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Today’s Angus Advantage Early Sale Issue Summer 2013 Volume 8 Issue 3

Today’s Angus Advantage  1

The first time we have ever let anybody in “our treasured” replacements Offering the entire 2012 heifer pen 100 Bred Heifers Sell Mostly AI Sired & AI Bred

Dennis and David Johnston Conquest, SK S0L 0L0 (306) 856-4726 (306) 856-2027 (Fax) Dennis’ Cell (306) 227-2344 David’s Cell (306) 867-7959 Dave Sanborn 306-860-7073 Rory Jones (306) 867-3515

www.johnstonfertilevalley.com ranchers@sasktel.net

FV 214Z - Sired by Triple V Glanworth 57U BW: 0.7 WW: 37 YW: 71 Milk: 24 TM: 43

FV 247Z - Sired by S A V Pioneer 7301 BW: 0.8 WW: 54 YW: 98 Milk: 25 TM: 52

For catalogues or information contact

#4 3342 Millar Avenue Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 7G9 Ph: 306-933-4200 Fax: 306-934-0744 info@tbarc.com Chris Poley: 306-220-5006 Ted Serhienko: 306-221-2711 Shane Michelson: 403-363-9973 Today’s Angus Advantage  2

FV 198Z - Sired by S A V Final Answer 0035 BW: 2.1 WW: 65 YW: 110 Milk: 27 TM: 60

Today’s Angus Advantage  3

Table of Contents

Summer 2013

 Features 20 Records system helps Angus herds hit the heights of quality

Shows 30


Canadian Junior Angus Association Showdown

As In Every Issue 23 The Real World


29 A Breeder’s... Veterinary Perspective 56 The Final Word

58 Rates & Subscriptions

Cover Photography By Kim Harder Today’s Angus Advantage  4

The kind that keeps you in business Crescent Creek Emblazon 109X Sired by Bronyx Emblazon 58T

Red Soo Line On Target 9308 Sired by Red CG On Target 18T

Two of our leading sire groups for our 2014 Bull Sale Box 85, Simpson, SK S0G 4M0 Rob Garner: 306-836-2035 Cell: 306-946-7946 E: nordallimousin@sasktel.net www.nordallimousin.com

Today’s Angus Advantage  5


Wil-Dorr 20R Ruth 37X 2011 Royal Junior Champion Yearling Her Calf Sells

Gilchrist Farms Upper Glen Angus Paradise Farms Clairlane Farms DSMR Stock Farm Drumore Angus Farm Bridgehaven Farms Harprey Angus Cairnlee Acres Tambri First Line Ariat Farms Marie 12Y JL evening Tinge 8001 - 2012 High Seller Hawthorne Farmsbred to EXAR Sunset Acres sells Pioneer daughter, Significant Bull calf sells out of her full sister, as well as Rehorst Farms Inc First Line Angus with a Final Product heifer calf at foot maternal embryos Johnson Livestock Highgrove Angus Baby Black Angus Deer Park Farms

Trowbridge Pure Pride 070 Her January Final Product heifer calf sells

Wingrove Cattle Co.

Mercedes - 2012 High Seller Saugahatchee daughter and grand daughter sell

Gibson 5R Erica 114Z She Sells!

Consignors... Andrew Angus Brendale Acres Bridgehaven Farms Cairnlee Acres Clair Lane Stock Farm Debus Cattle Company Deer Park Farms DSMR Stock Farm

First Line Angus Francisco Farms Gilchrist Farms Harprey Farms Harron Farms Hawthorne Farm Johnson Livestock

Paradise Farms Pettywood Cattle Co. Sunset Acres Tambri Farm Timber Trail Angus Upper Glen Angus Wingrove Cattle Co.

For catalogues or information contact: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd.

#4 3342 Millar Avenue Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 7G9 Ph: 306-933-4200 Fax: 306-934-0744 info@tbarc.com Chris Poley: 306-220-5006 :: Ted Serhienko: 306-221-2711 :: Shane Michelson: 403-363-9973 Today’s Angus Advantage  6

that is what we saw in S Titlest 1145 when considering his every layer of potential. Titlest’s natural look and ease of movement all contribute to an almost flawless look. His dam is a powerhouse factory anchoring the Cora cow family in which she was responsible for the feature and high selling heifer this year at Spicklers. To add, the Lincoln daughters are outstanding in terms of udder quality and teat placement. Combining all of this with genuine spreads from birth to growth along with rounded carcass data makes Titlest an outstanding addition to our growing Black Angus beef program.

S T i tlest 1145 owned by Bar-H Land & Cattle Co., Spickler Ranch and Semex Sire: RA Lincoln W144

Langenburg Saskatchewan Can S0A 2A0 306.743.2840














Robin, Michelle and John Hogberg














www.barh.ca Visitors welcome! 40 miles east of Yorkton, 9 miles south of Langenburg Annual Bull and Female Sale the 1st Wednesday in March, 2014

Bar-H Turning Point 50A Titlest/High Roller calf Today’s Angus Advantage  7

Today’s Angus Advantage  8

Manager: Michael Wilson Ph: 450-562-5112 - Cell: 514-919-9125 E-mail: wil-dorrangus@live.ca

Owner: Gordon McGibbon Ph: 450-562-6313 - Cell: 514-984-2983 Fax: 450-562-2479

Today’s Angus Advantage  9

Flora 2A

Find these three Leading Ladies at the

Locust Grove

Autumn Angus Classic August 31, 2013 Hanover, ON

Also watch for our consignment to the

A pedigree that contains the who’s who in names

Eastern Canadian Extravaganza October 5th, 2013 Uxbridge, ON


Locust Grove

Phyllis 6A

Miss Emulous 15Z

A powerful, thick muscled heifer

A perfomance bred heifer

Sunday, October 6, 2013~ 1:00 PM Held at Maple Line Farm 3320 Bradburn Road, Blackstock, ON

Consignors: Maple Line Farm Ian & Joy Rudkin 905-718-5331

Southview Farms Terry & Monica Ormiston 905-439-4235

WESTWIND FARMs Bill & Laura Staples 705-312-0112

Bred Heifers, Young Cows and Calves, Herd Sire Prospects Sale Management... T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd. 4 3342 Millar Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7K 7G9 P: 306.933.4200 | F: 306.934.0744 | info@tbarc.com | www.tbarc.com Ted: 306.221.2711 | Chris: 306.220.5006 | Shane: 403-363-9973 View the catalogue online at www.buyagro.com Today’s Angus Advantage  10

Featuring three fancy heifer calves by Net Worth, Bismarck and a four year old

Today’s Angus Advantage  11

Today’s Angus Advantage  12

Tullamore Lady 41Z

Tullamore Miss Morrison 91Z

Autumn ANgus Classic

Saturday, August 31, 2013 - Hanover, ON

Consigning 1 Southland Full Throttle 15R daughter and 1 EXAR 263C 1587 daughter

K C F Bennett Total

Southland Full Throttle 15R

3Rd annual eastern Canadian extravaganza Saturday, October 5, 2013 - Uxbridge, ON

Consigning 5 bred heifers sired by Southland Full Throttle 15R, 1 by K C F Bennett Total and 1 by Brantnor Radar 4U

12201 Torbram Rd., Caledon, ON L7C 2T4 Ph: 905.843.1236 Email: tullamore.angus@gmail.com

all sale heifers bred to SCC Baloo 60Y SCC Baloo 60Y Today’s Angus Advantage  13

Two sires with bright futures walking the pastures at Ward’s Red Angus INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION Established in 1933

Keep an eye out for us this fall!

