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Martin Unrau On the Ranch and in the Political Arena


ou would never guess that ten years ago, Martin Unrau had never spoken in public. Today, this well-rounded rancher represents the Canadian beef industry in Ottawa and abroad as President of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA), and is just as at ease at a boardroom table debating free trade issues as he is in a tractor cab. Along with his wife Roxie and son Garett, Martin owns and operates Bar 88 Ranch near MacGregor, MB, south of the TransCanada Highway between Brandon and Portage la Prairie. The Unraus run 550 SimmentalAngus cross cows, both black and red. “The best cow in the world is a Simmental cross,” says Martin. “They have good feet and legs, good milk, and their calves grow. Simmental makes a tremendous cross with Angus, and we have built our herd on it.” For the past dozen years, Bar 88 red and black Simmental-Angus calves have been sold off the cow to three different buyers in Quebec and Ontario. “The calves are then backgrounded at my brother’s feedlot before being sent to Quebec or Ontario for finishing. We have a firm relationship with these buyers. They know our cattle and are impressed with them,” states Martin. “We also sell about 150 open replacement heifers every spring, ready for breeding. People really like the Simmental influence replacement heifers.” In addition to the cow herd, the Bar 88 operation includes 1,000 acres of farm land. “We were a straight cattle operation in 2003 when BSE hit, and that was also a drought year for us. Despite the challenges, Roxie and I decided to stick with it. We adjusted by adding grain production to our operation.” Their current crop rotation includes canola, corn, barley, and alfalfa; and they produce all of their own feed. “Corn is our ‘insurance’ crop,” says Martin. “We can adjust our corn silage acres depending on the year and corn is a cheap source of feed.” Given the fact that land in the MacGregor area is sandy and growing conditions can be dry, the Unraus have adopted minimum or no-till farming practices and plant shelterbelts in order to prevent wind and water erosion. “I’m not officially an environmentalist,” Martin admits, “but I think all cattlemen are environmentalists. Grass and trees are an environmental benefit from the cattle industry.” Thanks to close relationships with his brothers, Martin has the unique opportunity to see the cattle business from all perspectives. Norman Unrau owns and operates Rocking U Feeders, a 10,000 head custom feedlot continued on page 8



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located just half a mile down the road from Martin. Harold Unrau is general manager of the auction market at Grunthal, south of Winnipeg. “We go back and forth quite a bit,” says Martin. “This gives me a good sense of where the industry is at – price seasonality, where the buyers are, and who’s looking for what type of cattle.” Given this insight from cow-calf to feedlot, Martin testifies, “In the past, Simmental cattle have been called hard-feeding, but today’s Simmental are just as feed efficient as any Angus.” Since becoming involved with Manitoba Beef Producers in 2005 and the CCA in 2007, Martin has expanded his understanding of the beef industry to a global level. He has traveled extensively and been involved with successful CETA negotiations in Brussels and Ottawa, and mCOOL legislation battles in Washington, DC. “Most of us don’t understand that Canada is a high-input beef-producing country. In order to offset our higher costs and compete, we have to produce superior products. When I travel to Europe or Asia, I tell producers there that in Canada, we breed cattle with good hair coats that are feed efficient and easy fleshing. Compared to 25 years ago, our cattle today are 30% more efficient– this is from picking the right genetics,” shares Martin. “We have the tools in Canada to compete globally. But when you look around the world, everyone else is improving too. We can’t relax in any aspect of the cattle industry.” To compete in the future, Bar 88 Ranch will expand its cowherd now that Garett, 27, is on the farm fulltime. Martin and Roxie’s other three children live close by and remain interested in the cattle business, although not directly involved in the ranch at this time. “My main goal is to improve the efficiency of our operation by 20% in the next 20 years – find a way to utilize research in cattle genetics, feed production, and water use in order to produce 20% more product with the same inputs,” Martin adds. “We will also utilize the Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS) to track sire groups, based on feedlot results and carcass data. I think we can move a long way towards our goal of a 20% efficiency gain by selecting the right sires.” “We have bought bulls from across Canada and dealt with some tremendous Simmental breeders. Garett selects most of our bulls now, but it’s still all we talk about from December to March – it drives Roxie crazy! We look for structural soundness of course, and also thickness, depth of rib, and capacity. We also consider EPDs.”


The Unraus plan to stick with their current breeding program with half Simmental, half Angus cows. They keep about 20 purebred Simmental cows, for interests’ sake, which are normally bred Angus. A few of the resulting F1 bulls are sold to local producers with smaller herds. “I’ve also considered using a Full Fleckvieh bull on high percentage or purebred Angus females, for a one generation cross. The benefits of heterosis with a true F1 cross are a huge benefit in the feedlot when it comes to growth,” Martin says, based on first-hand experience. Martin offers the following advice to his fellow cattle producers: “Find the right kind of cattle for your place – for us, the Simmental-Angus cross is best. Take advantage of the benefits of heterosis that can be gained by crossbreeding. Focus on producing a quality product all the time.” He also emphasizes that the industry needs to work on maximizing the value of each cut of meat sold. In his opinion, higher carcass values filter back to the producer in the long run. “I think BIXS will be a very important program for Canadian cattle producers going forward, especially as we look to new markets like Europe. If we want to be serious about those markets, we will have to produce a traceable, top quality product. This may not be for everybody, but it’s a tool that’s out there. I see it working well in the future for a cow-calf producer to group sires and make breeding decisions based on past performance. If you keep track of animals in the feedlot, you know if your genetics work. I’ve offended people in the past by saying that every purebred breeder should feed at least a thousand steers a year!” When it comes to his success in the political arena and on the ranch, Martin Unrau remains humble. “I got started in cattle politics after BSE because I thought I had some good ideas to contribute – just like everybody else. After I became involved with CCA, I became more knowledgeable.” In terms of benefits afforded by his job as CCA President, Martin says that being up-to-date on big-picture events in the industry helps him make better decisions for his own operation. “It’s nice to contribute to the industry in a positive way; helping to fight big battles to the best of my ability. Getting to know leaders in the industry has also helped me grow and learn. The people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve built are a real perk of the job.” By Trish Henderson








From the Gate Post

By Bruce Holmquist General Manager, Canadian Simmental Association

Simmental on the Move Although many of you are now in the thick of discovering new prospects in the calving barn I would like to target this article as a summary of the busy fall of 2013. Along with the usual fall activities there were numerous events and meetings that your staff and Board of Directors attended and supported in several provinces. The busiest period had to be the mid-October to mid-November time frame with the Livestock Gentec meetings followed by our own CSA Board and Committee meetings in Calgary in October; this was then followed by several major livestock shows across Canada of which I had the pleasure of attending three of as unfortunately some overlap and travel budget does not allow attendance at every event every year. The Royal Agriculture Winter Fair in Toronto was the first stop where it was once again very clear that “the Country had come to the City” once again. As usual the Royal along with its partners and all the exhibitors did an exceptional job of showcasing their products as well as providing the venue to educate consumers on agriculture; what we do and why we do it. The Simmental show capably organized by the Ontario Simmental Association was once again first class. One of the highlights for many was the YCSA show along with the main show Champion Simmental Bull being a traditional colored animal; dispelling the notion that they all have to be red or black to come to town and compete in the show-ring; when the quality is there it will still be recognized regardless of color. During the show Ron and Carla Nolan were inducted to the Canadian Simmental Hall of Fame. A multi-breed sale was held at the Royal with a strong Simmental presence being felt. It was unfortunate that the schedule for the Royal overlapped with the Manitoba Livestock Exhibition (MLE) in Brandon as from all reports MLE was an excellent event as well and attended by a large crowd including several CSA Directors. Next on the list of major events was the Canadian National Simmental Show hosted by the Alberta Simmental Association in the tremendous facilities at Northlands Farm Fair in Edmonton. The cattle and enthusiasm in the barns was second to none and there were many favorable comments as to the Simmental breed’s successes and current acceptance in the beef herds across the country. At the banquet following the show the Maxwell Family were introduced as the newest members of the Canadian Simmental Hall of Fame. The multi-breed sale was a success with Simmental consignments


being some of the features. One of the notable successes at FarmFair this year had to be the International guests that were there to do business. Canadian Simmental was host to Mr. Manuel Blanco, General Manager of the Colombian Simmental Association as well as had the opportunity to talk Simmental with groups from Mexico and Kazakhstan. There was business conducted by some of the international buyers and all were impressed with the quality of our Canadian cattle. The final stop on the show circuit was Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) in Regina. This year Agribition followed right on the heels of Farm Fair as it was moved ahead due to the Grey Cup being held in Regina. As usual CWA was a flurry of activity with meetings, shows and other events that filled the week’s timeframe. The Simmental show and sale featured cattle from several provinces and strong interest was realized. During the show Barry Labatte and Earl Ballard were also inducted to the Canadian Simmental Hall of Fame rounding out the four very deserving inductees for 2013. One important highlight of the week to note was the auctioning of a Keith Shologan signed Saskatchewan Roughrider jersey with the proceeds going to S.T.A.R.S. Saskatchewan. This item was purchased at the GSSF auction this summer by Bouchard Livestock and Lewis Farms who generously donated it to be resold in Regina. S.T.A.R.S. is near and dear to the Simmental community as this air ambulance service has been used by two of our members over the past year and it was very rewarding to see the jersey raise $10,200 when the hammer fell. During the week Canadian Simmental was also well represented at other activities including the Canada/US producer roundtable and Saskatchewan Agriculture’s Genomics update session. As usual the week finished with the popular CWA commercial cattle show and sale which saw Simmental genetics figure prominently throughout. The show road is an expensive one and is not a marketing avenue that all breeders choose yet it is important that we maintain these events where we can to showcase Simmental across the nation. As highlighted above, it is often more than a show as it also provides the marketplace for us all to conduct business and network with our partners both domestically and internationally. Hats off to those who attended and especially exhibited at the shows in Olds, Victoriaville, Lloydminster, Brandon, Toronto, Edmonton and Regina; your promotion of the breed is appreciated!


