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Issue Ten May 2018

TakingCare CareOf OfYourself, Yourself,Your Your Tribe Taking And Our Our World... World... And The Future Of Fashion

Talking With Johanna Ho Of PHVLO

Power To The People

Ethical Brands For Fashion Revolution

CookingFast Talking On Coals Fashion Fresh & Fiery Seafood Dish

THE GREAT OUTSIDE Looking further than your own backyard...

NMM May 2018


Never Miss A Thing... For all the best in: · ethical fashion · natural skincare and beauty · health and wellbeing · parenting and motherhood · healthy living and good eating · ecology and conservation · conscious lifestyle choices

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TakingCare CareOf OfYourself, Yourself,Your Your Tribe Taking And Our Our World... World... And

TakingCare CareOf OfYourself, Yourself,Your Your Tribe Taking And Our Our World... World... And

Taking Care Of Yourself, Your Tribe And Our World





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May 2018 NMM

Welcome to Natural Mumma Magazine Contents 4

Go With The PHVLO Catching up with Johanna Ho


Making Scents Our pick of the best natural fragrances for summer


Vive La Revolution! Ethical Brands For Fashion Revolution #EBFashRev18


Ground Zero Fighting single use plastics with Atlas & Ortus


Natural Mumma Makes... Fiery Fish


Villa In The Vineyard Sustainable holidaying in Le Marche


his month, the focus has been on looking at the world outside our homes. Whether you are venturing into the great outdoors (our feature on PHVLO – the activewear brand with a difference - will get you fired up about stepping out) or opening up your mind by looking at the broader picture, then this issue has plenty for you to get enthusiastic about. We met some incredible

ethical brands at the #EBFashRev18 event at The Museum of Brands, chatted with international designer Masato, took our recipe outdoors, learnt why putting a stop to single use plastics is so important to the sisters at Atlas & Ortus, dreamt about visiting a sustainable villa in Le Marche, had our minds blown by designer Johanna Ho and discovered some wonderful natural fragrances in our product review. We’ve got plenty of treats in store for next month’s

Contact: holly@ naturalmumma.com Photo by Gerard Hughes Holly at #EBFashRev18 wears makeup by bareMinerals and PHB Ethical Beauty. Dress by Palava. Shoes by Will’s Vegan Shoes.

‘Life’s a Beach’ issue which also gives us the perfect excuse for a road trip to the coast. NMM May 2018



PHVLO Life performance brand PHVLO are about to launch their second collection. We caught up with their founder and curator, Johanna Ho to discover more about their sustainable and versatile garments.


lot of ethical brands opt for more timeless styles so that their designs don’t date. I feel like you’re at the opposite end of the spectrum, in that your designs are almost futuristic, it’s refreshing. You’re not lead by current trends but you’re an innovator. Would you agree with that? Definitely. When we started the brand (six months ago) we did a lot of research into eco brands but we didn’t want to jump onto the eco brand bandwagon. When we launched the first collection the biggest thing for us was not to pinpoint a certain season. When you follow that pattern, you are taking a lot of risks (with time and finance) and you end up with a lot of stock left over. History is important to us as a brand. We thought about how historical events shape us and how history influences our future. We looked into how the suffragettes influenced fashion at the turn of the century. Without those key historic moments, we wouldn’t be who we are now.


May 2018 NMM

Tell us more about your concept of the 25 hour person. We call it sports couture because we thought functional fabrics shouldn’t be limited to sportswear. People have to run around more so than before. Their lifestyles are hectic. That’s why we talk about the 25 hour person. We’ve created a wardrobe around that. 24 hours is not enough, if you had an extra hour and a wardrobe that went with it – what would you do with that extra hour? We combine all of these elements into our designs. One of the aspects of your designs that makes it so sustainable is that each piece is so well made. As a brand, do you feel that this means people won’t buy your products as often as they won’t need to replace items? How does that work as a business? We are constantly challenging the idea of a product’s lifecycle. No matter how well a piece is made people eventually will no longer like it or they’ll grow out of

it. It will always end up somewhere unpleasant. We are always looking into ways in which we can use technology. We are currently developing a chip that we can use in our clothing so you can save printing ink and paper and instead put all of the information onto this one chip. It’s completely machine washable. We are thinking about how we can use this concept to also get input from the customer, to get their feedback. For instance, after five years you can bring the piece back and we will study it and mend it or exchange it. I decided to start PHVLO (after years of Johanna Ho – which had