Specializing in Purebred Livestock Transportation Providing Weekly service across Canada & The USA. Gooseneck service available to your farm in Ontario. Pick up & delivery points across Canada and USA. U.S. and Canada Customs Bonded Carrier. We thank you for your past business and look forward to your future livestock transporting needs. 155 King Edward St., Paris, ON, Canada, N3L 3E3 Toll Free 877-442-3106 or 519-442-6242 Fax 519-442-1122  hsknill@pppoe.ca www.hsknilltransport.com

Watch for his progeny at the 2014 Ward’s Red Angus & Guests Bull


Today’s Angus Advantage  14

The Sale of the Year - You need to be There! Lloydminster, SK

Jon & Shelly Fox (H) 306-825-9702 (c) 780-808-6860

Main Office: 405-350-0044

View the catalogue at


Today’s Angus Advantage  15

Today’s Angus Advantage  16

Thank You

Bigger and better every year is the tournament’s goal and this year did not disappoint. The Sixth Annual T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament was the most successful yet, raising over $52,000.00 for youth in the beef industry. Eight national junior breed associations, representing approximately 2,100 members, will gain the benefit from the generosity of our sponsors. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Western Agribition Junior Beef Extreme. The largest number of golfers yet took to the course. Some with amazing skill and some whose skill lies elsewhere had a spectacular day on the course after which the golfers, sponsors and guests were treated to supper and awards at the Dakota Dunes Casino.

to our sponsors your support ensures the success of the tournament!

“We are extremely proud of this year’s event. Our largest number of golfers and sponsors made this year a huge success. In the last six years, we have raised over $243,000.00, which provides funding and opportunities to thousands of youth,” said Bryan Kostiuk, co-chairman of the tournament. “The tournament encompasses people from all segments of the industry, as well as those who wish to have fun and support a great cause.” Plans are already under way for the Seventh Annual T Bar Invitational which will be held on June 24th and 25th at the Dakota Dunes Golf Course. See www.tbarinvitational.com for further results including a complete list of our sponsors. A special thank you to the Canadian Angus Association, the Saskatchewan Angus Association and all the Angus Breeders that came out and supported the Juniors. Hole Sponsor:

Hole Sponsored By:

Hospitality Sponsor:

Blairs.Ag Cattle Company Diamond B Ranches Eastondale Angus

Isla Bank Angus Wards Red Angus Wilbar Farms

Hole Sponsored By:

Spittalburn Farms

Hole Sponsored By:

Hole Sponsored By:

Hole Sponsored By:

Hole Sponsored By:

Hole Sponsored By:

Hole Sponsored By: Beck Farms

McAvoy Charolais


Perrot Martin Charolais

HEJ Charolais

Saunders Charolais

Horseshoe E Charoais

Sproule Charolais

Hole Sponsor:

Hole Sponsor:

Beverage Cart Sponsor:

Hole Sponsor:

Hole Sponsored By: Libke Polled Herefords ANL Polled Herefords NCX Polled Herefords Big Gully Farm RW Polled Herefords C.L.L. Holdings Ltd. Holmes Farm Coppertone Farms The Cliffs Farms Double J Polled Herefords Lohner Herefords GWG Polled Herefords Mohican West HMS Hi-Cliffe Aqua Hollow Ranch Lakes Ranch Standard Hill Polled Herefords Canadian Junior Hereford Association


Hospitality Sponsor:

Hole Sponsored By:

Hole Sponsored By:

Today’s Angus Advantage  17

Hole Sponsored By:


Canadian Shorthorn Association


Double JJ Polled Herefords


The Ultimate Relaxation Machine.

O’GRADY Linden Carew O’Grady


Marketing Consultant lcogrady@sasktel.net 306-823-7051

Saskatchewan Charolais Association

Today’s Angus Advantage  18

Today’s Angus Advantage  19

Angus cattle are capable of great things, given proper focus. That’s why more Canadian ranchers are breeding, feeding and managing them with a plan and selling finished cattle on a value-based grid. Making the right management decisions to improve quality and value on the rail is crucial, requiring keen judgment and a good record-keeping system. Enter Dr. Troy Drake’s computerized data and record management program.

The program sorts females in a cow-calf herd from top to bottom and places them in performance groups labelled silver, gold or platinum. Cows are also given a percentile rank. For example, a Gold Plus 89 cow would be better than 88 percent of the herd and belong to the middle performance group. The word “plus” means she has four or more years of data, or progeny, to support her rank. Dr. Troy Drake

The Kathryn, Alberta, veterinarian and owner of Cow/Calf Health Management Services developed the online herd data analysis and reporting HerdTrax™ program in 2003 when it was called TraceBack. Drake’s system has been adapted to beef, dairy, sheep and equine operations and entails data collection, daily task management, and compilation and utilization.

That indexing system is based on 15 traits and tailored to each client’s operation and goals, Drake says. “If a farmer said he really valued weaning gain and maternal ability more than carcass traits, we would weight those traits a little heavier,” he explains. “Then when we run the report he’d still get the platinum, gold or silver rankings on cows but it’s based on the criteria that he’s set out for us.”

Eli Stahl has been managing the cow-calf herd and feedlot at Huxley Colony near Trochu, Alta., for nearly four years, working with Drake and using HerdTrax. When it comes to making breeding decisions for his 800 head cow herd, he relies on the data. “You know right away which calves are getting better numbers, premiums and more marbling at Cargill and then you can see who the sires were,” Stahl says. “We take the good bulls and we put them in with the cows that are the best match according to the data.”

Eli Stahl

Story and photos by Rosie Templeton Today’s Angus Advantage  20

As a producer who backgrounds and finishes his own calves, Stahl places much value on the breeding stock that will produce calves that marble and yield well. “We’re going to try for everything hitting that Alberta Prime or Certified Angus Beef [CAB] target,” he says.

Sitting in the office in the processing barn, Stahl pulls out his smartphone and scrolls through the most recent HerdTrax report generated from his last group of calves through Cargill-High River. He sees the calves organized by tag number, with designations on which qualified for different branded beef programs, along with their yield grade and marbling score, and the amount of premium or discount. The Huxley Colony herd is about 80 percent black Angus influence, and cows calve and graze on rolling hills on nearly 5,000 acres. Besides meticulous records, Stahl relies on good grass, better genetics, and keeping the stress low in cattle to produce consistently high-quality carcasses from his feedlot.

Just an hour south of Huxley Colony is Kunz Farms, a 2,000-head-capacity feedlot and commercial cow-calf operation. The Kunz family left their mixed crop and dairy farm in Switzerland for this beef farm near Beiseker, Alta., in 1994. “The industry was mostly concerned with backgrounders at that time so we continued that and added more pen space,” says Pat Kunz, who farms and runs the cattle alongside his father and brother. By making use of the HerdTrax program, he was able to expand and become a finishing feedlot operation. Kunz, a 15-year customer of Drake’s, says HerdTrax has also transformed the way the family manages their 70-percent black Angus cow-calf herd. Prior to using the program, they bought all the replacement heifers to cut costs. Today, the replacement heifers come right from Kunz’s own herd and are selected based on the data. “I use strictly the data,” he says. “That’s the only way I’ll sort, and it’s worked out great. If there’s anything that doesn’t look good we cull it, but I haven’t had one that doesn’t look good yet if their data is good.” Drake advises Kunz and many other clients on how to select replacement females. “When we have our best platinum and gold cows, we’ll mate them with those bulls that excel in all

Drake says the system works because the information is always given context. “It’s not just a software tool,” he says. “It’s a software tool coupled with management support. I think you need that collaboration of somebody being there to always help answer questions.” Pat Kunz

Story and photos by Rosie Templeton Today’s Angus Advantage  21

categories and then for us it’s a no-brainer that, for example, all the heifer calves from that mating go on to become replacement prospects,” he says. “They’re not guaranteed to make the cut, but at least we’ve used some science to make that additional assessment.

