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Bruce Dickinson lead singer of iron maiden is joining the charity bike ride to download festival. He is flying in all the way from Germany to take part in the bike ride. They are raising money for the teenage cancer trust. would like to wish them all the best. see you at download Bruce.

Chester bennington has bin named the new lead singer of stone temple pilots. Chester will replace former front man Scott weilands . will this mean he will carry on doing linken park as well we will have to wait and see. new promo video for the new Metallica 3d movie is now on YouTube as we got closer to Metallica than ever before.

for what has bin a year so far of losing incredible artist yet another one has climbed the stairway to heaven. Bassist of uriah heep and david bowie passed away at the age of 62 due to cancer. Tever bolder gone but never forgotten. (1950-2013)

five finger death punch and device to join avenge seven fold on there uk tour this year

placebo have a new album coming out on September 16th titled loud like love they have also announced uk tour dates in September so be sure to check them out. especially if you need a friend in need or if you want to go infra red .

from what has bin an interesting few weeks . a decision has bin made for me the righter of metal mash magazine to join new revolution in promoting and to help run gigs in Weston super mare. i am very greatfull for this offer and i am looking ford to working with the new rev team my 1st gig will be on the 26th and 27th of july punk revolution 2 day mini fest hope to see you all there metal Mashers .

this weeks song of the issue comes from a load of hell bent creatures that some may call demons of old metal. as i bring you the murder cycle. this band also reminded me of the crule rality of smoking as i found my self having a cigarette next to the grim reaper . but yes pretty cool song this week you can check it out via are website on the rockmageddon feature

what will remain by local rock band tidal from Swansea has got to be the best album i have herd all year. the album features 11 tracks and everyone will blow you away. the album features all original track and can be compared to only one band and that's tidal.

they have there own unique sound and outstanding vocals from the lead singer Adam Payne. Tidal are an up and coming act and i have no worries in seeing them headlining a festival one day.

ok so guess what ITS DOWNLOAD NEXT WEEK !!! Yes the time has almost come for one of the greatest shows on earth , download festival. 1st of all its time to go over the rules . meh its download the only rules of download is to bang your heads have an amazing time. so on behave of metal mash we all hope you metal mashers have a great time but most importantly stay safe. so anyway hear is some funny stories of my years at download, first story has to be the bean tent. on the last night i thought be good idea to get an early night . i kept on hearing splatters on the tent all night i thought what the *** anyway. the next morning i packed my stuff up got up to find my hole tent covered in backed beans and allsorts . my tent looked like a fried breakfast. less just say that's one fry up i didn't take on the road with me.

and then there's of course the legend that is mr 836 owe yes i was in the crowed waiting for linen park to come on stage. and when they did people were still chanting 836 haha never thought id see the day an steward outstate linken park. and the final story is a lesson

to all campers never leave your tent door open all day when it rains . i did so in 2011 on the last day lets just say my tent was one of the coldest paddling pools you would have ever got in i was so horrible. that some of my download storeys hopefully make some more this year and you can see what we have been up to in the download review in the next issue. so what bands will i be seeing this year that's the tuff question all downloader's have to endure every year as them horrible clashes come into play .

so of course are 1st band has got to be slipknot playing on the main stage 9 pm till 10.50 pm on the Friday and what a way to kick of download as the 1st headlining act of the weekend expects lots of masks and lots of mosh pits. Is it just a freak on a leash nope just korn who are playing main stage just before slipknot . last time they where hear was in 2011 when they played 2nd stage who's looking ford to seeing them agene ? when i herd dragon force was playing i was buzzing. playing on the 2nd stage this British power rock band is set to put on an unforgetable show. my the skys cry thunder . (as long as there's no rain) and if you don't fancy slipknot there is always the amazing black stone cherry headlining the 2nd stage what amazing band they played last year well worth seeing. But hey if you don't believe me "blame it on the boom boom"

owe yes the legends that is iron maiden will be rocking out Saturday night headlining the main stage. they have had countless albums and have said that this years maiden England tour will go back to the seven sons of a seven sons age. Saturday i will be at the main stage all day so be sure to say hello if you see me. if you don't fancy abit of maiden why not abit of shikari they will be headlining the 2nd stage what sets to be amazing show seen them in Weston super mare and if you like light lasers a full on beats then check out these guys. if you liked pendulum you would like these guys . if you don't then sorry your not a winner. motor head are in town on the main stage Saturday. i have to say take the opportunity to see this classic act. expect lots of bikers and of course the ace of spades classic anthem.

