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It is so gratifying for us at JSF to see the advancement and acceptance of this great breed worldwide. We have always thought that Speckle Park has its place in the beef industry and now, with more good stockman getting involved, the popularity has gained rapidly. We feel this breed has so much to offer through both its females and bulls with their ability to cross with every breed. The Speckle Park breed covers all the bases – fertility, calving ease, mothering ability, meat, structure, and most importantly, carcass and meat quality.

David & Arlinda Johner

Box 52, Maidstone, SK S0M 1M0 P: 306-893-2714 C: 780-205-4630

In our recent trip to Australia, Arlinda and I had the opportunity to witness this breed in a wide range of environment conditions. They can handle our conditions as harsh as they may be, but to witness them handling drought and extreme heat conditions and still maintain their condition was so satisfying. We also had the chance to see the cattle at Melbourne in show environment and quality. Then to see large numbers of young steers and females on dry, dry conditions still in great fit and healthy and large numbers like 300-500 steers F1’s and 500-1000 F1 females like peas in a pod - it’s truly outstanding what these bulls can do in the crossbreed programs! Further, we were able to visit probably the largest Speckle Park herds in Australia and realize why they are moving so quickly. We saw the Canadian sires doing a great job down under and it was very gratifying to see offspring of our own bulls not only at the show but also in the outback -200 F1 heifers and 150 F1 steers in a group, purebred bulls, heifers and 100 newborns at Minnamurra all sired by Whiskey - outstanding! Also seeing calves sired by Trade Secret, Calvin, Continental and Untapped. The breed sure is in the hands of some great producers. The interest shown in our program by astute stockmen made the trip so worthwhile and the hospitality was the best. We had so many discussions with all our hosts about the breed and its future. It is phenomenal where the Speckle Park breed can go, we all can agree that it’s limitless. With advancements in technology, here at JSF we are taking full advantage by doing Genomic Testing, 50K Panel DNA, cup ultrasound, igenity testing and samples for meat tenderness on all of our young females and bulls. As we move forward in having more understanding in all of these aspects, we have selected our own bulls from the same pen as our customers to put over our commercial cows to see if all this testing information is an actual tool. As we move into our third year of breeding this way, we can strongly say we have increased our production in a big way, as our steers go through a pasture to plate market we sit at 95% prime graded steers. With that we have increased our weaning weight on our steer and heifers upwards of 80lbs in the fall. So there is a place without a doubt for this breed in the beef industry. The experience is your choice, no doubt, but we at JSF know you will not be disappointed. Justin and I agree breeding good cattle is not a science, rather it is common sense and selection of the right qualities for the right reasons. If you have any questions on our bulls or our program for females or embryos, please call us, we love talking about this breed and it is without a doubt “JUSTIN’S PASSION”! At JSF we strive to give the best information possible for our customers. Thank you in advance for taking time to assess our program and know you can buy with confidence in our production.

David & Justin

Justin & Amber & Family

Box 696, Maidstone, SK S0M 1M0 P: 306-893-2667 C: 306-248-1305

Johner Stock Farm Speckle Park &Polled Hereford

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Johner Stock Farm Private Treaty Bull Sale

Johner Stock Farm Private Treaty Bull Sale  

Johner Stock Farm Private Treaty Bull Sale

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