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2010-2011 Outline Strategic Plan Building and supporting strong, clear and independent voluntary and community action in Tameside

Introduction Tameside Third Sector Coalition (T3SC) provides a range of services to support third sector organisations (voluntary, community and faith groups) and to promote voluntary and community action in Tameside. Its mission can be simply stated as increasing, improving, influencing: • Increasing and improving – the levels of funding, capacity and skills of the third sector and the services delivered through voluntary and community action in Tameside • Influencing – partners about the needs of communities and the third sector T3SC will be ten years old in 2011. During the last ten years the organisation has grown substantially and gained a strong reputation with the organisations and communities in Tameside that it is designed to serve. The Board is confident that the organisation is viable and robust. Stakeholder feedback shows that T3SC is effective, and the services it delivers are effective, valuable and valued. However, going forward funding for the organisation looks more uncertain from 2011. With the current pressure on public finances, a change of government and consequent comprehensive spending review, it is not possible to be certain about the continuation, size or shape, of many of the public sector funding streams beyond their current finish dates. In addition, Lottery funding is due to finish in August 2011.

This plan is therefore considered a ‘transition document, designed to cover the period from March 2010 - mid 2011. It focuses on internal change, cost reduction and reducing reliance on traditional grant funding schemes to ensure that T3SCs ‘core offering’ is protected. Once there is greater clarity about future funding (expected towards the end of 2010), a more detailed, three year, strategic plan will be developed that will dovetail with the 2011-2013 three year public sector comprehensive spending round.

Our vision and mission T3SC has a vision of strong and cohesive communities in Tameside, supported through the development of a dynamic, independent and entrepreneurial third sector. This would work in partnership with the public and corporate sectors to facilitate maximum opportunities for involvement of groups, individuals and communities in planning and improving their quality of life.

T3SC’s mission is to build and support strong, clear and independent voluntary and community action in Tameside.

Our values

Shaping our strategic plan


T3SC undertakes a range of activities to understand the needs of stakeholders, the operational environment, and future trends. Examples include:

• embraces and celebrates the diversity of the individuals, groups and communities in Tameside that it serves • believes that equality of opportunity is a fundamental right, and will work proactively to put this into practice • is working to an empowerment model: it will seek to maintain a delicate balance between helping groups and maintaining their independence • believes in the equal importance of all sectors (public, corporate and third sectors) • believes that preference should be given to working collaboratively and in partnership with agencies in all sectors to maximise the benefits to the groups that it supports • will seek to avoid competing for scarce resources with the groups that it supports, but recognises that it will need to access resources in order to develop and sustain its activities • values the contribution which volunteers make to society • reaches out to communities through outreach services • will ensure our service is visible to the communities we serve

• Annual staff away day • Annual review of strategic plan by board • Internal ‘service review’ for each operational team • ‘Help shape the future’ workshops to be clearer - To inform this strategic plan the organisation organised a series of independently facilitated sessions for staff, board and wider stakeholders • Use of surveys of the sector, most notably national survey of third sector organisations and local companion survey in 2008-09 • Feedback from Voice and wider networks (for example VOLCON, the network for chief officers of voluntary organisations in Tameside) • Local Recession Resilience Action Plan Over 90 stakeholders (Board members, staff, third sector groups and wider partner organisations) contributed to a total of six independently facilitated ‘Help shape the future of T3SC’ workshops in November and December 2009 to help shape this strategic plan. Participants were asked to prioritise T3SC’s objectives. Summarised results were that T3SC needs to continue prioritising: • Supporting groups to develop a planned and (successful!) approach to funding; • Supporting partnership working between and within sectors; • Ensuring the third sector and communities views are heard when decisions are being made. As a result of the ‘Help shape the future of T3SC’ events, and wider stakeholder analysis, T3SC’s mission remains true, relevant and needed. There were no services that stakeholders felt should be removed or any that the organisation should withdraw from. However, as a result of the feedback, the organisations’ aims and objectives that sit underneath this mission have been updated and simplified.

