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Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  1

Lot 58

Lot 35 Lot 202

Lot 227

We feel a great deal of pride in inviting everyone to the MJT dispersal sale. The MJT “Back to the Basics Bull Sale” has been at the core of our family and our operation for 19 years. The complete cowherd dispersal on December 4th will mark a major change for all of us at MJT. There is no doubt that the “Back to the Basics” moniker has been at the center of our breeding philosophy. We know it takes a great mother cow to raise a great herd sire and we have earned 100% of our income from selling herd sires. We have always avoided selecting any breeding stock if there is any uncertainty about the fundamentals. We run 15 breeding pastures and calve out 400 cows in March with just two people. We can’t afford the time to deal with any problems and know that our customers can’t either. This is the only chance you will ever get to access these outstanding and dependable matrons. Historically, we sell fewer than 10% of our heifers as a feature in our bull sale every year and breed the rest. The culling pressure here is extremely high and you will see for yourself the proof on sale day. A great cowherd with the fundamentals and proven track record of raising year after year; the bulls it takes to make one of the strongest bull sales in the country. December 4 marks an opportunity to add genetics you can trust. The kind of females you can breed any way you like and the result will be a keeper and quite possibly a sale topper. Do not hesitate to keep a herd bull or replacement female from any cow in this sale, you will not be disappointed and the value will rise through every phase of production. You won’t be able to wait for calving season!

Lot 62

We look forward to hearing from you. We are always available for a herd tour. Also please let us know if you would like to receive a catalog. See you in December!

Mick & Debbie Trefiak

Kurt, Shannon, Matthew, Ryan & Casey Trefiak, Mark & Kristi LaBoucane RR 1, Edgerton, Alberta T0B 1K0 P :: 780-755-2224 F :: 780-755-2223 :: Cell :: 780-842-8835 mick@mjt.ca :: kurt@mjt.ca :: www.mjt.ca Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 2

Lot 244

Lot 97

MJT Angus cows bred to

Lot 248

Connealy Concensus 7229, Belvin Tres Marias Patrón 205, Belvin Panic Switch 2’11, LLB 114P Bando 571S, Geis Kodiak 53’07, 20/20 Touchdown 20X, Bar-E-L Wisecrack 246W, MJT Abe 271X, Duralta 307R Upward 100Y, MJT Kodiak 214Y, Minburn Upwards 43Y and DFCC 176W Sizzler 52Y

Ranch located 14 miles east of Wainright and 11 miles north on range road 4-3

Lot 46

Lot 83

Lot 191 T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd.

Ted & Mina Serhienko :: Chris Poley 4-3342 Millar Ave Saskatoon, SK S7K 7G9 P :: 306-933-4200 :: F :: 306-934-0744 info@tbarc.com :: www.tbarc.com Ted’s Cell :: 306-221-2711 :: Chris’ Cell :: 306-220-5006 Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 3

Real time bidding available

Contact Jill Mader :: 403-990-9187

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A Family Adventure


    44

A Breeder’s... Veterinary Perspective


The Real World


Rates & Subscriptions


The Final Word

Cover Photography By Kim Harder

52 Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 4

Under The Gavel

80 Bulls 60 Females Red & Black Polled Limousin Red & Black Angus

Box 85, Simpson, SK S0G 4M0 Rob Garner: 306-836-2035 Cell: 306-946-7946 Fax: 306-836-4440 www.nordallimousin.com

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Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 7

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  8

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  9

Complete Herd Dispersal Tuesday, December 11, 2012 • 4 PM • Olds Cavalier Pavilion, Olds, AB

DWR 144T

DWR 124W

DWR 166X

Entire Cow Herd Sells • Embryos

DWR 202Z


DWR 196Z

2012 Open Heifers • Semen

DWR 179Z

Herdsire Prospects Livestock Equipment

ITED V N I E YOU’Rw & Cocktails Previe e l t t a C 3:00 - ale Time 4:00 - S to follow sale Dinner ertson ohn RobB T4B 2A3 J d n a , ev ,A Doug, Be 3 RR 1, Airdrie 03.912.9095 4 it Box 12 S.948.5941 Fax: il.com Ph: 403 dwrangus@gma Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 10

rhienko ina Sele M & d Te Chris Po y K S7K 7G9 S skatoon, r Ave., Sa www.tbarc.com la il M 2 4 4-33 rc.com .4200 info@tba Office: 306.93231.2711 .2 6 0 :3 6 Ted’s Cellll: 306.220.550 Chris’ Ce

24th Annual Manitoba Angus Association

Keystone Klassic Red & Black Sale 1:00 PM, Saturday, December 1, 2012 Brandon Keystone Centre - Brandon, Manitoba

70 head of Red and Black Angus Fancy Heifer Calf Show Prospects & Powerful Bred Heifers

Sale management

Ted & Mina Serhienko • Chris Poley 4-3342 Millar Ave. Saskatoon, SK S7K 7G9 Ph: 306-933-4200 • Fax: 306-934-0744 info@tbarc.com • www.tbarc.com Ted’s Cell: 306-221-2711 Chris’ Cell: 306-220-5006

View catalogue online at www.buyagro.com Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  11

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  12

     

Heroine 64Z Sire: Crescent Creek Tomboy 15W

Eula 79Z Sire: Crescent Creek Tomboy 15W

Crescent Creek Angus JR division is consigning to the “Master Piece,” two outstanding young females from Crescent Creek Tomboy 15W. The cow families represent proven genetics of generations of females for over 50 years, here at Crescent Creek. An opportunity to buy home raised females that will make a difference. Consigning to Keystone Klassic Sale in Brandon, MB on December 1. Offering some of the first S Chisum 6175 offspring to sell in Canada. Chisum has become a breed leader siring sound functional progeny.