Appuye sur le poteau de cloture

Par Bruce Holmquist Directeur Général, Association Simmental Canadienne

La race Simmental en action! ` de la Colombie était notamment l’invité de l’Association Tandis que plusieurs d’entre vous êtes déjà occupés dans l’étable Simmental de vêlage et que vous accueillez les nouveaux prospects de l’année, j’aimerais vous présenter un résumé des faits saillants de l’automne 2013, qui fut rempli d’activités. En plus des activités habituelles de l’automne, votre personnel et vos directeurs de l’association ont participé et supporté plusieurs évènements et rencontres importantes ayant eu lieu dans plusieurs provinces. La période la plus intense fut sans doute de la mi-octobre à la mi-novembre, avec les réunions du groupe “Livestock Gentec”, laquelle fut suivie par le conseil d’administration et les réunions des comités de l’ASC tenues à Calgary durant le mois d’octobre. Plusieurs expositions d’importance se sont ensuite déroulées un peu partout au Canada, et j’ai eu le plaisir d’être présent à trois de celles-là. Malheureusement, il n’est pas possible d’assister à chaque année à toutes les expositions majeures, en raison des conflits d’horaire et des frais de voyage. Mon premier arrêt eut lieu à l’Exposition Royale d’hiver de Toronto et, une fois de plus, il était bien évident que la « campagne était descendue en ville ». Comme d’habitude, l’organisation de la Royale ainsi que ses partenaires et tous ses exposants ont effectué un formidable travail afin de mettre en valeur tous leurs produits et faire en sorte de bien renseigner les consommateurs concernant nos activités en agriculture ; en fait montrer ce que nous faisons et pourquoi on le fait. Le jugement de la race Simmental organisé par l’Association Simmental de l’Ontario fut encore une fois un évènement de première classe. Plusieurs personnes ont été impressionnées par le taureau affichant une couleur plus traditionnelle couronné Champion du jugement principal et du jugement des jeunes éleveurs Simmental; venant ainsi contredire le fait que les animaux doivent être soit rouges ou noirs s’ils veulent être compétitifs au niveau des diverses expositions. En fait, si l’animal est de qualité, il obtiendra du succès peu importe sa couleur. Lors du jugement principal, on a par ailleurs intronisé Ron et Carla Nolan au Temple de la renommée de la race Simmental. Une vente multi-races s’est tenue lors de la Royale, et la race Simmental y était bien en évidence. Bien malheureusement, la cédule de la Royale s’entrecroisait avec celle de l’Exposition du bétail du Manitoba (MLE) ayant eu lieu à Brandon. Selon les échos et les commentaires entendus, celle-ci fut également une excellente vitrine de notre élevage, avec la participation d’une grande audience et la présence de plusieurs directeurs de l’ASC. Par la suite, le jugement national de l’Association Simmental du Canada, organisé par l’Association Simmental de l’Alberta, s’est déroulé à Edmonton, dans les excellentes infrastructures du parc d’exposition Northlands. L’enthousiasme et la qualité des animaux étaient au rendezvous dans les étables, où on a pu y entendre plusieurs commentaires à l’effet que la race Simmental connaissait beaucoup de succès et qu’elle était présentement très appréciée partout au pays. Lors du banquet tenu après le jugement, on a alors intronisé la famille Maxwell à titre de nouveaux membres du Temple de la renommée de la race Simmental. Là aussi, la vente multi-races a connu un vif succès, notamment avec certains sujets Simmental ayant obtenu les meilleurs prix. Fait à signaler, l’exposition “Farmfair” a accueilli en 2013 quelques visiteurs internationaux venus y 18 faire des affaires. M. Manuel Blanco, Directeur général de l’Association

Simmental du Canada. Nous avons également pu discuter d’affaires Simmental avec des visiteurs du Mexique et du Kazakhstan. Certains de ces visiteurs internationaux ont acheté des sujets et tous furent grandement impressionnés par la qualité du bétail canadien. Le dernier arrêt du circuit des expositions s’est tenu à l’Exposition Agribition de Régina. Cette année, l’Agribition était devancée d’une semaine et elle se tenait immédiatement après l’Exposition FarmFair, compte tenu du match de la Coupe Grey qui se tenait à Régina en 2013. La semaine d’activités tenues lors de l’Agribition fut de nouveau remplie par des réunions, des jugements ainsi que d’autres activités. Des animaux provenant de plusieurs provinces étaient offerts lors du jugement et de la vente de la race Simmental, les deux évènements ayant également été couronnés de succès. Lors du jugement, M. Barry Labatte et M. Earl Ballard furent à leur tour intronisé au Temple de la renommée de la race Simmental, venant ainsi compléter le groupe des quatre récipiendaires fort méritants de l’année 2013. Un des moments forts de cette semaine eut lieu lorsqu’on a vendu à l’enchère un chandail autographié par Keith Shologan des Rough Riders de la Saskatchewan, avec le versement des profits à l’organisation S.T.A.R.S. de la Saskatchewan. Précisons que cet objet avait été acheté lors de l’été 2013 par Bouchard Livestock et Lewis Farms, lors de l’encan de la Fondation Simmental Garth Sweet, puis ils l’ont généreusement redonné pour être remis en vente à Régina. L’organisation S.T.A.R.S. est en fait plus près de la communauté Simmental, car deux de nos membres ont eut recours à leurs services ambulanciers aériens au cours de la dernière année. Nous étions fiers de constater que la vente de ce chandail a permis de verser un montant de 10 200 $ envers cette organisation chère à la communauté. L’Association Simmental du Canada était de plus présente à plusieurs autres activités tenues durant cette semaine, en particulier la table ronde entre les producteurs du Canada et des États-Unis, de même que lors d’une rencontre de mise à jour concernant la génomique au niveau de l’agriculture de la Saskatchewan. La semaine s’est terminée comme d’habitude par le très populaire concours et la vente des bovins commerciaux, avec encore là une présence remarquée de sujets issus de génétique Simmental. On constate que le circuit des expositions est de plus en plus coûteux pour les participants et par conséquent, cela ne représente pas une avenue réaliste pour certains qui veulent faire la promotion de leurs produits. Il demeure toutefois important de les préserver, car ceux-là constituent d’excellentes vitrines de la génétique Simmental partout au Canada. Tel que mentionné précédemment, ces évènements représentent encore davantage qu’un seul jugement, puisqu’ils fournissent entre autres une opportunité de commercialiser nos produits, de faire des affaires et de tisser des liens privilégiés avec tous nos partenaires nationaux et internationaux. Je lève mon chapeau à tous ceux qui ont exposé de sujets ou qui ont été présents à Olds, Victoriaville, Lloydminster, Brandon, Toronto, Edmonton et Régina ; vous avez effectué une promotion formidable de notre race!






Breed Improvement

An Introduction. Jeff Hyatt – CSA Research Coordinator


fter being involved in the Research Coordinator and Breed Improvement role for almost 10 months it was suggested that I should tell you a bit about myself to help better understand my background. I grew up on a commercial cow/calf ranch in Northwestern Ontario. If you were to mention North in Ontario they would ask if you were from near Sudbury; in Western Canada most would assume Hudson’s Bay but neither of those would be correct. I grew up in the Rainy River Valley which is in Western Ontario near the Manitoba and Minnesota borders. To give you a better idea of distance it is about five hours further to drive to Toronto then it is to the CSA office in Calgary. The Rainy River Valley has always been good grazing land but we are also right on the edge of the Canadian Shield with one of our quarters being half pasture and the other half is Canadian Shield. We run 150 cows and about 200-300 stockers; some of our own and some bought in each October which are then sold normally in August at our local sales barn at Stratton, Ontario. These cattle are run on natural grass pastures totaling approximately 1500 acres of which roughly 800-900 acres is grazing land. Our operation has traditionally consisted of Charolais x Red Angus cross cattle; until February of this year when my Dad purchased a Simmental bull to put some red back in the herd and maintain the power while adding some mothering ability back to the cows. As a result we now have a Simmental bull walking the pastures of Circle H Farms and after his first calves hit the ground this spring I don’t think it will be long until we add more Simmental bulls. After finishing High School I studied Animal Science at the University of Guelph and upon graduating, I worked for the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association working with local 24

producers on grazing plans and corral facility designs. I also helped implement a health protocol program that would be identified at the local sales barn as “Rainy River Raised” cattle that were tagged with orange eartags. This program is still doing well providing a 2 to 5 cent premium to qualifying cattle. After that contract position was completed I moved to Lethbridge and worked for Cargill doing nutrition sales to smaller feedlots and eventually moved to the Canadian Hereford Association as the Breed Improvement Coordinator. After a year in the position I was successful in attaining the Canadian Simmental Association Research Coordinator position in the area of Breed Improvement. Canadian Simmental has become known as a very forward thinking and progressive Association that works cooperatively with all segments of the beef industry. One of these partnerships is with Livestock Gentec where I currently have an office that allows me to work directly with the research community while my wife, Lauren, does her University Graduate work at the University of Alberta. My goal when I finished University was to find a position in the Canadian cattle industry where I could help make a difference for the whole of the beef sector. With the work that the CSA is currently doing my position falls right into those criteria. My responsibilities include understanding the science of the research, realizing how it will actually be applied and then relaying that to producers. Through my young career I have been involved in the cattle industry from the Seedstock producer to commercial producer and feedlot and right to the packing plant. I look forward to working with the CSA and its members. It is an exciting time to be in the Simmental Breed and I am happy to be part of it.

DMF 222Z

DMF 2141Z

DMF 2107Z

DMF 253Z

DMF 268Z


Amelioration de la Race

Je me présente.

Jeff Hyatt – Coordonnateur de la recherche, ASC


ompte tenu que j’occupe le poste de coordonnateur de la recherche et de l’amélioration de la race depuis près de dix mois, on a pensé qu’il serait important que je me présente afin que vous puissiez alors mieux me connaître. J’ai grandi sur une entreprise vache-veau commerciale localisée dans le nord-ouest de l’Ontario. En mentionnant le nord de l’Ontario, on pourrait croire qu’il s’agit de la région de Sudbury; pour les gens de l’ouest canadien, plusieurs pourraient penser que je viens de la Baie d’Hudson, alors que ces deux hypothèses sont fausses. En fait, j’ai été élevé dans la Vallée de la rivière Rainy, située dans l’ouest de l’Ontario, proche des frontières du Manitoba et du Minnesota. Si vous voulez avoir une idée par rapport à la distance, disons qu’il faut conduire environ cinq heures de plus pour se rendre de cette région jusqu’à Toronto qu’il en faut pour aller au bureau de l’ASC à Calgary. La Vallée de la rivière Rainy est reconnue comme étant une bonne région pour la paissance des animaux, toutefois notre ferme familiale se retrouve directement en bordure du Bouclier canadien, avec notamment une de nos sections en pâturage formée en moitié d’herbages et avec l’autre moitié faisant partie intégrante du Bouclier canadien. Nous possédons un troupeau de 150 vaches et de 200 à 300 bouvillons d’engraissement; lesquels proviennent soit de notre troupeau, en plus d’autres veaux achetés chaque année en octobre, pour être revendus habituellement au mois d’août de l’année suivante à notre encan local situé à Stratton en Ontario. Tous ces animaux sont mis en paissance sur une surface totale d’environ 1500 acres composée de pâturages naturels permanents, dont environ 800 à 900 acres sont aptes à être pâturées. Traditionnellement, notre troupeau était constitué de bovins croisés Charolais et Angus Rouge; jusqu’en février 2013, alors que mon père a acheté un taureau Simmental afin de ramener un peu plus de rouge dans le troupeau, tout en préservant la performance de croissance et en ajoutant certaines qualités maternelles à notre cheptel reproducteur. Nous pouvons donc admirer un taureau de race Simmental dans les pâturages des Fermes Circle H et, sans aucun doute, ça ne prendra pas beaucoup de temps avant qu’on en ajoute d’autres lorsqu’on aura vu naître les premiers veaux au printemps. Suite à mes études secondaires, j’ai effectué un baccalauréat en agronomie (sciences animales) à l’Université de Guelph. Après ma graduation, 26

