WWE Mission Report & Teaching Letter May 2018

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Dear friends, Very warm greetings to you!

Ambo evangelistic outreach Our last evangelistic outreach in Ethiopia was three weeks ago, and next week we already have the next. Three weeks ago we were in the town of Ambo, where a public evangelistic event had not been possible for years because there had been many political riots there. We were not allowed to use a public space but had to use church premises instead. The weather was not on our side, either, as it kept raining. Nonetheless, the pastors were very encouraged. For them, this outreach was something like a test and at some point we will go back to Ambo to hold a larger campaign. Many people made a decision for Jesus for the first time and many experienced healing. All kinds of different diseases disappeared and people were set free from evil spirits. Asthma, kidney disease, gastritis, stomach ulcers, back problems, heart complaints, epilepsy – all manner of diseases were healed. We ourselves are repeatedly amazed and it moves us to hear all the healing testimonies. Then the Holy Spirit fell like at Pentecost and many were filled with the power of God and started speaking in new tongues. Purchase of land in Addis Ababa In Ethiopia there are thousands of church leaders who have no training or qualifications and are laypeople. If we could train these leaders, we could make a much, much bigger difference. The country is more open than ever before since the new prime minister (formerly a Muslim) is a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian, as are 20 of the ministers in his cabinet. With its 100 million inhabitants, Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa after Nigeria. With God’s help, we want to buy a piece of land in Addis Ababa in order to set up a church and a training centre there.

We have an opportunity to buy 10,000 m2 (2.5 acres) of land on the edge of Addis Ababa and are just waiting for the money that someone has already promised us for this purpose. Translating and printing books In addition, we would like to translate several books into Amharic so as to be able to pass them on to pastors, leaders and Orthodox priests free of charge. We will be translating four study courses by Kenneth Hagin: 26 lessons on faith, 26 lessons on healing, 26 lessons on prayer and 26 lessons on the Holy Spirit.That all costs a lot of money, but with God nothing is impossible. We are trusting him for the funds and resources needed. Perhaps God is speaking to you about helping us? The time is ripe like never before. Ethiopia is open like never before. We are living at the end of time and Jesus is coming soon. There is nothing better than investing in what has eternal value. Many people who are only chasing after money will turn out to be big losers in the end. Our life, our time and our money only have meaning and significance if we use them for God. I wish you God’s rich blessings and send you my best regards!

Ekkehard Hornburg

FAITH THAT WORKS MIRACLES! Miracles are God’s thumbprint! They are God’s stamp. Wherever Jesus is, miracles happen. Miracles do not happen, however, on the basis of wishful thinking or sympathy. Miracles happen on the basis of faith. Many people don’t want to hear that because it takes the responsibility away from God and makes us responsible ourselves for what happens or doesn’t happen. I am responsible for my faith, not God. God has given me his word so that I can feed and build up my faith. It is so easy to lay all the blame at God’s door, saying “Well, it just wasn’t God’s will”, instead of saying it was a lack of faith. The eyes of God range throughout the whole earth, the Bible says, to show himself strong on behalf of those who completely put their trust in him (see 2 Chronicles 16:9). God is on the lookout! His eyes are searching for someone he can heal, set free, save and bless. “When Jesus saw their faith,” it says in Luke 5:20. Show Jesus your faith and Jesus will show you his miracle-working power. Just because there are sockets in your house does not mean that the television is automatically on. God is always there, just like the socket, but I have to get plugged in. I have to connect myself with his power.

Faith establishes the connection between me and God’s power. The woman who was subject to bleeding established the connection between herself and the power of God with which Jesus was anointed! Many people touched Jesus in the natural and nothing happened. She touched Jesus with her faith and was healed. Jesus didn’t find any faith in his home town of Nazareth and, as a result, he couldn’t do any miracles there (see Matt 13:58). God’s power is always present to save every sinner and heal everyone who is sick. But without faith it is impossible to receive anything from God (see Hebrews 11:6). Every word of God is a faith pill that, if swallowed, produces faith (see Rom 10:17). However, the word of God works not in the head but only in the heart. Often what people understand by faith is nothing more than mental agreement. They believe something with their head, instead of with their heart. The word of God that I have in my head can neither save nor heal me. It has to get from the head into the heart, because it is with the heart that we believe (see Rom 10:10). The farmer who has his barn full of seed will never get a harvest if he doesn’t put the seed in the ground. You can have all the Bible knowledge in the world, but only the word that is in your heart and in your mouth will produce a harvest. “The word is near you; in your mouth and in your heart,” the Bible says in Rom 10:8. The word of God gets into your heart through your mouth.

The Bible calls this meditation. What is not in your mouth will not get into your heart, either. Food gets into our stomachs through our mouths and the word of God gets into our hearts through meditation. For the Jews, meditation means: to mutter, to speak to oneself, to recite to oneself, to utter the word. God said to Joshua: Keep this word always on your lips; meditate on it day and night – then you will be prosperous and successful (see Joshua 1:8). If you need healing, meditate on God’s word regarding healing. If you need finances, meditate on God’s word regarding finances. God’s word is the raw material, the seed with which God produces miracles. Seeds produce a natural harvest; God’s word produces miracles. “One word from God can change your life forever,” says Kenneth Copeland. One word from God that you believe with your heart and speak out with your mouth moves mountains (see Mark 11:23).

that I am healed before I start to feel healed. A woman who has become pregnant has conceived a child long before it becomes visible. It is the same with faith. I receive and believe the word in my spirit, in my heart, before it is manifested in the natural, visible realm. The word, mixed with faith in my heart, produces whatever it promises. Healing is received first by your heart, not by your head or your body. God works from the inside out! Out of the heart flows the life of God, the resurrection power of God (see Prov. 4:23). Meditate on God’s word until it has become a part of you and you are fully convinced that things are as God sees them and says they are, not as people do. Learn the word like your multiplication tables until it has become part of you! Use it like your hands and feet. It will do what it says and not return empty.

Everything I receive from God I first have to possess in faith; that means, I first have to receive it in my heart. Before a woman has a baby, she has to conceive it first in her womb. Everything God gives is first received with the heart before it becomes visible and manifests itself in the natural. I have to have it in faith first, before I can have it in the visible realm. I have to believe first in my heart

Ekkehard Hornburg

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