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Many of Eminem’s songs are about death and drugs etc… He’s also expressing a lot of hate against his parents in his songs, mostly because his father left him alone with his mother and also because his mother didn’t take good care of him. Eminem’s mother also abused a lot of drugs such as valium and other medical drugs from the street. He’s talking about murdering people and murdering his own wife in some of the songs he has made. Some of his most famous songs released are: The famous rap artist known as Eminem was born in Saint Joseph, Missouri in October 1972. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan. The nick name / artist name comes from his initials M and M, since his real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. We are going to take a deeper look into his life with these following questions: Who is Eminem really, and what is the reason why he started with music?

What are his greatest hits, and for what reason did they end up so famous?

Then and now-are the songs / style the same as when he started?

His reputation, does people like him / dislike him, and why?

There’s a lot of talk about Eminem being the world’s best rapper, is he, was he or wasn’t he?

And is he still as famous as he used to be?

Eminem, the famous rap artist who mostly everyone knows about, it doesn’t matter if you listen to rap music or not, his name is still well known. The special thing about Eminem is that he’s white, and that is pretty unusual for an American rapper. If you think about it, how many famous white rappers do you know from the USA? Not so many if we compare with how far Eminem has reached with his music career. Shortly after Eminem was born his father left the family, and he had a hard time growing up. He tried to reach and contact his father by sending letters, but the letters never came back.

Eminem started with rap music when he was eight years old, he started to perform on stage when he was fourteen years old. In 1992 an album called “Steppin' On To The Scene EP” was released which Eminem performed on. The album contained six songs and Eminem was in three of those songs under the name M&M. In 1995 he released his first official song called “Fuckin' Backstabber”. The same year he also made his first demo album called “Soul Intent”, the songs on the album was “Biterphobia, F*ckin' Backstabber with Proof, Fuckin' Backstabber”. In 1996 Eminem released a self-portrait album called “Infinite”. This album received a lot of mixed responses from the critics who said that his style was too similar to “Nas” and “AZ”. After that Eminem released the album “The Slim Shady EP” where the text themes were a lot darker than earlier. The name “Slim Shady” is also very well known, and that’s probably where his career started for real. Eminem have also mentioned that it was the rhymes that was the most important thing in his songs.

Sing for the moment. In this song he’s talking about people judging him without actually knowing him. “If I’m a criminal then how the fuck could I raise a little girl” is one of many things in the song where he says something that’s obviously pointing at that. But I think that line is the one where you can easily see it. In “role model” from The Slim Shady LP. Eminem’s talking about criminal / bad things he has done through his life, and “asking” if you want to be like him. He also says “sorry mum I never should’ve hit you in the head with that shovel” which also is an expression on how his feelings are towards his mum. But at the same time the song sounds like it’s from a rap battle.

Lose yourself is a classic song by Eminem, and probably the most well-known one for people who don’t listen to Eminem. This song is also in the movie “8 mile” which is a movie about Eminem and his life. This song, doesn’t have a hard and fast beat like most of the other songs he has made. But you are getting in the right mood by listening to this song. By writing the right mood I mean that you get in a positive mood. He also says “God only knows he’s grown farther from home, he’s no father. He goes home and barely knows his own daughter”. Since Eminem have has a lot of trouble with his family through his life you can relate those lines to family problems. Since he started with music when he was young he probably used the music to get away from reality, and live in his own world, where he felt comfortable. “You better lose yourself in the music, the moment. You own it you better never let it go”.

