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CUSTOMER APPRECIATION BRANDIN’ PARTY Come the night before the sale for a casual evening of visiting, refreshments, viewing the bulls with fully lit pens and complimentary supper. BE SURE TO BRING YOUR BRANDING IRONS FOR THE “BRANDING PARTY” FRIDAY NIGHT! OUR BRANDING WALL HAS LOTS OF ROOM!!

Official Host Hotel for the 2017 Hill 70 Quantock Bull Sale!

Rate – $99 Restaurant open 7 am - 10 pm Centrally located: 5620 - 44 Street (Hwy. 16 West), Lloydminster, AB - Call 780-875-6113 or 1-800-661-7221 Please try to book rooms as soon as possible. We have a block of room set aside at the Royal Hotel.

expected progeny differences E.p.d. EPDs are “Expected Progeny Difference”. They are a very useful tool in selection for traits when the accuracies are mid to high. EPDs compare all cattle across the whole breed. EPDs incorporate the individual animal with its averaged ancestry performance. EPDs do not compare across breeds and are totally breed specific. EPDs indicate a probable variance above or below breed average for that trait for a given bulls progeny. Use them as a guide in the direction you want your herd to go. Birth Weight – Birth weight is related to calving ease. A number higher than breed average indicates more birth weight while a lower than breed average indicates lighter than average birth weights. Weaning Weight – The EPD value predicts the difference in average 205 day weights of a bulls calves compared to calves of all other bulls evaluated. The higher the value the heavier the weaning weight. Yearling Weight – The EPD value predicts differences in average 365 day weights of a bulls progeny compared to all others evaluated. The higher the value the more yearling weight and often extremes breed larger mature size. Milk – The milking ability of a bulls daughters expressed in lbs. of calf weaned. The EPD value predicts the difference due to milking ability in average 205 day weight of a bulls daughter’s calves of all other bulls evaluated. To high a value often means open cows. Accuracy – Accuracy is a measure of the reliability of an EPD. Accuracy’s above .5 (50%) are most reliable. EPD’s cannot be compared between breeds.

– AVERAGE E.P.D.’ S 2015 & 2016 BORN CALVES BY BREED – Breed Hereford Red Angus Black Angus Charolais

BW +3.2 -0.2 +2.2 +1.5

WW +49 +52 +42 +43 5

YW +79.4 +77 +74 +82.1

Milk +21 +17 +19 +21.1

TM +45.6 +43 +40 +42.7

Hill 70 Quantock 'Barn Burnin' Bull Sale