Also selling the last “Annie 22Z” descendant at Crescent Creek, Red Crescent Creek Annie 37Y


The Olynyks

Dam: WOS 37Y Grand Dam: MTE 22Z

Wes, Kim & Family Box 192, Goodeve, SK S0A 1C0 Irene PH: (306) 876-4420 Box 103, Goodeve, SK S0A 1C0 Cell: (306) 728-8284 PH: (306) 876-4400 info@crescentcreekangus.com | www.crescentcreekangus.com Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 13


Grand Dam Watch for the upcoming Bull and Female Sale the first Saturday in April 2013

Greenbush TF Rachel 20Y Sired by SAV Density Bred to SAV Bismarck

Greenbush Tibbie 32Y Sired by SAV Density Bred to SAV Bismarck

Greenbush Pride Lady 39Y Sired by SAV Heritage Bred to SAV Final Answer

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  14

Greenbush Georgina 45Y Sired by SAV Bismarck Bred to Basin Excitement

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  15

   Gateway Angus Sale December 3, 2012 Moose Jaw, SK

Touch of Class Sale December 7, 2012 Saskatoon, SK

Box 3726 Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Cell: (306) 536-1927 Home: (306) 775-0155 Fax: (306) 757-9335 glengabel@sasktel.net

GGA 11 Sells at the Touch of Class Sale Sired by HF Tiger 5T

GGA 4 Sells at the Gateway Sale Sired by Bell Quantum 26T

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 16

18th Annual Tools

of the Trade

WJD 700M

WJD 476S

Bull & Female Sale

BW 539R


March 20, 2013

Selling 65 Yearling Bulls 25 Open Females Titleist




Celeb ratin g 50 Ye of Reg ars istere d Ang us Willms Family, Box 176, Dundurn, SK S0K 1K0 306.492.2161 btwillms@sasktel.net · www.wilbarfarms.com Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 17






BW WW YW Milk TM Stay EPDs







Elmer K. Wiebe


Box 212, Hague, SK S0K 1X0 P: (306) 225-5720 C: (306) 381-3691 Fax: (306) 225-5863

Creating Excitement This Fall Selling In The Touch of Class December 7 • Saskatoon, SK

Selling In The Masterpiece November 21 • Regina, SK

JS Erica 105

Sire: Royal Predestined DRCC 8033U Bred to Bismarck

JS Primrose 125 Sire: HF Kodiak 5R Bred to Bismarck

S A V Bessie Heiress 0214 Preg Recip Sells Carrying SITZ Upward X S A V 0214

B ism a r c



Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 18

Herdbuilders 12

Bred Heifer Production Sale

Saturday, December 8, 2012 • At the ranch, Carievale, SK


50 Purebred Red & Black Simmental Bred Heifers 20 Registered Red Angus Bred Heifers 25 Simm/Angus Commercial Bred Heifers (Bred Red Angus )

The Herdbuilding kind from the heart of our herd. Breed leading pedigrees and mated to Industry leading sires AI with no exposure.

Call Today For a Catalogue

MRLA Ranchhand

Bar-E-L Warden Bred: Detour


MRL Red Force Bred: Housier

Complete Dispersal of Spring Calving Cows


Bred: Edition

Serious Seedstock Producers & Commercial Cattlemen Don’t Miss This Rare Oppportunity

Bred: MRLA 61X

A super sound productive group of cows in the prime of their lives!

25 Registered Red Angus Cows 15 Simm X Angus Commercial Cows 50 Purebred Red & Black Simmental Cows

Never Before Have We Offered This Quality & Quantity Dave 306-928-2249 Cell: 483-8660 view catalogue at www.mrlranch.com

Lee 306-928-4820 Cell: 483-8067

Jim 306-928-4636 Cell: 483-7986

For catalogues, videos or more information please contact us! Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  19

Gerlei Angus Young Cow Herd Dispersal

Johnstone Auction Mart Moose Jaw, SK December 12, 2012 • 1:00 PM

All Cow/Calf Pairs and Bred Heifers 6 years and under sell

On Offer 118 Lots... ~ 45 Bred Heifers ~ 20 Two-year Old Pairs ~ 20 Three-year Old Pairs ~ 18 Four-year Old Pairs ~ 15 Five-year Old Pairs

Service Sires...

SITZ Upward S A V Pioneer S A V Final Answer S A V Density Mar Mac Tiger (Son of Tiger 5R) Edwards Mountain Man 42Y (Iron Mountain Son)

Stuart Youngman 37Y (Son of SITZ Upward)

Sired By...

Touchdown New Day Density Stuart Destination 32S Bar-E-L Santana 186S Ebon Hill Liberty Bar-E-L Remedy 44R

Gerlei Angus

Gerald & Lorelei Kary & Family

Sale Management... Doug Howe Cell: 306-631-1209 306-693-2163 shfpresident@gmail.com

Ph: 306-424-2332 Cell: 306-424-7676 Box 540, Montmartre, SK S0G 3M0 gerlei.angus@sasktel.net

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 20

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  21

Thank you...

U2 Ranches Brylor Ranch For adding Y Coulee Genetics to your program at Red Round-Up

e Judge Fall Heifer S h T e B ale 2nd Monday of December You Nilsson Brothers, Vermilion, AB

• 150 Heifers bred Red Angus for February 1st calving • 400 Heifers bred Red Angus for March/April calving • 50 Heifers bred Red Angus for May calving Feel free to stop by and have a look at the heifers and this year’s bull calves


Specializing in Purebred Livestock Transportation

These are very sound functional females.

Providing Weekly service across Canada & The USA. Gooseneck service available to your farm in Ontario. Pick up & delivery points across Canada and USA. U.S. and Canada Customs Bonded Carrier. We thank you for your past business and look forward to your future livestock transporting needs. 155 King Edward St., Paris, ON, Canada, N3L 3E3 Toll Free 877-442-3106 or 519-442-6242 Fax 519-442-1122 hsknill@pppoe.ca www.hsknilltransport.com

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 22

HF Kodiak 5R HF Tiger 5T HF Echo 84R Benlock Montana 90N FCR Lucy 75S FCR Right Time Lucy 23N BW: 2.0 WW: 52 YW: 101 MM: 21 TM: 47

Scrotal 12 Months - 42 cm 24 Months - 46 cm

A major player in the prepotency league Proof is in the progeny ~ all from first calf heifers ~ all birth weights under 80 lbs.