Drake plans to keep expanding his program beyond the current 152 herds with 45,000 cows across North America. Five of those are in the U.S. now, and nearly 40 percent of all his clients maintain a share of ownership and follow calves through to harvest. “To me it’s a mindset of just wanting to raise the best cattle you can possibly raise and learn from it and continue to strive to improve the herd. You can’t get there any other way without data and benchmarking and ongoing analysis of that,” he says.

Kunz says recent feedback from Cargill shows most of the black Angus cattle in his feedlot grade AAA and as high as 50% of some of those loads hit the CAB target, a level that is more than twice the national average. “I think more and more we will meet criteria that we set out just because we use the genetics and we have the plan in place with the heifers so we get the kind of cows that we want,” Kunz says. HerdTrax, “the backbone of management” for Kunz Farms, extends to all 14 of their clients who feed in the yard. “It started with us and we went to seek out clients that would get on board and fit into this operation well,” Kunz says. That’s the key to achieving his constant goal: highquality beef that earns extra dollars. “We get paid premiums on both yield grade and marbling, so it’s important for us to get both,” he adds.

Rosie Templeton

Rosie Templeton is the summer 2013 industry information intern with Certified Angus Beef LLC. She grew up on a cattle ranch and grain farm near Coaldale, Alberta, and is completing her degree at Oklahoma State University in agricultural communications and agribusiness. Rosie has been spending the summer based out of Calgary visiting Angus events and producers and helping tell their stories in publications and n the Black Ink with CAB blog, www.blackinkwithcab.com.

Story and photos by Rosie Templeton Today’s Angus Advantage  22

By: Chris Poley

For a lot of people it is easy to get caught up in negative things happening throughout the world and our industry. For me and some might say I’m the eternal optimist, I don’t know how anyone can be anything but positive and excited about the future of the Canadian beef industry. In the past month I have travelled though Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC, virtually everywhere I have been, has good to excellent pasture conditions, grain and hay crops. Now I know, there maybe some of you who say, “Well he sure hasn’t been in my area” and I have seen a few small pockets that are not ideal, but the norm this year is quite good and if you do not have an abundance of feed, there is some close by.

even higher, but he was pretty happy with this profit in the bank. Cull cows have been trading in the 80 plus cent range and I think it will go higher also, but anytime cull cows are fetching over $1000.00 that’s pretty darn good salvage and makes the prospect of purchasing some replacements look real attractive! With the cost of gain coming down, a lower Canadian dollar and more bunk space than calves in North America … this fall is setting up to be fun!

The grain markets have tended to be slightly lower lately, the Canadian dollar has slipped and supplies are tight. If you ask a commodity futures trader to analyze the charts right now he will tell you that feeder cattle have just started to break and have a huge up swing potential. This has already given feeder cattle markets a boost in the past couple of weeks and fed cattle are setting up to do the same in the very near future.

Many believe the sale of Smithfield Foods Inc. to China’s Shaunghui International Holdings Ltd., will be the end of ridiculously cheap priced pork on American shelves. Another positive development for those involved in the beef industry; as it will support long term stability in the beef business. Right now the price rally will largely be supply driven, however if the consumer has to choose between similarly priced pork and beef, I’m confident beef will win out. As supplies get restocked, our market will remain Some of you may be thinking, “Get to the point strong, transitioning from a supply driven market to Poley”… well the point is we are going to have a one driven by demand. strong fall in the beef business! If you have yearlings on grass and have not got them priced or sold yet Enjoy the rest of your summer, with good pastures, you need to start looking at options. A client of ours lots of feed coming into the feed yard and a big bright priced his steers last week, 900 pounds at a $1.38, horizon ahead! that’s $1242.00 per steer! I have heard rumors of

Today’s Angus Advantage  23

Press Release Valley Auction Named Canadian Angus Auction Market of the Year

CALGARY, AB — Valley Auction, Armstrong,

British Columbia, has been chosen as the Canadian Angus Association’s Auction Market of the Year in recognition of their work promoting Angus and Angus cross cattle. Brian Good, Director of Field Services for the Canadian Angus Association, presented the award at the Livestock Markets Association of Canada annual convention on Saturday, June 8. Don and Peter Raffan currently run the auction mart. The decisions their parents made in 1963 to purchase the auction mart and move their family from Calgary to Armstrong, have impacted the Raffan brothers for nearly 50 years. Over the years, Don explained that each of their children have worked at the auction mart at some point, making it a family-run business. Don laughs, saying, “It is because all of our kids had jobs here at one point that today all of them have jobs away from the auction mart. But from time to time we bring them back for certain events.” Cattle have always been the main focus of Valley Auction, however, the business also includes horse sales, machinery sales and on-site farm auctions. “We like to think of ourselves as a family’s one-stop shop. We [our customers and us] all know each other and from generation to generation we have done business together,” said Don.

June 13, 2013: for immediate release “Today there is a certain excitement when Angus cattle come through the ring,” said Don. “The Angus tagged sales are fun to do, and we see great participation at them.” Valley Auctions is celebrating their 50-year anniversary this year with plans to continue the business for years to come. The Auction Market of the Year Award was introduced in 2006 to recognize and honour those auction markets that work hard to promote Angus cattle. Auction markets across Canada have been recognized for their support of the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program. The Canadian Angus Association is Canada’s largest purebred beef breed organization. The Association represents 3,000 members across Canada for the purposes of registering and recording the pedigrees of purebred Angus cattle in the closed Herd Book and promoting the breed across Canada. The member-approved mandate is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed.

From Don’s perspective, Angus cattle have come leaps and bounds with immense improvement over the years. Don admits Angus producers are great to get along with and the Raffan family also enjoys being involved with the breed association . Valley Auction had two Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed sales for Angus tagged cattle last fall, and they plan to continue their involvement this fall. “Angus tagged cattle see an increase in price, and I think we will keep seeing this,” said Don. Don says that most breeders participating in the Angus tagged cattle sales are “doing their homework” before they get to the sale. The price factor is determined based on the quality of the animal and how they have taken care of their calves, such as what vaccinations they have had.

Left to Right: Diana Raffan, Don Raffan, Margarette Raffan, Peter Raffan and Director of Field Services Brian Good

Today’s Angus Advantage  24

Today’s Angus Advantage  25

Press Release Ontario Feedlot Presented with Eastern Feedlot of the Year Award

June 13, 2013: for immediate release

CALGARY, AB — The Canadian Angus Association is pleased to honour Conlin Feeders of McGillivray, Ontario, with the Eastern Feedlot of the Year Award. They were presented with the award during the Canadian Angus National Convention in Guelph, Ontario, on Saturday, June 8 during the evening banquet. Born in 1943, Conlin has been a lifetime farmer with a passion for the beef business. Feeding cattle since he could walk, Conlin has lived on the family homestead his entire life. With his wife Mary by his side since 1967, their son now operates as the fifth generation. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than a green load of Blacks [Angus] just waiting at the bunk,” said Conlin. “Those cattle with the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tags seem to get a premium when I sell them to Cargill. I plan to feed cattle for years to come,” he said with pride. Conlin also enjoys his favourite hobby, collecting toy tractors and farm implements. Mary laughs and says she has been dragged all over Ontario and even to Illinois to acquire a rare gem; a tractor that is.

