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Preliminary Research

Where did your idea come from? When I was in high school, I had to focus on the literary aspects of film for a class, so that aided in setting the groundwork for this project. Basically we just took examples from numerous horror movies, and added some emotional drama. Also by adding the fact that it’s a high school reunion it hits closer to home for a younger audience. I never had the chance to further expand my idea, but this project allows me to do so. It is somewhat difficult to create a horror movie however. We realized during the planning process that you have to be very careful with the placement of characters. In order for a horror movie to make sense, every single character has to be in the right place at the right time. Outside contributing references. Basically contributing references were other horror movies. There is always every stereotypical character. So the activist, the businessman, the housewife, the momma’s boy are just typical characters, but we figured it would be fun to adjust their dialogue for this movie. As for locations, it is really convenient that the scenes take place in a house, as well as a coffee shop, which are all very reasonable locations. When thinking of similar movies, any classic teen slasher film fits the mold. However, we feel the twist at the end, and the complexities of numerous characters set it apart. Personal interests and anecdotes. Our group chose to do a horror movie because we are all familiar with the plot lines and how things go, and we thought it would be fun to make altercations. Also, we are all fans of similar type movies, so our interests also aided us in our decision. Since this is only a 20-page script, we figured we had to go horror or comedy. By choosing a horror movie, we could have more of a creative process, rather than focusing on jokes that would make our audience laugh. What angle did you approach the story from? Our angle was to focus on the killer’s perspective. Instead of always having the innocent victims running around for their lives and making the audience feel bad for them, we make the audience feel bad for the protagonist who also ends up being the mastermind behind everything.

The Reunion  

T206 Final Project

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