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Message from the Editor Welcome back to another edition of T’HUD Magazine, devoted entirely to your SU elections this week. Voting for your officers is a massive part of the year and there are some brilliant candidates running. You have from Monday to Wednesday to vote, with our results night on Thursday at Warehouse – don’t miss it!

The Elections Edition Produced by these lovely people Editor Callum Griffin Online Editor Alice Dunn Candidates Wael Alenezi Lianne Hunter Hassan Mahmood Haydn Alexander Thomas Bowden Luana Corduneanu Nicola Irving Mary Jones Abbie Fletcher Humera Shabir Jonathan Stephen Lucy Clarke Bright Justice Jade Swan Sophie Perry Shreyoshi Chatterjee Jake Harling Jake Rodgers Tom Rolls Want to join our amazing team? Drop us a line at: and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support so far this year, we’ve had a really great response from our readers and on behalf of the entire team here at T’HUD Magazine, thank you. Remember, if you’re interested in signing up to our amazing team of contributors, designers and marketers, our membership is now at a reduced rate, with two print editions still to come and heaps of opportunities for online content – we’d love to have you! If you’ve still not made up your mind after reading our lowdown on the candidates, there’s a lot of social media campaigning going on, and you can find all of their manifestos on the website when you vote. See you guys next month for our next issue, The Spring Edition!

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Election Changes


Candidate Profiles - Activities Jake Harling Jake Rodgers Tom Rolls

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ELECTION CHANGES NEW RULES Slates have seen the axe! Those political party type things where people grab their friends and pretty much dominate the election just by having friends? Gone! Following on from that, the SU have also blessed us with new super strict not-tobe-messed-with rules on campaigning and conduct. All campaigners for a candidate have to be registered with the SU for fairness and transparency. Plus, there’s now a 24 hour complaints period to ensure that no candidate is announced without a serious look into something that isn’t quite right.

NEW ROLES Out with the old, in with the new! The SU have mixed it up a bit with some shiny new names and responsibilities for the officers (not VPs anymore if you hadn’t noticed the cheeky rebrand earlier this year). The Officer positions up for grabs are President, Community, Education, Activities and Equalities.

NEW RESPONSIBILITIES Not only do they have lovely new titles, but what they actually do is being shaken up a bit too. After all, they are paid a fair sum for it! The President is no longer a line manager, and their most important role is to engage with students, never just sitting behind the desk. The new Community Officer is about being our face in the local community, as well as volunteering, charity and work with HudLets. Education continues their lovely work with our academic lives, and Activities now works with Student Media, and has a focus on events. Equalities will be adding more big issues to their remit, including helping ethnic minority groups to succeed, working with the advice centre and mental health on campus.


Candidate Profiles Activities Officer Education Officer Equalities Officer Community Officer President

Campaign Profiles

Jake Harling Activities Officer Who are they? Jake is a final year student studying Music Technology. He’s been involved in loads of work with the SU; volunteering, the events team, manning the front desk and meeting hundreds of students. You might have seen him around if you’re ever in Camel Club, where he works. He’s also a keen DJ and likes snowboarding.

Key Points Jake has taken his policy from issues he’s seen arise from working closely with the SU, thinking about things he’s seen and how his approach could have made things different. His work with Finance, he says, has shown him that clubs often go into the red – he wants to help clubs prevent that by putting measures in place to help them before they get to that. He wants to get local businesses more involved with the SU – which he says would bring sponsorships, publicity and more support for them too. He wants to improve the way the SU presents our achievements and events – he mentions CoffeeHouse Sessions as an example of a great event where Student Media covers it, but the SU could do more to promote things like that, and Media societies in general. Among his huge list of points, which he’s cheekily brought to the interview on a cheat sheet, he adds that he’d like to give students more of a choice as to who performs at their Freshers’ events, improve how grant funding is allocated, and bring more events our way. We asked him what he wanted to say to you guys. He said “I’m a good communicator – I’m gonna push for stuff that students want, I’ll work hard if I think you’ve got an idea – if students support something I’m supporting it too – it will get done.”


