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From the desk at T Bar...

March 24th marks a feature Manitoba Angus event at Heartland in Virden. It’s an opportunity for farmers, ranchers and purebred producers to select from some of the finest Red and Black Angus breeding stock in the industry! Aptly named “The Cowboys Bull Sale,” these bulls are produced and raised in the same conditions as that of their customers. These three progressive breeders know what it takes for their customers to get added value sires and they come forth with an exciting line-up suitable for all types of operations and all forms of budget. Combining three programs allows customers to select from a diverse cross-section of phenotypes and fresh new genotypes. Whether you are looking for heifer bulls, power bulls or ones that can go into either pasture, you can be assured that your selection will come with high maternal values. The females selling are in most cases paternal sisters to the bulls. Fancy, functional and most importantly full of maternal power, they will add value to your pasture, whether you are just starting out or a veteran producer. More often than not, the quality of Angus is taken for granted. In addition to the Angus brood cow being “Queen of the Pasture,” Angus “green tag stockers” demand a premium at the sale barn and are first choice for the packer because of their all- round carcass values. You will never have too much Angus in your program! On behalf of the Dekeysers, Jones and Frasers, this is your invitation to be with them sale day. For those who would like a preview and see the mothers, feel free to stop by any of the breeding operations prior the sale or give any of the boys a call as they will be pleased to discuss your needs and offer suggestions. If we may be of assistance prior to or sale day feel free to call any of the T Bar Team or myself, we are willing to assist you in a professional, confidential manner. See you at the “Cowboys!” Chris Poley

Sale Management Team...

Chris Poley 306.220.5006

Ted Serhienko 306.221.2711

Shane Michelson 403.363.9973

Ben Wright 519.374.3335

Cow Boys Angus Bull Sale

1:00 PM - March 24, 2017 - Virden Livestock - Virden, Manitoba SALE DAY PHONES... FEATURING... SALE STAFF... SIGHT UNSEEN PURCHASE PROGRAM... INSURANCE... DELIVERY... WATCH & BID ONLINE... Presented By... RAMROD CATTLE CO.




Cow Boys Angus Bull Sale  

Cow Boys Angus Bull Sale

Cow Boys Angus Bull Sale  

Cow Boys Angus Bull Sale