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A Little Bit of History... We’re proud of the fact that this is our families 50th Bull Sale, uninterrupted, consistent and successful. In 1969, as a 17 year old kid with big dreams I started out helping my dad with his first Hereford Bull Sale (in those days everything was Hereford), in the old covered stockyards in Lloydminster. We moved to the exhibition grounds a few years later and our sale has been there ever since, in excess of 45 years by my count. To paraphrase Garth Brooks, “I MIGHT HAVE DONE IT DIFFERENT... BUT THEN I WOULD HAVE MISSED THE DANCE.” From the beginning our sale has been a family effort. Pat and I have worked together year after year to make it a success. Our kids as soon as they were able always had a job, today we absolutely depend on them as part of the team. Really it has been quite a trip. We have seen everything, highs and lows in the cattle market, blizzards, droughts, the BSE insanity, you name it we’ve experienced it in 50 years. In the 90’s (one sale when it was 40 below, storming, heifer calves were worth 60 cents per pound and feed prices were through the roof, and we had 300 bulls to sell), Ray Nelson, the founder of Nelson Homes took me aside just before the sale time and said “young man, you have a poorly developed sense of fear.” I have never forgotten those words. The support of our customers for our ground breaking multi-breed and hybrid program has enabled us to build, prosper and continue to serve their seedstock needs. Our thanks does not seem like enough. So just for fun we have included this year a few photos from the past...

We’ve always had lots of people The 70’s

The 80’s

The 90’s

and the best customers

The Kane Ranch, Sheridan, WY Bill, Barney, Mac & Dad Frank founded Quantock Cattle Co. in 1973

Quantock Ambassador was the first bull we exported to England to Quans & Stratfords

Mac & John Buxton, X-Bar, Laramie, Wyoming “during our “Denver Years” we sold pot loads of bulls to Wyoming and Colorado

Jim Nuggent bought 100’s of bulls for the PFRA


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MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale  

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale  

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale

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