Congratulations to Tony Conlin and all the staff of Conlin Feeders. Your hard work and dedication over the years has definitely paid off, and the Canadian Angus Association proudly awards you for your efforts last year and for years to come. The Canadian Angus Association introduced the Feedlot of the Year award two years ago to recognize feedlots that promote Angus to their customers and that feed Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tagged cattle. Conlin Feeders is the first in Ontario to receive this honorary award.

Fifty Year CAA Heritage Award Presented to Ebon Hill Angus

CALGARY, AB — The Canadian Angus Association introduced 50-year awards to recognize those breeders who have been a member of the Association for 50 consecutive years. The inaugural awards were presented in 1998 and since then, 132 breeders have joined this elite group.

Carl Hillestad and his son began Ebon Hill Angus of Bow Island, Alberta, in 1967, when they purchased six lots at the Riverbend Family Dissolution Sale, at that time the highest grossing Angus sale held in Canada. Carl and his wife Ethel along with their son Roger started in the Angus business right away. In 1973, Ebon Hill Angus appeared at the SuperStar Sale and would also sell at the Selector’s Choice Sale, Lethbridge Bull Sale and CrossCountry Sale over the next decade. Attendance and participation at major Angus auctions became a primary focus of the program. The family has been great supporters of the industry as well as being suppliers, and more often than not, the Hillestads have purchased liberally at sales where their cattle have been sold. In 1997, Ebon Hill Angus was the recipient of the Alberta Breeder of the Year Award, honoured by their peers for serving in the Angus fraternity. In 2008, the family dispersed their herd but were fast to get back into the business with embryos. Their cow herd has increased

June 13, 2013: for immediate release

back to 80 producing females.

Today, Roger and his wife Jo are active members with their Angus cattle remaining an important part of their lives. Today, Ebon Hill genetics can be found in many herds across Canada and the U.S. Most recently, the family sold females through the Black Magic Sale for nine years and sold bulls through the Medicine Hat Bull Sale. They have had many repeat commercial customers including customers who have been recognized for their elite commercial herds. “Our [Association] future has been secured because we’ve been fortunate to stand on the shoulders of giants,” said CAA CEO Rob Smith. “Roger and Jo Hillestad, Ebon Hill Angus, are such giants.” In 2013, eight other families were also recognized as 50 Year CAA Heritage Award winners including - Heber and Lavigne Adams and Family, Ontario; Clangour Angus, Alberta; Durness Angus, Alberta; Foundation Stock Farm, Nova Scotia; Rainbow Hills Ranch, Alberta; Burt and Jo Shantz - Needmore Angus, Alberta; and Two C Angus, Alberta.

Today’s Angus Advantage  26


T BAR C Cattle Co. Ltd. Looks To The Future Ted and Mina Serhienko are pleased to announce the sale of T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd. and Today’s Publishing Inc. to Chris Poley as of June 1, 2013. Chris Poley was born and raised on a mixed farm in Weldon, Saskatchewan. He has worked as a professional auctioneer, marketing purebred and commercial livestock for nearly two decades. In 1999, he purchased and operated the Tisdale Auction Market and after its sale, purchased and operated a successful livestock insurance company until 2007. Having worked with T Bar C Cattle Company, marketing cattle nationally and internationally, the transition is a natural progression. Ted and Mina will continue to be a part of the T Bar Team in a senior advisory capacity. T Bar C Cattle Company has been marketing purebred seed stock for over four decades and grown into a leader of full service, sale management. Today’s Publishing is one of Canada’s leading livestock publishing companies. It has matured into a one stop service center for all livestock producers fulfilling their custom print marketing requirements. Bryan Kostiuk remains as editor and publishes the Canadian Simmental Country, Limousin Voice, Today’s Angus Advantage and Hereford’s Today. T Bar C Cattle Co. (2013) Ltd. is excited to announce the addition of Shane Michelson to its marketing team. Shane was born and raised on a large mixed farm in Lipton, Saskatchewan. He, along with his wife Alaina, own and operate Michelson Land and Cattle and have raised and exhibited champions across Canada and the United States. Since 2009, Shane has actively marketed cattle across North America.

Chris Poley 306-220-5006

Today’s Angus Advantage  27

Ted Serhienko 306-221-2711

Shane Michelson 403-363-9973

Today’s Angus Advantage  28

Biography: Dr. Colin Palmer is an Associate Professor of Theriogenology (Animal Reproduction) at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Nova Scotia, Dr. Palmer worked in mixed practices in Ontario and British Columbia and has owned/operated a practice in Saskatchewan. Dr. Palmer along with his wife Kim and children Lauren, Emily and Carter run a herd of purebred Red Angus cattle under the KC Cattle Co. name.

Problem #1 - Open Cows “Hello. I would like to talk to a vet about a problem I have with open cows”. As a veterinary reproductive specialist (theriogenologist) this is the most common telephone inquiry I receive. The calls start in the fall after pregnancy checking, but there is also a peak in late spring and early summer once calving has wrapped up. My usual first response is to determine the extent of the problem. How many open cows? Are there open heifers too? How big is the herd? Are they managed as one group? If more than one breeding group, were they all affected similarly? etc., etc. Taking notes is important so that I can go back and explore items of interest more deeply. Crunching a few numbers on my calculator puts things in perspective very quickly. If pregnancy rate (proportion of females confirmed pregnant / Total females exposed to bulls x 100) is greater than 90% then I don’t believe there is a real problem; 80 – 90% tweaking is needed; < 80% you have a problem! The greatest challenge is the fact that we are trying to pin point a main or primary cause that in most cases likely occurred several months to over a year prior. Were cows cycling? Were cows cycling, but not getting pregnant? Or, were the cows getting pregnant and losing their pregnancies? If we are able to speculate on a primary cause, then we have to explore all of secondary causes. For example, if cows are cycling, but not getting pregnant reasons (secondary causes) might be a lack of bull power; a subfertile or infertile dominant bull; an acute bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVD) exposure; Tritrichomonas foetus (trich) infection; campylobacteria (vibriosis) infection; or perhaps a mineral deficiency. Trich is often a concern for producers in western Canada because of wide spread reports of its occurrence over the last couple of decades. Trich can be devastating as the proportions of open cows can easily reach 25 to 40%, in otherwise well-managed herds. Abortions up to 4 months of gestation may occur and it is not uncommon to have a few cows with pyometra (pus in the uterus). Trich usually surfaces in community pastures and is not a problem in closed herds, or herds that purchase clean bulls; however, for some bulls fences mean nothing so spread of disease from neighbouring herds is possible. Open heifers may be a different story. A big question for me is always how many were actually cycling during the breeding season. Late-born and poorly grown heifers may have not yet reached puberty at the time of the breeding season and the chances of becoming pregnant at the first heat are much lower than during subsequent heats. Heifers of certain breeds, breed lines or sired by bulls with smaller scrotal circumferences will reach puberty later than others. I am a strong advocate of not only having breeding soundness examinations performed on bulls, but also taking the time to watch bulls breed. Excellent semen quality is a moot point if a bull is injured or has libido issues. Try to observe your bulls breeding a few cows, write some cow

