gifts that bring delight to friends and family. If you’re like most of us, searching for and giving special gifts to others brings as much happiness, if not more, as receiving them. At Rock City Gardens, we’re all about helping you find some of the merriest gifts of the season. Some will find a few items on our gift guide inspirational. While you may not be able to give the warmth of an outdoor fireplace or grand garden fountain, much of the fun is how perfectly normal and oddly comforting perusing a holiday gift guide can be. The real reward comes when you discover that there is something for everyone in our 2017 Garden Boutique’s list of Merry Finds! From exquisite hand-blown glass ornaments and hand-painted candles to beautiful container gardens filled with blooms that keep giving long after the holiday season, you’ll love these merry finds from our new holiday alcove in the Garden Boutique. Experiencing the sights and aromas that mesmerize and immediately invoke memories of Christmas is well worth more than one visit to the gardens this holiday season.


garden boutique

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garden boutique

Merry Finds! #1 Exquisite Hand-blown Glass Ornaments Adorn the tree or create a surprising display of holiday beauty. #2 Hester & Cook Placemats Holiday dinner conversation starters and a welcome, easy way to clean up afterward.


#3 Lush Garlands and Holiday Wreaths Handmade wreaths range from elegant to the whimsical.

#4 Wrendale Greeting Cards – nature-inspired themes – a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate the art of penning notes of gratitude #5 Hand-painted Candles An artful hostess gift and unique stocking stuffer #6 Poinsettias Perfect as hostess gifts, teacher gifts, and your own holiday décor. #7 Containers and Cachepots Incredible array of colors, shapes and sizes.

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#11 Sea Life Ornaments Featuring turtles, starfish, seahorses, jellyfish and more #12 Hanging Baskets Filled with gorgeous cascading flowers!

12 #8 Fresh Herbs For your foodie friends and those who appreciate the medicinal benefits. #9 White Mountain Jigsaw Puzzles Intricate nature and famous historical scenes make great gifts for gamers.


#10 Stunning Outdoor Fountains and Statuary Adorn your garden, courtyard or landscape with one of these majestic additions

#13 Potted Plants Keep giving beauty long after the holidays have ended #14 Outdoor Fireplace and Firepit Designed and installed by our talented hardscape team, your warm gift will make this December one to remember. Great idea for a gift certificate! #15 Peaceful Garden Strolls Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a garden stroll within our seven acres of inspiration. Soothing one’s soul is priceless.



‘Merry Finds’ Holiday Open House Friday, December 8th 6:00PM – 8:00PM Stroll our magical holiday Garden Boutique and enjoy light refreshments while shopping for fabulous gifts, stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and extraordinary holiday décor.

Our gift to you:


NEW! You’ll receive our new, complimentary bag during the Holiday Open House. Bring your recycled bag with each return visit to our Garden Boutique and receive 5% off each purchase.

* Excludes all soil, fertilizers and chemicals

Share Your Holiday Memories! “There are no happier folks than plant lovers and none more generous than those who garden.” - Ernest Henry Wilson At Rock City, we love seeing people enjoying a day inside our garden gates. To the young and the young at heart, alike, send us your pictures via a Facebook private message and we’ll gladly share your memories on our page!



Restoring our Lagoon Each year, Rock City Gardens hosts the Indian River Land Trust annual fundraiser. It’s a beautiful gathering of friends and supporters with a passion for protecting our community’s land and water for generations to come. Almost 400 friends and members gathered in our garden event area on November 9th for this very special event. According to the Indian River Land Trust, this year's event exceeded expectations. Highlights of the evening included s'mores by the fire pit, dancing to the sounds of the James Jordan Orchestra, and a preview of Vero Beach Ballet’s upcoming interpretation of the Nutcracker. Now in its 14th year, the event raised over $200,000, providing critically needed funds to continue our land protection work. 7


Holiday Blooms AT R O C K C I T Y G A R D E N S

POINSETTIAS » POINSETTIAS are one of the most popular and sentimental holiday plants. To keep it attractive for as long as possible, provide your poinsettias with bright light and even moisture. Rock City Gardens has a beautiful selection of red white, pink and bi-colors in 4”, 6” and 8” pots.