j’ai occupé un emploi au sein de l’Association des producteurs de bovins de la Vallée de la rivière Rainy, en conseillant les producteurs de la région selon leurs besoins au niveau des plans de paissance et du design de leur corral. J’ai également participé à la mise en place d’un programme de pratiques de santé chez les animaux, avec les bovins identifiés par une étiquette d’oreille orange et annoncés à l’encan comme étant “Élevé dans la Vallée de la rivière Rainy”. Ce programme se poursuit toujours et les producteurs reçoivent une prime de 0.02 à 0.03 $ pour leurs bovins qualifiés. Lorsque mon contrat de travail a été complété, j’ai déménagé à Lethbridge où j’ai alors occupé un emploi chez Cargill en ventes d’aliments auprès de petits engraisseurs de bovins, puis j’ai accepté le poste de Coordonnateur de l’amélioration génétique avec l’Association Hereford du Canada. Après une année dans ces fonctions, j’ai été chanceux d’obtenir le poste de Coordonnateur de la recherche et de l’amélioration génétique avec l’Association Simmental du Canada. L’Association Simmental est reconnue à titre d’organisation progressive et avant-gardiste qui collabore avec tous les partenaires de l’industrie bovine. L’un de ces partenariats se déroule avec la compagnie “Gentec Livestock”, là où j’occupe présentement un bureau de travail, me permettant ainsi d’être en relation étroite avec la communauté scientifique. Mentionnons par ailleurs que mon épouse Lauren s’affaire par à compléter ses travaux d’études graduées à l’Université de l’Alberta. Après mes études universitaires, mon but était d’obtenir un poste au sein de l’industrie bovine canadienne, là où je pourrais faire une différence au profit de toute la production bovine. Les travaux présentement mis de l’avant par l’ASC me permette d’atteindre entièrement mon objectif. Mes responsabilités professionnelles consistent à bien comprendre et suivre les progrès scientifiques, à caractériser comment ces travaux seront mis en pratique et ensuite à transmettre l’information aux producteurs. Malgré que ma carrière soit encore jeune, j’ai été impliqué avec plusieurs secteurs de l’industrie bovine, en partant des éleveurs de race pure aux producteurs commerciaux, jusqu’aux parcs d’engraissement et aux abattoirs. Je regarde vers l’avant et je suis très heureux de travailler avec l’ASC et ses membres. On vit présentement une période fébrile au niveau de la race Simmental et je suis très heureux d’y être associé.

1st Annual

Young Guns & Guests Simmental Bull Sale

February 12, 2014 - Wainwright, AB

Champs Achillies 12A

S: Double Bar D Wilhelm 261X D: Champs Terra 12P Maternal brother to Champs Wallace

Champs Axis 42A S: Champs Romano D: Legend X Doorn

60 bulls on offer

Champs Alistar 45A

S: Double Bar D Wilhelm D: Nacobi X Legend X Doorn

Champs Game Changer 98A S: Double Bar D Wilhelm D: Champs Pricilla Maternal Brother to Romano!!!

Champs Addison 92A

Champs Athens 50A

S: Double Bar D Wilhelm DS: SVS Strategy

S: Jack Pine Cujo D: Preemo x Miester

Champs Simmental

F5 Simmental

Sunset Simmentals

Hairy Hill Cattle Co.

Winston Ford - C: 780-842-9623 champsim@live.ca Laython Ford - C: 780-806-3600 champsim_2@hotmail.com Greg Arneson - 780-755-2468 wandao2000@yahoo.com

Double Bar D Wilhelm 261X

The first sons of this $34,000 bull sell!

Luke Ford - 587-891-8148 f5simmentals@hotmail.com

Mark Trabysh - 780-208-2375 jtrabysh@mcsnet.ca

View the catalogue online at www.BuyAgro.com 27








with Guest Consignor AJB Livestock Selling 70 ~ Fullbloods ~ Red Purebreds ~ Black Purebreds ~ Yearling & Two Year Old Bulls

For a catalogue or more information please contact: Dave 204-773-0467 • Mel: 204-821-5119 • Wayne: 204-796-0004 • Amy: 204-773-6140

www.bonchukfarms.com 35

Thank you

for attending, bidding, and buying at our 9th Annual Bull and Female Sale and/or Herd dispersal. We wish you all the best with your purchase (s).

10th & Final

Plan to join us for our

Bull & Female Sale Monday, February 17, 2014 at 1:00 pm on the farm in our heated sales barn

Our 2014 sale offering is the best set of bulls we’ve ever raised!!

KOP 163A


KOP 110A










KOP 159A



KOP 243A



KOP 250A


KOP 181A



KOP 205A


Bulls and Heifers with the thickness & capacity to keep Simmental cattle at the top of the cattle industry

Our entire pen of yearling heifers sell!! A powerful, uniform set of females, including transplant heifers out of 6P X Prairie Fire and Walker. Genetics more powerful than anything that has ever walked our pastures.



KOP 182A


KOP 106A


KOP 142A






KOP 149A







Edmund, Pauline & Laura Steven, Amanda, Madison, Kailey & Alexa Box 41, Amaranth, MB R0H 0B0 Ph: 204.843.2769 · Fax: 204.843.4558 Edmund’s Cell: 204.856.3064 Steven’s Cell: 204.843.0090


KOP 185A

For a sale catalogue or more information give us a call Watch for our Bull and Female sales videos online at




Stop in anytime the coffee’s always on and the bar is always open!

See You Sale Day!


9th Annual Robb-Hoegl Bull Sale Thank you to our 2013 Bull Buyers Rafter 4 T Farms Ltd.

West Gold Farms Ltd.

KJ Larre Ranching Ltd.

Don & Linda Amundrud

Levi Bristow

Y Coulee Land & Cattle Co.

Rosalie & Simon Bodurka Kevin Bristow Cindy & Glen Stonehouse

Smoky View Farms Ltd.

R. Leskow Ranching Ltd.

MJM Enterprises Inc.

South Peace Colony

Guillet Ranching

Keith Olson

Holt Colony

Wayne Trenerry

Plover Lake Ranch

Lazy S Cattle Company

Dean Smith

Wayne Lorenz

Mathiot Farms

Midway Industries Ltd.

Save the date February 20, 2014 Lloydminster Exhibition

1:00 pm MST

Hoegl Livestock Ltd. Murry, Lynette and Family Box 2087 Lloydminster, SK S9V 1R5 H: 306-825-5253 C: 306-821-1205 E: hoeglfarms2@sasktel.net

View the catalogue on www.BuyAgro.com 38



LRX 66A Broker X 680S

LRX 29A Wallbanger X LRX Red Thunder 105R

LRX 81A King of Jungle X Evan

LRX 19A LRX HP Rocket 23Y X LRX Justice 33U

1:00 PM (MST) Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds

Catalogue can be viewed online at www.BuyAgro.com and www.bohrson.com Trevor & Louelle: 306-893-2331 Gary & Darleen: 306-893-2934 Jay & Kylie: 306-893-2300 Cell: 780-205-0816 Cell: 780-205-0226 Cell: 780-205-1744 39


Western FF 12X Wyvern

Benzweiser 3T

38 - 2 Year Olds 40 - Yearlings BLCC

Mr Andrew 190X

Wolfes Western FF 12X - 6 sons sell Wyvern Benzweiser - 3 sons sell BLCC Mr Andrew 190X - 5 sons sell APLX Envoy 2 Y - 4 sons sell

78 - Fleckvieh Simmental & Red Angus Bulls

For Sale:



Envoy 2Y

Friday, February 21, 2014 1:30 pm, at the Farm

Annual Bull Sale



19thual n n A February 25, 2014 at 1:00

Gues Sadd t Consig lerid ge C nor haro pm lais

Bow Slope Shipping Association, Brooks, AB


Red Simmental

Black Simmental

Brian Bouchard Sales Manager 403.813.7999

Rainalta Simmentals & Charolais Bill Swenson 403.362.0854

Selling: Yearling, Two Year Old Simmental & Charolais Bulls 43

Bull & Female Sale February 26, 2014 - Saskatoon Livestock Sales Semen Tested, Delivered, Fully Guaranteed

Erixon Revelstoke 41A - Homo Polled Wallbanger x Showoff Reserve Grand Champion Bull and All Breeds Jackpot Champion at Brandon MLE

Erixon Dark Horse 36A - Homo Polled Full Throttle x Duke

Reserve Grand Champion Bull and All Breeds Reserve Champion Bull at P.A Ex - Second in class at CWA

Erixon Lady 3A - Wallbanger x 68OS Top 10 in the RBC Supreme alongside her dam Erixon Lady 126Y - Thanks to Double Bar D For the purchase of 3A at CWA

On Offer:

Erixon Lady 1A - Wellington x Red Label Thanks to 7M Livestock for the purchase of 1A At The National Trust

-50 Bulls -11 Heifers (Reds, red baldies, blacks)

Erixon Devil’s Cut 54A - Homo Polled Diablo x Red Baron Heifer bull potential

We Would Like to Thank Our 2013 Bull and Female Buyers:

-Mcdade Farms -Lake Bottom Cattle Co. -Hoffus Stock Farm -Tyler & Pamela Smith -Brian & Brenda Laboucane -Murray Fouhy -Ed & Shelly Omiecinski -Raymond Land & Cattle Co. -Hillcrest Farming Co. Ltd - R & F Livestock -Scott & Ronald Gehlen -Gary Amrud -Triple T Ranching Ltd -Scott Clemets -LaBatte Simmentals -Semex -Cricle 7 -Bonchuk Farms -Coulee Crossing Cattle Co. -Shaun Stadyk -D & D Cattle Co. -X-T Simmentals -Yellow Rose Simmentals -Oaks Cattle Co. -Darvin Huber -Josh Lindbergh - Trevor Jones -Dixon Producers Ltd. -Big Rock Simmentals -W2 Farms -Wyatt Laroche -Outlaw Cattle Co. -Katie Laroche -Luv-N-It Cattle Co. -Double R Simmentals -Sheldon Buhler -Jodi Hampton -Swantewitt Simmentals -Paul Macnab -Bar A Cattle Co. -Victor Tebay -Kevin Ouellette -Trevor Wutzke


Integrity Commitment Quality


Simmental Genetics

Continue To

Dominate In 2013 Manitoba Livestock Expo

Supreme Champion Pen of Bred Yearling Heifers Exhibited by Little Willow Creek, Frenchman Butte, SK

CIBC Little Lady Classic Reserve Champion Exhibited by High Bluff Stock Farm, Inglis, MB

Grand Champion Pen Of 3 Bull Calves – European Breeds South Holden Simmental, Holden, AB

Jackpot Bull Show Champion Exhibited by Erixon Simmentals, Clavet, SK

Grand Champion Pen Of 3 Yearling Bulls – European Breeds Exhibited by Little Willow Creek, Frenchman Butte, SK

Pen of Three Bulls Jackpot Exhibited by Maple Lake Stock Farms, Hartney, MB

Supreme Champion Pen of Bulls Exhibited by Little Willow Creek, Frenchman Butte, SK

Canadian Western Agribition

Grand Champion Pen Of 3 Bred Yearling Heifers Exhibited by Little Willow Creek, Frenchman Butte, SK

