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Whether you’ve missed your lunch, your on your way out for the night and you haven’t had time to eat yet or more often than not your returning home after throwing several alchaholic drinks down your neck (and you probably did have dinner aswell you greedy toad). It’s safe to say most of us at one time or another have found ourselves wrestling with fast food on a bus or train, it’s no easy task as the picture above shows.

The problem I find is that there are far to many objects for my poor hands to deal with. Add to the mix a heavy work bag and a freebie newspaper and I can smell trouble brewing (or maybe it’s the whopper?). The routine goes like so: 1.

Balance bag on leg.


Tuck drink between my leg and the wall of the bus/train. Remove chips and sauce.

3. 4.

Hold chps in palm of left hand while fingers hold the sauce(not for the simple amateur)


Finish chips and place wrapper in bag


Take long sip of drink(too much drink action can encourage embarassing spilage)


Remove burger from bag and devour as quick as possible before the guy opposite you starts to tut bout the hideous smell (like you haven’t done it before?).

It seemed that a logical solution to my proble would be something that could be carried with one hand like a bag and also be creat stability within a confined space I started to research some existing concepts and brainstorm some bag shapes for inspiration.

To Carry

To Eat

Fast Food  

fast food carrier project

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