FCR Blackbird 29Z FCR 28X X FCR 2X BW: 75 lbs.

FCR Glory Days 2Z FCR 28X X FCR 5X BW: 78 lbs.

FCR Annie K 46Z FCR 28X X FCR 16X BW: 76 lbs.

See us at Canadian Western Agribition Join us for a laugh, a drink, a good old cow chat, a serious business deal or any combination of the four


Our Prefix Is Breeding quality Angus cattle in this generation for 25 Years Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  23

FCR Chisum 15Z See him at Agribition Selling by Private Treaty BW: 75 lbs.

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  24




HALL’S MISS DUCHESS 228Z SIRED BY S A V WALLSTREET Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 25


Press Release Semex Appoints Beef Sire Analyst

Guelph, Ontario – Semex is pleased to announce the appointment of Dennis Serhienko to the role of Beef Sire Analyst effective November 1, 2012. This newly created parttime position is a direct result of Semex’s global beef business’ rapid expansion. Specializing in sire procurement, this role will ensure Semex Beef genetics continue to lead the industry. Reporting to Myles Immerkar, Semex Global Beef Manager, Dennis will play a key role in continuing the global growth and development of Semex’s Beef Program. In this position, Dennis will be responsible for beef sire selection in all major breeds including Angus, Red Angus, Simmental, Limousin, Charolais and Hereford breeds. Additionally, he will work closely with Semex’s marketing and sales teams, promoting Semex’s Beef Program. Well-known in the beef business, Dennis and his family operate a Charolias and Black Angus herd. They are the breeders of the renowned sire, SVY Freedom, BOSS Sire of the Year for five consecutive years. Their breeding program has garnered 16 Agribition Charolais Champions, the 2010 Agribition Champion Black Angus Female, two Agribition RBC Supreme Champion Females and one RBC Supreme Champion Bull. Additionally, in the USA, they produced a US National Champion Bull along with a Reserve National Champion Bull and Female. They are the only establishment outside of the United States to have won the AICA Challenge Cup for Premier Breeder at the 2001 US National show. For the past six years Dennis has been the Westgen Beef Program Manager, overseeing the beef program in British Colombia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Dennis will continue in this role, being responsible for sales, inventory management, advertising, customer relations, and serving as a liaison for exclusive representatives and independent distributors. Active in the beef industry, Dennis has served as a director on the Saskatchewan Charolais Association Board for eight years, serving one term as President. He also sat on the Canadian Charolais Association Breed Improvement Committee and has officiated at the Canadian Western Agribition, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Denver National Western Stock Show, Kansas City’s American Royal, Edmonton Farm Fair and the Calgary Stampede & Exhibition. “Dennis’ experience in the beef industry and his years of industry involvement will be a great asset to Semex,” says Immerkar. “We are very fortunate to have a person with his strong practical knowledge, understanding, leadership and enthusiasm on our team as we shape the future of our beef program.” World renown for delivering high quality bovine genetics, Semex is focused on delivering Genetics for Life. Genetics for Life encompasses genetic solutions, how we will expand globally, our commitment to research & development, our training programs, and most importantly developing long-lasting, profitable herds and lifelong partnerships. For additional information please contact: Brenda Lee-Turner Semex Marketing Communications Specialist 130 Stone Road West, Guelph, ON, Canada N1G 3Z2 ph: 519-821-5060 ext. 264 • fax: 519-821-7541 bturner@semex.com • www.semex.com

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  26

It’s never too early to start planning for your spring bull sale catalogue. Contact Today’s Publishing for all your advertising needs!

Bryan Kostiuk 306-934-9696

Bryan@tbarc.com todayspublishing.ca Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 27

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  28

Bear’s Corner

By Doreen Flewelling

have t, the luckier I feel to roes ge I r de ol e th d an he ustry ted with the beef ind g and intelligent women. Often the unsung u. The longer I’m associa yo tin es ith er w int es meet so many some of their liv had the opportunity to omen, and in this column I hope to share les of wife, mother, career tit ew r and of our industry are th devoted group who can proudly claim the rtainment co-ordinato d te an en d, rse an ve di mh a far rm er, fo ep ey ke Th ok n become secretary, bo women and then ofte as well. er shrewd business partn

e r u t n e v d A y l i m A Fa T CATTLE CO. THE STORY OF MJ

d Herefords, Mike g quality ranch-raise in uc rry od pr r fo n ow Kn ford Ranch and Ha ip with Fenton Here th the Hereford sh ird wi er s th y rtn ou er m pa Ev ny in , s. no ak ar sy Trefi s been many ye oduction sales for raised Herefords The Trefiak name ha pr ak rm. al fa efi nu Tr eir a an th ar ld at rb he le , Ba sa d ng Lo Mike an st the fall ho d ul er rd wo s bo or an ign ew breed since 1945. ns ch al at year one of the co sting their own annu rta close to the Sask ak family started ho in east-central Albe out 35 km east of efi ab Tr is e e th at th th to y, n lls all rto tu bu g ge en Ev e of Ed as well as consignin backgrounds, near the small villag ut tion sales at home, came from similar uc a od ar pr rb Ba Sales. The good sto d an d ike lan r and Lacombe Bull in search of Wainright. M ste da in na ed m br Ca yd re to Llo pu ed ry, d at an lga l Ca s immigr after by commercia t his parents in that both familie bulls were sought ak born in Canada, bu plishments s efi m Tr wa co ac ike m st M fro de ty. da ou ni ated to Cana and opportu e of Mike’s pr igr On m . im ke a ali ar when his rs rb de Ba d ee br ine, an s old. ennial Year 1967, ar nt ye Ce n e ve th se in s e were from the Ukra wa m e ca sh exhibiting cattle her parents when Czechoslovakia with Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 29