numbers and dates down and watch those cows again for returns to heat within an 18 to 24 day window. You might just discover a problem before it becomes a full-blown wreck. Suitable vaccination programs fitted to your region and situation should be put into place. Your local vet clinic or herd veterinarian should be able to provide you with all that you need. Proper nutrition is often the last thing considered. Everybody thinks they feed their cows right! Cows and heifers need to be fed well to cycle properly. An adequate energy level in the ration is the most important component, but don’t neglect minerals and vitamins. Minerals need to be provided yearround, not just during the breeding season. Phosphorus, selenium, and copper and other mineral deficiencies have all been linked to poor reproductive performance. Using a line paraphrased from a colleague ... “blue salt blocks (cobalt iodized) do not equal a mineral program!” Water quality may also be an issue as certain minerals in hard water can limit the availability of other minerals provided in the ration. Boosting the quantity of limited minerals, using chelated minerals or providing a new water source may be necessary. It is gratifying to hear producers talk about improvements in reproductive performance i.e. shorter calving season, fewer open cows just by utilizing a proper mineral program. Late calving cows can also contribute to the proportion of open cows occurring in a herd. Cows need 40 to 50 days after calving to repair the uterus and return to cyclicity – 3 weeks is not enough. Many calving season stragglers will deliver an encore performance and are more likely than others to come home open. Stragglers might be overrepresented in the open cow population during years with nutritional challenges, or when bull power petered out at the end of the season. In addition, to all of the questions I ask I also believe that a farm visit by a veterinarian is warranted. Trained eyes with a fresh perspective to look at your management system, examine some animals and maybe point out some things that you may not have thought of. I try to avoid making a diagnosis over the phone as I have been dead wrong on a few occasions. Suggestions of things to look at I can do, but that is it! Truth be known, we are often unable to isolate the cause of open cows. What we usually find is that there are one or more management factors that need to be adjusted. Heifer management, nutrition, bull related issues are the most common. It is very hard to diagnose fertility issues with certainty in a bull 1 year later or if he has been culled. If changes are made we are able to follow up and to see if there has been an improvement. When the situation normalizes, and it usually does, we may then be able to confirm our suspicions.

Today’s Angus Advantage  29

Emcees Teri Kopp and Alecia Karapits, Kamloops, BC


T bar Invitational Donation This year’s CJAA donation from the tournament was $14,745.76

Ken Anderson, Kamloops, BC Jack & Lorie Brown, Surrey, BC Phil Brown, Princeton, BC Cassie Dorran, Olds, AB Carole Gilles, Kamloops, BC Brian Good, Red Deer, AB Val Johnstone, Sorrento, BC Alecia Karapita, Kamloops, BC Micheal Latimer, Olds, AB Simon Manvell, Delta, BC Bob Miller, Kamloops, BC Paul Meyer, Milner, BC Karla Ness, Lougheed, AB Grant & Lauralee Rolston, Vulca, AB Rob Smith, Olds, AB Rosie Templeton, Coaldale, AB

Ringman Mike Panasuik, Salmon Arm, BC

Photographer Grant Rolston Photography, Vulcan, AB Today’s Angus Advantage  30


reserve senior champion female Miranda Brownell, Falkland, BC with Arete Miss Emulous 215P 9’10 sired by Ankonian Werner Wild Fire 96 with her calf Arete Elliot 09X 53’13 sired by MCATL Pure Product 903-55


Heifer Calf 1. Kasey Adams, Forestburg, AB with Red Ter-Ron Alice 55A sired by Red Lazy MC King Man 16W yearling heifer 1. Cheyeen Symens, Claresholm, AB with SY Positively Cool 64Z sired by Bushs Cool Runnings 2. Lexi Deitrich, Forestburg, AB with Red Redrich Satin 216Z sired by Red MRLA 23W

Open Division

heifer calf 1. Samantha Meerdink, Telkwa, BC with Red ATCA Annie 203A sired by Red CRSL Maxima 123 Yearling Heifer Split 1 1. Amanda McGillivray, Kamloops, BC with McGillivray Rosebud 11Z sired by Sealin Creek Big Deal 26X 2. Colton Symens, Claresholm, AB with SY Positively Cool 64Z sired by Bushs Cool Runnings

junior champion and reserve grand champion female Amanda McGillivray, Kamloops, BC with McGillivray Rosebud 11Z sired by Sealin Creek Big Deal 26X reserve junior champion heifer Colton Symens, Claresholm, BC with SY Positively Cool 64Z sired by Bushs Cool Runnings two year old cow/ calf pair 1. Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC with Summit Angus Eline 80Y sired by Blacktof Eric 15S with her calf Sealin Creek Tradition 5A sired by Section One Triton 68Y Mature cow/ calf pair 1.Miranda Brownell, Falkland, BC with Arete Miss Emulous 215P 9’10 sired by Ankonian Werner Wild Fire 96 with her calf Arete Elliot 09X 53’13 sired by MCATL Pure Product 903-55 2. Samantha Meerdink, Telkwa, BC with Red Moon Tess 31W sired by Red Northline Crush 59R with her calf Red ATC Annie 203A sired by Red CRSL Maxima 123

reserve grand champion female Amanda McGillivray, Kamloops, BC with McGillivray Rosebud 11Z sired by Sealin Creek Big Deal 26X

Owned Division

heifer calf 1. Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB with Red Ter-Ron Alice 55A sired by Red Lazy MC Kingman 16W Heifer Calf champion Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB with Red Ter-Ron Alice 55A sired by Red Lazy MC Kingman 16W yearling heifer split 1 1. Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB with Red Ter-Ron Duchess 83Z sired by Red TerRon Realdeal 01W 2.Cayley Peltzer, Rosemary, AB with Bandura Miss Carol 80Z sired by S A V Campbell 0065 split 2 1. Travis Hunter, Didsbury, AB with Red Lauron Dalmistu 24Z sired by Red Lazy MC CC Detour 2W 2.Halley Adams, Forestburg, AB with Red K Adams Zaria 091Z sired by Red TerRon Realdeal 01W

Split 2 1. Miranda Brownell, Falkland, BC with Arete Lavender Lady 152R 3-12 sired by MCATL Pure Product 903-55 2.. Shelby Wolzen, Falkland, BC with Sealin Creek Rosebud Lass 25Z sired by Sealin Creek Bar Lad 110X

Senior Champion and grand champion female Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC with Summit Angus Eline 80Y sired by Blacktof Eric 15S with her calf Sealin Creek Tradition 5A sired by Section One Triton 68Y

Today’s Angus Advantage  31

Junior Champion and reserve grand champion Travis Hunter, Didsbury, AB with Red Lauron Dalmistu 24Z sired by Red Lazy MC CC Detour 2W reserve junior champion female Halley Adams, Forestburg, AB with Red K Adams Zaria 091Z sired by Red Ter-Ron Realdeal 01W

two year old cow/calf pair 1. Keely Adams, Forestburg, BC with Red Ter-Ron Alice 31Y sired by Red Ter-Ron Realdeal 01W with her calf Red Ter Ron Alice 55A sired by Red Lazy MC Kingman 16W 2. Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB with Cudlobe Emchantress 36Y sired by Sydgen C C & 7 with her calf Cudlobe Upward 16A sired by Cudlobe Upward 22Y Mature cow/calf pair 1. Meghan McGillivray, Kamloops, BC with MLLL Eline 10X sired by HF Unrestricted 83U with her calf McGillivray Eric 1A sired by McGillivray Eric 23Y 2. Tyler Dietrich, Forestburg, AB with Red Redrich Candy 98X sired by Red Redrich Topflight 171T with her calf Red Redrich Honest Abe 98A sired by Red Wilbar Longitude 646Y

champion heifer calf and reserve grand champion female Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC with Summit Angus Eline 82A sired by Blacktof Eric 15S

grand champion bull Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC with Sealin Creek Tradition 5A sired by Section One Triton 68Y

