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Reference Sires

Honeybrook Farms

Lee, Cathy, Melissa and James S A V Renown

S A V Renown is a well-known sire who has produced great bulls and cows. We flushed Royal Pride Dolly 46P to him and are impressed with the offspring. Mel Sisson has told us more than once that 46P is a no miss kind of cow.

Lee: 306-845-7897 Cathy: 306-317-2048 Melissa: 306-490-9885

Honeybrook Farms Lee, Cathy, Melissa and James Monteith Edam, SK

Honeybrook Angus Box 84, Edam, SK S0M 0V0 We are 8 miles North of Edam, SK. Please feel free to give us a call and come by for a coffee and check out the bulls.

S A V International 2020 We purchased embryos from Family Ties Angus sired by S A V International 2020. We have two bulls for sale from the mating of Family Ties Krug Girl and this outstanding S A V bull.

HLC Unforgiven 966E Our walking bull HLC Unforgiven 966E is a son of Sankeye’s Justified. He has proven himself to be very safe on heifers and his calves have excellent vigor at birth. He is a red gene carrier(on the dams side), Ee, and is somewhat unique in that he may be one of the few known red gene carriers with Justified in his pedigree. He also sells as we have too many of his daughters retained in our herd. All offspring for sale have been color tested.

honeybrookangus@gmail.com www.honeybrook.ca


We are excited to offer this set of Angus bulls for sale. We have been in cattle for many years but recently moved from a commercial herd to building a registered Angus herd. Melissa loves to show and promote the cattle and she is building her own herd of Red Angus cattle. We have exhibited at the Lloydminster Stockade Round-Up and Agribition. Our foundation females include animals from the Royal Angus dispersal and Six Mile Ranch. We are using Embryo Transfer and AI to expand the genetics of our herd. We have on offer eight yearling Black Angus bulls and two yearling Red Angus bulls. We also have one twoyear-old Black Angus bull and one three-year-old Black Angus bull. We are enrolled in the CAA Performance Program. All bulls are DNA verified and will have carcass ultrasound done the beginning of March. All bulls will be guaranteed under the terms and conditions of the Canadian Angus Association rules. All bulls will be semen tested before delivery. Deposit of $1,000.00 is required to hold a bull and the remainder is due May 1st. Bulls can be delivered starting April 1st and will be kept free of charge until May 1st. Bulls are raised on free choice roughage - hay, straw and oat green feed with supplemental complete pellet ration. They are vaccinated with Tas Vax 8 and Vista Once and will be vaccinated for foot rot. Bulls are listed by sire group and color. We have three red carrier bulls for sale.

Bull prices range from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00

S A V International Bulls Honeybrook International 64G

Reg. #: 2106754 BW: 96 lbs. WW: 778 lbs. S: S A V International 2020 D: Family Ties Krug Girl 38W

Honeybrook International 21G

Reg. #: 2106645 BW: 96 lbs. WW: 738 lbs. S: S A V International 2020 D: Family Ties Krug Girl 38W

HLC Unforgiven/Other Influence Bulls

S A V Renown Bulls

Honeybrook Mr. Unforgiven 05G

Honeybrook Prospect 31G

Reg. #: 2078864 BW: 84 lbs. WW: 578 lbs. S: HLC Unforgiven 966E D: GJP 504Z Ms Master 5D

Reg. #: 2106780 BW: 94 lbs. WW: 650 lbs. S: S A V Renown 3439 D: Royal Pride Dolly 46P

Honeybrook Distinguished 33G

Honeybrook Justice 356G

Reg. #: 2106768 BW: 85 lbs. WW: 688 lbs. S: S A V Renown 3439 D: Royal Pride Dolly 46P

Reg. #: 2130190 Ee Red Gene Carrier BW: 84 lbs. WW: 580 lbs. S: HLC Unforgiven 966E D: Family Ties Country Girl 356D

Honeybrook Renowned 43G

We have one bull on offer whose paternal grandsire is the calving ease bull Eathington Sub Zero. His dam is red so he too carries red.

Reg. #: 2106761 BW: 97 lbs. WW: 860 lbs. S: S A V Renown 3439 D: Royal Pride Dolly 46P

Honeybrook Ice Capp 104G

Reg. #: 2114932 Ee Red Gene Carrier BW: 65 lbs. WW: 625 lbs. S: Family Ties Sub-Zero 481E D: Red Family Ties Pro Girl 104E

Honeybrook Royal Factor 7F

Reg. #: 2051883 BW: 76 lbs. WW: 700 lbs. S: Rivercrest Factor 1C D: Royal Eleute 6W

Honeybrook Renown 50G

Reg. #: 2130799 BW: 83 lbs. WW: 570 lbs. S: S A V Renown 3439 D: Royal Pride Dolly 46P

Red Angus Bulls HLC Unforgiven 966E

Reg. #: 1984135 Ee Red Gene Carrier BW: 84 lbs. S: Sankeys Justified 101 D: Double D Miss Marion 20R

The sires of both these calves are calving ease sires. Melissa purchased semen from Pugh Farms – Red GJP Thor 255A. He combines performance with calving ease. Melissa purchased Red McGowan’s Sasha 20A bred to Red QLC Quantock Cat 2467C from Family Ties Angus.

Red Honeybrook Navajo 20G

Reg. #: 2107706 BW: 82 lbs. WW: 632 lbs. S: Red QLC Quantock Cat 2467C D: Red McGowan Sasha 20A

Red Honeybrook Thor 17G

Reg. #: 2097524 BW: 67 lbs. WW: 695 lbs. S: Red GJP Thor 255A D: Red GJP 339W Ms Rio 17D

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Honeybrook Farms - Angus Bulls for Sale  

Honeybrook Farms - Angus Bulls for Sale  

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