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let’s begin For more than 30 years, homeowners have depended on Croom Construction for world-class homes, and award winning construction. We are a company founded on the belief that if you put your energy into consistently doing the right thing, you will be successful and strong. An example of doing the right thing is this little known fact about Croom: We have relocated over 100 live oak trees on behalf of our clients throughout our company’s history. These trees are natural treasures on our barrier island and they can never be replaced. Now that’s an example of a Croom


With this new Croom newsletter, we are all about seeing new possibilities. Now is the time when innovation, combined with practical good sense, is most needed. And we have a strong history of building our business on these exact principles. Maybe now is the right time for your home renovation project. It may be the perfect moment to build your new home. One thing is certain: we are doing our part to make sure your relationship with us is always considered one of your smartest moves.

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When closing your home for the summer, the air conditioning systems should be serviced by a qualified technician to ensure they are operating efficiently. A general rule is to set your thermostat at 78 degrees, but this varies depending upon exposure to sun/ shade, window coverings, and even house style, so a technician should check it weekly.

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All homes, particularly seasonal Florida homes, are at risk of flooding if regular maintenance is neglected. But with a minimal investment of time, you can prevent serious damage by checking water valves, and keeping everything operational. Better yet, let our Whitehall professionals handle all these worries, so you don’t have to.

what’s next? In our next newsletter, we will continue to share our knowledge regarding the effects of summer weather on a Vero Beach home. The most important thing for homeowners to realize is that owning a home in this tropical paradise requires some education. We’ll continue to inform you of other smartmoves you can make to ensure your home retains its value. In the meantime, visit our new Whitehall Web site at, where you’ll learn important facts ranging from your

considering a new project? visit or call us at 772.562.7474

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fireplace to your furnace.

smart clients making smartmoves 2008-09 NEW CONSTRUCTION Adams Residence 181 Beachside Drive, Orchid Island Horton Residence 201 Sandpiper Point, John’s Island Island Creek Venture 255 Island Creek Drive, John’s Island Lower Residence 131 Beachside Drive, John’s Island Morton Residence 121 Seaspray Lane, Orchid Island Thompson Residence 251 Island Creek Drive, John’s Island Llywds Lane 251 Llywds Lane, John’s Island Zande Residence 10530 Savannah Lane, Windsor

2 0 0 8 - 0 9 R E N O VAT I O N S 1050 Condominium Building 1050 Beach Road, John’s Island

Lowenberg Residence 650 Coconut Palm Road, John’s Island

Barefoot Residence 270 Coconut Palm Road, John’s Island

MacLachlan Residence 60 Paget Court, John’s Island

Callinan Residence 450 Beach Road, Unit 125B, John’s Island

McLaughlin Residence 1611 E. Camino Del Rio, Central Beach

Childs Residence 165 Sago Palm Road, John’s Island

Minton Residence 310 Island Creek Drive, John’s Island

Clemens Residence 341 Westwind Court, Orchid Island

Penrose Residence 61 Cowry Lane, John’s Island

Diesel Plant Restoration 1133 19th Place, Downtown Vero

Puff Residence 731 Manatee Cove, John’s Island

Dobbs Residence 91 Dove Plum Road, John’s Island

Schroeder Residence 370 Island Creek Drive, John’s Island

Farrell Residence 198 Island Creek Drive, John’s Island

Slater Residence 70 Oyster Cut, John’s Island

Gargaro Residence 270 Island Creek Drive, John’s Island

Ward-Montgomery Residence 115 Sago Palm Road, John’s Island

Hockmeyer Residence 400 Coconut Palm Road, John’s Island

Warhover Residence 101 Dove Plum Road, John’s Island

LaCroix Residence 151 Anchor Drive, Moorings

Webber Residence 502 White Pelican Circle, Orchard Island



Croom Construction was just ranked 90th in the U.S. by Qualified Remodeler Magazine. We have moved up seven places since 2006. This award helped us become the #1 remodeler in the state of Florida.

TEAM CROOM (L TO R): David Lyons, Vice President David Croom, President Charles Croom, vice president of operations

Whitehall Maintaining an island home is a totally different experience than owning a home up north. Our climate is extremely corrosive. Do you realize that salinity in the air along Florida’s east coast is among the highest in the world? Salt can eat away at metal, and you combine that with our heavy rains, humidity, insects, rodents, and high heat — all of these factors (plus others) are why a preventive maintenance program with Whitehall makes sense. We detect problems before they happen, and we fix those that have already started. Our man in the field, Bob Tutton, will personally deal with each homeowner and make sure your Whitehall experience exceeds your expectations. The price of preventative maintenance is a fraction of the cost of even a single major repair. Even if someone is checking your home regularly, it does not replace preventive maintenance. Florida homes are different than northern homes, and with all the weather variables your home is subjected to, a Whitehall contract is a smartmove.

about Croom Croom Construction has been around for over 30 years. We’ve literally weathered storms, maintained strong building ethics during the housing boom, and we continue to grow our business through these interesting economic times. When considering hiring a builder, one of your first questions should be: “Are they financially solvent?� This is a serious matter if you are considering a renovation project or construction of a new home. A new client recently asked us this question and we are glad he did. We provided him with everything with a highly reputable and financially strong company. With 30 years in the business and many of our staff with us for 20-plus years, we want you to know we are rock solid.

photography: Dennis Krukowski

he needed in order to feel safe that he was dealing