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Revelation Effect Review – My Honest Opinion

Thanks for checking out my website. If you’re looking for a comprehensive review of “The Revelation Effect” product by The Mind Reader, then you’ve come to the right place. I have personally bought the Revelation Effect, and my goal here is simple …To provide you with an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of the program. (Why should you waste money on stuff that doesn’t work if you don’t have to, right?) What you’re about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before investing in the complete mind reading system yourself. This is a review site: Click here to visit The Mind Readers “Revelation Effect” Official Website

So what exactly is “The Revelation Effect” Training Program?

“The Revelation Effect” is a complete system on how to master the #1 Mentalism trick in the world (reading minds) …The “Mind Reader” (author) is a real life professional mentalist and mind reader who uses this trick to entertain and amaze people every day. On the sales page he claims that product is perfect for any level of experience, and that it’s simple, easy and practical. I’ll give you my thoughts on the program itself later in this review, but for now, I’ll say that this is the #1 Mentalism and Mind Reading Trick and for a very good reason. It gives you the power to read people’s minds – anywhere, anytime to anyone! Click the play button below to watch the revelation effect in action.

What does the ‘Revelation Effect’ training program consist of?

As someone who has reviewed a lot of entertainment and ‘magic’ products before, I was very impressed with the amount of stuff that I received when I purchased. I was expecting a long, boring power-point slide presentation because that’s what most competing products consist of. But it was actually much more than that… The core training video was not like watching a “training” video at all! It was more like watching a movie. The production is seriously one of the highest quality productions that I have ever seen. It’s not boring at ALL. I also purchased the $19 upsell (which I hardly ever do…that’s good marketing) called Revelation Deluxe, so here is a complete breakdown of everything you get when you purchase: 

The Revelation Effect – (Video: 40 Minutes)

Think Of A Card – (Video: 21 Minutes)

Psychological Opener – (Video: 7 Minutes)

Q&A Session – (Video: 31 Minutes)

The above list is everything that is included in the original purchase of The Revelation Effect. The sales page values all of these trainings at $85 (which seems like a fair evaluation to me) and the asking price is $29.95. I honestly think the Psychological Opener video is the coolest one because it can be used almost instantly with anyone, anywhere,

anytime. (and it’s so brain dead simple stuff that anyone can do …some of the other tricks take a few minutes to learn) If you purchase the upsell videos for $19 like I did, here is what you get: 

Name Reading – (Video: 19 Minutes)

Two Card Telepathy – (Video: 11 Minutes)

Two Thoughts – (Video: 19 Minutes)

Is the ‘Revelation Effect’ Mind Reading Program Right For You? Usually when I’m writing these reviews, this is one of the longest sections. I really go into detail about why the program might or might not be right for you… However, since this is a pretty simple product, I can sum up the answer to this question in just a few sentences. This course is for you if you want to know the secret to walking up to anyone, anywhere, at anytime and “read their mind” …If you are like me, you will get such pleasure out of seeing their reactions, and how they beg you to teach them the secret, then this purchase will be well worth the investment. However, this course is not for you if . . .well, let’s just be blunt about this . . . This course isn’t for you if you don’t intend on ever using it and you just want to make people look bad. If you are just one of those “curiosity seekers” who want to know the secret so you can call

someone out when they perform the effect, then don’t waste your money. (It’s rude, and if that’s the case, you’re probably not a very cool person anyway) This is a review site: Click here to visit The Mind Readers “Revelation Effect” Official Website Why is Mind Reading so special? Let’s be honest here… Mind reading is like the “Mother” of all magic tricks. If you have the power to “read people’s minds” then the reactions you get will be priceless! Ok, now for a little more brutal honesty… You can’t really read people’s minds. There I said it… If you think you can, then let me know and I’ll do a review on the best mental hospitals to attend. (kidding, haha) Seriously though, you’re not going to actually learn how to read someone’s mind. If that was possible, the training course on how to do that would cost thousands of dollars (if not millions) …Mind reading is just one of the coolest effects that a magician can perform because there is the least since of “skepticism” associated with it. …And in my opinion, that’s what makes the revelation effect so great. What are the BAD things about ‘The Revelation Effect’ Program?

Just like every product and book I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are the flaws I noticed after going through this program: 

Although the mind readers approach is very engaging, and has high quality videos, he tends to take twice as long to say what he needs to say. I know the reason WHY he does this is to give viewers time to soak everything in, and follow along with him, but in a world where people microwave food for 30 seconds and spend the entire time staring at is saying “hurry up” I think that some people may feel like the video is a little slow moving.

The only other thing that I found wrong with the revelation effect program is the original trick, and the 3 bonus tricks are all included in the core video. I think it would have been better if the bonus section was broken up into separate videos. This way, if you wanted to skip right to it, you can. (not a big deal to me, but some “microwavers” may find it to be inefficient. I’m sure you’re not one of those, right?

What about the GOOD things about The Revelation Effect? 

It’s a very easy and enjoying read to say the least. I found the quality of this production and his way of teaching to be VERY entertaining! (most products like this are drop dead BORING, but not this one)

The system is SIMPLE and COMPLETE! Unlike others I’ve been through, the mind reader covers the full trick in the core product from every possible angle you can imagine.

The trick can be learned by ‘anyone’. It’s probably the most versatile and entertaining magic trick products that I have reviewed in a long time. (maybe ever) – Who knows, the fact that I’m super easily amused with things like this could have something to do with it also.

The Bonuses are QUALITY. As someone who has reviewed a lot of products like this, I can tell you that it’s very rare that I see quality bonuses. However, the mind reader has done a great job with the bonuses included in ‘The Revelation Effect’. The “Psychological Opener” video is the shortest of them all, and I found it to be absolutely genius.

Overall, what do I think? The “Revelation Effect” training program is (in my opinion) one of the best “non fluff” systems to show you exactly how to effectively perform this trick and blow your friends minds. The Mind Reader, the author definitely knows his stuff, and it’s obvious that he has put a lot of time and energy into perfecting this trick and making it as easy as possible to learn so you will get the best results.

So if you are dying to learn how to amaze your friends with this trick, or even total strangers for that matter, then I absolutely feel like you should pick up a copy of The Revelation Effect and put it to use for yourself! I’m certain you won’t regret it! Hope you have found this review helpful,

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