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I have spent 36 years working with cattlemen across Canada and together we have developed the most successful Sight Unseen Purchase Plan in the country, so successful in fact that it can sell nearly half our bulls some years. I have done it with sincerity and integrity and the utmost respect for the customers’ needs and budget. We start by discussing your cows, your breeding program, and what you need to get done. When we are comfortable with each other, we can work together to get you the right bulls at the right price. While a few people sell a few bulls on the internet, I much prefer to visit with our customers, get to know them and help them select the right bulls. Our comprehensive BULL BOOK and DVD will give you an accurate impression of the bulls. After the sale I’ll personally deliver your bulls, in most cases. You must be completely satisfied on arrival or you are under no obligation to take them. You pay for them when they are satisfactory on delivery. Call me anytime to get started and we’ll talk cows.

1-800-561-BULL (2855)

Thanks, Mac

The most successful in the industry and here’s why... SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!

90% of our customers use it. Let us develop your bulls and deliver when the weather’s nice and you’ve got room next spring. Professionally grown out, fertile, semen-tested and delivered in the spring and all for just a hundred bucks - it’s a great deal. A win-win program - we prefer to develop all our bulls. Development available on two year olds at $125. Bull delivery will be in the month of April. “Excellent service. I told Mac what I needed for our girls and he brought us what I would have picked out myself. Thanks for your help in my purchase.” - S. Goldie, SK “We are totally happy with your service - especially the Sight Unseen system, guarantee and delivery. Thanks.” - L. Piotrowski, AB “Bought Sight Unseen. 100% satisfied. Can’t push him away from me. Easy keeper, quietest best behaved bull I have seen in 61 years. Will buy next one same way.” -R. Paul, ON

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“We bought 2 Hereford bulls sight unseen. The whole process of getting such good quality bulls was absolutely painless, right from the first conversation to delivery. These bulls were everything we expected and more. Easy fleshing, they maintained their weight through breeding.” – G&S Clark, AB “I’m not a big cow operation, have bought all my bulls Sight Unseen and were put on bull development and grow like weeds. Only 1 problem... I drive my wife crazy replaying the sales DVD.” – K. Kosheluk, SK “There were 5 bulls that came off the trailer, I picked the one I liked best in my head. Not knowing which one was mine. Once they sorted them the one I picked ended up in my trailer. Thanks a lot. You guys got me the bull I would have picked myself and you did it Sight Unseen.” – C. Tonneson, AB “Mac and the video reassured me that I was making a good decision buying Site Unseen. When I finally received my bull I never knew that kind of quality was around for a resonable cost. Perhaps the best bull I bought. Look forward to doing business again.”– K. Victoor, AB “Sight unseen program and bull were exactly as described, easier than travelling a lot of places looking for the right bull for our herd.” – J. & B. Tripp, ON “Very satisfied with my sight unseen bull and very satisfied with the service. I will look to your bulls when I need another one.” – C. Robertson “I bought sight unseen and was very satisfied. The video was very helpful.” – D. Wray, ON “All the bulls we have bought from you have served us well with no calving problems.” – I. Tuttle, NS “Very impressed with sight unseen. Both bulls I bought were what Mac told me they would be. Easy to handle and work with and throw good calves. I am 100% satisfied and will be buying again.” – R. Morrow, MB “Extremely pleased with our sight unseen purchase and would not hesitate to buy this way again. Our local vet remarked “That’s one heck of a nice bull.” – D. Parkin, SK “Your service was great. You helped me a tremendous amount just over the phone as to what bulls you would suggest. I was very satisfied.” – D. Norman, ON “The sight unseen purchase program you offer, coupled with a rock solid reputation, unquestioned convenience and a large battery of quality affordable sale bulls has again made bull buying from your ranch a pleasure. Thanks again!” – J. Comrie, MB “The sight unseen bulls seem to be easy fleshing and quiet. The Hereford bull was extremely good.” – J. Mizen, ON “We have used your sight unseen purchase program for many years and have always been satisfied with the quality of the bulls and the performance. Thank You!”– G. Morrel, AB


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MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale  

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale  

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale

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