Our aims and objectives OBJECTIVE 1.5 To provide access to relevant, timely and accessible information

OBJECTIVE 1.6 To provide access to a range of practical resources and facilities

OBJECTIVE 2.3 To develop (a) strong third sector voice(s) and to support it/them to be heard and listened to in strategic arenas

OBJECTIVE 1.4 To encourage and support organisations to become more enterprising

OBJECTIVE 1.3 To provide support about governance, organisational form, quality systems, business planning, measuring effectiveness, environmental sustainability and financial management OBJECTIVE 1.2 To improve the skills of people in voluntary and community organisations: paid staff, volunteers and management committees

AIM 1 To build the capacity and skills of voluntary and community organisations

OBJECTIVE 1.1 To increase the levels and types of funding available to voluntary and community sector organisations, and to help them access funding

OBJECTIVE 4.3 To develop a central hub/building resource centre

OBJECTIVE 2.1 To increase the level of partnership/ collaborative working OBJECTIVE 2.2 within voluntary To improve and and community sustain the working organisations relationships between the third sector and other sectors

AIM 2 To promote and support active partnerships within the third sector, and between the sector and other sectors


OBJECTIVE 2.4 To increase the contribution of the third sector to the achievement of the Sustainable Community Strategy

AIM 3 OBJECTIVE 3.1 To increase the quality To empower and level of consultation and support local and involvement of local communities, with a focus communities to on those currently under identify needs represented and develop OBJECTIVE 3.2 responses

To build and support strong, clear and independent voluntary and community action In Tameside.

AIM 4 To further develop and sustain T3SC as an efficient and effective support and development organisation

OBJECTIVE 4.2 To continue to demonstrate our impact and quality of services

OBJECTIVE 4.1 To further develop sustainable funding streams

To support communities to develop sustainable solutions to meet local needs

OBJECTIVE 3.3 To champion joint action to deliver positive changes to Tameside’s communities and address areas of inequality



1. To build the capacity and skills of voluntary and community organisations

Tameside voluntary and community organisations which are better resourced, skilled, managed and informed, and are delivering high quality services to their users.

2. To promote and support active partnerships within the 3rd sector, and between the sector and other sectors

A stronger and more influential third sector, which is appreciated as a key effective partner in the development of policies, strategies and services and which recognises and celebrates its own differences and diversity.

3. To empower and support local communities to identify needs and develop responses

Stronger and increased levels of community action resulting in reduced levels of inequality and deprivation.

4. To further develop and sustain T3SC as an efficient and effective local support and development organisation

T3SC as a robust and secure organsiation providing high quality effective services to Tameside’s third sector, recognised and valued in its role by local partners and the local community.

Our strategy going forward Our analysis indicates that the mission, vision and objectives that T3SC deliver are still valid and necessary, and therefore need to be sustained. A mix of public sector and lottery grant funding currently pays for the majority of the organisations’ activities. It is clear that in the medium term there is likely to be a reduction in the levels of public sector funding available, and there is a need to minimise the impact on the support and development function of the organisation when the current lottery funding expires.

Our strategy over the next 18 months is therefore to ensure that the services (objectives) that T3SC delivers are still available in Tameside, and that they continue to meet the needs of voluntary and community groups and wider stakeholders. To do so, we will undertake the following core areas of action: 1. Seek external funding sources to sustain current services - in particular alternatives to replace Big Lottery BASIS funding 2. Develop (and seek funding for) new services that address emerging trends including collaborative and consortium working 3. ‘Day to day’ efficiency programme - reducing ‘indirect’ or ‘non delivery’ costs to ensure that the maximum resources are available for providing services 4. Increasing income generating activities - increasing the level of income generating activity that generates a surplus to pay for core services, including developing T3SCplus, as a separate trading arm 5. Collaboration - actively seeking out collaborations with organisations. All collaborations should reduce costs but not affect quality of services locally 6. ‘Think the unthinkable’ plan - scope how the organisation would be configured if it was subject to a 25% reduction in external funding

More information A copy of our full strategic plan can be downloaded from our website at, call us on 0161 339 4985 or email

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T3SC Outline Strategic Plan  

Tameside Third Sector Coalition Outline Strategic Plan for 2010