Reserve Champion Pen of 5 Bred Replacement Heifers Exibited by Kyle Westman, Vermilion, AB

King of the Ring Grand Champion Exbibited by Tyler Farms, Cutknife, SK

Champion Pen of 10 Bred Replacement Heifers Exhibited by Westman Farms, Vermilion, AB Reserve Champion Pen of 10 Bred Replacement Heifers Exhibited by Murray Westman, Vermilion, AB Grand Champion Pen of Bred Replacement Heifers Exhibited by Westman Farms, Vermilion, AB Reserve Champion Pen of Replacement Heifers Exhibited by Blairswest Land and Cattle, Drake, SK Champion Pen of Five Open Replacement Heifers Exhibited by Gord & Sandy Gerrard, Southey, SK

Edam Fall Fair Ranchers Choice Steer Reserve Champion Exhibted by Edwin Wall, Edam, SK

Prospect Heifer Champion Exhibited by Grant Lodge Farms, Edam, SK

Pen of 3 Bred Heifers Champion Exhibited by Waterhouse Ranching, Shellbrook, SK Champion Pen of 3 Bulls Exhibited by Robb Farms, Maidstone, SK

Reserve Champion Pen of Five Open Replacement Heifers Exhibited by Sentes Farms, Raymore, SK

3rd Place Pen of 3 Bulls Exhibited by SAJ Simmentals, Edam, SK

Champion Pen of 10 Open Replacement Heifers Exhibited by Sentes Farms, Raymore, SK

4th Place Pen of 3 Bulls Exhibited by Mcintosh Livestock, Maymont, SK

Grand Champion Pen of Open Replacement Heifers Exhibited by Gord & Sandy Gerrard, Southey, SK Reserve Champion Pen of Open Replacement Heifers Exhibited by Sentes Farms, Raymore, SK Reserve Champion Pen of 5 Feeder Steers Exhibited By Blairswest Land and Cattle, Drake, SK Champion and Reserve Champion Pen of 10 Feeder Steers Exhibited By Gord & Sandy Gerrard, Southey, SK Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Feeder Steers Exhibited By Gord & Sandy Gerrard, Southey, SK Supreme Champion Pen of Bulls Exhibited By McIntosh Livestock, Maymont, SK

Lloydminster Stockade Grand Champion Pen Of 3 Bred Heifers Jackpot Exhibited by Little Willow Creek, Frenchman Butte, SK Grand Champion Pen Of 3 Bred Yearling Heifers Exhibited by Little Willow Creek, Frenchman Butte, SK

FarmFair International

Champion Pen of 5 Bred Heifers Exbibited by Westman Farms, Vermilion, AB Champion Pen of 10 Bred Heifers Exhibited by Loralta Farms, Boyle, AB Reserve Champion Pen of 10 Bred Heifers Exhibited by Westman Farms, Vermilion, AB Grand Champion Pen of Bred Heifers Exhited by Loralta Farms, Boyle, AB Reserve Grand Champ. Pen of Bred Heifers Exhibited by Westman Farms, Vermilion, AB

Peoples Choice 1st Place Exhibited by Westman Farms, Vermilion, AB 2nd Place Exhibited by Loralta Farms, Boyle, AB Reserve Champion Pen of Bulls Exhibited by High Country Cattle Services, Breton, AB

Grand Champion Pen of Bred Yearling Heifers Exhibited by Little Willow Creek, Frenchman Butte, SK

Congratulations to all breeders who exhibited Simmental and Simmental Influenced cattle this fall! 46


Thank You To All Last Years Buyers 2013 Jayshaw Simmentals High Seller BUYER: R-Five Simmentals

2013 Triple K High Seller buyer: Calerdon Cattle Co.

2013 South Seven Farms High Seller buyer: Maxwell Simmentals

2013 Rafter 4T High Seller Buyer: Brock Ranches

2013 Green Hill Ranch High Seller BUYER: Schmidt Brothers

Feature Bulls for 2014 Sale




Sire: Topnotch



LHVS Mr. Lockhart 4A

S: Wheatland Bull 680S

D: Triple C Smarty Pants

On Offer...

80 Simmental, Black Angus and Red Angus Bulls LHVS Mr. Lockhart 49A

S: SU Jenkins 6J

D: LHVS Ms Lockhart 51X

LHVS LHVS Mr. Lockhart 63A

S:LHVS Commander 59X

D: LHVS Ms Lockhart 26N


Supplying Cattlemen with the Quality, Quantity & Selection they demand, and the service they deserve.

20th Annual Bull Sale with Select Open Females

Saturday, March 1, 2014, 1:00pm


Red & Red Blaze Polled Simmental Bulls


Black Polled Simmental Bulls

Carieville, SK - At the Ranch (heated sales arena)

150 Bulls Sell

20 Select Open Females

Herd Bulls Designed by Ranchers for Ranchers • All bulls born, bred & developed right here at MRL • Large sire groups 1/2 and 3/4 brothers Penfulls of uniform bulls in every category The majority of our bulls sell in the • Sight Unseen Buyer’s Program $ 3 0 0 0 -$ 5 0 0 0 (Can’t make it sale day, give us a call. price range, and 95% go to Comm Almost 25% of our bulls sell SUS. ercial Cowboys Many repeat customers year after year.) • Semen evaluated and guaranteed 25 coming 2 year olds ready to • Free Delivery in Western Canada. co ve r some ground Cost sharing to the East (Our trailer is most likely going right past your gate.) • Sound rugged Bulls developed on a high roughage ration (Born, bred and fed to work and stay working) • Extra age bulls ready to cover some ground. Offering 25 coming 2 year olds & January/February born yearlings. • Genetically engineered to excel for the commercial cattleman. Calving ease, performance and packed full of maternal traits.

• Affordable Bulls • • New for 2014 •


Fullblooded Fleck Simmental Bulls

“THE BULL BUSINESS” IS WHAT WE DO! Supplying Quality Herdbulls for progressive Cattlemen for 40 years! The value of MRL bulls is 40 years rich in history with commitment to quality, functional, ranch-raised genetics that can only be matched by the longevity of a breeding program. “No Fluff No Puff”. Over 700 mother cows managed the same as our commercial customers’ herds. The 150 bulls on offer rise to the top on the strength of their genetic makeup, backed by our highly regarded cow herd and one of the top herd bull batteries in the business. Calving ease, performance, maternal traits, herd bulls that work in the real world. “Come see for yourself what keeps the commercial cowboys coming back year after year!” Give us a call or email for a full color catalogue and bull video.



Purebred Red Angus Bulls


Simm/Angus Bulls (Red and Black)





kwa 86a mRL Integrity x biss toby

kwa 52a full throttle x power surge

kwa rampage 381a rampage x topgun

stubby x power plus

kwa north 19a kop true north x warden

KWA 192a mrl integrity x red pioneer

kwa 336a


Thank you

to Virginia Ranch and Skywest Simmentals for the purchase of our fullblood cows. Good fortune and best wishes in the New Year! Semen and tanks available

Brock Ranch Simmentals Brian, Roxane and Sierra Ebbesen Innisfail, AB 403-728-3186 E: bebbesen@telus.net


S &



For Sale By Private Treaty Top 10 in Alberta Supreme Show

Ty-D Livestock would like to thank Ashworth Simmentals for his purchase at Agribition. M&S Cattle Co. would like to thank Mike Kunic and Gary Forbes. Colt Cattle Co. would like to thank Bar SK Cattle Co. for their purchases at The Source Sale. We would also like to thank all our bull buyers from this past year.

Dream On x On Target

M&S Cattle Co.

Mark & Susan Draves H: 780-847-2354 Mark Cell: 780-808-3697

Boundary Senator x Body Builder Paternal brother to Jack Daniels

Ty-D Livestock Ty Draves 780-871-4929

Colt Cattle Co. Colton Draves 780-872-6894





Tanker X Body Builder


Full Throttle X Dream On

We welcome your calls and invite you to view the bulls at the farm prior to the sale.

ETZ 162A


Terry & Debbie Skoretz Ph: 780.384.2189 Cell: 780.385.2027 Dale & Nanette Jones Ph: 780.384.2235

Crocket X Rezult



March 6, 2014 1:00 pm Spring Creek Ranch, Moosomin, SK

130 Red & Black Simmentals, Red & Black Angus & Black Bestbeef bulls.

It’s more than just a bull purchase at the "In Pursuit of Perfection" Bull Sale We become a partner in your cattle operation!

Our Innovative “Customer Care Programs” are designed to support all Cattlemen near and far! Never buy insurance again (included in bull purchase price) – IPOP Warranty /Insurance – Get the Use of a Yearling and We winter him to a Two Year Old – IPOP Wintering Program – We value our Partnerships in the Cattle Business – IPOP Repeat Customer Incentives – Your One Stop Shop for Multiple Purchases (2%-12% volume incentives) – IPOP Volume Purchase Incentives –

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! To view full program details visit one of our websites www.blacksandcattle.com or www.springcreeksimmentals.com or give us a shout to discuss further!


Ontario Corn Fed Beef

“Faith in our members, pride in our product”


aunched by the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association in 2001, the Ontario Corn Fed Beef brand was created to expand the market for beef raised in Ontario. The producer-owned program has accomplished this mission, and is now looking to share its success with the rest of the Canadian beef value chain. In their first year, Ontario Corn Fed Beef slaughtered 25 head per week. By 2011, average weekly slaughter had increased exponentially to 2,800. In 2013, slaughter has averaged 5,700 head per week and is on pace to reach almost 300,000 head this year. Ontario feedlots have always bought Western Canadian cattle. But with fewer calves born and raised in their province, Ontario cattle feeders are purchasing more and more feeders from out-of-province. The Ontario feedlot sector is starting to grow; which will further drive the demand for Western Canadian feeder cattle. “Ontario Corn Fed Beef has never been just about Ontario,” says Jim Clark, Executive Director of the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association. “If the Ontario Corn Fed Beef product does well, so does the entire Canadian beef industry; it all boils down to cooperation. The program is built on strong partnerships with all industry participants – including producers, truckers, auction markets, livestock dealers, packers, retailers and foodservice companies.” “We support the Ontario cow-calf sector and will continue to do so, but high cash crop land values and a reduction in our provincial cow herd have put pressure on our feeder market. Sometimes we forget that being a cow-calf producer is not an easy job – there doesn’t seem to be a lineup of young people wanting to get into cow-calf production. The old saying was ‘the money will run out long before the cattle do’, but times have changed since BSE. The reality is that feeder cattle supplies are running short. We need to continue building on our cow-calf partnerships at home and especially in Western Canada 64 to maintain our commitments for a steady supply

of high-quality Ontario Corn Fed Beef,” Clark adds. The Ontario Corn Fed Beef brand provides consumers with a recognizable logo assuring a consistent, high quality product that is produced in accordance with specific standards. To be eligible, cattle must be fed and processed in Ontario and receive an 80% corn ration. Producers who feed cattle for the brand are required to have onfarm food safety training, keep detailed feeding and animal health records (which are subject to audit), and complete an Environmental Farm Plan.

