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Typography Introduction to Typography This foundational class demonstrated the use of letter forms and typographic elements to emphasize a message/purpose, while communicating the form with clarity and meaning.

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ct: arge ion Proje s s u e • No ch c r Sp e tan P Taub Ades Performance rkacpercussionists Theby t a h n a The M 30 pm • Alan M. and Joane performances by NewworYoks with world premier tiv • 7: rt of ctor. collabora Fri. Feb. 22 ace Conce Milarsky, Condu sions and rmance Sp ffrey of discus Ades Perfo and Ginastera Je A series ub Ta d Joan by Lang Alan M. and performances Aguilar, an C, NY

• NY Avenueinformation: remont 120 Claervations and For res smnyc.eduor 8 w w w.m• 917-493-442 Phone

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• $5 le C Ensemb30 pm • Brechemin Auditothriue mpresent.

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eries Debut S d r a o b Key Recital: m • $5 Studen3:t30 pm • Brechemin Auditoriu • 15 piano. Fri. Mar. a Shilleh, uses & piano; Din ed Chor in Eric Cline, b m o er t: C le Conc e life with th Ensemhbony 0 comes to eater • $1 hed work rsity Singers, is Th fin ny Symp un l ea •M nive enta

um dU pm art’s mon rsity Chorale, an 16 • 7:30 Boers. minor Moz Sat. Mar. Unive Mass in C hamber Singers, rection of Geoffrey at re G t’s di Mozar of the C y, all under the d voices combine versity Symphon ni and the U eniors. udents/s a fresh on, $15 st artuffe," is to ral admiti "T ne a, ge er 0 op ing • $2 mic try io t co ud tis 80 St ar n 19 ny m’s pm • Mea which a co e Meche 22 • 7:30 iere! Kirk ou l'Imposteur," in ade, conductor; Fri. Mar. est prem cD A Northw medy, "Le Tartuffe English; David M : fo In l ed in Additiona ière’s 1660s co d. Perform ol look at M holy manis expose a pass for hn, director. Claudia Za

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ble C String Ensem • $5 t sprightly bles ditorium m mplex bu e s chemin Au vich's co En re ko B ta • os 7:30 pm mitri Sh D 23 • including Sat. Mar. g quartets m of strin A progra o. 7. Quartet N

eries: t Head S e ll a M : t cer ble Cozn faculty Enseme 0 z a J rium • $1 r concert by in Audito in this jazz Hamm • Brechem featured is pm d strings es, piano. . 26 • 7:30 al on bars an Tues. Mar hammers hone, and Marc Se ith w e ad brap Music m Collier, vi m To rs membe , NY

YC enue • N on: mont Avand informati re la C 0 ns 12 o ti a rv e For res smnyc.eduor 8 w w w.m• 917-493-442 Phone


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