Two Year Old COw/ Calf Pair 1. Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB with Cudlobe Mistress 1Y sired by TC Total 410 with her calf Cudlobe Total Focus 9A sired by Cudlobe In Focus 5S

reserve grand champion bull Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB with Cudlobe Upward 16A sired by Cudlobe Upward 22Y

Commerical Division Senior Champion and grand champion female Keely Adams, Forestburg, BC with Red Ter-Ron Alice 31Y sired by Red Ter-Ron realdeal 01W with her calf Red Ter-Ron Alice 55A sired by Red Lazy MC Kingman 16W reserve senior champion female Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB with Cudlobe Emchantress 36Y sired by Sydgen C C & 7 with her calf Cudlobe Upward 16A sired by Cudlobe Upward 22Y

bred and owned Division heifer calf 1. Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC with Summit Angus Eline 82A sired by Blacktof Eric 15S

Senior champion and grand champion female Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB with Cudlobe Mistress 1Y sired by TC Total 410 with her calf Cudlobe Total Focus 9A sired by Cudlobe In Focus 5S

Yearling heifer 1.Kodie Doetzel, Lipton, SK with Sugar 2.Crystal Pellikaan, Salmon Arm, BC with Rosella

reserve grand champion female Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC with Summit Angus Eline 82A sired by Blacktof Eric 15S

Bull division

bull calf 1. Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC with Sealin Creek Tradition 5A sired by Section One Triton 68Y 2. Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB with Cudlobe Upward 16A sired by Cudlobe Upward 22Y

Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Angus Advantageâ&#x20AC;&#x192; 32

grand champion female Kodie Doetzel, Lipton, SK with Sugar

reserve champion prospect steer Kayla Stump, Malakwa, BC with A-Patchy

print marketing

canadian class

reserve grand champion female Crystal Pellikaan, Salmon Arm, BC with Rosella finished steer 1. Colton Symens, Claresholm, AB witrh Boy Blue 2. Cody Schweb, Salmon Arm, BC with Bernie

split 1 1. Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC with Summit Angus Eline 82A sired by Blacktof Eric 15S 2. Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC with Sealin Creek Burgess 117Z sired by Angus Acres Heads Up 187T split 2 1. Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB with Red Ter-Ron Alice 31Y sired by Red Ter-Ron Realdeal 01W 2. Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC with Summit Angus Eline 80Y sired by Blacktof Eric 15S

junior champion Keely Adams reserve junior champion Hillary Sauder intermediate champion Halley Adams reserve intermediate champion Meghan McGillivary senior champion Thomas Glascock reserve senior champion Michael Hargrave

sales talk champion finished steer and grand champion steer Colton Symens, Claresholm, AB witrh Boy Blue reserve champion finished steer Cody Schweb, Salmon Arm, BC with Bernie

grand champion Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB with Red Ter-Ron Alice 31Y sired by Red Ter-Ron Realdeal 01W reserve grand champion Allison Speller

Grand Aggregate junior champion Keely Adams

prospect steer 1. Heather Fisher-LeBlanc, Williams Lake, BC with Arson 2. Kayla Stump, Malakwa, BC with A-Patchy

reserve junior champion Crystal Pelikaan intermediate champion Matthew McGillivary

junior champion Keely Adams intermediate champion Meghan McGillivray senior champion Allison Speller champion prospect steer and reserve grand champion steer Heather Fisher-LeBlanc, Williams Lake, BC with Arson

Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Angus Advantageâ&#x20AC;&#x192; 33

reserve intermediate champion Heather Fisher-LeBlanc senior champion Stacey Domolewski reserve senior champion Austen Anderson


junior champion Keely Adams

show ring team judging

senior champion Chad Lorenz

junior champions Amanda McGillvary & Colton Symens reserve junior champions Sierra Zmurchuk & Shawna Williams intermediate champions Halley Adams & Megan McGillivary reserve intermediate champions Cayley Peltzer & Brooke Bablitz

reserve junior champion Crystal Pelikaan

reserve senior champion Tyler Dietrich

Judging competition

senior champions Allison SPeller & Katelyn Dietrich reserve senior champions Becky Domolewski & Travis Hunter

team Grooming

intermediate champion Cayley Peltzer

junior champion Amanda McGillivary reserve junior champion Keely Adams

junior Champion Hilary Saunder & Crystal Pelikaan

intermediate champion Michaela Chalmers reserve intermediate champion Cayley Peltzer senior champion Allison Speller reserve intermediate champion Meghan McGillivary

reserve senoir champion Matthew Bates reserve junior champion Amanda McGillivary & Colten Symens

Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Angus Advantageâ&#x20AC;&#x192; 34

Intermediate Champion Halley & Keely Adams

reserve intermediate champion Kayla Stump & Cody Schewb


Art COmpetition

junior champion Amanda McGillivary

junior champion Keely Adams

reserve junior champion Hillary Saunder

reserve junior champion Hillary Saunder

intermediate champion Bailey Dietrich

intermediate champion Owen Chalmers

reserve intermediate champion Owen Chalmers

reserve intermediate champion Michaela Chamlers

senior champion Michael Hargrave

senior champion Becky Domalewski

reserve senior champion Tyler Dietrich

reserve senior champion Shawna Sullivan

literature competition


junior champion Amanda McGillivray

junior champion Amanda McGillivary

reserve junior champion Shawna Williams

reserve junior champion Keely Adams

intermediate champion Kodie Doetzel

intermediate champion Michaela Chalmers

reserve intermediate champion Owen Chalmers

reserve intermediate champion Megan McGillivray

senior CHampion Micheal Hargrave

senior champion Allison Speller

reserve senior champion Shawna Sullivan

reserve senior champion Kaitlynn Bolduc

senior champion Tyler Dietrich & Travis Hunter

reserve senior champion Riley Schewb & Allison Speller

Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Angus Advantageâ&#x20AC;&#x192; 35

angus cook-off

Graphic Design

Public Speaking

Best Dressed Team Alberta Dynasty

Junior CHampion Keely Adams

junior champion Shawna Williams

most original Team Roadkill

reserve junior champion Shawna Williams

reserve junior champion Amanda McGillivary

best taste Team Beach Boys

Intermediate Champion Michaela Chalmers

intermediate champion Cayley Peltzer

overall team Team Pladiators

reserve intermediate champion reserve intermediate champion Bailey Dietrich Meghan McGillivary

Herdsman Competition

senior champion Thomas Glascock

senior champion Kaitlynn Bolduc

reserve senior champion Michael Hargrave

reserve senior champion Micheal Hargrave

farm sign

Shelby Wolzen, Allison Speller, Kayla Stump

spirit of youth award junior champion Amanda McGillivary reserve junior champion Crystal Pelikaan intermediate champion Kodie Doetzel reserve intermediate champion Samantha Meedink senior champion Tyler Dietrich Erin Toner

reserve senior champion Allison Speller

Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Angus Advantageâ&#x20AC;&#x192; 36

Today’s Angus Advantage  37

Clint, Suzanne, Eric, Luc & Alexi Smith Box 284, Mankota, SK H: 306.478.2470 C: 306.478-7470 F: 306.478.2480 breedcreekranch@sasktel.net

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Today’s Angus Advantage  49

Building the Legacy for the Foundation July 15, 2013: for immediate release “The Canadian Angus Foundation has certainly created a CALGARY, AB — The second Canadian Angus Foundation culture of interest in its Building the Legacy sale series based (CAF) Building the Legacy sale produced big money for the Canadian Angus Foundation last Saturday during the Canadian on outstanding genetic contributions,” said Canadian Angus Association CEO Rob Smith. “I am humbled by the support Angus National Convention in Guelph, Ontario. The sale of all donors, buyers and volunteer sale staff and proud of your was initiated last year to support the CAF in preserving and commitment to the CAF.” expanding the Angus breed for future generations through education, youth development, scientific and market research and historical restoration. This fall, the CAF will be sending 12 Canadian Junior Angus Association members to New Zealand to compete in the Youth Programme competition that will be composed of five sections: Generous donors contributed 48 lots of Angus semen and general knowledge, parading, judging, animal preparation and embryos, an impressive heifer pick of the herd, and artwork to agri-sports. The Canadian youth will represent the Association be auctioned off raising a grand total of $70,800. The highest during the World Angus Forum. selling item was lot 1, a pick of the 2013 heifer calves from LLB Angus, Erskine, Alberta, purchased for $10,250 by Remitall The Canadian Angus Foundation was incorporated in 1993 and Farms, Olds, Alberta. There were nearly 150 supporters at the is the charitable arm of the Canadian Angus Association. sale with more than 100 viewers online.