Campaign Profiles

Jake Rodgers Activities Officer Who are they? Jake has been involved in hundreds of things during his time at Huddersfield. He’s a final year Sports Journalism student, President of the Football Club, involved in the SU Student Leadership Fund… We could be here all day listing his many activities, but in his own words he’s “a really passionate sportsperson”.

Key Points Jake wants to increase participation in sports. He has a model which aims to include at least 200 people a week in sports – saying that so many people get turned away from our sporting activities because of a lack of facilities. He’s confident he can create more opportunities to combat that. He also wants to encourage enterprise among the sports clubs and societies. He says that many groups struggle to sustain themselves and rely solely on grant funding, and wants to have a host of clubs and societies who are more self-sufficient. Jake also emphasises how important social media and marketing has been for the Football Club, even getting them sponsorships – he wants to provide societies with training in these areas to build a good online presence for them. He’d also like to include more people in sports, ensuring that students have access to all the best facilities both on campus and away, if necessary. “I love being involved, I wanna get to know all the societies and I’ll work really hard to improve their experience.”


Campaign Profiles

Tom Rolls Activities Officer

Who are they? Tom is an Events Management student from Wales, who originally studied architecture but switched to his true calling, even working part time at the SU where even more events happen!

Key Points He wants to create a designated space for events, as there’s a lot of fighting over Meeting Room A due to double bookings – or sometimes it’s just not an appropriate space. He’d also strive for more support for the academic based societies – as they’re a great platform for engagement and improvement of education. From working with societies in his role in the SU, he’s noticed that every society is so individual and each of their members are too. He’d like to make sure all societies are playing to their strengths, and thinks that placing societies in their relevant buildings for Freshers’ Fair – so that they can use the facilities and equipment they usually would – is a way to do this. Expanding the reach of the SU and its societies also comes with Tom’s aim to host events campus wide, not just in Student Central. Last, but by no means least, he plans to introduce skill set training for society committee members, in fields like leadership, negotiation, public speaking, and barriers in education. These are currently offered to course reps. Tom is enthusiastic, knows his stuff, and with a campaign slogan like “Roll with Rolls!”, he’s definitely ready for the craziness the elections are going to bring.


Campaign Profiles

Abbie Fletcher Education Officer Who are they? Abbie is from Wolverhampton and is in her final year of university studying Early Years. She has been her course representative for 3 years and says she has met some of the most amazing people during it. She enjoys chilling at Warehouse as well as having a natter with her house mates over a cuppa and some biscuits.

Key Points Abbie says she hopes to strive towards what all students need and what they should be receiving. She wants to promote a fair inclusive practice for all, and wants fair support for all with all students having the same access to the same quality of facilities. Abbie wants to be a friendly, supportive facesomeone that all students know they can trust and approach with any issue. She says above all, she wants to represent the student voice. She wants to represent the students who are too nervous to speak their own minds, or the minorities who feel their voices aren’t relevant or important enough. She wants to be the person that student’s feel has their back. Her top priority is to open a crèche, which has been a project that many have wanted to evolve. Abbie wants students with children to have somewhere to leave their children whilst they get on with some work, or go to a meeting with their tutors, to ensure they get the most of their academic environment. Abbie wants all students to know her heart is 100% in this. She wants to achieve the very best for all students, and wants to be the “superhero” type person who makes everything better.


Campaign Profiles

Humera Shabir Education Officer

Who are they? Humera is in her second year of studies of Economics. Originally from Keighley, she is a peer mentor as well as a student ambassador for the business school and a student rep helper at open days.