A Family Advent ure


bull MT Tribune Lord Vern 5X was named the Grand Champion Bull at Edmonton Klondike Days. Lord Vern was sired by an English import, Wenlock Tribune, and went on to become one of the most popular sires of his time. Mike and Barbara raised seven children, five girls and two boys. As time went on, it was evident that Mike had passed his love and knowledge of the Hereford breed and the ranching way of life on to his second youngest, Mick. Mick was an avid 4-H member and soon started accumulating Hereford cattle of his own. Mick’s keen enthusiasm for the business was noticed by Wilf Edgar Sr. of LRD Herefords. When Wilf would attend Mike Trefiak’s production sales he would ask young Mick to show him the cattle. He knew that Mick knew all the cows and their bloodlines. “I used to show him through the cattle on sale day,” Mick recalls. “One year he bought one of Dad’s heifers and MICK SHOWING AT LLOYD BULL SALE gave her to me. He was impressed with how well I knew the cows, and he said I would do more with her than he could. I sold the first bull out of that heifer at the Wainright Bull Sale for $430.00!” Young Mick Trefiak probably had the best day of his life when he met the 1976 Wainright Rodeo Queen and Miss Rodeo Canada contender, Debbie Anderson! They were both out with friends looking for Saturday night entertainment in Wainright, and Deb admits that as a teenager, the out of town boys always seemed more attractive! Deb was raised on a mixed farm (grain and commercial cattle) near the small village of Gilt Edge about 17 km northeast of Wainright. Her parents, Tiny and Eleanor Anderson raised three children. Deb is the oldest and she has a younger brother, Bob, and a younger sister Teri.

Mick proposed to Deb when she was in Grade 12, and they married the following year, 1977. Deb will never forget their first Christmas morning together. Mick went out to do chores, so Deb rushed around making a special breakfast, champagne and all! As the breakfast hours passed, and there was no sign of Mick, Deb’s enthusiasm was dashed. Well, when Mick showed up at the door, he was fairly nonchalant about telling her he had been coyote DING MICK & DEB’S WED hunting. She shook it 1977 off and they exchanged gifts. Can you imagine her excitement when she opened her gift from Mick to find a shiny new leather bull halter! Deb had been raised with commercial cattle and had never haltered a bull. This was obviously a sign of the future! However, Mick has redeemed himself over the years by designing Debbie a handmade card for every special occasion! For a time, they lived on the Mike Trefiak farm in a home next to Mick’s parents, but they eventually moved north a few miles and set out on their own under the name of MJT Cattle Co. Ltd. The base of their operation came from the Mike Trefiak herd and they kept building their herd from there. The MJT ranch is located 14 miles east of Wainright and 11.5 miles north. It is a beautiful section of Alberta, predominantly grain country with gently rolling hills and a good water supply isn’t an issue with the Battle River meandering through their property. Deb and Mick have two children. Kurt was born in 1979 and Kristi in 1980. Both Kurt and Kristi were enthusiastic 4-H members showing steers and heifers, as well as competing

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 30


Kristi is also a graduate of NAIT with a degree in Business Management. She has worked for the Lakeland College and in the banking industry, but currently she owns her own business in Lloydminster called Kristi Lynn Event Planning & Design. Kristi and her husband, Mark LaBoucane, have been married for two years, and Mark has been the top salesman in Canada for the last two years for “End of the Roll’ flooring. Kristi still keeps purebreds of her own at MJT and both Kristi and Mark help out on the ranch when they can. In 1994, Kurt and Kristi talked their parents into introducing another breed to the ranch. Deb and Mick agreed on the condition that it would be a compatible breed to raise alongside the Herefords. Kurt and Kristi bought their first Black Angus heifers in the Hay Shaker Sale from KBJ Round and Ernie Gibson.

in Team Judging competitions and exhibiting in Junior Provincial Shows such as the Bashaw Heifer Show. Kurt is a past member of the Northern Alberta Hereford Club and acted as the Hereford Breed Representative at Edmonton Farmfair International. Kurt started the now very popular Hereford Genes Event at Farmfair. Both Kurt and Kristi have the same fondness for the industry as their parents. Kurt graduated from NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) in Edmonton as an Instrumentation Engineer and now owns his own company called Total Analytical Consulting Inc. Kurt and his wife, Shannon, who is a part-time nurse at Wainright Public Health, have three sons. Matthew is eleven years old, Ryan is four, and Casey is 18 months. The boys love the ranch and the animals, and they are already the fourth generation Trefiaks in the purebred business. Kurt and Shannon built their home on the farm overlooking the Battle River and just a few miles from Deb and Mick. Kurt can manage his business from home as well as partner with his parents in MJT.


Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 31

A Family Advent ure


Today, MJT Cattle Co. Ltd. has 120 Hereford cows and 300 predominantly Black Angus females. They have 19 quarters of land utilized for their own use as silage, hay, pasture, and a small amount of grain. To date, they have hosted 18 “MJT Back to the Basics” bull sales on the farm held the second Saturday of February. Kurt Trefiak named his business, Total Analytical Consulting Inc. after one of his bulls, MJT Century 264P (Total) that sold in their 2006 Back to the Basics sale. Total was the highest selling bull in Canada that year. When I visited with the Trefiaks, both Deb and Mick felt they were fortunate to have a herd they are proud of and that has sustained them through droughts and BSE, and they still averaged $3,000 on their bulls during the tough times, and they haven’t had to sell their females to keep the ranch going. Most of all, they credit their loyal clients for their success. They have several who have purchased bulls at all 18 of their sales, and one client in particular, Stan Jacobs, from Douglas Lake Cattle Co. that has the confidence in their breeding program to have purchased 83 bulls from MJT. That is definitely a testament to the quality and predictability of their product!