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Advertisers Index 20/20 Angus 38 Abacus Angus 44 Alameda Agencies Ltd. 51 Alasta Angus 44 Alta Genetics 51 Anderson Cattle Co. 28 Andrew Angus 6 Animal Health Center 51 Arda Farms 44 Arm River Red Angus 38 Arntzen Angus 44 Arway Angus 48 Autumn Angus Classic 8 Bar CR Angus 38 Bar DK Cattle 38 Bar-E-L IFC Bar-H Land & Cattle 7 Bear Hills Angus 38 Beverly Hills Angus 38 BJ Cattle Co. 44 Black Ridge Angus Farm 38 Blairs.Ag BC Blast Angus 51 Bootis Black Angus 28 Border Butte 44 Bouchard Livestock International 51 Bova-Tech Ltd. 52 Bow Valley Genetics Ltd. 52 Breek Creek Angus Ranch 38 Brendale Acres 6, 48 Bridgehaven Farms 6 Brookmore Angus 28 Bryce Burnett 38 Bryces Bar B Ranch 38 Buschbeck Angus Ranch 11 C7 Angus 38 Cadillac Stock Farms 48 Cairnlee Acres 6 Canadian Farm Insurance Corp 52 Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society 51 Chapman Cattle Company 44 Clair Lane Stock Farm 6 Clegg Angus 44 Craif Flewelling 52 Crescent Creek Angus 38 Cripps, Greg 53 Crowfoot Cattle Co. 14 D&K Black Angus 48 Davis-Rairdan Embryo Transplants Ltd. 52 Dayora Farm Black & Red Angus 48 Debus Cattle Company 6 DeCorby, Marcel 53 Deer Park Farms 6 Deer Range Red Angus 38 Deer River Ranching Black Angus 44 Delar Cattle & Quarter Horses 44 Delorme Livestock 38 Diamond T Cattle Co. 44

DJ Cattle Co. 28 DKF Red Angus 38 Dodge 3 Dolittle Angus 38 Double Bar D Farms 38 Double F Cattle Co. 38 Drumore Farms 48 DSMR Stock Farm 6 Dudgeon Livestock 48 Dunford Royal Cattle Company 48 Dwajo Angus 44 Early Sunset Ranch 1 Eastern Extravaganza 16 Eastondale Angus 39 Edwards Livestock 52 EKW Red Angus 12, 39 Everblack Angus 44 First Line Angus 6 Forsyth Ranch Ltd 39 Francisco Farms 6 GBS Angus Farm 39 Gerlei Angus 39 Get-A-Long Stock Farm 44 Gilchrist Farms 6, 48 Glen Gabel Angus 39 Glen Islay Angus 48 Glesbar Cattle Co. 44 Graham Red Angus 48 Grant Rolston Photography Ltd. 52 Greenbush Angus 28 H.S. Knill Co. Ltd. 14 Halcyon Angus Farm 39 Hamco Cattle Co 28 Hamilton Farms 44 Harprey Farms 6, 48 Harron Farms 6 Hartford Bros. 48 Hawthorn Farm 6 Hi Low Angus 39 High Tree Cattle 39 Ivanhoe Angus 39 J&S Cattle 16, 39 Johnson Livestock 6 Johnston/Fertile Valley 2, 55 JPD Farms 49 Justamere Farms Ltd. 15, 39 KBJ Round Farms 45 KC Cattle Co. 39 Kembar Farms 28 Kenbert Acres 39 Kenray Ranch 39 Kuntz Farms 39 Lazy MC Angus 45 Lazy S Ranch Inc 45 Leela Farms 49

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Lewis Farms Ltd. 45 Live Actions.TV 52 Locust Grove Angus 10, 49 Lone Stone Farms 45 Lucky 7 Cattle Co . 45 M&J Farms 28 Macks Red Angus 49 Macnab Angus 40 Maple Line Farm 10 Maple Ridge Acres 40 Mar Mac Farms 28 Marin Cattle Presentation 52 McGowan Farms 45 McMillen Ranching Ltd. 40 Meadow Ridge Ent. Ltd. 40 Merit Insurance Brokers 52 Miller-Wilson Angus 45 Minburn Angus 45 MJT Cattle Company Ltd. 45 Moose Creek Red Angus 40 New Force Consultants 52 Nordal Limousin & Angus 5, 40 Northern View Angus 40 Nu-Horizon Angus 40 Ockerman Angus 45 O’Grady, Linden 52 Ole Farms 45 Paradise Farms 6, 49 Pasquia Red Angus 40 Peak Dot Ranch Ltd. 40 Pettywood Cattle Co. 6 Poplar Meadows Angus 51 Pugh Farms 45 Red Rock Angus 45 Red Rose Angus 40 Remitall Farms IBC, 46 Right Cross Ranch 40 Ring Creek Farms Ltd. 45 Rivercrest Angus 46 RNR Flicek Black Angus 40 Rolling Acres Farms 51 Royal Angus 40 Sandy Bar Ranch 40 Schaff Angus Valley 51

Scott Stock Farm Ltd 46 Six Mile Ranch 60 Skinner Farms 40 Skybrook Angus 40 Southview Farms 10 Spruce Grove Cattle Co. 41 Spruce Ridge Stock Farms 28 Spruce View Angus Ranch 46 Standard Hill Angus 41 Steen, Wayne G. 53 Stillman Photo 53 Stock, Mark 53 Stockmans Insurance 53 Stromsmoe Black Angus & Herefords 46 Sunny Grove Angus 41 Sunrise Angus 49 Sunset Acres 6 Susnset Ridge Red Angus 28 T Bar K Ranch 41 Tambri Farm 6, 49 Ter-Ron Farms 46 Timber Trail Angus 6 Triple L Angus 12, 41 TSN Livestock 28 Tullamore Farms 13, 49 Twin Heritage Farms 41 Tyler Harris Photography 53 Upper GlenAngus 6 Vancise Cattle Company Inc. 49 Vikse Family Farm 46 Walnut Hill Farm 49 Ward’s Red Angus 14 Western Angus 46 Westwind Farms 10 Wilbar Farms 41 Wil-Dorr Angus 9 Wilgor Farms 9, 51 Willowside Farm 49 Wingrove Cattle Co. 6 Wraz Red Angus 41 Y Coulee Land & Cattle Co. 41 Young Ranchman’s Show 25 ZBR Black & Red Angus

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The Final Word...