Eminem feat. Dido – Stan: By listening to this song we can bring up a part of the subject: what is it like to be a famous rapper? Basically the song is about a big fan writing letters to Eminem, but he never gets any letters back. This also relates to Eminem’s life too, because he tried to contact his father by writing letters but never got any letters back. “The morning rain clouds up my window, and I can’t see it all. And even if I could it’d all be grey, but your picture on my wall, it reminds me, that it’s not so bad, it’s not so bad”. These lines don’t really fit with the song, that’s what a normal person would’ve said. But since some lines in the song relates to how Eminem lived it’s probably the same with these lines. If you just listen to the song as a song you think it’s about a fan, but if you know Eminem’s life history and how he grew up you can relate many things in this song to that too. Stan, which is the name of the fan that’s writing the letters, writes that he also lost his father, and that other people don’t know how it is for people like them growing up. So Eminem has had a lot of inspiration from the events and experiences through his life. Now, are Eminem’s songs the same as before? Are they about the same things as before? The fascinating thing about Eminem is that he really has succeeded with making songs about his own life, but the songs themselves don’t seem to be about that. But the latest songs, are clearly pointing out the message in the song. For example the song “I’m not afraid” doesn’t really have the same style as his other songs. He doesn’t do it like he used to, he doesn’t use one thing to describe something else about himself. I also don’t hear the name Eminem from other people around me like I used to, which is a clear sign that he’s not as famous as he used to be. In fact, his songs are more and more turning into songs that are songs you just listen to, and not songs that you can see a real message in if you really listen to the text. In the song “I’m not afraid” is pointed directly at the fans, and the message in the song is that he apologies to his fans, but it isn’t as deep as his songs used to be.

The fascinating thing about Eminem is that he can describe something by using a completely different subject. But that’s not the only fascinating thing about him, he also got a very special technique when he’s writing a song. He got for example his own way when he’s writing rhymes. A basic rhyme in a rap text is a sentence that ends with a word and the sentence after that ends with a rhyme on that word. For example: bla bla bla bla back. And then bla bla bla stack, and then bla bla bla track… that is a basic rhyme in a rap song, but Eminem doesn’t write it like that. He got rhymes pretty much everywhere in the text and more than 1 rhyme in every sentence, and every time he’s using a rhyme in the middle of a sentence he makes his voice harder or a little different so that you can really hear the rhyme, if he wouldn’t change his voice on certain rhymes it wouldn’t fit in as a rhyme, and that’s something that Eminem is very good and experienced at.

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With Jason gone, Metallica was pretty much left in pieces. With no one to play the bass, Metallica as a band was put on hold. No work, just a lot of time to be alone and a lot of alcohol. During the “Hiatus”, James’ alcohol problem had gotten worse and he was put in rehab. The band had just started working on a new album called St. Anger when James was put into rehab. A lot of anger and other emotions were put into this album. The album received a lot of very harsh criticism from the “hardcore” fans Metallica had.

We have at least 1000 different music styles but one of them has been very successful. Just like hip-hop and disco, Rock and heavy metal has had its golden age. Metallica is said to be the “base” for all heavy metal music. But how and when did Metallica form? How did a group of four people create music that reached out to so many people? Read the article below to find out! The band was first formed when James Hetfield (vocals and lead guitar) responded to an ad in the newspaper put up by Lars Ulrich (drums). The other current members are Kirk Hammet (lead guitar) an Robert Trujillo (electric bass). James, Hetfield and Lars are the three “original” members since the band formed. Metallica’s first bass player unfortunately died in a bus accident while on tour in Sweden.

After a long time of grieving their beloved band member, Jason Newsted joined the band and played with the band for fifteen years until he decided to leave the band. Jason had a side project called “Echobrain” but James did not approve of this. James told Jason that he couldn’t stay in a band if Jason took the other project to another level.

Metallica’s late bass player Cliff Burton “I couldn’t stand the limited acceptance. I don’t see how my side project could affect the monster that Metallica had created” –Jason Newsted

Jason Newsted

The album was nothing like the earlier albums they had made. Fans gathered on streets and smashed Metallica CDs in protest against their recently released album. A film called “Some Kind of Monster” documented the process of making the album. During the “St. Anger era”, producer Bob Rock filled in as a temporary bass player. They went on small and private tours until Metallica decided to open auditions for the electric bass position. Many people auditioned for the spot but only one person had the energy and motivation that Metallica was looking for, Robert Trujillo. Robert had a very unusual way of playing the bass. Instead of strumming the strings with a pick like Jason Newsted, Robert uses his fingers to pluck the strings. He also uses a five stringed bass to get more variety when playing.

The band has not only received a number of rewards for their music, Metallica was officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 4th 2009.

As stated earlier, Metallica had received a lot of bad comments about their latest albums. Load, Reload and St.Anger were nothing like any other albums Metallica had ever made before. The fans wanted more music similar to the earlier albums they had made. Metallica listened to their fans and came out with an album with fast solos, heavy riffs and fast drumming.