Key Points Humera’s first policy point is that she would like to introduce bursaries for higher achieving students, as well as reducing the attainment gap between student’s achievements. Humera also wants lecture cam to become compulsory for ALL timetabled lessons, as often seminars and workshops can be more useful than the lectures themselves. She is also keen to introduce a delivery system between the campus’ so that all students are able to access food when they want it. For example, students at Canalside have a long walk to find anywhere for lunch, so if delivery was optional they could be given food instead. She is also aiming to create social and study spaces in every single building on campus, in order to reduce the busyness in the SU at lunch times. Humera also believes the timetabling of classes could be vastly improved; she thinks tutor’s office hours should fit better into student’s schedules so they are available to see more often. She would also like to improve the text notification system to ensure texts are always sent with plenty of time to spare before lectures. She would also like to introduce more flexible timetables, so that students with religious, family or work commitments can find university a little more understanding for them. Humera wants students to know that she is an experienced student who wants the best for everyone in their studies and university life.


Campaign Profiles

Jonathan Stephen Education Officer

Who are they? Jonathan is currently studying a PhD in Psychology and is even teaching some classes here at the university. He describes himself as an activist and a believer in equality for all students.

Key Points For his first key policy point, Jonathan wants to collaborate with the curriculum researchers and designers to create a diverse curriculum. He wants students to be empowered by their knowledge and feel like their studies are always moving them forward. He wants a student led curriculum that promotes the best performance from every student and allows them to work to the best of their abilities. Jonathan also wants to kick-start and enhance the current peer mentor system. Considering when he spoke about this nobody in the room knew what it was, it is clearly an issue which needs some major improvement. Jonathan is also really keen to focus on future careers for students. He aims to set up workshops ran by students where they can swap their skill sets with both other undergraduates and postgraduates. For example, a journalism student could team up with a law student in order to swap some of their skill sets for a particular assessment. This means both sides are gaining information in a casual setting with people who are in the same position as them, making a comfortable environment for everyone to learn. When asked what Jonathan would like to tell T’HUD readers, he simply said: “Vote for me for dedication to education.�


Campaign Profiles

Lucy Clarke Equalities Officer

Who are they? Lucy is running for Equalities Officer once again this year. Originally from Hull, she is a keen jazz trumpet player and loves to ride around on her moped. Once described as a ‘massive feminist b**ch’, she is passionate and dedicated to her cause.

Key Points Lucy’s first policy point is a better representation for the LGBTQ community. She emphasises that whilst there is representation out there, it could be majorly improved. She also stresses that she wants fairer representation of male sexual assault victims, making the point that often in women’s toilets there are helplines and posters for this, whilst in male toilets this is much harder to come across. Lucy would also like to introduce ‘discreet helplines’ in clubs in Huddersfield, using the example of ordering a certain drink to notify the barman that you need help. She also intends to provide everybody with free self-defence classes should they wish to take them. Lucy is extremely passionate about carrying on Lianne’s work by keeping up the Stop The Stigma campaign across university. She is also keen to improve the relationship between the Students’ Union and the International Office (a running theme with a lot of candidates) by giving all international students starter packs when they arrive to make them aware of the SU and what it can do for them. Finally, Lucy aims to expand on the current Puppy Rooms that we all know work so well by bringing in more ‘exotic’ animals, with Alpacas being the main example! Rounding off the interview with a small yelp, she says “Vote Lucy Clarke, here for all students!” somewhat reminiscent of the dinosaur noises she made last year.


Campaign Profiles

Bright Justice Equalities Officer

Who are they? Bright declares himself an approachable, friendly people person. He is currently a research post graduate, focusing his research on leadership. Bright wants to have an impact on the lives of every single student here at Huddersfield University.

