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A Reawakening Croom Construction Company has been building and remodeling homes for over 30 years, yet it never ceases to amaze us each time we complete a beautiful residence. It’s particularly inspiring to meet with a client and their design professionals who have a vision for remodeling an older house, then leading our team to fulfill the dream. We recently completed a whole-house renovation in John’s Island. Leaving only a few walls and the garage in place, our team reconstructed the home, adding 1,600 square feet under air plus an additional covered outdoor living area. With the project completing on time, the clients are thrilled with their delightful home on the lagoon. Charles Croom, vice president of operations said, “It really is a special home and one that I am proud to have been a part of building. Our team, led by superintendent Bob Patterson, did a phenomenal job with the project.” Cover, Above and Right: Stunning John’s Island renovation

There is probably no better way to get to know a client than to spend a year together remodeling their home. It is a tedious

process but one with tremendous end benefits. It takes patience on behalf of the clients plus skill and a keen eye from our team. This particular project was a homerun from start to finish. Croom Construction Company also extends a special thanks to the design professionals including architects, Moulton Layne, P.L. and interior designer, Lee Pruitt Design.

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smartmove #15 Does your home need repainting? On the southern exposed side of your house, rub your hand over the painted wall. If it leaves a chalky residue on your hand, it’s time for a fresh coat. Due to weathering and sun exposure, all paints eventually get chalky due to deterioration of the paint film. Ignoring it allows moisture intrusion, which eventually finds its way to the interior.

New Exterior Paint Promotion! Take advantage of Precision’s postseason discount and have your home’s exterior painted during the summer. Contact James (JC) Choquet at 772.567.1221.

smartmove #21 Why is regular maintenance important for windows and doors? Exposure to sun and salt deteriorates windows and doors, including custom stains and factory finishes. If not regularly cleaned and maintained professionally, the finishes can be compromised, resulting in expensive repairs. Manufacturers also require regular maintenance as part of their warranty specifications for coastal homes.

Impacting Our Community’s Prosperity During National Literacy Week in January, we hosted a breakfast presentation for business leaders at Quail Valley River Club. Featuring Dr. Fran Adams, School Superintendent and Mr. Ray Oglethorpe, past president of AOL, the event provided a compelling correllation between improved literacy rates at an early age and the future growth of our economy in Indian River County. According to Dr. Adams, only one in seven children who do not master reading by third grade will eventually ever master it. The goal of the school district is to have 90 percent of all third graders reading on grade-level by 2018. Collaboration between schools, businesses and the community could create a huge return on their investment, including being a potential model for the nation. Ray Oglethorpe presented statistics reflecting the impact of literacy rates on our global economy. From high school graduates to C-Suite executives, reading comprehension is critical to the success of public and private sectors. Ensuring that businesses have educated people to hire is important to local commerce like Croom Construction Company. “The basic link between an individual who one day will enter the workplace with the ability to read, write and comprehend at a 12th-grade level is vital to our community,” David Croom said. “We must have people who can make positive contributions and perform their job professionally.”

Ray Oglethorpe, Dr. Fran Adams and David Croom

Quality Investment Croom Construction Company superintendents recently completed a mandatory Continuing Education Course for Superintendents, in which they received additional training and education in the areas of problem solving, safety, scheduling, leadership, quality control and current technology. Led by President, David Croom the nine-session course is taught over a six-month period with each superintendent receiving a CECS certificate upon completion. Croom Construction requires the successful completion of this annual course by all of its superintendents. The next series will be a special session for Precision Painting & Waterproofing superintendents and foremen. An affiliate of Croom Construction, Precision has been providing residential and commercial painting and waterproofing services since 1997.

Top row, left to right: Jason Flinn, James Lumley, Bobby Patterson, David Croom, Mike Campbell, Phil Campbell, Jay Alexander. Bottom row, left to right: Paul Plourde, Jeff Hoffman, Frank Gerstner, Glenn Phillips, Jerry Phillips.

Candid Comments It’s always nice to hear from clients and colleagues! Emily and Ned Sherwood, Whitehall Professional Property Management clients “From the first day we met Mike Atwood, we knew we were in good hands. He and his staff keep our home in tip-top shape while we are away and alert us to any maintenance issues that require attention. They even run our cars on a regular basis in summer and arrange airport transportation for our children. We were surprised to find that all the services required to run a home of our size and complexity — such as gardening, pest control and pool maintenance — are actually less expensive because of Whitehall’s massive buying power than if we’d contracted for them on our own. We can’t imagine nicer, more professional people to work with than the team at Whitehall!” Fred and Pattie Hawkins, Croom Construction Company clients “We are so pleased with the Croom team — David Lyons, Aaron Benson, Mike Campbell, Jayson Clayton and Marilyn Kolar.

They completed our project on budget and on time! I have been a general contractor for over 60 years, having built elevated highways for the state of Nebraska and a 12-story research center. I know how difficult it is to please an owner on a remodel job.”

At the Ready preparing your home for hurricane season History has taught us that while we can’t stop a severe storm or hurricane, advance preparedness is vital to minimizing property damage. For more than 15 years, Whitehall Professional Property Management has helped our clients weather severe storms common to our coastal region. We install storm shutters and generally prepare our clients’ property at the start of hurricane season. In the face of a storm we remove potential “flying debris” from their property and completely buttonup their homes. Post-storm, we assess each home for damage, quickly communicate the status to our clients and immediately begin the process of repairing any damage as needed. In early April, Whitehall will send Storm Preparedness Work Authorizations to our existing property management clients. Returning the completed authorizations before June 1st, the official start of hurricane season, will ensure that your home is properly secured and maintained. Many of our clients are out of residence during hurricane season and, naturally, anxious about potential storms. Our consistent pre- and post-storm follow through and excellent communication with our clients take the edge off the worry. For more details, contact Whitehall at 772.299.4559. | 772.562.7474 | 772.299.4559

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