A branding relationship with Loblaw Companies Ltd. means Ontario Corn Fed Beef is available on the shelves of 241 Loblaw’s stores in Ontario. There are also approximately 100 smaller gourmet butcher shops and retailers who carry the brand, many of whom have been partners since the beginning of the program. Since 2002, Ontario Corn Fed has been supplying the restaurant and institutional markets through a partnership with Morton Wholesale Foods of Windsor, ON. Recently, an agreement was signed with Sysco North America, one of the largest foodservice companies in the world. The brand also has an alliance with Treeline Foods, a smaller foodservice provider in Toronto. In 2012, Loblaw’s worked closely with Ontario Corn Fed Beef to launch the “Ontario Corn Fed Platinum” brand which is available exclusively in

Loblaw’s stores. “Platinum” product is selected from the top 3% of carcasses based on marbling, yield and carcass composition. Approximately 25,000 head have already fallen into this premium category in 2013. Loblaw’s Ontario Corn Fed Beef Platinum entry won the “superior taste” award at the 2013 International Taste and Quality Institute’s competition in Brussels, Belgium. Focus on consumer preferences has been integral to the success of the Ontario Corn Fed brand. Every summer, Jim Clark drives the Ontario Corn Fed Beef “mobile kitchen” tractor trailer unit to 60 different grocery store parking lots. This allows the brand face-time with 500 consumers on an average day, providing the opportunity to learn exactly what they’re looking for in beef products. “As beef producers, we need to be proactive in telling our story. We have nothing to hide – we’re great family operations, great stewards of the land, and we produce great food. Consumers vote with their pocketbooks, and we have to listen,” states Clark. Although Ontario Corn Fed Beef has been displacing non-branded beef on Ontario grocery store shelves, the product does not currently sell at a set premium. “The market will dictate if there’s a premium in the future. Our original goal was to build brand awareness and overall product tonnage,” shares Clark.“We have accomplished that, and I believe the brand has created higher prices for fed cattle in Ontario; and premiums are passed up and down the beef value chain.” The market for Ontario Corn Fed Beef is bigger than just the province of Ontario. The brand already exports across the Northeastern United States, and product samples are being sent to select countries in the Middle East. Asia is also a target market as this area has strong demand for quality Canadian branded beef products. Packer partners and Canada Beef Inc. have been integral partners in establishing domestic and international reach for Ontario Corn Fed Beef. In terms of what Ontario feedlots are looking

for when they buy feeders, Clark says: “We’re simply looking for strong, healthy, vaccinated calves. Cow-calf producers across Canada are doing a great job breeding cattle. Our Ontario Corn Fed Beef feeding protocols create beef consistency – it’s both our genetics and the way we feed cattle in Canada that creates excellent beef.” “All major Canadian beef breeds have greatly improved carcass traits,” he adds.“Our brand has never been breed specific, due to the wide range of top genetics available – and no longer does hide color tell you the genes of an animal. But if I had to name one beef breed that has changed significantly for the better, I would say Simmental. The Canadian Simmental Association has recognized that quality genetics are needed to create quality cattle and quality beef. Simmental has moved from large frame size to more moderate

animals with stronger carcass characteristics.” Involved in developing the brand from the ground up, Clark admits he still gets a little emotional when he sees Ontario Corn Fed Beef on grocery store shelves. “When I see our brand showcased to consumers, I think of all of the work that has gone into producing it. From the calf through to the meat counter, there is strong commitment from our producers to sell some of the best beef in the world. When I’m out on the road, my shirts carry our logo and our slogan: ‘Faith in our members, pride in our product.’ There’s nothing better than a consumer telling me, ‘I like your shirt, but I enjoy your beef even more!’” “There is a great future for Canada’s beef industry despite all of today’s challenges,” Clark maintains. “Beef producers – cow-calf, backgrounder, and feedlot – are extremely resilient. We need to work together to show the next generation that there’s opportunity. I believe those opportunities are in branded beef, and there is room for other producer groups to do what Ontario Corn Fed has done. Our sector will succeed based on the quality of our beef. My motto is, the only beef that ever hurt you was the beef you didn’t eat!” By Trish Henderson 65






Swantewitt Simmentals

- Great Bulls at a reasonable price, our last sales have averaged between $2800 and $3200. - Ranch raised for longevity. We love hearing about our bulls that are still out there and have been resold between friends and are still going strong! - We have 14 bulls under 90 lbs birth weight. Many potential Fullblood and Purebred heifer bulls.

Majority of our bulls sell to repeat commercial cattle producers

JSJ 151A - Sire: Sw. Teddy 14Y

Call or email for a full catalogue Gerd, Donelle, Justine, Jordan & Darian Bremmekamp

780.712.2096 780.712.3496 780.693.2124

JSJ 21A - Sire: CNS Dream On

Cherry Creek Carlsberg 2S

JSJ 252Z - Sire: Sw. Windsor 9W

Very thick, moderate framed bull We look forward to seeing his influence in our herd and others


Swantewitt X Rock 42X - 5 sons sell (all polled) LFE RRS Lewis 378W - 5 sons sell (all polled) Swantewitt Windsor 9W - 7 sons sell (all polled) Swantewitt Teddy 14Y - 5 sons sell (all polled)

JSJ 266Z - Sire: Anchor D Sting 184W

Swantewitt Full Load 293Z - Reg # 788117 Sire: Swantewitt Eltano 40X For Sale By Private Treaty - contact Gerd


Cherry Creek Carlsberg 2S - 8 sons sell Virginia Barcelona 46X - 12 sons sell (2 polled) Anchor D Sting 184W - 10 sons sell (most are polled) Swantewitt Eltano 40X - 7 sons sell

swantewitt@gmail.com Check out our new website! Catalogue will be available for online viewing after January 15, 2014 www.swantewittsimmentals.com

Our 350 head registered herd has been 22 years in the making and consists of quality genetics in both Purebred and Fullblood Simmental cattle, going back to several older dams and walking herd bulls and AI sires. “We pride ourselves on the longevity of bulls still out in our local commercial herds.�

All bulls have been through a five-day halter breaking program. 71

1st Annual


March 8, 2014 Lloydminster

TFL Hemi 4A

S: LFE BS Lewis 322U DS: WS Beefmaker R13

“King of the Ring” Champion Over All Breeds Lloydminster Stockade Round-Up

TFL Bullseye 11A

TFL Mr. Fired Up 8A

S: Crossroad Crosby 337Y DS: Anchor “T” Metro 4E

S: COLB Fired Up 17X DS: MF Mr. Evan 14P

TFL Titanium 23A

S: Crossroad Radium 789U DS: Champs Wallace

TFL Outlaw 49A

S: Champs Wallace DS: CEN Laredo 519L

TFL Casanova 24A

S: IPU Romano 156X DS: SU Rio Grande 55R

TFL Crossfire 50A

S: Double Bar D Spit Fire 20X DS: CEN Laredo 519L

Red Willow Ranch Formerly “Tyler Farms”


TFL Firecracker 19A

S: Double Bar D Spit Fire 20X DS: Champs Romano

TFL Commander 32A

S: Crossroad Radium 789U DS: PRL Houston 005H

TFL Toro 68A

S: Champs Wallace DS: PRL Houston 005H

The Tyler Family Box 542, Cut Knife, SK S0M 0N0 Josh Tyler • C: 306-390-7745 • jtyler_14@hotmail.com Darren Tyler • P: 306-398-2811 • C: 306-398-7554 • dttyler@yourlink.ca


Bull Sale Exhibition Grounds - 1:00 pm

With Guest Consignor Little Willow Creek Ranch - “The Harlands”

BLACK GOLD NightTrain 55A

BLACK GOLD Cinderella Man

DAM: MS BGS Zam 47W DS: Diamond J Rambo 56S S: BGS Whistler 64X

DAM: MS BGS Black Wonder 11Y DS: SKORS Red Spectrum 27S S: JS Sure Bet 4T

BLACK GOLD Radioactive 36A


DAM: Blushrose MsPeek-A-Boo 41P DS: Anchor D Deglo 66L S: Crossroad Radium 789U

DAM: NCS Ms Jahari 18U DS: Shawacres Jahari 50L S: Champs Bravo

Offering (3) - 10 Dose packages of Southseven Mr Adonis 96Z DAM: South Seven Miss 70S DS: South Seven Navigator 33N S: BLCC Mr Adonis 30X

Black Gold Simmental Ltd. Box 593, Lloydminster, SK S9V 0Y7

Randy, Ryley & Toby: 306-825-9465 Randy Cell: 306-821-0113 Lyle: 306-825-2164 • Neil: 306-387-6696 • Owen: 780-872-4029 info@blackgoldsimmental.com • www.blackgoldsimmental.com

Polled & Horned Fullbloods • Full Fleckvieh • Red & Blacks

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Great Guns TX Gus 124X HORNED FULL FLECKVIEH S: Great Guns TX Buddy D: Great Guns TX Sis BW: 86 lbs. Reg# 751709

Great Guns Astro 3X

HORNED FULL FLECKVIEH S: Great Guns Hans 96NZ D: Great Guns Petunia 1P BW: 87 lbs. Reg# 751335

Great Guns Ramses 1X

HORNED FULL FLECKVIEH S: Great Guns Regio 9R D: Great Guns Opal 19P BW: 86 lbs. Reg# 751330 Stay tuned for sale bull pictures on our website!


Also some outstanding herdsire prospects out of:

Great Guns Regio 9R

RJY Caesars Revolution 9Y

WFL Commander 78R

Genetic Source Bull Sale - Brandon, MB - March 10, 2014

Matthew and Marguerite Smith Trevor and Amy Peters Brad and Lauren Smith H: 204.723.2293 H: 204.328.7458 H: 204.723.0254 C: 204.526.7423 C: 204.573.0587






Kulyk Simmentals Proudly Presents


RUK 38A 100% Fleck

S: Anchor D Octane DS: SU Rocky

S: LWC Jahari DS: DFM Ridges Damon 447D

RUK 70A 100% Fleck

S: LWC Jahari DS: RUK Mr Phoenix

Thank You To Our Repeat Buyers Alberta: Working Genes Ranch Marvin Garnier Larry Garnier Robert Garnier Ed Jacula Darcy Flad Daryl Paulgard Wayne Fleming Hill 70 Quantock

Saskatchewan: 80

Little Willow Creek Ron Pikowicz


S: G7 POL Rocket 12P DS: MTV Garner 12N

RUK 14A Polled

S: G7 POL Rocket 12P DS: Shawacres Pobe

S: LWC Jahari DS: MFL Meister


S: LWC Jahari DS: PRL Lode King

RUK 82A S: LWC Jahari DS: IPU Mr Houston

RUK 116A

S: LWC Jahari DS: PRL Lode King

RUK 50A 100% Fleck

Kulyk Simmentals Commercial • Purebred • Fullblood Richard Kulyk RR#1 North Battleford, SK S9A 2X3 Farm: (306) 445-5545 Cell: (306) 441-9238 E: rkulyk@sasktel.net

Thank You To Our New Buyers Alberta: Marty Hatchard (2 bulls) Carvelle Cattle Co. Brian Pashulka Dusty Rose Cattle Co. (2 Bulls)


Pernitsky Farms Black Gold Simmentals Glen Sutherland Perdue Ranching Co-op Robert Holba


Earl Ballard

Barry LaBatte

The Canadian Simmental Association (CSA) is pleased to announce the induction of a group of very influential Simmental breeders into the Canadian Simmental Hall of Fame. Ron and Carla Nolan, Markdale, ON; Barry LaBatte, Gladmar, SK; Earl Ballard, Saskatoon, SK; and Maxwell Simmentals, Viking, AB are all long time-leaders within the Simmental breed and well-deserving of this honourable award. The prestigious Canadian Simmental Hall of Fame award is given to past or present CSA members who have contributed to the expansion and growth of the Simmental breed, and who are leaders not only within the Association but also within the entire beef industry and their community. Inductees are nominated by their fellow breeders and recognized for their involvement in their provincial association and their contribution to the Canadian Simmental Association. “On behalf of the CSA Board of Directors and all of its members, we would like to welcome these Simmental breeders into the CSA Hall of Fame and thank them for their many years of dedication and commitment to the Simmental breed and the Canadian beef industry,� states CSA General Manager, Bruce Holmquist.

