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myles glasman: Simmental are leading the beef industry by developing programs and identifying traits to enhance and ensuring that Simmentals will thrive and influence the entire beef sector. These traits will contribute to the the sustainability of the beef industry for the future. The most notable accomplishment is the overwhelming acceptance of Simmental throughout the entire beef industry.

Rick McIntyre: Looking back, without a doubt, the best accomplishments that the Simmental breed has seen is the maturity and development of family based breeding establishments that have chosen to listen to the end user. Their programs are based on solid goals of breeding and providing their customers with a product that has built in convenience traits that enhance those maternal traits even more. Not forgetting about production and striving to add more predictability using tools available thru advanced genomics.

5 Where do you see the breed sitting today within the beef industry? brian McCarthy: I see the breed in an enviable position. We have created the genetics that are well suited to our Canadian environmental conditions and will provide the best possible hybrid vigor when crossed with Angus, Canada’s other predominant beef breed. Simmental genetics have become synonymous with milk and growth in a package that has longevity and market acceptance. Ken Lewis: I think the opportunity has and will always be abundant for the Simmental breed. With the common sense approach of many of our breeders that have always dealt with change responsibly, we add yield to the British cattle while maintaining high maternal values. The easy number one point for the Simmental breed going forward in my mind is our strength of the youth involved. For our operation as well as

many others, our youth is our future. Over the years I have witnessed many times a junior breeder marketing a top individual for the first time and being rewarded for that animal as well as any established breeder. This does not happen in most breeds and is just another important reason why the youth is attracted to Simmental. myles glasman: Simmental is sitting in the driver’s seat in the beef industry. Our diversity is our strength...our breed has so much to offer. Rick McIntyre: The breed is one of the main leaders, they have a very predicable sought-after product and the people are true cattle breeders.



Suggestions you may have for the Simmental breed or young individual looking to start within the breed?

brian McCarthy: Breeders need to always be reading market signals as these signals will change slightly from time to time. Market signals and needs may be different from one area to another. Make sure you are producing the genetics that your customer requires and not those you think he should have and not those that another breeder may have for a different market. Remember that to improve something it must be measured. Don’t take yourself too seriously; leave that to others. Success will only follow those who have a passion for the business. Put your heart and hard work into it and follow your convictions. Ken Lewis: Suggestions I have for young individuals in the breed is to stay focused, select reasonable goals and don’t be scared to ask questions. Enjoy the cattle and the people. Hard work usually creates some luck. Time passes by fast so have some fun along the way. myles glasman: If I could give ay advice or encouragement to young cattle men and women, it would be to ‘stay out of the ditch’. By

that I mean try not to get caught up in breeding cattle that are too trendy or seems those things don’t last. Get in the middle of the road , raise good useful cattle you like to look at everyday. Keep them efficient and be proud of what you do. Rick McIntyre: Simmental beef is not the only competitive product on the market and each and every year the bar will always be raised higher by someone else. It is only by complacency, or letting ones’ foot off the gas pedal or losing sight of the customers’ needs that continued success will be compromised. For the young breeder starting out, there is much to learn and many places to find answers; look for integrity in seeking out advise and mentorship. How to assess breeding stock and make sound breeding decisions under all conditions is a skill that is absolutely necessary and goes far beyond the show ring.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Correction To October Question 6 - Scott Bohrson: Do your homework - stand behind your product - market your program with consistency! The extra time and effort that the leading breeders put into sourcing genetics and doing “homework” is mind boggling - but it pays off. Some of the best breeding decisions made are the genetics that don’t get used because of doing your homework. If we refer back to question #3, I feel there are no excuses for below-average calving ease, structure or udder quality so if you are looking to invest in new genetics whether it is a bull or female, make the effort (or send someone you trust) to view their dams, sisters, brothers or relatives to take the guess work out of your investment. This especially rings true when investing in a new herd bull or AI sire to build your program off of, find out details on their dam! I feel that in turn, by doing your “homework”, you’ll minimize the risk of acquiring genetics that bring in negative traits that won’t advance your program. Stand behind your product and communicate with your customers for long term success. Word travels quick in the

livestock community and if you ever wonder which breeders strongly stand behind their product, flip through the Simmental Country sale results and the majority of the breeders with high average/gross sales are the ones that go the extra mile to tend to their customers. A repeat customer (no matter what their budget is) will always be your most valuable customer. Marketing with consistency is one factor that I feel is very important to building a successful business. Firstly, learn and understand the wants and needs of your current and potential customers. If you offer a quality product and your customers recognize your brand and know when and where it will be offered, they will be there to support. Obviously there are those situations where you have to address a circumstance and make a change but if you are annually changing the date, location, partners, management, auctioneer, ringmen, advertising, etc, your customer will sense your indecisiveness. I feel instead of pointing fingers at others on what is wrong with your lack of success; find the answer within the person who stares at you in the morning while you brush your teeth. 27

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