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think again YOU ARE SO BIG YOU MUST BE EXPENSIVE Have you ever considered calling Croom Construction for a homebuilding or renovation project — or Whitehall Total Home Preservation to maintain your home’s integrity — but didn’t because you just assumed we are too expensive? Think again. It is actually more expensive, and sometimes dangerous, to use a company that does not have extensive experience. Croom Construction opened its doors in Vero Beach 30 years ago, followed by Whitehall 20 years later in an effort to maintain homes in this challenging seaside environment. We have a sterling reputation in our community for fair prices and high quality work. As a result, there are start-up companies following in our footsteps and mirroring our business model. We know imitation is a form of flattery. However, it is smart to check price and quality, but it’s even wiser to go with a trusted name that stands behind their work for the long haul. And you will be pleasantly surprised to discover our prices are competitive.

Out of 13 general contractors who were considered for the Senior Resource Association’s remodeling project, Croom was chosen! Professionalism, cost effectiveness and quality of work made the decision easy for the remodeling committee to vote unanimously for Croom Construction.

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Weather stripping is typically fabricated from plastic or rubber. Over time, the weather stripping deteriorates. Once this happens it does not provide an adequate seal around the door or window. Electric costs will increase when the cool air escapes in the summer or hot air in the winter. Whitehall technicians replace worn weather stripping during service visits, ensuring a good seal around all doors and windows. Keeping your home energy efficient is a smartmove.

Caulk is an amazing substance that prevents moisture from getting where it shouldn’t be. Did you know that there are miles of caulk in the average home? Did you also know that caulk, with time, can separate causing moisture to seep into other areas of your home? Whitehall professionals check every inch of caulk in your home to ensure you don’t have festering water problems. Detecting problems before they happen is a smartmove.

bow wow In our last newsletter we had a photograph of Chandler the Springer Spaniel relaxing in the John’s Island home of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Smith. If you’d like to have your dog featured in our upcoming newsletters, send us an email with your dog’s photo. If your dog is chosen, we’ll have a professional photographer capture your dog’s picture in your home. Cats are part of the family, too, so don’t forget to include them! Visit our Web site to see each season’s winning pets.

Should your pet be in pictures? send your best photo to Deadline December 15, 2009

history OVER 30 YEARS BUILDING IN VERO BEACH AND STILL GOING STRONG Croom Construction Company (CCC) was founded in 1978. Originally an in-house construction company for John’s Island, David Croom acquired the company from the Ecclestone family, the founders of John’s Island. CCC built the first home on “the island” in John’s Island as well as the first home on Gem Island. Soon to follow were the first Oceanfront and Village homes in Windsor as well as the first homes in Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club. They went on to build over 600 homes on the barrier island and numerous commercial projects, including office buildings, schools, club houses, and condominiums. When it comes to understanding superior construction, their staff of 75 has a wealth of professional experience. Their strength in new construction and remodeling continues today — out of 500 qualified builders in 2009, Croom Construction is ranked 87th in the nation by Qualified Remodeler Magazine.

ND 1987; HN’S ISLA



2006-2009 WINNER

BEST PLACES TO WORK AWARD For four years in a row, Croom and Whitehall have been voted one of the best places to work in Indian River County. We are proud to maintain this level of excellence. TEAM CROOM WHITEHALL (L TO R): DAVID CROOM, PRESIDENT BOB TUTTON, GENERAL MANAGER DAVID LYONS, VICE PRESIDENT

Check out our Croom surfers, or “Board Men” as we like to call them, in an upcoming Vero Beach Magazine article. The feature article is all about these local businessmen who are part of Vero’s surfing community. BOARD MAN: JAYSON CLAYTON, CROOM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY

first impressions Beautiful doors make a stately entry into your home. But they are also an opening for potentially costly problems if not maintained regularly. Many beautiful doors on homes along our barrier island are made of wood. Whether the door is solid mahogany or oak, wood is adversely affected by our salt air and high humidity. Doors need to be treated several times a year, or they start to warp and decay. When Whitehall professionals inspect your home, they always pay special attention to your entryway. After all, doors are one of the first things your guests see when they arrive. Keep them looking beautiful.

about us Whitehall Total Home Preservation is an affiliate of Croom Construction. Who better to preserve and maintain your seaside property than a company that’s part of a top-notch construction firm, known for its impeccable reputation? Just as it makes a difference in who builds your home, it’s equally important to pick a maintenance team that carries that same level of expertise. With Croom and Whitehall, you’ll always be working with a crew of skilled professionals, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years. Now when you see the Croom and Whitehall trucks around town, know that we are partners in making sure your home stays as well preserved as the day it was built.