A Family Advent ure

MJT TOTAL ET 322W - 2010


MJT TOTAL ET 311W - 2012

MJT TOTAL ET 311W - 2011



MJT has also marketed their bulls at the Lloydminster, Calgary, Edmonton, Provost, Wainright, and Vermilion Bull Sales. They also aren’t strangers to the show ring. They have exhibited at the Lloydminster Stockade Roundup, the Edgerton Livestock Show, Chauvin Stock Show, Denzel Stock Show, Edmonton Farmfair International, Canadian Western Agribition, the Denver Stock Show, and the World Hereford Conference in Olds this past July. In recent years they exhibited the Hardisty Field Day Grand Champion Bull in 2010, the Edmonton Farmfair Grand Champion Bull in 2010 and 2011, and the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Bulls at the Canadian Western Agribition in 2011. They also had the Reserve Grand Champion Bull at the Denver Stock Show in 2011 with GH Adams Nitro Design ET 377X at nine months of age. Design is sired by UPS Nitro 1ET. The Trefiaks have sold live cattle, semen and embryos across Canada and the United States and worldwide including England, Finland, Russia, New Zealand, China, Sweden, Denmark and Australia. Mick has been honoured to evaluate cattle at the Edmonton Northlands Farmfair more than once, the Calgary Bull Sale, the Lloydminster Stockade Commercial Show, the Lloydminster Jackpot Steer and Heifer Show, the Hardisty Field Day, and numerous 4-H shows throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 32

as they affectionately refer to it, down along the Battle River. They use it year-round for trail riding and sledding, and the grandsons love to have sleepovers in the cabin and go tobogganing down the river bank. Friends love to come and sit around the campfire and tell stories, and it’s a quiet place to appreciate mother-nature. It doesn’t matter how far you travel for a holiday; it’s who you are with that counts!



The Trefiaks admit that they have spent most of their lives working on the ranch, and Deb feels fortunate that she has never had to work off the ranch. From when the children were old enough, they have worked and played as a family, and everyone has input in the decision making. “The kids have been our help,” Deb tells me. “Kurt was baling at ten and Kristi would drive us around to pick up bales.” This fall, young four year old Ryan gave his grandmother a lesson on how to unplug the header on the new self-propelled combine!


Working cattle on horseback is a necessity and a natural way of life on the ranch. Mick buys colts and trains them himself, and they keep about ten good working quarter horses at a time. They help out their neighbours during branding season, and Mick estimates he attends at least a half dozen brandings in a season. Both Mick and daughter Kristi like to participate in ranch rodeos. The Trefiaks have created their own holiday hideaway for fun with family and friends. They have a “Hacienda”

From the time they were married, Deb and Mick have been an inseparable team setting goals and living an adventure, raising a family and working the cattle and the land. Deb does the bookkeeping, and keeps the cattle records as well as organizing the sale catalogues ready for press. She helps with vaccinating, tattooing, weighing, dehorning, pregnancy checking and silaging. She does field work, sorts cattle, calves cows and anything else that needs doing. She gardens and makes jams, pickles and salsa. She cooks and bakes for her family, visitors, sale crews and for sale day meals. Deb will be the last to admit that she has talents other than farming, but when you enter her yard and her home it is undeniable that she is

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 33

A Family Advent ure

The Trefiaks are proud members of their community of Rosedale, and Deb takes part to make the Annual Chicken Supper a success. Deb is also a past 4-H Crafts Leader and Mick is a past president of the Edgerton Agricultural Society. He is also a past president and director of the Northern Alberta Hereford Club.

In 1991 Deb and Mick Trefiak were named the Outstanding Young Farmers of Alberta. It is an achievement attained by few in the farming community. Nominees are judged on the progress they have made during their farming career, maximum utilization of soil, water and energy conservation practices, crop and livestock production history, and MICK AND DEB ACCEPTIN contributions to the G THE OUTSTANDING YOUNG FAR well-being of the OF ALBERTA AWARD - 19MERS 91 community, province and nation.

A Family Advent ure

a very conscientious, meticulous and artistic person, and it is obvious that both Deb and Mick care deeply for their family, their ranch, their cattle, and their way of life. The purebred Hereford and Angus industry has awarded the Trefiaks a way of life they cherish, lifelong friendships they have cultivated, and memories to last a lifetime. This year, the Trefiak family made a difficult decision to disperse their purebred cow herd. Their plan is to explore the commercial side of the industry, and they are retaining 200 of their heifer calves to start their new adventure. Deb and Mick invite you to join them on December 4, 2012 to celebrate their 19th sale held on the ranch… The MJT Cattle Company Ltd. Hereford and Angus Dispersal.






“Deb and Mick care deeply for their family, their ranch, their cattle, and their way of life” Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012 34

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Press Release Ground Breaking Ceremony of New Angus Building September 27, 2012: for immediate release CALGARY, AB — Work has officially begun on the new office site of the Canadian Angus Association after ground-breaking ceremonies took place on Monday. A consortium of CAA board of directors, members and staff helped with the ceremony which included live Angus cattle and building contractor Boychuk Design Build. The Canadian Angus Association was thankful for Moody’s Equipment for their generous cooperation with the event and to Boychuck/ Robinson Buildings for the signage announcing the new building. The new building will be Canada’s leading beef breed’s first owned national centre. Planning permissions are being secured from Rocky View County with the building schedule suggesting occupancy in the new building as early as the fall of 2013. The building will be located near Airdrie, Alberta, east of Balzac and the QEII highway. The new building will provide a modern, more easily accessible office with pride of ownership. “This is the satisfaction of decades’ worth of dreams and goals from many members of the Canadian Angus fraternity,” says Gary Latimer, President of the CAA volunteer board of directors. “We’ve come close in the past but now we are assuring membership value by building equity in what will be the Centre of Excellence and Service for Canada’s Angus customers, supporters and partners.” “We are extremely excited as we look to the future in providing our members with the best possible service and the highest achievable value,” said CAA CEO Rob Smith. “The CAA goal is to maximize the Angus advantage of providing our nation’s consumers with the most consistent, demanded beef product in the world. Our members deserve a world-class facility where industry-leading thought and innovation takes place assuring not just our security as Canada’s number one beef breed but catapulting Canadian Angus into the global cattle and beef trade spotlight.” The CAA will focus on administration of member services, training, meetings, promotions and industry partnerships in their new building. With the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program at an all-time high for demand, the future of the new CAA building will provide means for improved marketing and exchange of ideas. “The building completion cannot come soon enough for our Association,” said David Bolduc, Past President of the CAA and President when the decision to move forward with the project and purchase of land was made. “We have anticipated this kind of value for our membership for years. With the CAA experiencing growth at a time when the national cow herd is shrinking, we have the momentum and the passion to create a national identity to further the Angus movement, increasing domestic and international market share and recognition of our Angus brand, the most recognized beef brand in the world for quality.” The Canadian Angus Association (www.cdnangus.ca) is a not-for-profit association incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act. The Association represents 3,000 members across Canada for the purposes of registering and recording the pedigrees of purebred Angus cattle and promoting the breed across Canada. Its member-approved mandate is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed. Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  40