June 25th and 26th were a “feel good” couple of days... highest attendance, most golfers and the largest amount of proceeds generated for youth in the beef cattle industry. With the exception of rain and lightening which slowed play for a time, this T Bar Invitational was the best and most rewarding since its inception. It was gratifying to receive support from the business sector as they more and more see the need to “keep’ em on the farm.” The summer months of June through August are filled with 4-H achievement days; Jackpot shows; Junior shows and annual meetings. With the exception of association annual meetings, the balance is all related to the youth of our industry. In some breeds, the annual meeting is coupled with its National Junior show which somewhat helps attendance; while others schedule farm tours at adjacent breeding establishments. The most annoying fact of annual meetings is attendance and participation. Breeders will attend and partake in the tours and hospitality but at meeting time their chairs are empty. As a member of the association, you have the right to vote, ask questions, state your opinion and offer relevant suggestions... it is your association... don’t you care? To some, cost is a factor, but in some cases a good days supply for the tack box at the Royal or Agribition, would darn near cover that cost. (The most complaints concerning association decisions usually take place on a tack box anyway... where the quorum is very limited and almost in all cases biased.) Attendance at these meetings comes under the classification of marketing. The number of attendees signifies the success and direction of the breed... and success, breeds success. Attendance is not limited to staff, directors and breeders who can get hotel and airline discounts due to age, it is open to all... as a matter of fact... you don’t need a membership to attend. What is missing most at annual meetings are the young adults, graduated juniors who are the enthusiastic core of any breed. They are making the breeding decisions; they are the face at shows... marketing their cattle and your breed. Therefore, we need their knowledge and opinions to focus on the future.

Today’s Angus Advantage  56

Annoying fact number two... also relates to attendance... at our junior shows. You can virtually open all sale catalogues where current year females sell and read the footnote “...destined to make a great junior prospect!” ... I know, because I have written those same footnotes. The question I have asked myself many times is... “How can a breeder write that?”... having never attended a National Junior Show. The poorest attended events in beef breeds in Canada are our National Junior Shows. Apart from junior participants and some of their parents, area volunteers, judges and association staff, attendance is virtually nil. If you were to buy a beer for each breeder viewing, one would probably need a dozen. (Thirteen in Saskatchewan, if you are a football fan.) Juniors are the core of our future, yet it seems that they are looked upon as another association or breed. Viewer attendance is what keeps breeders returning to shows and we have seen shows fizzle simply by the lack of industry attendance and participation. Everyone in the seed stock industry is looking for new markets and customers... they are right there in front of you and you don’t see them. You must realize, juniors have at least two parents! Annoying fact number three... has nothing to do with meetings, shows or livestock at all... it is facial hair and athletes. What is it with these professionals who are getting paid millions of dollars, to perform in front of thousands of fans, in their respective stadiums and broadcast to millions around the globe? Some athletes come on the field looking like under-cover cops or like they have been on a drinking binge for a week. Relief pitchers in baseball aggravate me the most... they want to look impending to the batter; they pitch an average of 16 pitches in an inning, work one inning and their average salary is about four million a year. (In 2008, Brad Lidge signed a three year contract with the Phillies for $37.5 million.) You think they could afford a razor? Except for the disastrous rains and late hay, it looks like lots of forage and corn... shortage of breeding cattle in the North American inventory... looking good for times ahead... enjoy the breed and live the dream!

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July 30-Aug 3 Saskatchewan Angus Gold Show and Junior Show, Prince Albert, SK 2-4 Manitoba Youth Beef Round Up, Neepawa, MB 11-13 Alberta Junior Angus Association Junior Show, Bashaw, AB 13 2013 Alberta Angus Association AGM & Hall of Fame Gala and Awards, Bashaw, AB 16 PEI Angus Futurity/Gold Show, Charlottetown, PEI 19-21 Blairs.Ag Genetics of Distinction Frozen Genetics Sale, Online 21 Today’s Angus Advantage Early Fall Issue Deadline 22-25 Bulkley Valley Exhibition/Gold Show, Smithers, BC 28-Sept 1 Interior Provincial Exhibition/Gold Show, Armstrong, BC 29-30 Saskatchewan Angus Association Field Day/ Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society Tour, Wawota, SK 30-Sept 2 Brome Fair/ Gold Show, Brome, QC 31 Autumn Angus Classic, Hanover, ON

September 2 15 18-20 28 28 28

BC Angus Association AGM, Armstrong, BC Brampton Fair/Gold Show, Brampton, ON New Brunswick Beef Expo/Gold Show, Sussex, NB Brylor Ranch “Tradition with a Vision” Sale, Fort Macleod, AB Pacific Invitational All Breeds Female Sale, Williams Lake, BC Qubec Angus Association Female Sale, Brome, QC

4-6 5 6 12 12 13 15 18-20 19 20 21 25 25 26 31-2 31-2

2013 Alberta Gold Show - Olds Fall Classic, Olds, AB 3rd Annual Eastern Canadian Extravaganza, Uxbridge, ON Autumn Tradition Black Angus Female Sale, Blackstock, ON Expo Boeuf/Gold Show, Victoriaville, QC Gilchrist Farms & Friends In It to Win It Production Sale, Lucknow, ON Maritimes Fall Fair/Gold Show, Halifax, NS Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall Issue Deadline 41st Annual Canadian Red Round Up, Red Deer, AB Blue Water Angus Sale, Hanover, ON Maritime Angus In Action Sale, Nappan, NS Justamere Sale of the Year, Lloydminster, SK Harvest Angus Classic, Moose Jaw, SK Six Mile “Focus on the Females” Sale, Fir Mountain, SK Western Elite Speckle Park Sale, Neilburg, SK Manitoba Livestock Expo, Brandon, MB 35th Annual Stockade Round Up, Lloydminster, SK

1-10 1 2 3-4 3-10 11-16 13 13 15 25 28 29-30

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, ON Royal Elite All Breed Sale, Toronto, ON 5th Annual LLB Autumn Opportunity Bull and Female Sale, Erksine, AB Brooking Angus Ranch Open Book Invitational, Online Farmfair International, Edmonton, AB Canadian Western Agribition, Regina, SK Canadian Western Agribition Speckle Park Sale, Regina, SK Masterpiece Sale, Regina, SK 3rd Annual Power and Perfection Angus Sale, Regina, SK Stryker Cattle Co. Dispersal, Medicine Hat, AB Glendor Angus Dispersal, Moose Jaw, SK Crowfoot Cattle Co. Dispersal Sale, Standard, AB

1-5 5 7 9 13 14 14 21 31

2nd Annual Pugh Farms Online Production Sale, Edgerton, AB Peak Dot Ranch Fall Bull and Female Sale, Wood Mountain, SK Manitoba Keystone Klassic Red & Black Angus Sale, Brandon, MB Hazel Bluff Red Angus Dispersal, Westlock, AB Touch of Class Red & Black Angus Sale, Saskatoon, SK Alasta Angus Bull Sale and Seriously Black Female Sale, Sylvan Lake, AB Johnston/Fertile Valley “Opening The Vault” Bred Heifer Sale, Saskatoon, SK Majestic Cattle Co. Dispersal Sale, Innisfail, AB New Years Resolution Frozen Genetic Sale: Volume II, Saskatoon, SK




Today’s Angus Advantage  59

Today’s Angus Advantage  60

Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Angus Advantage Early Sale Issue Summer 2013 Volume 8 Issue 3

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Today's Angus Advantage Summer 2013  

Today's Angus Advantage Summer 2013

Today's Angus Advantage Summer 2013  

Today's Angus Advantage Summer 2013

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