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Wanna know what we offer? ...400 Bulls – 150 Females ... no need to run the wheels off your pickup – one day, one place, one stop, bull shopping! Bulls that have never had their feet trimmed!

...Cowboy Friendly Programs Read on to see which program can work for you...

Sight unseen purchase program

…the industry’s Premier Sight Unseen Program – it’s done right the first time.

How do we do it?

Your most economical and trusted way to access all your bull requirements this year. Especially when combined with our unique 60/40 Finance Plan. In fact, we sell hundreds of bulls this method annually. All Sight Unseen orders are handled by Bill.

How do you do it? ● You set the price – the quality, plus we appraise them to your satisfaction before they are yours. ● We know our cattle – that’s our business – their strengths and weaknesses. We will personally help you select cattle to improve your bottom line. ● Complete data on all bulls – easy to read, easy to understand, completely documented with no hidden formulas. ● Free Delivery on All sight unseen purchases in Western Canada. Cost share past that point. We arrange the trucking – the drop off points – you have no worries the job will be done and done right the first time. ● No Obligation – satisfaction on arrival or we take them home. ● Think about it – folks if I went to your cow herd, you know - the best – the worst and everything in between. I would ask you for your input on your herd. Think on it – it really makes the most sense. ● If leaving an order doesn’t suit you call early to reserve your phone line at ring side.


Give Bill a call about our sight unseen program, he will be with you from the 1st phone call to the corral.

Sight Unseen Purchase Order Form


Address ______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ PC _______________________ Phone ___________________________ Breed of Bull(s) Required_________________________________________ No. and Age of Bulls_____________________________________________ Potential Use: (heifers, cows, breed of cow herd producing replacements) _____________________________________________________________ No. Cows to be Bred__________ Turnout Time_______________________ Bull Specs: BW______ WW_____ YW_____ Frame___________________ Maternal Traits______________ Growth Traits_______________________ Budgeted Price_________________________________________________ Comments____________________________________________________ Mail to: Hill 70 Quantock, Bill & Sherry Creech Box 10756, Lloydminster, AB T9V 3A8 Fax (780) 875-8332

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Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale  

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale  

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale

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