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Employers, employers, wherefore art thou employers?

Tool #1: Directories

Tool #2: Google

Tool #3: LinkedIn

Employers, employers, wherefore art thou employers? By now, you’ve probably applied to many posted jobs and STILL haven’t heard back. Although I think it’s good to keep applying to posted positions, I highly recommend that you search for employers fraggressively on your own—it’s not just the employers that are advertising who could use some extra help and benefit from the skills and talents of a co-op student like yourself. Did you know that 75-85% of jobs are not advertised? So keeping that in mind, here are some tips to help you find prospective employers. Tammy’s tip: Conduct your job search “fragressively”. Be aggressive in that the sense that you won’t give up or lose energy. Be friendly in the sense that you’ll stay positive about your job search and that you won’t forget how hard working and talented you are.

Tool #1: Directories Every city usually has an online Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade website. It’s as simple as googling “Chamber of Commerce Richmond Hill”. These websites often provide a member directory, which includes smaller to mid-size companies in the area. You can often search by category and each company name will link to their contact information (including a person’s name sometimes!). Click here for more tips. Tammy’s tip: Don’t forget about the classic directory,

Tool #2: Google Another easy way to find companies is simply through googling a city name and a keyword or two to get you started. So for example, if you live in Burlington and are an AFM student, search “Burlington” and “Finance” and see what company names pop up.

Tool #3: LinkedIn If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, now’s the time to create one. Here’s a video which discusses some benefits and ways to use LinkedIn. Some other LinkedIn resources: networking_strategies.aspx

This week I had some students get jobs from searching and contacting employers, and here are some tips from them: “Don’t limit yourself—broaden your search as much as possible. Don’t focus on just the big names”. “Use different resources, I found my job through searching a physical job board in person at a nearby college.” Remember, you are AWESOME! Please don’t give up on your job search. Here is a video to perk you up and hopefully help you with your plan of action.

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