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red angus bulls The Quantock Red Angus program was started in the fall of 1970 with the purchase of 20 Black Angus heifer calves. We were in fact one of the pioneer Red Angus herds. It was a bold step well ahead of its time, considered rebellious then... multi breed programs are now the norm.

Hill 70 Quantock Red Angus have ● never had their feet trimmed ● more depth ● spring of rib ● more butt with lots of nut ● documented convenience for cow size – calving ease, fleshing and performance SS - Scrotal Size ● progressive Red Angus… bred updated on website in January 2018 and to make life easier and more available at profitable. the sale!

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Red H70 Quantyock 703W

Red 5L Norseman King 2291 Red SSS N.K. 43R Red SSS Goldedge 450E Red Hill Springs Boomer 221H Red H70 Quantock 221 Ms 516N Red H70 Quantock 108 Miss 378G

703 is as strong a N.K. 43R son as we have used. We incorporated him as a two year old bull after he was the high seller in our sale as a yearling. We watched him develop and knew we needed him back. His sons are a hit and his daughters are the spitting image of his momma. Easy keeping progeny with a wide center of gravity. Use his sons in all aspects of the cow business- from heifers to cows and keep all his daughters. 12 sons on offer. EPDs: CE +5.8, BW -0.7, WW +74, YW +104, MILK +8

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Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale  

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale  

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale

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