NMM May 2018


11 stores in Tokyo) so that I could use my experience, knowledge and connections to help the next generation which is why we are also setting up a PHVLO Foundation to feed back into the community and educate the next generation. With movements such as Fashion Revolution Week, we are starting to see more positive change in the fashion industry. But what is the next step? What else can be done? I think the most important thing is that no brand can be 100 per cent sustainable. For us, it is important to have the research to back up your claims so that you are not misleading your customers. I was talking to my best friend in London who is a big designer for a very big brand and she was saying that there is so much talk about brands wanting to be sustainable but that most people don’t really know how to do it – it doesn’t matter whether a brand is new


May 2018 NMM

or established. If the concept of sustainability is just a marketing tool to attract Instagram followers then that isn’t enough. One shift that we can make is to look into how we can give back, rather than focusing solely on sustainability. It’s not just about using the right soil and the right fabric, it’s also about turning lights off when you leave the room. This is why I work with younger generations. We have time to educate them on what is wrong with society right now. Most people on the street are driven by what they like aesthetically before they look to see if it is sustainable. You use some fantastic fabrics, such as Minotech, in your designs. Looking forward, which fabrics do you think will be dominating the fashion world? Minotech is lightweight it doesn’t have that nasty environmentally unfriendly spray on it. It’s all about the weave, it is

water repellent and rain proof. We are also employing new fabrics for the second season (launching in May). We have a yarn from Japan which is made from crab shells. The resulting knitted fabric is anti bacterial and anti allergy. I used to be a knitwear designer, I really love knitwear but I realised that a lot of people find wool very itchy and not many people can wear it. This new fabric is so soft and feels so great next to the skin. We’re not just using it for clothing but also for baby blankets and travel blankets. It is combined with cotton. It is not as drapey as cotton which has a lot of weight to it. Cotton tends to drag after it is washed or worn. Because of the crab fibre this fabric holds its shape well. It feels like cashmere, but without the wool feel. It is breathable. You can wear it throughout the seasons. What advice can you give consumers about living a more

ethical lifestyle and in particular, choosing responsible fashion?

What is next for PHVLO? What can we look forward to?

I think it’s all about being more knowledgeable when you go shopping. Since I launched PHVLO and have done all the research myself, I’ve realised the importance of knowing exactly where you spend your money. We still have to sell the clothes. You can’t be greedy. There are enough people in the world to support your brand. It doesn’t have to all be clothing. We have the idea of doing linens – bed linens, cushions etc. It’s about looking at how you buy and being less impulsive. It’s also about using the right factories and making sure people are not being exploited. People often push for the lowest price possible. This means that someone at the end of the food chain is being exploited. Striving for fairness is the decent thing to do.

The sky is the limit! I got to a real dead end when I was running my own brand and I wondered what to do next. I was designing for the sake of it but my passion was still in fashion – observing and designing beautiful things. I wasn’t sure how to go forward without sacrificing my passion. Living my dreams is still my biggest goal. Take away the tech stuff and the eco angle, and at the end of the day, clothing is all about protection. It’s functional and has been since the stone ages when people first put fur on their bodies. Ultimately, a piece of clothing is just that. It’s how you put your individual passion and integrity into each piece that makes it different. https://phvlo.com

NMM May 2018


Natural Mumma Loves... Titanic Denim

Titanic Denim is an ethical fashion brand founded in East Belfast near where the Titanic ship was built. Founder and designer Marie Nancarrow specialises in creating bespoke pieces using reclaimed denim. All designs are both eco and ethically friendly and therefore contribute to a better planet. Titanic Denim’s motto: “Created with a Heart and A Conscience” https://titanicdenim.com

Black Yak

Black Yak is a Yorkshire based Fair Trade clothing and accessories company, with production facilities in Nepal. They are passionate about producing creative designs encouraging you to ‘Be an Individual!’ By buying Black Yak products, you’re helping people in one of the most disadvantaged countries in the world to support their families. https://www.blackyak.co.uk/

Klute & Flume

Klute & Flume is an eco-friendly womenswear and homeware brand designed in the UK and made in India with love. All garments are made from original vintage, block printed 100 per cent cotton and organic cotton. Their Wilton Shirt was inspired by 1970’s chic and is a fusion of vintage classic style and contemporary sass. All of their garments are manufactured in their Fair Trade production house, where they support unprivileged people in developing countries to build a better life. The Wilton Shirt was designed to make you feel, powerful, vibrant and most importantly, comfortable. https://www.kluteandflume.com/


May 2018 NMM

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The Fight Against Plastic Another Garde

Another Garde’s motto is “Woman. On your own terms.” This boutique handpicks timeless and minimalistic collections ethically produced in New York by independent female designers. They showcase slow, quality and sustainable fashion that you can wear again and again. They also provide feel good outfit ideas, personalised styling advice and made to order pieces so you can be yourself and shine. https://anothergarde.com