wow rammstein headlining the main stage Sunday night for there 1st ever download appearance. you cant get any better than that this is going to be explosive.

airbourne are hitting the second stage on sunday. and i hear there's a tradition that the lead singer climes the stage to the top that should be interesting bit of dare devil stuntage as well as a gig. five finger death punch are making a return this year after pulling out few years back. who's ready for some death punch metal mashers.

and of course we cant foget the pope of rock and metal that is ghost the band that always seems to be at download and why not. on the 2nd stage this year.

Friday 9.00 -9.30 9.30 -10.00 10.00 -10.30 10.30 -11.00 11.00 -11.30 11.30 -12.00 12.30 -1.00 (PM) 1.00 - 1.30 (PM) 1.30 - 2.00 (PM) 2.00 - 2.30 (PM) 2.30 - 3.00 (PM) 3.00 - 3.30 (PM) 3.30 - 4.00 (PM) 4.00 - 4.30 (PM) 4.30 - 5.00 (PM) 5.00 - 5.30 (PM) 5.30 - 6.00 (PM) 6.00 - 6.30 (PM) 6.30 - 7.00 (PM) 7.00 - 7.30 (PM) 7.30 - 8.00 (PM) 8.00 - 8.30 (PM) 8.30 - 9.00 (PM) 9.00 - 9.30 (PM) 9.30 - 10.00 (PM)



so last week was twisted dilutions 2. A punk rock and metal mini festival at green baize Weston super mare. over all the festival was a success seen a wide range of talent. even had some funny moments i mean who could forget the bog role fight. so first of i would like to say big thank you to all the bands that put on an amazing weekend and to the promoter who put everything together. looking ford to twisted 3 and hopefully we can improve on this years event.

Adam feasey and the hell cats

hack saw

so the show kicked of with the hell cats and was a promising sign that this punk day was going to be a sucks as the band put on a great show to kick of the event even if one of the artists had a bad arm .

now its time for hacksaw and you know what that means one epic drummer and a massive BOG ROLE fight owe yes. light bog role battle commence. stunted growth

51st when i first seen a base guitarist and a drummer and no one ells i had to admit i didn't think this was going to work but when the band started playing i was blown away. How could 2 people make such amazing punk rock sound one of my stand out acts of the day what they lacked in numbers they made up with talent. Hatter uk now this is what you call proper west country punk rock. im sure u can relate to the lyrics if your from the west country. drink up me cider because its punk time and fair play to the young drummer in the band im sure he will have a long successful carrier ahead of him.

stunted growth put on pretty cool performance. there a modern type punk rock band and even thoe allot of people where into British punk rock they entertained the crowd they will be back same place in July. sick pig now this was one of the best punk rock bands of the night by far . you could feel the attitude and the look on the face of the lead singer made it almost a visual as well as a musical masterpiece. what's the point pure classic British punk rock there fun there entertaining and come on you got to admit the lead singer has the most coolest mo hawk i have ever seen .

Tidal day to started of with band name tidal they say save the best till last but i have to say this was one of the best acts of the day by far amazing metal band. death Bullet death bullet put on a good show from what i can remember ??!! they had a pretty good sound to them. Road to know where road to know where is best described as a young talented band that almost sound like cradle of filth that kinda sound but less dark. very good. Demons of old metal Ride on the murder cycle Rock on the Murder cycle Die on the Murder cycle. this band was full of hell bent creatures rocking the stage bringing gore and a cover of slipknot Made To Waist i will leave that up to you !!

crows parliament

stop stop

day started of with crows parliament one guy with amazing acoustic skill with no band behind him he really did well. real top quality performance.

mega hair styles , pink guitars and drums , classic glam rock what more can i say great laugh very entertaining some great covers.

