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QUITO 2009


Sports: One day with ‘Nico’ Tennis wardrove One of the best Christian bands... PARAMORE!! TV: One tree hill Two and half men Interview: Notes with Alicia Keys

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One day with ‘Nico’

by Andrés

Curiosities 1

Nicolás Lapentti Gómez.


He is 30 Years Old.


Height 1.80 cm.

Grand Slam Rolland Garros in Paris France. Cousin of the Legendary Ecuatorian tennis player Andrés Gómez.


Born in Guayaquil Ecuador on June 3 of 1978.


Turning pro Since January 1995.


In 1999 He was # 6 in the World.


His Favourite Tournament is

He is single now and he date Anna Kournikova (famous tennis player). His favourite color is yellow. His favourite food is crabs and fish.

Favourite city is Rome. Favourite music band is Lifehouse.

tennis wardrobe o tour Adidas Pr Shoes Barricade $ 120

ree Adidas th p $ 25 stripes Ca

ure Babolat P $ 180 Drive Plus

ck as Bla d i d A $ 25 short

Adi d form as $ 45 otion T -s



MUSIC One of the best Christian bands... PARAMORE by Valeria

was and b e Th ed in form 4 200

Paramore, the rapidly emerging pop-punk quintet from Tennessee, has been building a near-deafening “next big thing” buzz. Confronted by the double-edged sword of overwhelming early praise, Paramore has risen to the challenge and recorded an album that happily delivers on all the claims made on their behalf. They played their first show in Nashville, and were soon building a local fanbase. After just a few months of gigging, the band had their first big break in early 2005, when Fueled By Ramen founder John Janick saw them at a gig in Florida. Upon the release of their debut album, “All we know is falling,” in the summer of 2005, the music community began taking immediate notice of the band. The New York Times and Spin hailed the album, singling out Hayley as a star in the making.

The accolades continued as 2006 came to a close. After an overwhelming response to a U.K. tour at the end of the year, Kerrang! readers voted Paramore as the “Best New Band” and Hayley as the #2 “Sexiest Female.” NME named Paramore one of the

They made the soundtrack for Twilight Film.

ten acts to watch in their “New Noise 2007” feature, proclaiming Williams as “young, articulate and with plenty to say.” Some bands would begin to get nervous with those kinds of accolades. Not Paramore. “I love getting all the ‘Next Big Thing’ notices,” says Hayley with a grin. It only takes one listen to “RIOT!” to

see the depth of the band’s growth in the past two years. Produced by David Bendeth (Hawthorne Heights, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Killswitch Engage).As Hayley explains, “For us, the title ‘RIOT!’ literally means an unbridled outburst of emotions. “Next big things” come and go, but it is obvious that Paramore has something special – both talent and staying power. “RIOT” is the band’s declaration of ambition, musical growth, and dedication. “We all have such a love and passion for this music,” says Josh. “We’re lucky to have made such a connection with our fans that we’re making a difference in their lives.” Hayley concludes, “We want everyone to hear this album. We want to take it as far as we can. ‘RIOT!’ is everything we ever wanted to say on one album. If it all ended today, this is what we’d want to be remembered for.”

TV Set in the fictional small town of Tree Hill, NC, this teen-dri-

ven drama tells the story of two half brothers, who share a last name and nothing else. Brooding, blue-collar Lucas is a talented street-side basketball player, but his skills are appreciated only by his friends at the river court. Popular, affluent.. Set in the fictional small town of Tree Hill, NC, this

the hero-worship of the town, as the star of his high school team. And both boys are the son of former college ball player, Dan Scott, whose long ago choice to abandon Lucas and his mother Karen, will haunt him long into his life with wife Deb, and their son Nathan. Until now, Dan has managed to keep his two sons far from each other. But the past and present collide sharply when Tree Hill’s basketball coach recruits Lucas for his team, much

teen-driven drama tells the story of two half brothers, who share a last name and nothing else. Brooding, blue-collar Lucas is a talented street-side basketball player, but his skills are appreciated only by his friends at the river court. Popular, affluent Nathan basks in

to the chagrin of Nathan and Daddy Dan. And the siblings natural rivalry only intensifies when they set their sights on the same girl, Peyton Sawyer. The residue of the past lingers far into the future for the residents of Tree Hill, even as a new generation is rising. Tree Hill follows the lives and loves of these two brothers, their friends and their family as they navigate high school, marriage, and finally…adulthood.