Key Points Diversity is the underlying theme of every one of Bright’s policy points. He says he wants a closer relationship between the Student’s Union and the International Office, so that both home and international student can have a stronger relationship. He wants a physical connection between the two, in the form of a drop-in session where students can voice any concerns they may have face to face with somebody from the University. Bright is also passionate about fairer housing for students; he wants to make a change in the high fees by working closely with landlords and HudLets. He would also like to see an even playing field for ALL societies and clubs. He believes no sport or club should be given more money than another, regardless of its popularity or member count. Again, Bright would like to see more diversity within our societies and intends to make this change if elected. Another passion of his is to begin a campaign against the charging for doctor’s notes from the University Health Centre. Currently the charge stands at £10, but Bright wants this to become free, as a lot of students can’t afford this. Bright would also like to create a day within the University for us to celebrate who we are, working with both the LGBTQ community and the disabled community to bring this to life. Bright is delighted to be a part of this university. All he wants is for every student to be given the same opportunities, and for university to be a fair place for everyone.


Campaign Profiles

Sophie Perry Equalities Officer Who are they? Starting here at Huddersfield in 2011, Sophie Perry has seen more changes go on here than you’ve had hot dinners. 27 years old and studying Psychology, she’s also the Wellbeing Officer at Mindfulness Hudds, ensuring everyone in the group is feeling okay and hosting support groups. Oh, and she’s also been a carer, founded support groups out of Uni, and helped write trans equality guidelines for staff. Did someone say relevant experience?

Key Points Sophie wants to increase awareness around mental health on campus, and create a wellbeing team in mental health signposting and first aid. She also aims to make mental health awareness courses available to society committees and our course reps. She is excited to start holding a service which allows students to check their mental health status – a friendly and open service which tells them their “score” and makes sure they can see Uni services if necessary. On SU issues she’s very firm about making the SU relevant and accessible to all students, by getting the officers away from their desks and visiting everyone from Home to International students, part-time students and those with children or dependants. To do this, she’d host events which allow more integration between the student population and help international students to find events they’d be interested in. She’d also lobby the university to create a version of the Student Hardship Fund that international students can apply for in times of crisis. Sophie has a huge manifesto that you’ll have to check out yourself before we run out of paper – but other things on her list include a safer campus and town, bringing sexual health testing to halls, and making sure there is zero tolerance against hate crimes. In her own words, “I want to be your voice, I want to be there for every student, never feel like you’re alone!”


Campaign Profiles

Jade Swan Equalities Officer

Who are they? Jade is studying a PGCE Lifelong Learning Course at Huddersfield, as she would like to go on to teach Criminology at A-Level. In her spare time, Jade enjoys travelling, music and has a passion for horse riding. She is also a representative of her course, showing her commitment to the University.

Key Points Jade’s first key policy is that she would like inclusion for every single student here at Huddersfield, meaning all students are treated fairly and are given the same opportunities regardless of their background. She would also like more focus on postgraduate students. Being one herself, she says there is not enough attention given to these students, so she would like to create areas specifically for them to study and relax. Another of Jade’s policies is to create sensory rooms around the university. These would be aimed possibly at students with autism or other learning disabilities, as well to students who may suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety. As university can become extremely stressful, Jade would like to open up an environment where these students can feel safe and supported, and where they can visit at any time during the day. She wants to make all students feel like University is a safe-haven for them, and that they can feel as relaxed here as they can at home. Jade would like to say to the students of Huddersfield that if she is chosen as Equalities Officer, she will strive to create better facilities for all students and promote better mental health wellbeing within the University.


Officer We caught up with the people who are currently in office about Sabrina Hussain, President

Sabrina has worked at the SU for almost two years, from her position as Education Officer last year to her current term as President. In her role, Sabrina told us she has gained huge amounts of confidence as she has had to speak to so many new people in her time here. She also stressed that the amount of self-esteem she now has is amazing, as she is the person a lot of students turn to and look up to, who will solve their issues and to fight their case. Sabrina says with this job comes a huge amount of organising and a whole new set of management skills has been developed in order for her to stay on top of her work. Leadership is another skill which she has gained in this role, as she is often the main source of contact for any issues that arrive in the SU and has to quickly and accurately make decisions as to how to handle this. Sabrina feels her biggest achievement over the past year has been her work in developing a steady and strong relationship between the Students’ Union and the International Office. She feels she has created a family like bond between the two, supporting international and also vulnerable students to ensure they have a healthy and secure link with our Students’ Union. She has also successfully encouraged home students to take an interest in the international office, and feels she has integrated the two so they have become one big community. Sabrina’s parting words to her students are that if she can achieve this, then anyone can achieve what they want. “Don’t let anything weigh you down.”