Maxwell Simmentals

Ron & Carla Nolan 81


very spring sudden deaths of apparently well doing healthy calves frustrate good managers. This article will shed some light on these internal conditions as to their cause and help producers realize some things are simply beyond their control. We see one to two percent perforating ulcers every spring on many well-managed farms. These are ulcers on the abomasum (fourth stomach), which have eaten right through the entire wall allowing gut contents to spill out into the abdomen. These calves die within 24 hours of this happening in fact most are found as a sudden death. If alive they are very shocky weak dehydrated, may be down and often full or bloated on both sides of their abdomen. It is very often your best doing calves. Initially the cause of these was suspected to be everything from clostridial diseases to hairballs to BVD to copper deficiency to genetics. A lot of these probable causes were pretty much ruled out by a group of researchers out of the veterinary college in Saskatoon on a study done ten years ago. They surveyed herds across Western Canada and found these calves generally are in the six to eight week range when they ulcerate and are generally the upper end as far as growth. The incidence was as high in well managed herds where a lot of the suspect causes could be ruled out. At the six to eight week stage in their growth there are changing from essentially a single stomached animal to one that ruminates whereby the rumen is enlarging. As a result the calves diet is changing from only mothers milk to roughage and something triggers this ulcer formation. Ulcers happen on calves picking at hay or where their mothers are primarily fed silage. No study has followed up since but I rarely see ulcers on later born calves that go through this transition at pasture. The diet change is much more subtle going from milk to milk and very fine soft new grass. Perhaps this more natural change has something to do with it. Perhaps dead calves are not found to be checked at pasture but in the future perhaps this question can be researched and answers found. For now some producers live with the fact a low percentage of good calves get this condition and die. A very few if found early enough and just have colicky signs surgery can be done and the area resected but they must be found fast and the veterinarian react before the ulcer has perforated. Calves in spring can be presented to a veterinary clinic simply full with no manure present. If they are alert and lively a hairball or other object causing an obstruction could be the cause.


Often these are initially treated with laxatives to see if the object will pass. If not surgery is performed and an enterotomy incision done right over the obstruction and the calf will generally make an uneventful recovery. If this situation is left an intussusception may develop which is essentially the telescoping of the intestines into itself. Peristalsis is the contractions, which move feed down the intestinal tract. With an obstruction or sometimes spontaneously the intestines overdue this process and telescope on themselves. The resultant swelling and scarring in itself then will also cause a blockage. Surgery can again be done and often the involved area of intestines is removed back to normal and the two ends are then joined together. The intestines will heal quickly and again an uneventful recovery if often the result after a few days of convalescence. Torsions are intestinal accidents generally involve the small intestines, spiral colon, ceacum (equivalent to the human appendix) or the abomasum. Calves get shocky and bloated very quickly. Again if surgery is performed to correct the torsion it must be done right away otherwise blood supply is damaged to the intestines or stomach since the torsion acts essentially like a tourniquet on the affected tissues. If you wait even a couple hours the prognosis is very grave indeed on all the intestinal related torsions. Every year we have several cases of small intestines on newborn calves eviscerating out through an umbilical hernia site. Sometimes the hernial contents will be contained within a sac. These are a dire veterinary emergency and if rushed into the clinic for surgery they can have a high rate of success. If the contents get contaminated by straw dirt or stepped on by the calf the odds reduce drastically. The best thing to do with these calves is get them upside down so no more intestines fall out from gravity. Wrapping a clean wet towel around the area facilitates this and prevents any exposed intestines from drying out. If surgery can be performed without much contamination to the area the veterinarian replaces the herniated contents repairs the hernial site and covers them with antibiotics. What is really critical here are how quick producers discover them and how they are transported into the clinic. The minute your veterinarian examines them he/she can give you a fairly accurate prognosis as to the final outcome and whether surgery is worth it. The causes of abdominal problems are varied. In half the cases diagnosis is made on autopsy and other cases can have favourable outcomes if surgery is performed. Quickly have any of these conditions checked by your veterinarian as time is often of the essence as they are true veterinary emergencies.


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Storebo Farm

Dale & Betty Storebo Home: (306) 859-4942

Lazy Bar-B Simmentals

Gary Boon (306) 858-2762 www.lazybar-bsimmental.com 84

Double G Simmentals Gary & Glen Goodsman Gary: (306) 963-7700 Glen: (306) 963-7777 Home: (306) 963-2747

W2 Farms

Donald & Tammy Williams Home: (306) 365-3489 Donald: (306) 231-5402


60 Simmental Yearling & 2 Year Olds All Polled 15 Red Angus Purebred Open Heifers

Porter’s Bull Sale March 21, 2014


Several Sire Groups

CWP 911Y

Selling 12 Red/Black Max Simmental Bulls


Selling 50 Red/Black Simmental Bulls


Bulls Developed On A Forage Diet


Ultra Sound Carcass Data

CWP 111A

Bull Fertility & Semen Tested

CWP 125A

Call or email for the 2014 bull sale brochure!

CWP 138A

R.R. #1 Site 2, Box 17 Keith Kevin Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1X1 780-968-0002 780-968-6772 kmporter@canadasurfs.ca 780-915-3969 780-915-9823 View our catalogue online at www.porterranches.com

Homesteaded in 1903...CSA #841... A Fifth Generation Family Farm


Selling 60 Simmental yearling bulls and a select set of replacement heifers

JHSN 9137Z



Scissors Creek Cattle Co.

Sun Rise Simmentals

Johnson Stock Farms

Flying F Ranch

Mark & Jennalee Beutler P: 306-735-4434 C: 306-735-7841 E: jennalee_e@hotmail.com

Lyall & Konleigh Johnson P: 306-224-4272 C: 306-736-7877 E: konleighjohnson@hotmail.com

Prairie Wind Farms Ltd.

Wes & Brian Mack Wes: P: 306-634-4410 C:306-421-1853 Brian: P: 306-634-4431 C: 306-421-2938 E: wkmack@signaldirect.ca


Reserve Champion Pen of Bulls They all Sell!

Evan & Linda Cuss P: 306-534-4700 C: 306-745-7431 E: cuss@sasktel.net

Mike Fellner

P: 306-842-1816 E: m.c.fellner.flyingf@sasktel.net

Tableland Cattle Co,

Wade & Heather Brokenshire P: 306-634-5535 E: tablelandcattle@sasktel.net

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Nutrition of Beef Distillers Grain Distillers’ grains are a by-product from the process of grain-based ethanol production and can be used as an economical commodity in feeding cattle. As long as bioethanol production continues at current levels, the feedlot industry in Canada will feed distillers’ grains in order to produce beef as efficiently as our trading partners. Most distillers’ grains in North America come from corn with some from sorghum and wheat. Corn distillers’ grains are sold produced in Eastern Canada and the U.S. Wheat distillers’ grains, or a mixture of wheat and corn, are produced in Western Canada. Bioethanol production will Production and Types generate Distillers’ grains are the major by-product from approximately 1.8 the production of ethanol. To produce biofuels, million tonnes of cereal grains are heated and fermented. The starch dried distillers’ is converted into ethanol and removed. The grains with mixture of concentrated protein, fibre, oil and solubles (DDGS) in minerals, which remains is called stillage. North America this Stillage is sold either wet (20 to 30% dry matter) year. or dry (90% dry matter). Stillage remaining after the fermentation and distillation process is low in solids and is sometimes fed directly to livestock through the watering system (thin stillage). Typically, stillage is further separated into distillers’ grains DGS: Distillers’ grains with and solubles. Solubles are recovered and solubles incorporated into the distillers’ grains, DDGS: Dried distillers’ called distillers’ grains with solubles grains with solubles (DGS). DGS can be used wet (WDGS) WDGS: Wet distillers’ grains but is often dried (DDGS) in order to with solubles reduce shipping costs. Composition There is considerable variation in the composition of distillers’ grains. Composition may be partially reflected by whether grain is processed by dry or wet milling before it is fermented. Because starch is almost completely removed in the process to distill ethanol, concentration of other components, except calcium, is enhanced significantly. For example, fat, protein, fibre, phosphorus and sulfur are roughly are three times as concentrated in DDGS than in the original grain. Steer after consuming 40% Corn DDGS diet. Photo credit: Lee-Anne Walter COMPOSITION OF DISTILLERS’ GRAINS* AND PARENT GRAIN, % DRY BASIS** WHEAT DISTILLERS WHEAT GRAIN DISTILLERS CORN GRAIN GRAIN GRAIN Protein 29.4 to 32.0 9.8 30.6 to 44.7 14.2 Crude fat (oil) 10.0 to 11.8 4.1 3.7 to 4.4 2.3 Fibre (NDF) 34.1 to 48.1 10.8 22.7 to 36.5 11.8 Calcium 0.02 to 0.03 0.03 0.02 to 0.03 0.05 Phosphorus 0.68 to 1.10 0.32 0.83 to 0.95 0.44

*Encompasses both wet and dry distillers’ grains

** Corn and wheat distillers’ values from Lethbridge Research Station, University of Saskatchewan and Spiehs et al. Journal of Animal Science (2002) vol. 80, p.2639. Grain values from NRC, Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle (2000). Dietary starch, fibre and protein levels can affect the pH of a ruminant’s digestive tract, which may in turn affect how well various microbes survive and compete in the animal’s rumen, intestine and manure. This can effect animal health and welfare, food safety and feed efficacy. The manner in which DDGS are dried can also affect nutritional value. 40% Wheat DDGS diet Due to the various factors (grain type, Photo credit: Lee-Anne Walter moisture, solubles, milling and drying) that can influence composition, chemical analyses are recommended before using these by-products to feed beef cattle. Receiving and Handling DDGS can be transported and handled as any grain commodity. It is uneconomical to transport WDGS any great distance from a biofuel plant. WDGS may deteriorate quickly in the open. WDGS may be stored for many months with under 10% loss of nutrients if: •In a bunker silo (either alone or in combination with wet processed grain or forage) •With effective ensiling practice 40% Corn DDGS diet

Feeding Photo credit: Lee-Anne Walter DDGS and WDGS are both very palatable when mixed into a complete feed, or fed as a supplement that is top-dressed onto the base diet. DDGS and WDGS can be fed without mixing into a ration, preferably from troughs but also off frozen ground, as a forage supplement. Feed Atributes DDGS are widely used in feedlot rations throughout North America because it reduces feed costs. The expansion of North America’s ethanol industry has increased feed grain costs and subsequently increased the use of distillers’ grains as livestock feed. DGs can be a valuable source of dietary protein or energy for cattle, depending how they are fed. At levels generally below 15% of the diet, dry basis, DGS is an excellent alternative to soybean or canola meal as a protein supplement. DGS is relatively high in rumen bypass protein with DDGS having slightly more than WDGS. DGS should not exceed This can mean that when there is a protein 50% of a feedlot diet, deficit from the basal diet, corn and because fat content of wheat DGS can be more effective than the complete diet for soybean or canola meal in meeting the feedlot cattle should not protein requirement of calves with a high exceed 6%. protein demand, e.g. light weight and rapidly growing.At levels up to 50% of the diet, dry basis, DGS is an excellent source of energy. Once the animals protein requirements have been met, excess dietary protein is used for energy instead.