one tree hillby Sara

Charlie is a well-to-do bachelor with a house at the beach, a Jaguar in the front, and an easy way with women. His casual Malibu lifestyle is interrupted when his tightly wound brother Alan, who’s facing a divorce, and his son Jake, come to live with him. Together, these two and a half men confront the challenges of growing up; finally. Complicating matters are the brothers’ self-obsessed, controlling mother, Evelyn, Alan’s estranged wife, Judith and Charlie’s crazy neighbor Rose, who wants to be a part of his life and is willing to do anything to be around, a funny comedy to watch.

by Andrés


Notes with Alicia Keys

This Manhattan native has sold 28 million albums and singles worldwide and won, among other awards, nine Grammys. Keys is working on her third studio album and looking forward to the opening of her first film, “Smokin’ Aces,” By Sara Ortiz

You founded Keep A Child Alive and are very active in Frum Tha Ground Up. Why did you choose those charities? Well,there are actually three charities: Keep A Child Alive, frum tha ground up, and another called Teens In Motion. When I was around 12, it was a huge time in my life that shaped who I am. I like to find organizations that focus on motivating and telling people that you can do it, no matter your situation is. There are so many people out there telling you what you can’t do and shouldn’t do and what you’ll never be able to do opposed things to everything that you can do. All these organizations, in different ways, focus on that, and that’s why they are important to me. There are so many scandals in politics and the entertainment world that it’s hard to find a good role model. Besides you, of course, who is a good role model? I think there are a lot of different people for a lot of reasons. You can’t really compare people. That’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned, because comparing yourself to someone else really stops you from being who you are. I tend to choose people who aren’t alive, people I don’t know. For instance,there’s a woman


named Assata Shakur who was a black panther. A lot of people disagree with what this group did but I take what she stood for and how she stood up for what she believed and apply it to parts of my life. I take parts of peoples’ lives and apply them to my own. In terms of civil rights and racism, people say that our generation is more accepting than those who came before us - but then some people say it’s just surface progress. Where do you think we stand with that today? I think, there are many answers for that question. In many ways, yes, look how far we have come. How far we’ve come when we can be sitting in the same room together,enjoying a conversation with no issues, no tension. I think of the workplace, I think of school, I think of those places that at one time were segregated. Now we are able to have friends of every color and I think that is pretty incredible. We’ve absolutely come far. In your poem “No Room For Religion,”it’s clear that faith is important to you, and a certain set of values, as opposed to what you were just talking about, all the distractions from what is important. How does religion affect your life? Well, I would call it spirituality. I think it’s beautiful to have a belief in something and that’s where religion comes in. It’s perfect in the sense of believing in something bigger and greater and having faith and hope.

But for me it’s definitely spirituality in the sense of having integrity and certain morals I stand by.I pray a lot. I think prayers are like affirmations, things that you speak out loud and therefore they can come to you. I believe a lot in the power of words and the way god can answer your prayers. That’s why I love it so much. And I was wondering why things were happening tome that I didn’t really like. So prayer and giving thanks and being connected to something greater keeps me very humble and makes me realize that it takes a lot to find your space inside of you that makes you strong and confident and comfortable and a good person. You’ve gone to Kenya and Uganda to help kids with AIDS. For teens who can’t go there, what are someways to help? There are plenty of things you can do. In regards to Keep A Child Alive, it’s very much about the idea that from nothing, you can become something great. You can go to the website and donate money, which is an amazing help. I am telling you, just two dollars is a help. At colleges, students have started Keep A Child Alive Chapters to spread the word. I have had kids sell lemonade in the summer to help and incredibly smart college students who hold rallies and tell everyone about the campaign.




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