BATHING BEAUTY Beach Essentials



Natural Mumma Magazine May 2018

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Cover Image by Gerard Hughes featuring Jenna, Ewan & Amber

Bodds Active Swimwear Bodds Active Swimwear; a range of swim separates designed specifically for pre-teens and teens. Bodds are made to support a developing body and to encourage body confidence; Bodds spans the transition to womanhood. Built using econyl - a fabric made from regenerated fishing nets - they are dedicated to a sustainable future. http://www.boddsswimwear.co.uk/

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Making Scents Our pick of the best natural fragrances


Eden Perfumes Gift Box Nos17, 203, & 475

Willow Jasmine & Geranium eau de toilette

Strangelove NYC lostinflowers eau de parfum

These botanical, cruelty free and 100 per cent vegan fragrances use vegetable derived ingredients to recreate popular fragrances. No. 17 is a true vegan equivalent of Light Blue Women’s by Dolce & Gabbana, whereas No. 475 perfectly mirrors Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford. No. 203 – evokes the spirit of Portobello Road with roses, vanilla and maple syrup making it the ideal chemical free fragrance for teens.

Back by popular demand, this relaunched fragrance from Willow is the perfect light yet intoxicating floral for spring days and summer adventures. Earthy sandalwood and the citrus highs of bergamot add a beautiful balance to this delicate scent. Use alongside other products in this range such as their Organic Jasmine & Geranium bath oil for a luxurious layered scent and silky soft skin.

Handcrafted in small batches in New York. These evocative fragrances use sustainably sourced natural ingredients that are blended with pure oud. Based on the concept of telling stories through the power of scent. This perfume combines the perfect blend of heady, seductive tones from the oud, saffron and gardenia enfleurage is lifted by the delicate sweetness of jasmine flowers and champaca.

May 2018 NMM

Sharini Parfums Naturels Santal Blanc

Lush Relentless, Amelie Mae and What Would Love Do?

These eco-friendly and organic Inspired by art, music and poetry perfumes use the traditionalNeom – the perfumes from Lush are process of enfleurage to extract Mist,largely Hand made Balmof & pure Pulsenaturals Point with fresh floral fragrances. The white a small amount of safe synthetics mood lifting themistscent. with What sandalwood has a muskiness thatThe to preserve andLove mint Do? smells is brightened by mandarin andmandarin Would is divine, comforting offers an uplifting bergamot. Seductive notes of ylangthe hand and balm warming. Amelia Mae is scent and rich moisturisation anda light ylang work alongside cypress and feminine and flirtatious with point energises. A heady truly and vetiver in a sophisticated summerthe pulse sweetness. Relentless is approach– tobased beauty.on patchouli scent. Handcrafted in Franceholistic seductive using traditional French perfume but with grapefruit and tonka techniques and natural ingredients. offering a contemporary twist. NMM May 2018


Natural Mumma Loves...


WYNAD Clothing is on a mission to address gender equality through sustainable fashion. They do this by working with a network of Fair Trade certified suppliers in India who share their vision to create men’s, women’s and unisex pieces inspired by postpunk. Ten per cent of their sales also support women’s empowerment projects in rural India. https://www.wynadclothing.com/

Where Does It Come From?

Where Does It Come From? create beautiful, versatile clothes that you will want to wear again and again – perfect for us Natural Mummas! Their scarves are created from handwoven khadi cotton and printed by hand with a wide range of designs including bees and elephants, teapots and flowers. They work with social enterprises to ensure that their garments are as good for the workers and the planet as they are for you. Plus your scarf will come with its story so you can explore the eco-friendly processes and get to know the people who made it. https://www.wheredoesitcomefrom.co.uk/

Jake + Maya


May 2018 NMM

Jake+Maya Kids’ clothing is designed and produced with the intent of creating zero waste, using certified organic cotton and printed using water-based inks and natural dyes. All of their garments are produced by social enterprises and ethical production partners in UK. Jake+Maya garments have adjustable features and are multifunctional, which helps reduce waste and extend the life of each item. Most styles also offer simple to use extension packs which you can use to extend garments yourself or send in to them to do it for you free of charge. http://www.jakeandmaya.com/



“It was wonderful to collaborate with so many inspiring brands to send a clear message to consumers that they need to ask ‘Who Made My Clothes?’ and choose to shop with the brands who can answer!” Jo Salter, Where Does It Come From?

