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APRIL 2018

CONTAINERSCAPING The Art of Container Gardening

Perfect container garden combination for this front porch in Windsor

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GARDENING Poolside potted bougainvillea in The Shores


The Art of Container Gardening The art of container gardening has come a long way. It is so much more than plopping flowers in a pot! Rock City Gardens is well known for creating stunning gardens — many of which are planted throughout our community. Whether large or small, well-designed container gardens can complement your home’s décor and style. They can also add tremendous color and texture to your outdoor living spaces or help camouflage an unattractive area. 2

Stately container gardens are ideal to segue between this courtyard entrance and home in Windsor



While there are no set ‘rules’ to constructing your container gardens, there are a few tips to help you create an attractive and cohesive look. Remember, container gardening is more about art and personal expression than creating something that is perfect. THEME Decide on a color theme for your containers — some prefer that their containers blend in with the environment while others like bright colored pots that add interest even after the blooms fade. COLOR Take into account the color of the plants that you are going to grow so that the container accentuates them SIZE Group pots of different heights and sizes together to create drama and attention.

NEEDS Select flowers and foliage with similar light and water needs — and consider full plant sizes when planting so you don’t overcrowd your garden. SOIL Start with a good soil combination – this helps ensure long-lasting success LOCATION Consider large pots to display bushes and trees in locations where they would otherwise be difficult to grow (e.g poolside hardscapes and porches).

WATERING Remember containers need more frequent watering because they tend to dry out faster than in-ground plants. (A drip irrigation system makes watering easier.) PLACEMENT Put pots in place before filling them with your favorite plants or you risk them being too heavy to move.

Whether you opt to have your container gardens professionally assembled or you enjoy digging in and creating them yourself, watching your gardens take shape is fun and fulfilling. 4

THRILLERS, SPILLERS AND FILLERS Another key to beautiful container gardens is the Thriller, Spiller and Filler concept. Utilizing it will help you to create well-balanced and full container gardens. THRILLERS are plants that add height and create drama to your container combinations. They are the centerpiece plantings. Thrillers can either be flowering or foliage plants. Examples are salvia, canna lilies, caladiums, or tall ornamental grasses. FILLERS are mounded or rounding plants. These plants fill in the middle of your combinations and their job is to make your pots look full. More than one filler may be used. Some plants that make great fillers are lantana, celosia and coleus. Place the fillers in front of or around the thrillers. SPILLERS are the last plants you’ll want to add to the container. Spillers are trailing plants that hang over the edge of the planters. Examples are sweet potato vine, creeping jenny, or petunias that trail. Spillers are placed close to the edges of the pots. If the pots will be viewed from all sides, spillers should be placed on all sides. Loads of colorful blooms and foliage create a stunning entrance for this oceanfront home along North A1A



April showers bring May flowers


CANNA LILIES Âť CANNA LILIES sport beautiful foliage, both variegated and solid green, that are almost as stunning as their floral display of lily-like blooms. Available in colors of lemon, mango, orange, rose, yellow and scarlet, these tall beauties love the sunshine and lots of water. MAINTENANCE LIGHT Full


Water as needed


Âť PORTULACA is perfect for the hot summer months. Our new cupcake series features cup-shaped flowers in fun colors like carrot, cherry baby, grape jelly and lemon zest. Drought tolerant and easy to maintain, they promise to give you lots of bright, showy blooms. MAINTENANCE LIGHT


Full sun

Our friendly garden associates will happily help you select just the right summer flowers for your needs.


April is full of new beginnings and growth, including Rock City’s gorgeous new flowers. These drought tolerant beauties are easy to care for and they add lots of continual color to your summer gardens.



» CELOSIA produce plumes of deep colored-blooms that have long periods of flowering. You’ll love how these ornamental flowers give your gardens a sizzling show of color. Beautiful when planted in your garden beds or container gardens. MAINTENANCE LIGHT

Water as needed

Full Sun

» SALVIA is rockin’ the color charts this season in shades of deep purple. Our fabulous new variety of salvia is a prolific bloomer. With its tall stalks of showy blooms, it’s the center of attention in garden beds and stunning container gardens. MAINTENANCE LIGHT


Full to Partial Sun



Brad´s Musings Don’t just water your plants. They want to hear you sing! It is time to plant flowers that are thriving and, yes! It is officially spring! Fill your containers with color Then let that golden voice go crazy so many spring flowers to choose from Now is not the time to be lazy Thrillers Fillers Spillers and yes, we grow them all. If you don’t have the time, no problem because we can install.

Starlight & Sneakers Thursday, April 19th 6:00pm – 9:30pm Rock City Gardens is proud to host another Starlight & Sneakers party. This special event raises funds and awareness for The ARC of Indian River County. Join us for dinner and an evening in the gardens with dancing to The Gypsy Lane Band. Casual attire and fun sneakers are all that’s needed to enjoy this magical evening. For ticket and event information, please contact Noreen at 772.584.9511 or visit

about the poet

Brad is a long-time Rock City Gardens’ associate.

ASK DOC ROCK Q: How can I protect my plant foliage from diseases? A: We’re moving into the transitional season for gardening – the time between pleasant mild weather and the onset of hot, summer days. It’s also a time to pay close attention to how you water your plants and flowers. Excessive water on plant leaves during the heat of the day increases the risk of them developing bacterial and fungal diseases. Early morning, before the temperature peaks, is considered an ideal time to water your plants. Plants will use the early dose of water to get through the day and stay strong when it's hot and sunny. Watering in the morning gives excess water enough time to evaporate, preventing it from collecting on leaves and putting your plants at risk. It’s also better for your own health to avoid gardening during the heat of the day. To learn more about caring for your garden in summer, stop by Rock City and ask our knowledgeable garden associates. We’ll see you in the garden!


Let It Rain With the rainy season right around the corner. you’ll love our new solid copper rain gauges. Fittingly named “The World’s Coolest Floating Rain Gauge” the design is based on the Archimedean principle of water displacement. The measurement tube rises from the outer collection flute to show water accumulation. Made in the USA, these attractive gauges are now available at Rock City’s Garden Boutique. They look great staked in the garden or your container gardens. Watch it work!


Let the Songbirds Feed & Sing Our new Pestoff Bird Feeders are a clever way to ensure songbirds visiting your gardens always enjoy feeding — without the threat of squirrels, big birds or pests devouring their seeds. Easy to clean and fill, the feeders have a unique spring-loading feature that ensures no larger birds or pests can feed from it. No assembly required. Just take it out of the box, fill it with sunflower or mixed seed, and let the party begin. Enjoy a little bird watching here!

Euphorbia Stardust 'White Sparkle' is currently being tested and grown as part of a flower trial phase at Rock City Gardens

How Does Your Garden Grow? Have you ever wondered how Rock City grows and introduces new flower varieties each year? Like so many new experiments, the process is trial and error. This year, we’re asking you — our loyal followers — to rate the new varieties and colors. Your input will help our growers decide which flowers make the cut. You will soon receive an email from Rock City Gardens with a link to a brief online survey. We value your input and thank you in advance for participating. Two lucky participants will win a Rock City Gardens $50 gift card.

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seven acres of inspiration

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The Early Bloomer :: April 2018  
The Early Bloomer :: April 2018