Due to the high levels of fibre in DGs, there has been interest in using DG in place of dietary roughage. However, the DG fibre particles are too small to effectively maintain proper rumen function and health, and have been associated with increased incidence of rumen acidosis and liver abscesses. A recent Canadian study found that 10% barley silage in a diet containing wheat DGS was a minimum to prevent a rumen pH drop (increased acidity) in calves fed barley diets supplemented with wheat DGS. Benefits for Feedlot Cattle Corn WDGS enhances feed efficiency of corn-based diets by up to 13% with response proportional to the level in the diet up to 50% (dry basis). Corn DDGS enhances feed efficiency up to 5%, with the maximum response from between 10 and 20% inclusion in the diet. At dietary inclusion rates up to 20%, wheat DDGS gives similar feed efficiency to a barley-based control. Above 20% inclusion, wheat DDGS has had no effect or caused a slight decline in feed efficiency, by up to 9%. Concerns for Feedlot Cattle Urinary calculi is Phosphorus (P) levels are high in DGS. a symptom in male Diets containing DGS must be fortified cattle of failing to with additional limestone over the amount balance the Ca:P used in grain diets to provide a ratio correctly. calcium (Ca) to P ratio of at least 1.1 to 1, and preferably 1.5 to 1. Sulfur (S) levels are high in DGS and quite One of those symptoms variable (0.35 to 1.4%). Levels of S in the of S toxicity in feedlot diet above 0.4% can be toxic to feedlot cattle. cattle, especially those S toxicity has not become a major problem fed barley based diets, is so far with feeding DGS and has been the polioencephalomalacia. subject of a recent research project funded by the BCRC (see below). Because mineral levels in diets containing DG often exceed animal requirements, manure from cattle fed DGS are unusually high in nitrogen (N) and P. In the application of cattle manure from DGS fed cattle to Land required for the agricultural land, P is usually the nutrient application of feedlot that will limit the amount of manure that manure is increased can be applied to avoid P run-off and leaching when DGS is fed. into groundwater. Nutrient management programs can be used to take soil and crop requirement into account in good management of manure from feedlot cattle. Feeding DGS to feedlot cattle does not consistently affect carcass grade and meat quality. However, there are two points worth noting: • Some studies have shown that DGS inclusion decreases marbling of meat but this is not a consistent finding and it cannot be easily explained. • Feeding DGS negatively affects meat colour and colour stability of beef in the retail case but significance of this in affecting consumer satisfaction is less clear. This effect of feeding DGS in feedlot diets can be counteracted by providing additional vitamin E.


There have been concerns that using DGS in feedlot diets may increase shedding of E. coli 0157.H7. However, results have been conflicting and results of some studies, including a recent one in Canada, have not confirmed this finding. Many factors affect shedding of E.coli 0157.H7 by feedlot cattle. With quality control during processing, beef from cattle fed DGS is as safe as beef from cattle fed conventional diets. Feeding Distillers’ Grains to Backgrounding Cattle DGS is an excellent energy and/or protein feed to use in completely mixed rations for backgrounding cattle for the feedlot. Calves fed forage/barley grain diets in western Canada where wheat DDGS has replaced most of the barley grain have performed equally to calves on the forage/barley control. DGS can be an ideal supplement for calves grazing summer pasture, stockpiled wheat or other forage in the late fall and early winter before being shipped to the feedlot. Feeding Distillers’ Grains to Cow-Calf DGS is an excellent energy source for supplementing any type of forage fed to cows and calves. Cows in mid-lactation have been fed as much as 15 kg of WDGS daily. Precautions noted for feedlot cattle regarding P and S must be noted in the feeding of DGS for cow-calf. Canadian Research on DGS Extensive research on distillers’ grains has been ongoing in the U.S. for decades. Canadian research work to determine if American results differ under Western Canadian conditions, since most Canadian feedlots are in the Western provinces, and to study the types of grains that are more typically used in finishing diets in Canada. Recent Canadian research has studied the effects of wheat, barley and oat DGS, regional differences, and effects on nutrient value of manure. Thank you to Beef Research and Dr. Jock Buchanan-Smith, retired University of Guelph professor and researcher of beef cattle nutrition and management for contributing his time and expertise in writing this page.

10th Anniversary

Focus on the Future Bull Sale

Outstanding Quality & Opportunity Without Compare It’s Time To Join In On The Success Our Customers Are Having! Selling 40 Red & Black Simmental Herd Builders Purebred & Simm Angus

It’s a first!

Vernon, Denise, Riley & Cody-Ray Lafrentz Ph: 306.634.7765 Cell: 306.421.2297 Email: wheatlandcattle@sasktel.net

All Grand Champion Females at the 4 major shows sired by different Wheatland bulls.

View the catalogue online at www.wheatlandcattle.com 89


“Featuring sons of Power Play - 6 sons sell”

Power Play - Crosby x Erixon Lady 2P Dam Erixon Lady 2P

Maternal Sister 202S

Maternal Sister 37Z

We are proud to walk Power Play here, he is pictured at two years old after breeding 50 cows. Power Play’s sire “Crosby” needs no introduction and behind every great bull there is a great cow family. His dam’s first calf 202S went on to become the 2009 Agribition Supreme Champion. She produced a high seller in Erixon’s 2011 sale as well as 5 sons averaging $10,000 in their 2012 sale, and again another heifer named the Senior Heifer Calf Champion at Agribition in 2012. Power Play’s first calf crop is stellar, his sons are “front end” and his heifers are certainly at the top of the keeper pen. Join us for lunch sale day or contact us anytime for more information, the coffee is always on. Ian and Anja Mitchell and Family



Thank you! The Canadian Simmental Association and Simmental Country would like to say Thank You to Darryl Snider for his eight years of service and dedication to the Simmental Breed. Darryl has decided to pursue other interests and will be leaving his CSA position as of December 31st. Darryl has been a great asset to the CSA since he joined us in December 2005 and his personable approach to promoting the breed as well as our advertisers’ programs has been very much appreciated.

We thank Darryl for his contribution to the CSA and to its membership and wish him and his family the very best in the future! The Canadian Simmental Association & Simmental Country













BARRY & BRENDA LABATTE Box 72 Gladmar, Sask. S0C 1A0 www.labattesimmentals.com Ph: (306)969-4820 labatte.simm@sasktel.net Cell: (306) 815-7900





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Prairie Wind Farms Ltd..............86

Champs Simmental...................27

Flying N Cattle And Feed.........108

Lobster Point Farms................102

Pro Rich Seeds........................102

Advertiser’s Index

Prospect Hill Simmentals.........103

Sierra Simmentals.....................91

Stone Simmentals...................101

Trevor’s Cowpix.......................107

R Plus Simmentals....................53

Silvertop Simmentals.................50

Storebo Farm.............................84

Triple K Simmentals..................48

Rafter 4T Farms........................48

Simmeron Fleckvieh Simmentals..

Stoughton Farms Ltd.........76, 106

Triple Rose Simmentals..........104

Rainalta.............................43, 101


Stout Bros. Simmentals.............67

Tryon Simmentals....................102

Rancier Farms.............20, 21, 101

Skeels, Dan.............................107

Sullivan Simmentals................104

TSN Livestock...................74, 102

Rattray Livestock.....................101

Skor Simmentals...............60, 101

Sun Star Simmentals.........70, 101

Twin Brae Simmentals.............102

Red Willow Ranch.....................72

Soderglen Ranches Ltd.......58, 59

Sunny Valley Simmentals..61, 106

Twin Butte Simmentals............101

Redpath Simmentals...............102

South Holden Simmentals.........70

Sunrise Simmentals...........86, 106

Tymarc Livestock.....................101

Rendezvous Farms.................102

South Seven Farms...................48

Sunset Simmentals....................27

Ultra Livestock...........................55

River Point Cattle Co...............103

Southpaw Cattle Company......101

Swan Lake Farms....................106

Virginia Ranch.........................101

Riverbank Farm.......................102

Springer Simmentals ................22

Swantewitt Simmentals.....71, 101

W2 Farms..........................84, 106

Robb Farms.......................39, 106

Spring Creek Simmentals/Red

T Bar C Cattle Company Ltd.........

Weldehaven Farms.................104

Robson Acres..........................103

Rose Angus.......................63, 106

...............................27, 76,86, 108

Wells’ Crossing Cattle Company...

Roenda Stock Farms.................74

Spring Lake Simmentals................

Tableland Cattle Co...................86


SAJ Simmentals................76, 106

....................................21, 33, 101

TD Simmentals........................106

Westway Farms Ltd...........62, 101

Saskatchewan Beef.................109

Spruce Grove Cattle Co..........106

The Register............................106

Wheatland Cattle Co.................89

Saugeen Acres........................101

Starwest Farms.................78, 101

Timberlind Auctions...........33, 107

Wild Oak Farms.......................104

SC Spring Creek Land & Cattle

Steen Agencies........................107

TNT Simmental Ranch..............32

Windy Knoll Farm....................102


Stewart Simmentals.................104

Todd Simmentals.....................104

WJ Simmentals..................77, 101

Schatz Simmentals............33, 101

Stock, Mark..............................107

Transcon Livestock Corp...............