The hottest ethical brands and members of the online community met at the London Museum of Brands to mark the end of Fashion Revolution Week


thical Brands for Fashion Revolution ‘18 was created by Sian Conway of #EthicalHour and Jo Salter of Where Does It Come From? in an effort to bring together members of the online ethical fashion community and to support the Fashion Revolution message. It was housed at the Museum of Brands which was packed all day long with curious consumers and ethically engaged shoppers. The vibrant programme included expert panels, ethical fashion showcases, demonstrations, a fashion parade and a chance to meet likeminded individuals who are determined to shop responsibly. There was a

wonderful selection of brands present and we relished the chance to not only get up close to their produce and determine the quality; but also to meet the faces behind the brands and hear their stories. We were inspired, moved and encouraged by what we heard. The passion was evident and the sense of community was overwhelming. Plans are already in place for next year’s event. In the meantime, you can join the ethical hour chat each Monday evening on Twitter and you’ll find a host of resources on how to live a more ethically responsible life on the ethical hour website. https://ethicalhour.co.uk/ NMM May 2018


Above: Panels, chaired by Georgina Wilson-Powell of Pebble Magazine, took part thoughout the day and drew big crowds of interested showgoers.

Asha Buch gave demonstrations of Khadi spinning during the day.

“GraphyX Design is about bringing art to the forefront of everyone’s everyday living by making it affordable, useful and sustainable. We do not need art to survive, but it’s the platform on which we share our stories and connect with each other as a human tribe. Without that, why bother surviving at all?” Raphy Mendoza GraphyX Design 14

May 2018 NMM

“Becoming a mum was the driving force behind We-Resonate. As parents we’re their main influencers showing a new way of thinking, buying and living, which is We-Resonate’s ultimate goal. The idea is to do things as well as possible not as fast as possible, but to do it (live/buy) efficiently and considerately.” Lizzie Clark We-Resonate

“By making the effort to grow and me child’s clothing, you not only help sa environment, you are also teaching your his/her belongings are valuable. This m very important for building a less wast sustainable future.” Tze Ching Yeung, Jake+Maya

“I had an amazing time answering questions from consumers about my garments, cloth source and manufacture. I hope that we are onto a bigger change in people’s mindset.” Claire Couchman, Couchman Bespoke

“Bespoke clothing creates a garment for life, in fit and classic style that you can say is made for you in every way. Garments made by Couchman Bespoke are hand made by your own tailor who you will visit for the final fitting before completion, giving the most personal touch of any garment.” Claire Couchman, Couchman Bespoke

“Maria and I started Belo to feed goodness into the world. Every item sold helps Maria and I donate plates of food to a charity called Casa De Maria in the Favelas of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.” Char Belo

Natalie from Mamoq

end your ave the r child that mindset is teful and NMM May 2018 Katie from Tommy & Lottie


From top: Birdsong, Menestho, LucianaSoul. Below: Claire from Arthur &Henry. Catherine from Ted & Bessie

“We believe that true change will come when people don’t feel like they’re sacrificing anything aesthetically when buying ethically. That’s the balance we tried to find with our post-punk launch collection and its been great to see people loving our pieces as much as we do.” Rob Marsh, WYNAD


Does the idea of timeless fashion appeal to you? If you create fashion it only lasts six months, if you make style, that is timeless. I always aim for style rather than just making clothes. My philosophy is style first, clothes later. What are your thoughts on fabrics, especially natural fibres? I like to stick with the more natural fibres. It’s more challenging. I understand that clothes made from manmade fabrics can sometimes look beautiful and the same effect can’t always be achieved through natural fibres. As long as the manufacturing process of the fabric makes sense to our lives then I have no problem with it, but if there is a question mark over how it was made then I struggle to use it. Read more from Masato at www.naturalmumma.com


May 2018 NMM

Above: Jo Salter, Liz and Sian Conway.

Natural Mumma Loves... Ethletic stands for the ethical treatment of people, animals and nature (in fashion). Their aim was to establish the first sportswear brand in the world whose raw materials and products come solely from supervised sustainable supply chains and whose manufacturing and development causes neither suffering nor diminishes the quality of living. Most importantly, Ethletic is not interested in becoming a global player (operating in a prefabricated system of profit and growth) but in being a pioneer for the challenge of the future. https://ethletic.com/en/

Fair Sneaker Randall 18

The Randall is a completely padded sneaker with sporty extras. They listened to pro skaters when developing this style. The surrounding foxing tape is slightly raised with extra stitching underneath. The toe area is reinforced with multi-layered fabric and the side panel has been lengthened and double-layered. The natural rubber latex foam ensures stability, while three ventilation holes allow feet to breathe. They are also coveted by non-skaters as a sleek, variable unisex style.

Fair Trainer White Cap Hi Cut The Ethletic Fair Trainer White Cap - here in Classic Ocean Blue/Just White - is their most popular Fair Trade certified sneaker. This sneaker is made of FLO-certifiedorganic fairly traded canvas twill cotton from small farmers from India and the sole is made of natural FSCcertified fairly traded rubber from small farmers from Sri Lanka.