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Dr. Colin Palmer

Biography: Dr. Colin Palmer is an Associate Professor of Theriogenology (Animal Reproduction) at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Nova Scotia, Dr. Palmer worked in mixed practices in Ontario and British Columbia and has owned/operated a practice in Saskatchewan. Dr. Palmer along with his wife Kim and children Lauren, Emily and Carter run a herd of purebred Red Angus cattle under the KC Cattle Co. name.

The Whys and Hows of Bloat in Fed Cattle As we move into fall it soon becomes time to put our calves on a winter feeding program. Usually, few digestive issues occur as they begin to feed on good quality hay bales and it is pleasing to watch their intake improve. Watching livestock feed is a tranquil experience for most of us, but pleasant feelings quickly disappear with the first sight of a bloated calf. When I was in veterinary college I learned that there were few real emergencies involving cattle - bloat is one of them! Hardly a new disease, “bloat,” or an alias, has appeared in the literature for nearly 2000 years. Despite not being able to completely prevent its occurrence, our understanding has improved substantially over the last 2 or 3 decades. In my opinion, the best and most comprehensive article on bloat ever written is available on line from the Province of Alberta, Agriculture and Rural Development web pages at http://www1.agric.gov. ab.ca . Authored by several noteworthy Canadian scientists it is called Bloat in Cattle. Although it is oriented towards typical cattle management situations prevalent in western Canada, it should appeal to all who feed cattle. Check it out! Micro-organisms present in the forestomach of cattle are necessary for digesting fibre with gas being a natural by-product. As much as 2 L of gas per minute can be produced by steers consuming alfalfa which under normal conditions rises to the top of the rumen facilitated by normal rumen contractions that occur at the rate of 1 to 3 per minute. Gas accumulation is sensed by nerves in the rumen wall and pressure is relieved by a relaxation of muscles controlling the opening to the esophagus enabling belching to occur. Cattle belch at a rate of 1 to 4 times minute per

minute which largely goes unnoticed unless a large amount of gas is being vented. Gas production and the belching frequency peak about 2 to 4 hours after feeding; if the esophagus is unable to sense gas build up or is obstructed, bloat can occur very rapidly. Bloat has two clinical presentations – free-gas and frothy. Free-gas as the name implies is simply a large pocket of gas that is unable to escape the rumen. When the pocket is tapped, smelly gas escapes as rapidly as that of a punctured tire. Free-gas bloat accounts for about 1 in 10 bloats and has been associated with irregular feeding, damage to the nerves in the rumen wall and obstruction of the esophagus with feed. Potatoes, apples and other fruits and vegetables that can be consumed whole are common causes of esophageal obstruction. Weather changes, feed quality variations, inconsistent feeding intervals, and sickness are common predisposing factors. Rumen acidosis associated with mild grain overload can impair rumen movement and lead to free-gas bloat. Limited or irregular access to salt and water can also affect rumen function. Cattle that have had severe pneumonia or hardware disease are at a higher risk of bloat and are more likely to become chronic bloaters because of permanent damage to the nerves controlling the rumen. Frothy bloat has long been associated with grazing legume pastures. It was believed that proteins in the alfalfa or clover were responsible for producing foam which then trapped the rumen gas and prevented it from being belched. However, frothy bloat can be associated with feeding grain, winter wheat pasture, and pelleted feed. The current belief is that two factors set the stage for the occurrence of frothy bloat – rapidly digested feedstuff and small particles in the rumen. These precipitate an overgrowth of rumen

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  44

bacteria responsible for producing a slimy, viscous fluid that subsequently traps rumen gas. Alfalfa hay that is very leafy and has fine stems, or lots of fine particles and leaves remaining at the bottom of the bale feeder has a high bloat risk. Damp, moldy hay appears to more dangerous than dry hay, whereas silage and haylage are low-risk feeds. The combination of alfalfa hay and grain feeding is the number one cause of dry-feed bloat. It is believed that the combination of fine feed particles and rapidly digestible nutrients create a “perfect storm scenario” for rumen bacterial proliferation. Adding molasses or other rapidly digestible sugars increases the risk.