Diaries their achievements, experiences and advice for the candidates. Lianne Hunter, Wellbeing

Lianne, who is running again for President this year, told us her current position in Wellbeing & Equalities has brought her so much. “It’s taught me to be patient, and more critical of myself and my work in a way.” She talks about how her perspective has changed, as a student you get blinkered as to what your own personal experience was like, but the role has opened her eyes to the experience of all the different types of students we have. Her proudest achievement for the year is getting the University to sign up to the Mindful Employer – a charter which guides policy on staff wellbeing, and making sure they have the right training to deal with mental health among students too. She describes the pride she feels when students have come up to her to say that she’s made a difference to their experience – especially so with students with children/dependants. Also on her list of awesome experiences lies the recognition of Lianne as “condom girl”, owing to her utility belt of free contraceptives and menstrual products. She says: “Thank you for being patient with us, and even thanks for the frustration you’ve expressed – it means that I’m doing my job. We can really make a difference out of that.”

Officer Charlotte Jackson, Education

Charlotte feels her role has developed her confidence more than she could ever imagine. Constant meetings with different course representatives, tutors and more has meant she has become extremely confident in speaking to large groups as well as one on one with people. She also feels her interpersonal skills have been greatly developed as she now has a much better self-esteem and feels more comfortable and confident in herself. Educating Huddersfield is Charlotte’s greatest achievement in her role over the past year. From organising the running of the event, to hiring the correct rooms, to actually speaking at the event in front of loads of people, Charlotte had lots of tasks to juggle but feels she executed it well and is extremely proud of what she managed to achieve. Charlotte also managed to get some motivational and guest speakers in for the events, and made it a very enjoyable night for all involved. Charlotte would like to say a huge thank you to anyone that voted for her in last years elections. She feels it is only right to give someone else the amazing experience that she has been given, and says she would recommend it to anyone as it has shaped her into a totally different person.

Diaries Dilara Changis, Activities

Dilara says that his role as Activities Officer has been full of huge but amazingly fun challenges. He says no two days are ever the same, and he comes to work never knowing what is waiting for him when he gets in. He believes this role comes with massive responsibility, but is extremely rewarding when students are given the things they have strived and worked with him to achieve. Dilara has met people from all walks of life, that each have their own unique knowledge and talents, making our SU a great place to work. He also says it has been a huge learning curve for him and has given him the skills he needs to advance further in his career. Dilara thinks the achievement he is proudest of has to be his speech as graduation. He says that sharing his knowledge with a whole class of new graduates ready to enter the world of work was priceless, and is super grateful to have been given that experience. He emphasises that the staff here at Huddersfield are some of the best, most supportive people in the world who are extremely intellectual and want the best for all the students here. As his final message, Dilara wants to tell everyone to take every single opportunity they are given. Don’t say no to things; try to challenge yourself and get involved because you never know what might be waiting for you around the corner.



Campaign Profiles

Thomas Bowden Community Officer Who are they? Thomas is a final year Sports Marketing student, who has played in the University’s Rugby club for his entire time here at Huddersfield. He says he has loved every second here at Uni, and enjoys spending time with the group of mates he’s made here through Rugby.