Fair Sneaker Hiro 18 The new Hiro is full of eye-catching details like the fresh FSC-certified vegan leather “e” logo and matching mini-e grid print. It’s padded throughout with latex foam, the heel comes with extra support, the edge is completely padded, and the sole is reinforced with extra stitching, making Hiro their sturdiest model ever.

Fair Dancer Collection

The Fair Dancer gives you that vacation feeling, day in and day out. This light, feminine sneaker-style ballerina feels as good as it looks. To emphasis its lilting summery look, they’ve used a Mediterranean terrazzo pattern - here in Blueberry - for 2018. The retro echoes of the new colours are reminiscent of warm summer evenings on a Roman piazza. Slip into the Dancer, hop on a scooter and “Ciao”! NMM May 2018


Natural Mumma Loves...

Arc Earrings - Long Simple, modern, and minimalist. A pair of long arc earrings are perfect for everyday wear! Very lightweight. Every single piece is handmade in New York, so a shape may be slightly different from each other. These earrings will be made for you after the order is placed. Made from .925 sterling silver or 14 carat gold filled wire with silicone earring backs.

Silk Slip Dress The Silk Slip dress features a deep v-neck with side slits and adjustable straps. This piece is made from an all-climate fabric, silk is warm and cozy in the winter and comfortably cool when temperatures rise. The silk is made and dyed in Suzhou, China, by a team of dedicated individuals. The fabric is smooth and delicate yet robust.


May 2018 NMM

It always feels good to wear Faire! Faire.shop is taking the search out of sustainable shopping and making it a breeze by curating 100 per cent ethically sourced goods from all over the world. Join the movement to make ethical shopping the new global standard by visiting their website at www.faire.shop.

High Waisted Pants Hand Dyed Blue 100 per cent organic cotton. This high rise blue pant has a tapered fit, and has been individually hand dyed. It features a large statement zipper and elastic waist. This style was designed in Barcelona and made with love in Bali. Model is wearing size S and is 170cm tall.Â

Circle Point Earrings Simple, modern, and minimalist. These unique statement earrings are handmade in New York, so their shape may be slightly different from each other. Sterling silver and gold plated.

NMM May 2018



ZERO We had a chat with Evie Calder and Francesca Watson, the sisters behind Atlas & Ortus, to learn more about their fight against single use plastics.


hat tips do you have for people wanting to reduce the amount of single-use plastics that they get through? It can seem overwhelming, but start by tackle the main four first; water bottles, disposable coffee cups, straws and plastic bags. Find yourself some plastic free replacements - or in the instance of straws, just say no. Once you’ve tackled these, try to pay attention to and make a mental note of the single use plastics you use regularly - it might be cling film, shampoo bottles or plastic food packaging. Try to make small changes gradually to your lifestyle, and find replacements or just go without; in this example, you can buy beeswax wraps, shampoo bars and loose fruit and vegetables. It can be shocking once you consciously start to make an effort


May 2018 NMM

to avoid plastic - it’s absolutely everywhere. But as soon as you eliminate the ones you frequently use and have viable alternatives in place, it gets easier and you can begin to see how you can cut down in other areas.

very knowledgeable in this area. Because of this appreciation of the power of nature, we’ve come to really appreciate the environment and the natural world, which fuels our desire to help protect it for future generations.

Do you think your shared interest in sustainability developed during your childhood? Are your parents eco-conscious?

Francesca, as a mother, protecting the planet for the sake of future generations has become even more important to you? What lessons are you planning to teach your son about sustainability as he grows?

Our mum definitely had an influence in terms of us being conscious about things like natural and organic products, particularly in regards to health and beauty. She was always a big fan of the Body Shop, so from a young age we were always aware of ethical and eco-friendly alternatives. As we’ve got older, we’ve become much more conscious and appreciative of this. She’ll always have a natural remedy for something, and she’s

I want being conscious of the environment and reducing our impact on the planet to become second nature to him. I believe that the message of respecting and caring for the Earth is best learned at a young age. I think being outside, and learning about and respecting nature can be building blocks for leading

NMM May 2018


Atlas & Ortus Glass Coffee Cup Far left. This lightweight, Barista friendly cup is standard takeaway size (12oz). Made from high quality glass with a silcone thermal sleeve, it is dishwasher safe. No more disposable coffee cups. Looks good, does good.