Even with the very best feed management, the occurrence of at least an occasional bloat in fed cattle is inevitable. In severe cases, cattle may die within 2 to 4 hours of onset as a result of compression of the diaphragm and lungs causing suffocation. Penetrating the distended rumen with a knife, trocar or hypodermic needle should be reserved for only those cases where death is imminent. A more favourable and far less traumatic method of relieving pressure is to pass a stomach tube. Learning to pass a stomach I have always preferred to focus on prevention rather tube in calves and adult cattle is a must for every than treatment. Alfalfa hay should be introduced cattle person and is perhaps something we should be to calves slowly with careful observation. The teaching 4-Hers how to do – “First Aid for Cattle.” highest occurrence of bloat in cattle grazing alfalfa With free gas bloat, the gas release is instantaneous pasture was within 2 to 4 days of introduction. In requiring about a minute to be completely expelled. contrast, animals consuming a mostly grain diet If the esophagus is plugged the tube may also be used have a greater tendency to bloat about 2 weeks to clear it. Passing the tube into the rumen of animal after feed introduction. New batches of alfalfa hay with frothy bloat is far less dramatic as most of the should be introduced slowly and cattle should be fed gas is unable to escape the foam. Nevertheless, the consistently; don’t let them run out of feed. If you stomach tube is the best way to administer are processing your own grain on farm extra care is anti-foaming agents. I generally keep a few bottles of warranted as variable amounts of fine particle-sized anti-bloat emulsion around containing dioctyl sodium feed can occur even when grain is dry-rolled despite sulfosuccinate which disperses the foam and mixes attempts to produce a coarsely ground product. Steam well with rumen contents. Non-toxic oils like mineral rolling or increasing the moisture content of the grain oil (300-500 mL per 1000 lbs) are a second choice. before rolling is better. Failing that, mixing the feed Most animals will belch within several minutes of really well to evenly distribute the fines and adding treatment and walking them will be helpful. Some salt to the diet (4%) to increase water intake may be animals may require a second tubing to relieve gas helpful. Incorporating monensin (Rumensin®) into that has been released from the foam. the diet can substantially reduce the occurrence of both grain and alfalfa pasture bloat. Research has shown that feeding additional calcium is not useful nor is feeding laundry detergent. Household products may also contain chemicals that cause permanent damage to the rumen. Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  45

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By: Chris Poley

Re-sil-ient 1. Spring back; rebounding 2. Returning to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched. 3. Recovering readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyant. Resilient is the word that I feel best describes the Canadian beef industry. For the last nine years our industry and its members have been bent, compressed and stretched and yet we are readily recovering from our depression and adversity. When BSE was discovered back in 2003, our cull cow market dropped to a dime and stayed there for quite some time. The calf market through that era varied from soft to dam poor! In the last few weeks, Canadian beef producers have held their breath watching to see how the largest recall of beef in our history would affect us. Cows dropped two dimes and already are showing signs of strengthening and the calf market has shown little to no effect. So what does the future hold? The market place is telling us we do not have enough cattle and the consumer is not abandoning us. Both the feeder and fat future markets have posted rallies in the last few days. Profitable contracts for fat cattle with delivery in the New Year and into spring are being offered. Further to the phenomenon, we have the highest grain prices in history, forcing the feedlots to try some creative rations to keep the ink black. However, they are still buying top quality calves for top dollar and are able to pencil a profit, which in the end comes down to supply and demand. Demand that may have wavered a little but still remains strong and trendy, against a supply that has definitely eroded over the past nine years, as not all producers had the ability or desire to remain resilient. The fact remains that throughout the world the human population continues to grow and they need protein to survive. Beef is seen as a desirable choice, people love to eat it, and they do not purchase it because it’s good for them (which it is) or because it is something they cannot live without. They buy it because they like it, and as more people living in suppressed countries become more and more affluent, they choose to buy beef over other protein sources. In this time of more questions than answers, I suggest to everyone involved to remain resilient. The breeding decisions you make today will be marketed in two years time on a market that will have even more demand and we all know in the beef business it takes a lot longer than that to increase supply by any significance.

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2 Year Old Black Angus Bull Sale Vold Jones Vold, Ponoka AB Harold Reich - (780) 372-2175 Kolton Kasur - (780) 387-8376 RR 1 Bashaw, Alberta, Canada T0B 0H0 www.reichangusranch.ca

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Autumn Tradition Angus Sale September 30, 2012 Blackstock, Ontario Auctioneer: Chris Poley Sale Management: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd. Sale Results: 5 Cow/Bull Calf Pairs Averaged............$3,370.00 1 Fall Calving Cow/Heifer Calf Pair Averaged......$4,000.00 11 Cow/Heifer Calf Pairs Averaged............$2,831.82 17 Bred Heifers Averaged............$2,026.47 2 Bull Calves Averaged............$1,150.00 6 Heifer Calves Averaged...............$937.50 2 Cows Averaged............$1,500.00

High Selling Heifer Calf Lot 4 - $4,250.00 - Glen Islay Pride 19Z sired by Double AA Bardolier 119’08 was purchased by French River Cattle Co, ON Pick of ET Calves $6750 - sired by HF Prowler was purchased by Baby Black Angus, Brunner, ON High Selling Bred Heifer Lot 20 - $3,700.00 - Rob Roy Miss Allegra 5Y sired by SAV Density 4336 was purchased by Glen Copeland High Selling Cow Calf Pair Lot 28 - $4,800.00 - Glen Islay Mayflower 12X sired by BC Rocket was purchased by Rob Roy Angus and 28A - $2700. sired by Glen Islay Bardolier 25X was purchased by Roxanne Morrison

44 Lots Grossed $97,375.00 and Averaged $2,213.07 High Selling Cow/Bull Calf Pair Lot 5 & 5a - $4,150.00 - Maple Line Andrea 42U sired by Maple Line Dateline 14R was purchased by Southview Farms, Courtice, ON and Maple Line Blackout 39Z sired by Bailey Acres Blackout 5T was purchased by Scott Park and Nancy Holmes, Nestleton, ON High Selling Fall Calving Cow/Heifer Calf Pair Lot 45 - $4,000.00 - Southview Idelette 11X sired by S A V 004 Density 4336 and her heifer calf sired by Curraghdale Networth 8U were purchased by Tullamore Angus, Caledon, ON High Selling Cow/Heifer Calf Pair Lot 9 & 9a - $5,100.00 - Maple Line Rosebud 80U sired by Heathcote Dateline 523 and Mapleline Rosebud 74Z sired by JL Objective 9059 were purchased by Tullamore Angus, Caledon, ON High Selling Bred Heifer Lot 29 - $3,800.00 - Maple Line Eola 29Y sired by JL Objective 9059 was purchased by Johnson Livestock, Peebles, SK

