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Karen Ramsey, CFP速 Speaker | Author | Educator & Motivator | Wealth Manager | Consumer Advocate

Karen Ramsey’s Story

Karen Ramsey, CFP® grew up on a farm in Loveland, Colorado. Her family was poor, and her parent's lifestyle as farmers made a lasting impression . Karen’s dad woke up every morning at 4:30 to milk the cows and worked in the fields all day. He'd fall asleep exhausted every night just after dinner, seven days a week. Work was her parent's whole life. Karen learned as a little girl that "You have to work hard"—and yet, "You never get ahead.” Her lifestyle and view on hard work was about to change. After putting herself through college, she discovered her life's calling—to work with people and their money and treat people the way she wanted to be treated. She opened her financial planning practice on October 1, 1990. Karen’s reputation and customer base grew to the point that Ramsey & Associates soon found it difficult to keep up with demand. To stay ahead, she did what any booming business would do and raised her rates and minimum portfolio sizes. Soon she was managing portfolios for many affluent people in the Seattle area. While it made perfect business sense to work with the wealthy, it conflicted with her personal ethic. Her heart was hurting for all the people who needed assistance with their investments but could no longer afford her. She thought of her parents, and the many good people who helped her grow from a young woman into a business leader, and dedicated herself to find a solution. That solution became RamseyInvesting.com. RamseyInvesting.com provides virtual, high quality, fee-only advice to those that can’t afford the high minimums most financial advisors impose and is often be a barrier to quality financial advice. In addition to her financial planning work, Karen has made it a personal mission to educate people about how to have a positive, stress-free relationship with money, a relationship that supports their quest to pursue whatever their heart and soul desire in this life. Through her workshops and her two books, Think Again: New Money Choices, Old Money Myths and Caring for Your Soul in Money Matters®, she helps people to understand how just a little information and small shifts in thinking can have a profound and lasting impact on their lives.

Karen Ramsey, CFP速 Wealth Manager / Consumer Advocate

Wealth Manager / Consumer Advocate

Karen Ramsey, CFP速 is the owner of a prominent fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm in Seattle, Ramsey & Associates Inc. Karen also founded RamseyInvesting.com, an online investment platform designed for Americans who desire an affordable, low minimum, fee-only approach with quality investment solutions and professional management.

Karen Ramsey, CFP速 Educator & Motivator

Educator & Motivator

Through her workshops, books and public speaking, Karen Ramsey, CFPÂŽ has helped thousands of people end their struggles around money with a powerful, sensible program that is effective and easy to integrate.

Change your relationship with money – and change your life.!

Caring for Your Soul in Matters of Money® Author Karen Ramsey believes everyone has a gift to give to the world, but few understand how profoundly their “money baggage” sabotages their purpose and shrouds their gift. The step-by-step method in this book will help readers:


  Uncover their money baggage   Embrace concrete change that will begin to transform all areas of their life   End their financial struggles

Think Again: New Money Choices, Old Money Myths Author and financial planner, Karen Ramsey, CFP® shatters common money myths and shows readers how to take control of their finances and realize their dreams.


Part I shatters our twenty-one biggest money myths, including:   I have to save, save, save.   I have to pay off my mortgage as soon as I can.   I’ll have the life I want later. Part II outlines her easy-to-follow Personal Spending Plan to help people find the road to happiness and financial security, without deprivation.

Breakthrough Workshops In Karen Ramsey’s breakthrough workshops, attendees discover that they can have a positive, empowering relationship with money that supports their quest to pursue whatever their heart and soul desire. Karen teaches people how to release their money baggage and achieve a positive money relationship by:


  Gaining insight, optimism, and clarity about the purpose of their life and work   Naming their passion and designing a life that nurtures their soul   Discovering and per manently altering their relationship to money   Learning how to free their energy and end their suffering about money

Awards and Recognition

  Seattle Magazine - Best in Client Satisfaction, 2007–13   Consumers’ Research Council - America’s Top Financial Planners, 2010-12   Bloomberg Financial Magazine - Top Wealth Managers, 2005–9   Seattle Mayor's Office - Small Business Award, 2007   Washington CEO - Top 10 Wealth Management Firms, 2007   Financial Planning Magazine - Planning to the People, Nov. 2007   The Wealth Factor - Outstanding Wealth Managers, 2003   Mutual Funds Magazine - 100 Great Financial Planners 2002

Coming Soon …

  The Possibility Challenge   A Scientific Study that Shows the Power of Intentional Focus   New Tools and Insights from RamseyInvesting.com

Learn more‌ www.karenramsey.com

(888) 979-4455 1730 N. Northlake Way; Suite 3301 Seattle, WA 98103

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Getting to Know ... Karen Ramsey, CFP  

Meet Karen Ramsey: Speaker, Author, Educator & Motivator, Wealth Manager, Consumer Advocate, Creator of RamseyInvesting.com

Getting to Know ... Karen Ramsey, CFP  

Meet Karen Ramsey: Speaker, Author, Educator & Motivator, Wealth Manager, Consumer Advocate, Creator of RamseyInvesting.com

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