Stainless Steel Bottles Left. Lightweight, high quality stainless steel with a 500ml capacity. Vacuum insulated so retains temperature for both hot and cold liquids for hours. No more plastic bottles.

a sustainable and eco-friendly existence, so playing in the woods and park collecting sticks, watching birds and looking at flowers, leaves and insects is essential for us. I think it is important for our children to realise we all have a duty to look after the Earth and for them choose for themselves to live as sustainable as possibly. Your bamboo toothbrushes are 100 per cent biodegradable. How long would it take them to decompose? The bare toothbrush handle can be composted in a commercial compost bin and will safely decompose within six months. If you are putting it in your own home compost bin, it will take longer and will depend on the

conditions (such as temperature and moisture levels). You can speed up the process by breaking it up into smaller pieces before placing it in the compost bin. Which are your favourite products in your range? We love all of our products, but would have to say our coffee cups and the weekend bags are particular favourites. We both use our cups at home because it’s so nice drinking tea and coffee from a glass! And they’re great to have in the car if you’re off out. We also love the weekend bags too - they’re the perfect size to take to the gym (or away for a few nights) - plus they have an amazing story behind them. Our organic, fair trade weekend bags are made by Freeset, a

company based in West Bengal, India. As a company, they exist specifically to free women from the sex trade; to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation, and create opportunities for communities to live full and healthy lives. Freeset’s cotton is sourced from the Chetna project, a farmer run cooperative, which provides high quality, certified Fair Trade, organic cotton. Their aim is to improve the livelihood of cotton farmers in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh. They use sustainable farming practices that don’t rely on damaging chemicals, hormones or preservatives. They are proudly GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. The cotton is then woven and dyed at the certified Fair Trade

Lunch Tins


Stainless steel square tiffin box, perfect for packed lunches. Whether you’re off up a mountain for a hike, or eating at your desk. Double decker box - food remains fresh and odour-free - and includes an extra shelf. A total of three compartments to keep your food separated. They are also travel friendly with easy snap-on clips that keep the lid fastened. Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 8.5cm May 2018 NMM

https://atlasandortus.co.uk Rajlakshmi Cotton Mill (RCM) in Kolkata, India, using “low impact” dye, which uses less water, less heat and produces less run off than regular dyeing processes. The material then arrives at Freeset’s sewing centres, which are also located in Kolkata. These centres are arranged around rooms, with a number of people in each room who handle specific production processes. First the cotton for our bags is cut, and then screen printed. It is then passed on to be sewed, finished, and finally packed before being sent to us in the UK. As the cotton for our weekend bags is dyed using a 100 per cent organic process and only water-based ink is used for screen printing, our manufacturers are able to avoid harmful petrochemicals and compounds.

Freeset’s sewing centres employ vulnerable women who have previously been working in an industry where they themselves are the product. By giving these women the opportunity to learn weaving and sewing, Freeset enables these women to emancipate themselves and start their journey to freedom. Freeset’s bag makers are paid a set wage, rather than per item, and are paid around twice the going rate for an equivalent job elsewhere. As part of their employment package they have health insurance and a pension plan, meaning they not only have stable employment, but also have access to healthcare and education, helping transform not only their own lives, but that of their families and the communities in which they live.

Alongside the factory, Freeset also has a number of outreach workers who provide psychological and social support for women working on the line. What is next for Atlas and Ortus? What can we get excited about? We will soon be expanding our range to include even more stylish products that will help cut back on plastic waste, including more freeset bags, plus a few other limited editions. We’ll also be introducing our sustainability starter ‘kits’; grouped products sold as a bundle - which are perfect for people just starting on their sustainability journey, and they also make great gifts. We’re hoping to experiment with all types of kits, for the home, for out and about, and more gift bundles watch this space! Francesca Watson & Evie Calder

NMM May 2018


“...the flavours echoed the fiery cooking method...�




You Will Need: per person:

1 dessertspoon of rhubarb 1 dessertspoon of root ginger 1 teaspoon of red chilli 100g portion of meaty fish such as haddock loin 1 pink fir potato A small handful of red cabbage Half a cup of stock Seasoning Tiffin pots (one for each person)


May 2018 NMM

natural mumma makes

Fiery Fish W

ith summer just within reach, we decided to embrace our ‘Great Outdoors’ theme by setting up the coals and cooking in the fresh air. We developed this recipe in tiffin tins, not only to infuse the flavour but also because it makes such a great portable meal. You can do all of the prep at home and then transport each individual serving to the beach, your camping trip, your friends barbecue or a picnic in the wilderness. The fact that the tins are reusable and sustainable ticks another of our boxes, and we love how tiffin tins stack so neatly - ours came in an insulated carrier. They look fantastic and are a real novelty for the children. We kept the flavours clean and echoed the fiery effect of the cooking method with spicy fresh ginger and the heat of a finely sliced chilli.