Key Points Exposure for the students is his first policy point, and he emphasises it well. He says that the students here at Huddersfield do so much good work, and he wants it to be showcased a lot more so that everyone in the town can see the calibre of our students’ effort. He’ll do this by giving the website, and social media, the coverage of students that he feels it needs. He also wants to continue the work of an Officer from 2 years ago, George Gill (VP Comms & Engagement), who set up HudLinks. This shows students relevant job and placement opportunities in the local area, as he says students don’t want to be travelling a long way for their opportunities. Thomas is also passionate about charity – he wants to work with RAG, but also every society individually, and create charity opportunities within those societies. Thomas is very proud of Huddersfield, and equally proud of all the achievements of its students. When we asked him what he wanted to say to the students he hopes will be electing him, he said “I just want to help you all enjoy your time at Uni!”. His patriotism and enthusiasm for the SU and everyone in it is definitely an asset he should use.


Campaign Profiles

Luana Corduneanu Community Officer Who are they? Luana is a final year interior design student from Romania – she describes herself as a creative person that loves photography and hopes to leave something positive behind in everything she does. She also makes her own toys, which we were very impressed by!

Key Points From her experience as an international student, she explains that it’s quite challenging when moving to a new town in a new country for the first time – and that the SU can make it easier for all international students. From where to buy your food, to how taxes work and if you need to do them – these are examples of how Luana would make it easier for our international friends and giving them someone to rely on is a big focus of the campaign. She emphasises how as we are 22,000 students, we have a powerful voice that can be used to make student life better. She would create strong links with our local business community which would be good for them and great for our pocket. The environment and sustainability is also really important to her – she’d like to create a fun way of implementing “a sustainable campus”, where the knowledge from her course would be very useful in making that happen. Luana would also help to tailor volunteering opportunities to be more specific to the courses of the students, getting them more specific experience and enhancing their CVs. In the spirit of democracy, she adds that she’s very open to hearing from students to help her shape policy should she be elected. Luana’s words to our readers are those of reassurance. “Don’t be afraid to step out – I’ve seen how Uni works in its whole process and I know what your needs are.”


Campaign Profiles

Nicola Irving Community Officer Who are they? Nicola is a mature student who is currently studying Strategic HR management at Masters level. She is Huddersfield born and bred and studied her undergraduate degree at Huddersfield in 2001. As well as being a single mum, she is an advocate of green living and has had various jobs within the fields of law and the local council. She is extremely interested in equal opportunities and diversity as well as the environment.

Key Points Nicola emphasises that she wants to promote and express the student voice. She wants all student to have a fair say in the running of the Students’ Union and believes as she is a friendly, people person she would be a brilliant communicator between the two. She also wants to improve the relationship between the Students’ Union and the students themselves, and as she describes herself as outgoing she would be able to act as this bridge. She wants to iron out any current issues and create an environment where students feel comfortable in talking to their Students’ Union. Nicola is also extremely keen in furthering the work done to make all students feel equal within university. Nicola also wants to create key connections between the university and external agents, such as local councils. With this she aims to keep students up to date with what is happening in their local areas and make sure they are aware of current affairs. Nicola wants all students to know she is always willing to help and listen to any problems they may have, and that if she is elected she will not let you down.


Campaign Profiles

Mary Jones Community Officer Who are they? Mary is a 2nd year Events Management student, who is running for Community Officer during her placement year. She has worked in the Volunteering Department for the SU since last July, enjoys her job and knows a lot about working with the SU already. She wants to use her experience of working with community groups in her volunteering role to serve as your Community Officer.

Key Points Mary wants to give students greater support when it comes to their placement applications. She’d like to set up a “Placement Shadow Day”, giving students the opportunity to shadow current placement students in their roles. She also plans to host an Arts Festival Week – giving students that study in the Arts opportunities to showcase their work on campus, making a week of arts celebration to rival Varsity in its popularity. She would also like further engagement with the community, hosting targeted opportunities for students to go out and take part in community events, not just the societies we have here at the University. Mary is confident, and knows exactly what she wants to implement if she’s elected. When asked what she’d like to say to students, she said “I’d like to give general support for students, so you could feel comfortable to come and talk to me if you have any problems”. She speaks with a determination which she can use to her advantage on the campaign trail.


