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Tips to maintain the color of your favorite garments

Did your newly bought T-shirt become rugged much faster than you have actually expected? Before blaming the brand for color bleeding, check whether it is your fault or not. To be honest, most of us pay least attention to the wash care instructions of our branded garments. Thus, it fails to give us the right returns. So, whether you have bought Printed T-shirts or top dyed shirts, follow these tips meticulously to prevent color bleeding. •

Check what the label says

You must have a look at the wash care instructions that have been stitched onto the garment you have bought. A printed T-Shirt bought from a T-shirt screen printing company will have specific wash care instructions. Similarly, if a cotton scarf has been dyed with vegetable colors then it may instruct you to use cold water and avoid bleaching. Therefore, when you consider the specific wash care instructions your garments will remain new for a much longer span. •

Wash garments according to color

Have you always noticed that the white garments bought from supermarkets and boutiques specializing in T-Shirt Printing Brisbane get color blotches too soon? It is an indication that you are not applying your common sense while washing them. You are probably soaking all the whites and light colored garments together with the deep colored ones and washing them together. Since it is a common sense that color bleeding affects the lighter colored garments, you are suffering. Hence, wash the light colored garments and dark colored garments separately from next time onwards. Remember not to wash any other colors together with the white garments as whites get affected with color bleeding much faster.


Using bleach for whites

The idea of retrieving back the original whiteness of your white blouse can be quite welcoming. Nevertheless, we would say that you should resist such temptations. When you use bleach for the first time, you will be charmed with the whiteness it imparts to your white blouse. But you will hardly be able to guess the damage that bleach is causing to the fabric with every wash! Therefore, after a few bleaches you will find that your blouse is ripping easily! So, it is always better to avoid using bleach altogether. •

Over drying causes harm

Always dry the garments at recommended temperature and never over dry them. IF you dry your garments in a cloth dryer, over drying will cause fading of color of the garments that have darker shades. So, you will end up in making the dark blue T-shirts appear light blue and maroon colored shirts look crimson. However, just note that over drying under the sun will have similar effect on dark colored garments. For More Details Us:

Tips to maintain the color of your favorite garments