When feeding children, you may choose to opt for a salt free stock and perhaps just a squeeze of lemon over the fish and potatoes rather than anything too hot. The fish is so tender and the potatoes so flavoursome, that it will suit all palates. We were delighted to be able to catch the first rhubarb of the season, there was plenty left over for a delicious rhubarb crumble which finished our fiery fish feast off perfectly. You could also use this method to cook stews and hearty soups. It’s a great way to transport raw ingredients, minimising prep when on site, and cuts down on waste and packaging, plus each tin can be tailored to individual tastes. It’s also a wonderful way to allow the flavours to infuse throughout your dish, allowing you to experiment with seasonings and spices.

NMM May 2018


Nam inum alia adicia Am ipsapid mi, Tem faccum.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Slice your potatoes into thin discs of a depth of around 5 mm. Carefully arrange two layers of potatoes in the base of each tiffin tin.

Cut your fish into portions and place one into each tin. Finely slice your rhubarb and sprinkle a dessertspoon over each portion of fish.

Chop your ginger into small pieces and sprinkle a dessertspoon into each tin. Add a teaspoon of finely shredded chilli into each tin.

Carefully pour hot stock into each tiffin tin until it just covers the potatoes.

Secure the lids firmly onto each tin make sure you have a mitt or oven proof cloth to handle them.


When you come to cook your fiery fish, wait until the coals have settled before carefully nestling each tin on them.


Cook for 20 minutes until the fish is just steamed but still firm, and the potatoes are tender.


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natural mumma makes

Buying Fish It is worth talking to a fishmonger to ensure that you get the best cut of fresh fish. You want to choose something that will hold its shape and won’t crumble in the heat. A meaty white, firm fish like haddock is ideal for this recipe. Halibut or fresh coley are good alternatives. For sustainable options, look out for MSC certified haddock from Scotland or Norway.

Serve straight from the tiffin tins - no need for any additional plates or bowls with finely shredded salted red cabbage. Sprinkle this into each tin so that it gently warms and lightly softens. Season to taste. So there you have it, a fresh, fiery feast ideal for your zero waste barbecue.

Haddock can be overfished which is the price it pays for being a firm fish and chip shop favourite, so be sure to buy your fish responsibly.

Natural Mumma YouTube Channel You can find this recipe and plenty more on the Natural Mumma YouTube channel www.youtube.com/naturalmumma

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Soap Folk All Soap Folk soaps are handmade in the Cotswolds using traditional cold processed methods. They contain only natural, certified organic ingredients, and are free from parabens, sulfates and palm oil. Their gentle formulas make them suitable for full body use and the simple wrap packaging ensures that they are a great environmentally friendly substitute for bath oils and shower gels in plastic packaging. https://soapfolk.com/ om/


Shampoo bars to pamper your hair. FHC’s range of shampoo and soap bars are freshly made from scratch using the best fresh, natural and organic ingredients. Each of their products are handmade with love by their skilled soapmakers. They are proud to be a plastic free and cruelty free company. www.FreshHandmadeCosmetics.co.uk

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Sweet Escape Sweet Escape Products handcraft 100 per cent natural, premium products that allow you to indulge in life’s little luxuries, whilst giving you the knowledge that you are doing your bit to save the environment. Every soap is unique, with its own blend of essential oil and a key ingredient, which is super skin nourishing and super indulgent; boosters and cleansers, including spirulina, activated charcoal, raw silk proteins and 24 carat gold... https:// sweetescapeproducts.com/

The Ethical Box

The Get Started Box contains a reusable coffee cup from Ecoffee in neutral colours perfect for any coffee (or tea) lover. A soft, 100 per cent biodegradable bamboo toothbrush from F.E.T.E in a light blue colour. A pack of four steel straws with cleaner plus jute carry pouch, ideal for popping in your bag for a day out, and a 100 per cent organic and fair trade cotton tote bag with The Ethical Box #ConsciousConsumer phrase on it, perfect for your consciously bought goodies. https://theethicalbox.com

Mindful Gifting Make mindfulness part of your lifestyle with this hand packed subscription box service. The boxes can be purchased as a gift for a loved one or friend to show them you care. Alternatively you can subscribe to a monthly box to maintain your own wellbeing. Each box includes between 5-10 items from crafts and ideas to distract the mind as well as indulgent beauty treats and foods. https://www.mindfulgifting.co.uk/

We Are Tea We Are Tea are an ethical, independent and award-winning tea company based in London. Their range of teas from classic English Breakfast to delicious Moroccan Mint are all whole leaf and nothing but the leaf! Their blends are ethically sourced and served loose or in their 100 per cent plastic free biodegradeable tea bags. www.wearetea.com NMM May 2018