Blue Water Angus Sale October 20, 2012 Hanover, ON Sales Management: Castlerock Marketing Sale Results: 12 Heifer Calves 15 Bred Heifers 6 Cow/Calf Pairs

Averaged............$2,492.00 Averaged............$2,693.00 Averaged............$3,425.00

33 Lots Grossed $94,850.00 and Averaged $2,874.00

Gilchrist Farms In It To Win It October 6, 2012 Lucknow, Ontario Auctioneer: Chris Poley Sale Results: Bred Heifers Bull Calves Heifer Calves Cows Cow/Calf Pairs Embryos

Averaged............$4,126.67 Averaged............$6,125.00 Averaged............$2,514.29 Averaged............$4,860.00 Averaged............$5,720.59 Averaged...............$865.00

57 Lots Grossed $254,550.00 and Averaged $4,465.79 High Selling Bull Calves Lot 5 - $10,000.00 - GF Inner Strength 30Z sired by PVF Windfall SCC was purchased by Semex Lot 7 - $10,000.00 - GF Mercedes Traveller 27 sired by DHD Traveler 6807 was purchased by Rehorst Farms, Teeswater, ON High Selling Heifer Calf Lot 56 - $7,500.00 - Premier Pride 1201 sired by Connealy Final Product was purchased by Whitestone High Selling Cow Lot 17A - $10,000.00 - GF Unforgettable Mercedes 2U sired by Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C was purchased by Blair’s.Ag Cattle Co., Lanigan, SK High Selling Bred Heifer Lot 51C - $9,200.00 - JL Evening Tinge 270 sired by Justamere Bada Bing 406S was purchased by Glen Gabel, Regina, SK

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About the time that we think BSE is behind us, beef producers are faced with another dilemma... a beef recall. It has been in the forefront for the past two weeks and most of us are tired of seeing these headlines but every time I turn on the news there’s Minister Ritz or the CFIA pointing fingers at someone. No doubt, this recall is the largest to date, but over the past decade, our trading partners to the south have had several recalls and they handled the situation without much public fan fare. Few know of the Australian ban on Indonesia for inhumane slaughter in their abattoirs or just yesterday’s press release of Russia considering putting a ban on United States exporters for breeding cattle shipped by sea because of the mishaps that occurred during the last shipment. On October 11th, Kelloggs recalled Frosted Mini-Wheats due to metal fragments in the food. The recall is expected to cost the company between $20 million to $30 million out of their third quarter earnings yet the recall did not make headlines, as a matter of fact you had to search to find the announcement. (Consider the percentage mark-up in a bushel of wheat versus a pound of beef and its shelf life.) It has been thirty days and counting that XL’s plants recall and closure has made headline news. This has been a press field day for CFIA as they make known their importance in the processing industry in Canada. But why not, they have nothing to risk, they are shielded by a government union and upon retirement will live on a healthy pension (paid for by the taxpayer) as they grill their steaks and burgers in the backyard or abroad. Our Minister of Agriculture sits in the same scenario as he has sat his mandatory two terms; our taxpayers will also take care of his retirement. It has become a chain reaction, as the workers union in Brooks is crying foul and a consumer claiming illness from consuming beef products plans to take class-action against the XL owners which will get the ambulance chasers into the picture. The question in this matter is risk... who is at risk and who is taking the risk. The Canadian consumer, although aware of the situation, continue to consume red meats products, (no different than the E.coli spinach incident,) and are getting accustomed to paying a high price for their meat products. The risk in this recall is totally on the shoulders of Brian and Lee Nilsson; they have claimed responsibility and have taken all appropriate steps to resolve the matter. According to estimates, forty-five million pounds have been recalled; that cost alone would render financial hardship on a province or small country but Nilssons continued paying the workers a thirty-two hour week for two weeks after shut down in a show of good faith, while struggling with the CFIA’s stumbling

Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  56

investigations. Before September 27, we had two major processors, Cargill the largest agricultural processor in the world and XL, our Canadian owned processing plant. If Nilsson Brothers cannot cushion this financial blow, we as Canadians will be faced with a single market system which will dictate price and control and send the beef industry backward. As NBI purchased auction markets throughout Western Canada, some producers were concerned with their market domination... these same producers now must be concerned about NBI’s ability to weather this storm. The beef industry cannot and must not lose the Nilssons or XL because feedlots will follow. Now about my confusion ...there are three major killing plants in Canada, two in Alberta and one in Ontario. I am of the understanding that there are CFIA employees at these plants monitoring and conducting safety level tests. The XL plant had forty-six employees and according to Minister Ritz there were more CFIA employees at that plant than ever. Bob Kingston, president of the Syndicat Agriculture Union which represents federal food inspectors, claims that plants such as XL (there are two others of its magnitude) are seeing increased amounts of product without increased number of inspectors. On the other side, Pierre Lemieux, secretary for the Minister of Agriculture says they have hired seven hundred new inspectors since 2006 and increased their budgets by one hundred and fifty million dollars. Now let’s do the math... less cattle numbers, fewer plants and more employees... that adds up totally to incompetence by a unionized work force who wants to be important. Why would this matter take from September 4th to September 27th to solve while giving press releases virtually daily, telling our worldwide consumers that there might be a chink in the armor. The CFIA has been a big detriment to the beef industry, as this sector is shielded by the government and union, while Nilsson Brothers, the feedlot operators and cattle producers are forced to participate at their own to risk.

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February 2 9 21 22 23

Hill 70 Quantock Ranch “Barn Burnin Bull Sale” Schaff Angus Valley Nordal Limousin & Angus Bull & Female Sale Only The Good Ones Sell Bull Sale Lewis Farms 28th Annual Bull Sale Today’s Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  60

Lloydminster, AB St. Anthony, ND Saskatoon, SK Edam, SK Spruce Grove, AB

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Today's Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  

Today's Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012

Today's Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012  

Today's Angus Advantage Late Fall 2012

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