WWE Mission Report Offa, Nigeria August 2018

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Dear Friends, In June we were in Dukem, Ethiopia, for an evangelistic campaign. We were hit full on by the rainy season and not many visitors came. Nonetheless, several people gave their lives to Jesus and quite a few were healed and set free from demons. From 15 to 26 August we have our next evangelistic outreach in the far south of Ethiopia. In July we had our first joint evangelistic campaign in Nigeria with Bishop Wale Oke of “Sword of the Spirit” Ministries in Ibadan. We went to Offa, a place where 90% of the inhabitants are Muslims. We paid a visit to the traditional king, a Muslim, and prayed for him. The evangelistic outreach was very blessed and many responded to the altar call and came forward to give their lives to Jesus. On the Monday following the outreach there was a follow-up meeting for all the new believers. Bishop Wale Oke said about 800 people came, including many Muslims. The campaign was a trial run for further outreaches that are to follow. We are in the process of acquiring a complete set of equipment for Nigeria, which will cost €215,000. We are currently buying a truck, generator, PA system and stage. By a miracle we already have €180,000. The PA system and the stage are coming from the USA, with 80% of the price having already been paid; the truck is coming from China and has already been paid for. We still need to pay €22,000 for the PA system as soon as it has been delivered and is working. Apart from that, we still need €13,000 for a generator. In a few months the equipment will be complete and we can get started in Nigeria. We urgently need a technician to help us, and we need more finances to cover the costs of these evangelistic campaigns.

Peter needed a boat and a net to catch fish. We need a truck and a good PA system to win people for Jesus. So many people throw away their money or do nothing with it, instead of investing it wisely. Jesus said we should not live for what perishes, but make the most of our time and work as long as it is day, for the night is coming when no one can work anymore. We can only spend our life once. We can waste it meaninglessly, be lazy and do nothing, or we can invest it wisely and use it to create something that has value for eternity. God stretches and enlarges us and wants to make space for us so that we can receive more and do more than ever before. He who is wise wins souls, says Solomon, and the lazy sleep through the harvest, or miss the opportunities that God gives them. Perhaps God wants you to share in this work and for souls to be won for Jesus through your money. He gives you opportunities to invest in what will not perish. Those who invest in God’s Kingdom exchange what is perishable for what is imperishable. Old age and death come to everyone sooner or later and we (our bodies) have an “expiry date”. Therefore let us make the most of our time as long as we can. Best wishes and God’s rich blessing!

Ekkehard Hornburg




4 years he had been suffering constant back pain and could not bend down to tie his shoes. In one leg he had no feeling. Jesus healed him.

He had been bound by evil spirits for 7 years; he could not walk properly, lived in constant pain and his arms did not work as they should. Jesus set him free. From childhood she had suffered from migraines and had had gastritis for 6 years. Jesus healed her.


For 3 years he had suffered constant, indefinable pain. He was bound by evil spirits and Jesus set him free.


DAN, THE SHIPOWNER! by REINHARD BONNKE „Why did Dan remain in ships? “ Judg. 5:17

The Danites were merchants, running a kind of mercantile marine service for Israel. They bought in goods from the far corners of the earth. Then, moored in a harbor, the ships became shops, selling directly from the importer to the public. Now here is how I picture it. Dan himself is at the till of his shop. The day has been great, and profits are good. He is reckoning everything up with satisfaction. Then, a sudden disturbance on the harbor side distracts him. A messenger arrives, exhausted from the urgent run, carrying a letter to Dan. It reads:

Hurriedly, he stuffed a bundle of money into the messenger’s pockets and said, ‘I certainly want to help. Regretfully, I can’t come myself, but here’s my contribution. Tell Deborah I’m with her in spirit.’ Wonderful man to let the women do the fighting! So Dan went on counting his cash while his brethren rallied round the standard of Deborah and Barak. Let others die for Israel, but Dan had a business to attend to. There was Dan in his ship – the ship of self-interest self-love and greed.

Dear Dan, Jabin, the King of Canaan, has sent Sisera and is harrying Israel. We are fighting with everything at our disposal, but we need help. The tribes must all unite to repel the enemy. Come and help - now. Your fellow Israelites are bleeding and dying. Please respond. Come at once! Greetings, DEBORAH (Judge of Israel) Dan, the businessman, was deeply moved. He jumped up and looked inland, where he thought hostilities might be in progress. He possibly heard the clash of arms and the cries of his dying brothers. But then, just as suddenly, he was moved by other thoughts. Awfully worrying questions troubled him. Could he just leave his money, uncounted? If he went and fought, what would happen to his ships and shops? Wouldn’t he be risking his flourishing enterprise? And there was something else. Canaanites were his customers. He must not upset them. Shouldn’t he remain neutral? What if his ships sank while he neglected them while enlisting in the army?

After such considerations, he decided.

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Who does Dan represent today? It is for each one of us to ask ourselves. Dan is the Christian who belongs to the family of God, knows what the claims of God upon him are, hears the call of God, but does not respond to it. He remains in his ship shop when God wants him to ‘seek first the kingdom of God’. The music of the tinkling till, the applause of the unconverted or the opinion of family and friends deafen him to the call of the living God. In church he sings about the sweet bye and bye on the golden shore, but will his ship reach it, or just flounder in the sea of life? If you think such situation could not be, just look around. See the wreckage of lives where people have chosen the wrong priorities. Some of the saddest people have been those with an eye to the main chance, who didn’t keep their eyes on God. They lost the vision. Things went terribly wrong in the end. Success turned to ashes, popularity went sour. They chose the Danite opportunities of the ship shop. They let others follow Christ to His harvest field, or battlefield, or maybe mission field, and at the last saw their joy and contentment, realizing their own tragedy.

“Summer is ended, harvest is over and we are not saved” Jer. 8:20 “Summer is ended, harvest is over and we are not saved” Jer. 8:20.