Villa In The

Vineyard Most of us dream of upping sticks and moving to a new country for a fresh start, but this is a reality for Nikki and Roberto Mattei who are inviting others to share in the tranquil beauty of their Italian eco home. We spoke to Roberto and Nikki about sustainability and embracing a slower pace of life.


et in 19 acres of organic land and surrounded by the striking natural beauty with the Sibillini National Park close by, the traditional Italian villa is nestled in the heart of Le Marche, on the eastern side of central Italy. The region is flanked by the high Apennines and the Adriatic sea, the resulting landscape is a breath taking scene of glaciated valleys and secluded hilltop settlements. The area is one of Italy’s best kept secrets and remains unspoiled by tourism. Scattered market towns and single street villages are sustained by rich fertile farmland. The house has been split into two apartments, the lower of which Roberto and Nikki are letting out to those who wish to continue their sustainable habits while on holiday, or even those wanting to learn more about eco housing and escaping the rat race.


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“At Villa in the Vineyard, we have hot water and electricity powered by the sun and a heat exchange pump which draws in air from the outside for underfloor heating in the winter and natural cooling in the summer. The house is also highly insulated using wood chip, has non-toxic paints which allow the house to breathe and was built re-using the maximum amount of the original materials.” The villa comfortably houses four to six people and even the private pool benefits from a more natural and healthy approach. “This type of pool uses an ionization system to keep it clean. It uses copper rather than chlorine to control algae and bacteria. Chlorine is a very strong chemical and can be an irritant for the skin and eyes. With an ionized pool, it’s like swimming in bottled water!” The area is perfect for birdwatching which can be enjoyed

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from the comfort of the villa. With bee-eaters, woodpeckers, black redstarts, hoopoes and golden eagles gracing the mountains. There is plenty of opportunity to get in touch with nature through the surrounding lakes, mountains, rivers and waterfalls. Closer to home you can explore the grounds of the villa and the expansive vineyards. Wild flowers and butterflies add to the unique beauty of the area. The surrounding farmland also makes it the ideal base for those who enjoy local and seasonal produce. “This is a very rural, fertile area with most land owned by small farmers, who usually manage their land sustainably. Most families grow their own fruit and veg and there is an emphasis on eating fresh, local produce – there are plenty of farms where you can buy direct from the grower. There are also many agriturismos where you can eat food produced on their land straight from farm to fork.” The villa is ideal for children who are offered a unique opportunity to live amongst nature and experience a very different and


May 2018 NMM

diverse variety of wildlife. Nikki and Roberto have put together a picture guide to help children to discover an exciting array of fauna and flora. The clear, open skies and warm, balmy evenings make the area ideal for stargazing. Roberto and Nikki are on hand to offer advice about the surrounding area and can even give you guidance on eco homes. If guests are interested in renewable technology, they’ll happily give you a guided tour of the “engine room.” Roberto, as a horticulturist in his 30-year career is now a keen organic gardener and has been able to use the move to really indulge this passion. “Soil preparation and digging out/removing perennial weed is essential as well as adding hummus with compost/manure. You should also remember to buy organic seeds or plants. Use plants and herbs for natural pest control and set up a crop rotation cycle. It is certainly hard work and will take a few years to really establish.” Since moving to Le Marche in August the couple have been able to enjoy a slower pace of life that they craved. Something

Special Reader There isOffer still no legal requirement within the EU for a garment to be labelled with its

of origin. In April 2014, who Anycountry Natural Mumma readers The European Parliament voted will book at Villa in the Vineyard that manufacturers should be receive a bottle of requiredatogift labelofallof non-food with their country of origin.wine DOCgoods sparkling award-winning For goods produced from the vineyards in onmore thethan land in one country, the country of origin addition to a welcome pack will be defined as the one where it underwent “the last substantial, of local produce. Just quote NaturalMumma when you book. we can all aspire to. Nikki told us, “I only have to look out the window at the beautiful Le Marche landscape or sit in the sun during my lunch break and I feel instantly relaxed and very grateful to be living in such a beautiful part of the world.” “The Italians have a much better work-life balance than we had in the UK. Everyone has a long break for lunch when they have a proper meal and then return to work later in the afternoon and work into the evening. A much healthier way of life.”

https://www.villa-in-the-vineyard. com/

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Natural Mumma Magazine May 2018  

"Taking Care Of Yourself, Your Tribe And Our World." The ethical fashion, natural beauty and conscious lifestyle title for women who care.

Natural Mumma Magazine May 2018  

"Taking Care Of Yourself, Your Tribe And Our World." The ethical fashion, natural beauty and conscious lifestyle title for women who care.


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