The cover for Death Magnetic The album was produced by Rick Rubin, a very famous producer that has worked with many bands such as System of a Down, AC/DC, Johnny Cash and many more. But Metallica’s career isn’t over just yet. They’re almost hitting their 50’s and are still out touring even if they have enough money to live life at least 100 times over without working. Hopefully they will be making more albums to keep their fans satisfied.

Robert Nesta A.K.A Bob Marley was born in Nine Mile, Saint Ann, Jamaica Jamaican th6 February 1945. Bob Marley was a Jamaican singer, songwriter and musician. His career started in 1963 as a rhythm guitarist and lead singer for a band “Bob Marley & The Wailers”. The band interest was in ska, rock steady and reggae music. Bob was whit the band for 18 years before he started to go solo in 1981. Bob’s parents, Norval Marley, a 50 years old quartermaster captain and Cidella Marley, a 18 year old Jamaican girl. When Norval and Cidella married 1945 Norvals family was strongly disapproved of their union, the elder Marley provided support. When bob was 5 years old his father took him to Kingston, he was going to live with Norvals nephew, a businessman. Bob was supposed to attend to school. 18 months later, when his mother discovered that bob wasn’t going to the school she went to Kingston and took her son back to the nine miles. He lived with his mother and grandfather when he was young, but when he got a little older he lived with his father in Kingston sometimes. Sadly Norval died when bob was 10 years old. After his fathers death he and his mother moved to Kingston.

1966 Bob married with Rita. It was said that their marriage was an easier way for Rita to immigrant to the US, just because bob decided to live with his mother in Delaware. Bob and Rita got three children’s, Cedella Marley, David Marley also known as Ziggy Marley, and Stephen Marley.

He had a type of malignant melanoma under the nail of his toe, a sort of cancer. He was at the hospital and the doctors wanted to amputate the toe but Bob turned down that advice. Bob continued with his tours. Shortly after a concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania his health deteriorated and he became very ill, they discovered that the cancer spread throughout his body. When he was flying home to Jamaica his vital functions worsened. When they landed in Miami he was taken to the hospital Cedars of the Lebanon for immediate medical attention. He died 11 May 1981.

In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1994 Jann Wenner said “Bob Marley was the Third world’s first pop superstar. He was the man who introduced the world to the mystic power of reggae. He was a true rocker at heart, and as a songwriter, he brought the lyrical force of Bob Dylan, the personal charisma of John Lennon, and the essential vocal stylings of Smokey Robinson into one voice”

Skrillex is one of many artists who make dubstep remixes. Dubstep is a music genre with influences of 2-step, UK garage, drum and bass and dub, even wobble-bass are often used in dubstep, a characteristic “wub-wub” sound. Skrillex has made many remixes, “Rock n Roll (will take you to the mountain)”, “First of the Year”, “Reptile” and “Ruffneck”. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is the second EP and one of his most popular EPs he made. It was released on the 22 of October 2010.

The EP Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites have received many positive reviews. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites have reached a good spot on many lists of albums. It made a success when it reached number 49 on the billboard 200. The EP was certified gold in Canada and by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). On November 30th 2011 it was announced that the EP was nominated for the 54th Grammy Awards. It was awarded when reaching number three on the Dance/Electronic Albums. It’s one of the best Dance/Electronica Album on the market right now. The EP has sales exceeding 545 000 copies. For me it’s one of the best EP he has. My favorite songs is on the EP, Rock n’ Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) and Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. I like all the songs but the two I said have something more, that the others don’t have. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites was the first song I heard from skrillex.

Track list: 1."Rock n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)" 4:44 2."Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" 4:03 3."Kill EVERYBODY" 4:58 4."All I Ask of You" (featuring Penny) 5:40 5."Scatta" (featuring Foreign Beggars and Bare Noize) 3:55 6."With You, Friends (Long Drive)" 6:29 7."Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" (Noisia Remix) 3:24 8."Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" (Zedd Remix) 5:58 9."Kill EVERYBODY" (Bare Noize Remix) 4:41 Jason Newsted St.Anger Death magnetic Some Kind of Monster documentary DVD Jason Newsted Interview Metallica master of puppets ica+%E2%80%93+Master+of+Puppets.jpg Bob Marley Skrillex Eminem jpg/220px-Eminem_-_The_Slim_Shady_LP_CD_cover.jpg

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