Wolfe Farms............................101

Scissors Creek Cattle Co..........86

Stockmens Insurance..............107

.... 28, 55, 60, 75, 78, 84, 108, 115

Wolfe’s Fleckvieh.....................101 X-T Simmentals.........................90


What’s Happening January

Feb-28 - Early Sunset Ranch 33rd Annual Bull Sale, Edam, SK Feb-28 - Bull Fest Sale, Camrose, AB

January 22-24 -Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference, Saskatoon, SK January 24-25 -Camrose Bull Congress, Camrose, AB Jan-25 - Lazy S Bull Power Sale, Mayerthorpe, AB



Feb-01 - Springer Simmentals Value Based Genetics Bull Sale, Decorah, IA Feb-07 - Genetic Edge Bull Sale, Rimbey, AB Feb-08 - Soderglen Ranches Bull Sale, Airdrie, AB Feb-08 - Kenner Simmental 18th Annual Production Sale, Napoleon, ND Feb-09 - Diamond M Ranch 3rd Annual Bull Sale, Estevan, SK Feb-10 - Rendezvous Farms 10th Annual Bull and Female Sale, Ste.Rose, MB Feb-11 - Bata/Olafson Simmental Sale, Rugby, ND Feb-12 - Young Guns & Guests Bull Sale, Wainwright, AB Feb-13 - M&J Farms Simmental and Angus Bull and Female Sale, Russell, MB Feb-13 - Janzen Ranches 21st Annual Red Simmental and Red Angus Bull Sale, Rosemary, AB Feb-14 - 25th Annual Mader Ranches Bull Power Sale, C arstairs, AB Feb-14 - TNT Simmentals 29th Annual Bull Sale, Almont, ND Feb-15 - Double Bar D Farms Best of Both Worlds Bull & Female Sale, Grenfell, SK Feb-15 - P&H Ranching Co. & Guests Bull & Gelding Sale, Innisfail, AB Feb-15 - Timberlind 6th Annual Bull & Female Sale, Buck Creek, AB Feb-16 - Bonchuk Farms Annual Bull Sale, Virden, MB Feb-17 - Kopp Farms Yearling Simmental Bull and Heifer Dispersal Sale, Amaranth, MB Feb-19 - Crossroad Farms 8th Annual Bull Sale, Shell Lake, SK Feb-20 - 9th Annual Robb / Hoegl Bull Sale, Lloydminster, SK Feb-21 - Lone Stone Farms Simmental & Red Angus Bull Sale, Westlock, AB Feb-22 - Lewis Farms 29th Annual Bull Sale, Spruce Grove, AB Feb-23 - Prochar & Triangle Stock Farm 3rd Annual Bull Sale, Glenevis, AB Feb-24 - Simmental Summit 2nd Annual Bull & Female Sale, Bentley, AB Feb-24 - 12th Annual Muirhead Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Shellbrook, SK Feb-24 - Rust Mountain View Ranch Ace In The Hole Production Sale, Turtle Lake, ND Feb-25 - Rainalta & Guest Charolais & Simmental Sale, Brooks, AB Feb-26 - 19th Annual Herd Master Bull Sale, Camrose, AB Feb-26 - Erixon Simmentals Annual Bull & Female Sale, Saskatoon, SK Feb-27 - Pheasantdale Annual Bull & Female Sale, Balcarres, SK Feb-28 - LaBatte Simmentals 34th Annual Bull & Female Sale, Moose Jaw, SK


Mar-01 - 9th Annual Cutting Edge Bull Sale, Rimbey, AB Mar-01 - 20th Annual McMillen Ranching Production Sale, Carievale, SK Mar-01 - 6th Annual Westgold Farms & Guests Simmental Bull Sale,Vermilion, AB Mar-01 - MCG Simmentals & Rack Red Angus Bull & Female Sale, Stavely, AB Mar-02 - R Plus Simmental 14th Annual Bull Sale, Estevan, SK Mar-03 - Ashworth Farm & Ranch & Guest Bull Sale, Oungre, SK Mar-04 - 34th Doll Ranch Bull & Female Sale, Mandan, ND Mar-04 - Transcon’s Bull Spectrum Simmental Sale, Innisfail, AB Mar-05 - Mar Mac Farms and Guests Annual Bull Sale, Brandon, MB Mar-05 - Sunny Valley 24th Annual Bull & Female Sale, Saskatoon, SK Mar-05 - Skor Simmentals 12th Annual Red & Black Simmental Bull Sale, Camrose, AB Mar-06 - Westway & Deeg Annual Bull Sale, Olds, AB Mar-06 - In Pursuit Of Perfection Annual Bull Sale, Moosomin, SK Mar-06 - Bull Rush Simmental Bull Sale, Rimbey, AB Mar-07 - Genetic Destination Annual Bull Sale, Grenfell, SK Mar-07 - Northern Classic Annual Bull Sale, Grande Prairie, AB Mar-08 - Ranchlands 7th Annual Bull Sale, Stavely, AB Mar-08 - Synergie Bull Sale, Ste. Sophie de Levrard, PQ Mar-08 - Swantewitt Simmentals Annual Bull & Female Sale, Mayerthorpe, AB Mar-08 - Next Generation Bull Sale, Lloydminster, SK Mar-08 - Place Your Bet Bull Sale, Veteran, AB Mar-09 - Rebels of the West Bull & Female Sale, Virden, MB Mar-10 - Genetic Source Simmental Bull Sale, Brandon, MB Mar-10 - Harvie Ranching Bull Sale, Olds, AB Mar-11 - Kuntz-Stoughton-McIntosh Annual Bull Sale, Lloydminster, SK Mar-11 - Prairie Partners Bull & Female Sale, Killarney, MB Mar-12 - South Saskatchewan Simmental Bull and Female Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Mar-12 - Transcon’s Premium Beef Simmental Bull Sale, Neepawa, MB Mar-12 - Built Right Bull Sale, Provost, AB Mar-13 - Rocky Mountain Simmental Bull Sale, Olds, AB Mar-14 - Family Tradition Charolais and Simmental Bull Sale, Dropmore, MB Mar-14 - Northern Alliance Bull Sale, Spiritwood, SK Mar-15 - Ferme Gagnon Inc Annual Bull Sale, Cheneville, PQ Mar-17 - Transcon’s Red Deer Simmental Bull Sale, Red Deer, AB Mar-17 - Butts, Gutts & Nuts Bull Sale, Lloydminster, SK Mar-18 - On Target Bull Sale, Barrhead, AB Mar-18 - Cityview Simmentals / Ivanhoe Angus Annual Bull Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Mar-19 - Transcon’s Advantage Bull Sale, Saskatoon, SK Mar-19 - Adair Ranch Bull Sale, Provost, AB

Mar-20 - Get-A-Grip Angus & Simmental Bull Sale, Forestburg, AB Mar-20 - Maple Lake Stock Farm Bull Sale, Grand Clairiere, MB Mar-21 - Porter Ranches Bull Sale, Stony Plain, AB Mar-22 - Transcon’s Mountainview Bull Sale, Innisfail, AB Mar-22 - 4th Annual Highway 16 West Multi-Breed Bull Sale, Mayerthorpe, AB Mar-22 - Spring Select Bull & Female Sale, Grande Prairie, AB Mar-22 - Proudly Western Bull Sale, Whitewood, SK Mar-23 - Cattlemens Classic Bull Sale, Virden, MB Mar-24 - Transcon’s Peace Country Simmental Bull Sale, Beaverlodge, AB Mar-25 - WLB Livestock Bull Sale, Douglas, MB Mar-27 - Wheatland Cattle Co. Focus on the Future Bull Sale, Alameda, SK Mar-27 - Transcon’s Winnipeg Simmental Bull Sale, Winnipeg, MB Mar-31 - Southwest Showcase Bull Sale, Swift Current, SK


July July 4-6 - YCSA Quebec Show, Brome, QC July 16-20 - World Simmental Flechvieh Federation World Congress, Cartagena, Columbia July 17-20 - YCSA Alberta Show, Lacombe, AB July 25-27 - CSA AGM 2014 & YCSA National Classic: Elkhorn Resort, Riding Mountain National Park, MB July 30 - Aug 2 - YCAS Saskatchewan Show, Prince Albert, SK


Aug-15 - Anchor D Ranch Pasture Treasures Female Sale, Rimbey, AB Aug 21-22 - YCSA Maritimes Show, Truro, NS Aug-30 - Timberlind Auctions Fall Harvest Machinery Consignment Sale, Buck Creek AB

Apr-05 - Best Bet Bull Sale, Williams Lake, BC



Sep-13 - Ontario Autumn Classic Sale, Hanover, ON Sep-27 - Ferme Gagnon 18th Annual Production Sale, Cheneville, PQ

May-17 - Timberlind Auctions Spring Machinery Consignment Sale, Buck Creek, AB



Oct-04 - Bar 5 Stock Farm Extravaganza Sale, Markdale, ON Oct-25 - Partners for Progress Vol. III Sale, Waterloo, PQ

June 19-20 - 2014 UCVM Beef Cattle Conference, Calgary, AB June 24-25 - T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament, Saskatoon, SK



2014 Transcon Managed Spring Bull Sales


Monday, February 10

Rendezvous Farms 10th Annual Simmental Bull & Female Sale

Thursday, February 13

Janzen Ranches 21st Annual Red Simmental & Red Angus Bull Sale Rosemary, AB

Saturday, February 15

Double Bar D Farms “Best Of Both Worlds” Simmental &

Ste. Rose, MB

Red Angus Bull & Female Sale

Grenfell, SK

Monday, February 17

Kopp Farms Yearling Simmental Bull & Heifer Dispersal

Amaranth, MB

Friday, February 21

Lone Stone Farms Simmental & Red Angus Bull & Female Sale

Westlock, AB

Monday, February 24

Simmental Summit 2nd Annual Bull & Female Sale

Bentley, AB

Friday, February 28

LaBatte Simmentals & Guests 34th Annual Simmental Bull &

Female Sale

Moose Jaw, SK

Tuesday, March 4

Transcon’s Bull Spectrum Simmental Sale

Innisfail, AB

-Czech Mate Simmentals -Virginia Ranch -Ultra Livestock

-Wolfe Fleckvieh Simmental -New Trend Cattle Co.

Wednesday, March 5

Skor Simmentals 12th Annual Red & Black Simmental Bull Sale

Camrose, AB

Saturday, March 8

Ranchlands Bull Sale

Stavely, AB

Monday, March 10

Genetic Source Simmental Bull Sale

Brandon, MB

-Big Sky Simmentals -Oakview Simmentals -Triple R Simmentals

Wednesday, March 12

Transcon’s Premium Beef Simmental Bull Sale

Neepawa, MB

Friday, March 14

Family Tradition Charolais & Simmental Bull Sale

Dropmore, MB

Monday, March 17

Transcon’s Red Deer Simmental Bull Sale

Red Deer, AB

Wednesday, March 19

Transcon’s 19th Annual Advantage Bull Sale

Saskatoon, SK

Saturday, March 22

Transcon’s Mountainview Bull Sale

Innisfail, AB

Monday, March 24

Transcon’s Peace Country Simmental Bull Sale

Beaverlodge, AB

Thursday, March 27

Transcon’s Winnipeg Simmental Bull Sale

Winnipeg, MB

-5 Corner Cattle Co. -Wilcox Simmentals -Riverbank Farms

-Triple T Diamnond Simmentals -Boynecrest Stock Farm -Skyridge Farms


Transcon’s Cattle Country Bull Sale

Neepawa, MB

Saturday, March 29

Transcon’s Proudly Western Bull Sale

Whitewood, SK



Jay Good (403) 556-5563

Bob Wilson (403) 540-3084

Glenn Norton (780) 542-0634

Darren Paget (403) 323-3985

Kelly Richardson (403) 638-9377

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