The Baronesques the 1st girl band of the day from Bristol did some classic original work as well as some good covers. sky Burns red now it was turn for sky burns red and wow amazing the band some much energy and passion in what they do reflected on the stage. band has a very unique sound raised the bar as one of the best acts of the day so far. Hell bent on heaven I spoke to one of the band members after the gig they where shocked when i said that there band could give hailstorm a run for there money cause they could do easy. the lead guitarist and vocals stood out for me both very powerful and very good wow cant wait to see them soon.

Matty Dorkings - Lead guitar/throat Alison Curry - Lead guitar Alex Wronski - Bass guitar Adam Sutcliffe - Big Drums Hard rocking' hard rockers playing hard rock n' roll Meansteed are a no bull-shit, high octane, uncompromising and raw rock 'n roll band hailing from North London. With a no-prisoners attitude to their live show, if you're lucky enough to leave alive you will be deafened, sweaty, suffering from whiplash and hungry for more! Main influences are: AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Thin Lizzy, Motor head, Free, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, The Poor, Metallica, Airbourne, Judas Priest, Guns N' Roses, Jett black and Ten Ton Tabby Meansteed started when front man Matty crashed drummer Adam's birthday party and noticed he had a drum kit and immediately went up to him and said we're starting a band!!! Adam asked what he played and Matty said nothing yet but i'm gonna be a guitarist! Later on Matty noticed Ali walking down his road with a guitar case he asked her if she could teach him guitar, she agreed and several months later we were all jamming in mattys garage. All we needed then was a bassist. We have managed to go through a couple of bassists so far some lost to rock n roll excess, some to immigration laws but found are current one in our local boozer The Flag! Alex was working behind the bar and his previous band had just broken up, so we jumped at the opportunity and got him in!

Our biggest show to date was definitely supporting Jett black at their Reigning Rock album launch at the sold out Borderline, London. We had just finished our E.P. 'Cabin Fever', the new song's went down really well and it was one of the best gig's we've ever played. Some of the best memories so far in the band definitely come from touring around the country, sleeping in our banged up transit and just trying to play as many shows as possible. We've slept on the coast in Cornwall, in random farmers fields and countless floors of people we've met as shows. Our EP 'Cabin Fever' is available right now on iTunes, spottily etc and we are currently locked away in the studio writing our first full length album to be released later this year! Meansteed are 4 hard rockers who play hard rock in a hard rocking' hard rock band from Harrow who are ready to take over the world!!:

Contact us at: Listen to us at:

(June and july) local gig

July 26th & 27th Punk Revolution (New Revolution) Time TBC Price TBC for more information visits green baize website

June dates out soon visit face book for more information

July june MACMILLAN BATTLE OF THE BANDS (3rd of June ) £8 7.30pm

BOYSETSFIRE + Bane + Apologies, I Have None + Out Of Bounds 2nd July 2013 7.30pm £13

BARON GREENBACK + Death Of Orion + Spider Kitten + Monolithian £5 7.30pm


WHOLE LOTTA LED (8th june) £11.50 7.30pm

7.30pm £15


TRASH TALK + Special Guests 09 June 2013


1.30 pm 7.30 pm

RED FANG - Only England headline show of 2013 + Special Guests (19th june ) £12 7.30pm

MID SUMMER METAL FEST 29th June 2013 12.30 am £5


RICKY WARWICK + ACOUSTIC TV (co-headliner) + Special Guests 14th july 2013 7.30 pm £10


Check o2 website for up coming dates

7 SECONDS + The Fear + Cydernide + Thirty Six Strategies 15th July 2013 7.30pm £12 FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS + Ashestoangels + Her Dark Embrace 17th July 2013 7.30pm


THEY WILL ROCK YOU (QUEEN TRIBUTE) 20th july 2013 7.30pm £8 SENSER + Subsource 30th july 2013 7.30pm £10 EYEHATEGOD + The Gates Of Slumber 31st july 2013 7.30 £12

Metal Mash Issue 12  

Metal Mash issue 12 - Download special

Metal Mash Issue 12  

Metal Mash issue 12 - Download special