ORCHIDS » ORCHIDS are elegant and a favorite flower for gift giving. Rock City has three varieties from which to choose: Phaleonopsis, Dendrobiums, and Lady Slippers. While white is certainly popular, our pink, yellow, purple and bi-colors are simply gorgeous! They love bright, indirect light and only need to be watered sparingly once a week.


Holidays are magical in our gardens. Our December featured flowers are but a few of our favorite blooms for the season. We love that these merry plants give beauty long after Christmas has passed.



» ANTHURIUMS bloom with little effort. In other words, one need not have a green thumb to enjoy these handsome houseplants! Provide them with bright, indirect light and water once a week when dry — and they’ll return the love all year long.

» CHRISTMAS CACTUS is not only easy to care for but it propagates easily, making it an exceptional candidate for holiday gift giving. Rock City has a beautiful selection in red, pink, purple, white and salmon this season. These seasonal bloomers require only weekly watering or less — just water when dry.

Our Garden Elves are standing ready to help you select the best blooms for your holiday merry making!


ASK DOC ROCK Q: H  ow can I enjoy my garden more this holiday season? A: Cooler weather and shorter days tend to make us retreat indoors, but a dose of fresh air and garden beauty is just what Doc Rock orders for this busy holiday season. Whether you’re looking for ways to entertain friends or escape the house for a bit of peace and quiet, here are 8 ideas for getting out in the garden for the holidays. COZY UP AROUND A FIRE PIT If you’re hosting friends for dinner, take the group outside to enjoy a bit of fresh air before the meal. Serve drinks and appetizers to share around the fire. When you step back inside for dinner, the dinner table will feel even more warm and inviting. Tip: Rock City has a fantastic selection of fire pits and our hardscape team will gladly install it for you.

DECK THE HALLS Dressing up the exterior of your home for the season can be a great way to get in a festive mood and create a welcoming entrance. Whatever decorations you choose — a wreath for the door, lining the eaves with lights or draping garlands along windowsills — get the whole family outside to help share the work and the fun.

REFRESH SEASONAL CONTAINERS By redoing or refreshing containers, you can pack a lot of punch for not too much time, effort and money. Use decorative branches and greenery to accentuate your live plants and add some holiday flair.

HOST A DINNER OUTSIDE Our climate is perfect for hosting a meal in your outdoor living space or backyard. Make it into an occasion, such as a celebration of the season, holiday dinner, or even a big hurrah that the hot weather has officially departed.

GO FOR A GARDEN STROLL The holidays are a busy and often stressful time of year, and just getting out into your backyard can be one way to calm your mind. Instead of focusing on garden chores, change the way you look at and experience your garden to one that’s more forgiving. The grasses you didn’t trim might catch the light in a beautiful way, or the seeds of a plant might be providing food for birds.

TAKE DESSERT OUTSIDE A perfect way to lure guests, particularly young ones, outside is to sweeten the deal. For instance, plan for making s’mores around a fire pit after dinner. Stock up on graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate now so you have an easy fallback dessert tucked away in your pantry.

PUTTER AROUND IN A GREENHOUSE If the weather is poor — or you’re looking for an escape from a full house — head out to the greenhouse and get a head start on some of your winter garden tasks. Don’t have a greenhouse? Visit Rock City Garden’s geranium greenhouses gleaming with 87 different colors of freshly grown geraniums!

WATCH BIRDS Another way to take a break and enjoy your garden this season is by paying more attention to the wildlife your garden supports. If you’ve been observing birds for a few seasons, perhaps you’ll spot ones you haven’t seen before, as winter migrants return to your neighborhood.

How Does Your Garden Grow? Are you seeing green this holiday season? Consider giving gifts of nature that keep the songbirds singing, garden bees pollinating, and other wildlife thriving. Birdhouses, birdbaths, flowering plants that attract butterflies and birds are thoughtful gifts for the nature enthusiasts on your list.

Closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

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