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Volume 15 Issue 1 January 2016 de What’s Insi n— Dave Solverso to-packer fit with pastureSimmental n ranching operatio

e The Differenc hts Make . ning Weig Market Periods Higher Wea Through Low Hart The Farm Carry

Story By Lee

Helped 200 Extra Pounds extra 150 to that wean an , having calves operation through Kevin Routledge on with his mixed-farming beef producer, helped him carry or Manitoba fall is what has over pounds in the beef markets some of the tightestDuring the lowest the past 30 years. , he figures it was prices post-BSE as 750 pounds beef market as high weaned that range), the steers 700 pound in the 650 to (more average whether he would difference of that made the cattle business. didn’t still be in the a lot of farms “In years when in the fall helped Innovations extra pounds Simmental make it, those says Routledge, who along an hour keep us going,” in Hamiota, Cindy farm , in better with his wife Brandon. Obviously helped the cow-calf northwest of pounds commercial those extra over herd of 200 and expand. market years, today runs a ment — which has expanded in improvements farm, Routledge weights The beef herd Breed Improve farm carry out on the family and oilseeds. higher weaning the early Born and raised acres of grains to produce calves with says up until roughly 3,200 l genetics 30 years. He e, but pairs and harvests d on Simmenta for more than They were productiv long-relie l Simmental cattle the years, has Charolais cattle. the mid 1980s Simmenta has been raising In Hereford and By the mothering. the fall. Routledgehad been working with cattle began. growth and good l influenced 1980s his father more milk production, influence. That to Simmenta for some Angus and the transition l cattle with Vet’s Advice he was looking face which usually d into the herd red Simmenta blaze on its bulls were introduce was striving to produce calf, or red calf with a red Routledge solid mid 1990s produces a consistently combination g winter draws top dollar. challengin with ing it can be hit produce even though that go on to What’s Happen CALVING calving season born at that time of year, EARLIER chance of favorable. a February/March pound calves with a higher Routledge favors that it is the 90 to 100 says Routledge to calve later states It’s tempting September weaning,” weather. He r weaning weights.“ lighter calves for a the higher Septembethat would produce to be done and again we want calving weather, but May.” All cows farm as well, “With the grain turn to field work in early buildings, and we yard behind us as near the farm to afford them calve close-in fields in April and heifers season out onto stubble of April the breeding are moved the end Angus bulls to Towards are exposed more space. ent heifers exposed to lowerbegins. Replacemsecond calf heifers are also run with and Simmental bulls while the first Simmental bulls. birth weight Routledge has herd. the main cow has expanded over the years, 40012794 main cow herd Agreement # As the herd at home. The Publication Mail for the summer, pasture available maxed out the remains at home are hauled to 140 head) three groups, a (roughly 130 cattle, split into herd follows while the younger pastures. The main cow fields are a bit to separate rented ed grazing system. “The page X Routledge. “It says grass-bas today,” continued on rotational have the herd we undersized for


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