Campaign Profiles

Wael Alenezi President Who are they? Wael is an international student here at Huddersfield, and he is in his final year studying Electrical Engineering. Wael is a keen football player and one of his big passions is cooking with his friends when they all get the chance to meet up. He describes himself as an enthusiastic and approachable person who wants the best for all students.

Key Points Wael has been the president of the Kuwait society for 3 years now (and has been since it began). One of his key policies is to create a bridge to connect international and home societies and create a stronger bond between the two. He also intends to make International week a university wide project, and wants home students to be completely involved in the creation and events of the week. Wael also wants to resurrect the student bar that we lost some years ago. He believes students need somewhere chilled, with cheap drinks and friendly atmosphere to relax in during university time and later on in the evening. This bar would also open up more job opportunities across campus, leading us into Wael’s next point; he wants better options for students who are looking to get a job. Wael wants all students to be paid fairly and at least minimum wage, something he believes is a bigger problem amongst foreign students. He wants to make sure everyone is aware of their working rights and aims to set up a project to raise awareness of this. Wael wants all students to know he would work extremely hard if elected and promises to create a solid environment for all students to work in.


Campaign Profiles

Lianne Hunter President Who are they? Lianne is a familiar face to those who have ever entered the doors of Student Central over the last year. Serving as your VP for Wellbeing & Equalities, she is now braving the campaign trail all over again! Her main goal is making sure everyone has the best time here, getting the education they deserve and enjoying their lives.

Key Points Creating fun, relaxing spaces on campus is Lianne’s first point. She talks about the awesome common rooms that are dotted about, but confesses there are some really “dire” spaces too. She suggests getting the SU to manage common rooms would better tailor these to student needs. Getting out on campus is important to her too, students aren’t happy with the current amount of contact work the officers do and this really needs to change, she explains. She also wants to work with the local community for better deals. “You’re skint and bored? Leave it to me!” she triumphantly announces, almost jumping out of her chair. Finally, she’d like to create more links with the University’s Career Service – providing students a more informal way of chatting about the future. In the spirit of slogans, she pledges that “All my points relate to helping international students too – the focus is students. I listen, I care, I only make promises I can keep, I’m transparent, always here to help, and I’ll always fight for what I believe in.” If there’s anything we can say about Lianne, it’s that she’s definitely in it to win it.


Campaign Profiles

Hassan Mahmood President

Who are they? Hassan is in his last year of business management, is originally from Halifax and loves to spend loads of time in the SU with all the students.

Key Points Hassan wants to re-introduce the Students’ Union as he believes the current bar is too expensive and is too distant from the university. He also wants to place Xboxs/PlayStations around the university in chill out zones where students can let off steam and have a bit of a relax, perhaps in between lectures or after their timetabled classes are over. He wants to make full use of the new space at the bar by hosting live music events and student parties in there. He also thinks the bar would create many new jobs for students who wish to have a job within the SU. Hassan also wants international students to feel more at home within the SU and aims to improve this relationship drastically. He also aims to improve job prospects for students not just in the SU but by pairing with local shops, bars and venues. He wants all students to be able to support themselves by having well paid jobs that don’t exploit their time or pay them too little. Hassan says he is extremely passionate and proud to be a part of Huddersfield University. He wants all students to vote for him as he says he would do a brilliant job of looking after them and providing them with what they need.


T'HUD #23 - The Elections Edition  

T'HUD Magazine - The Elections Edition - Bringing you all the candidates for Huddersfield Students' Union Elections 2017. Meet the candidate...

T'HUD #23 - The Elections Edition  

T'HUD Magazine - The Elections Edition - Bringing you all the candidates for Huddersfield Students' Union Elections 2017. Meet the candidate...