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Can the performance surprise again? Can the environment be the focus at last? L3.hd has all the answers. Now it can only compete with itself.

Another piece of perfection. Salvagnini creates L3.hd, the high-dynamic fibre laser. Salvagnini can today boast that it is the manufacturer with the highest number of fibre laser cutting machines sold and installed all over the world. The experience and know-how acquired during these years of continuous investment in fibre laser technology have allowed the Salvagnini Group to design a new machine, the L3, dedicated exclusively to fibre providing the highest levels of speed, precision, reliability and performance. Thanks to the efficiency of the fibre source, the very low power consumption ensures the machine is also environmentally friendly.

A new structure with the maximum of performances The compass: maximum dynamics with minimum consumption At Euroblech Salvagnini exhibits the new L3.hd version, featuring a patented mechanical system consisting of a compass structure. The compass is driven by a pair of conventional motors which make it possible to move the cutting head on the XY plane over a distance of 170mm with dynamics of up to 5g with extremely low consumption, thanks to the design of this structure. The Salvagnini airplane: the fibre’s bearing “structure� From a structural point of view the L3 maintains the patented airplane architecture of the Salvagnini laser systems: the bearing beam principle designed by Salvagnini guarantees the extreme rigidity of the structure, but also fast accurate positioning and easy access to the workpiece. The absence of an optical path, a feature of machines designed exclusively for cutting using a fibre source, eliminates design constraints and makes it possible to make a more compact streamlined manipulator, with a lighter Y axis carriage. This drastic reduction of inertia results in improved dynamics (up to 2g acceleration) in the basic configuration, with lower consumption.

The new laser head: the heart of the technology Thanks to the experience gained with the L1Xe, the cutting head has been created to optimise the characteristics and dynamics offered by optical fibre transmission. The objective of the redesign was to reduce the masses and inertias and guarantee high dynamics by using linear motion in the Z axis. The head has a single focus plug-in lens housing cassette, which makes it possible to cut the entire range of permitted thicknesses and materials without changing the lens, thereby guaranteeing fast production changes and eliminating the need for adjustments.


Laser sources for achieving new technological goals Salvagnini applies all its experience as a sheet metal machine tool manufacturer to the use of laser sources. The consolidated expertise in the application of this technology provides great advantages in terms of performance and economy: z reduced running costs, thanks to the drastic reduction in power consumption required by the source; 70% when cutting and 8 times less when the machine is on stand-by; z elimination of maintenance costs, thanks to the constructive simplicity of the power source, the absence of an optical path and the need for laser gas; this is because the electronic power source does not require periodical maintenance and its life is the same as that of the laser machine itself. Furthermore, it is provided with advanced beam reflection control systems which guarantee its integrity and safe operation; z higher cutting speeds and rapid piercing thanks to the extremely high beam density; z wider range of machinable materials thanks to the characteristic fibre wavelength which makes it possible to cut highly reflective materials such as aluminium, copper and brass very efficiently; high-quality processing is also achievable with galvanized and zinc coated steel; z compact and simple machine layout, due to the reduced dimensions of the source and chiller and the use of an optical fibre for transporting the beam, thereby simplifying the overall architecture; z elimination of source warm-up times and costs.

Salvagnini automation Like all Salvagnini systems, the L3 can be equipped with all the sheet metal loading/unloading and manipulation devices for “lights out� production or for integration in AJS or FMS systems.

Leaflet L3

SiX proprietary control unit with the new Ethercat high-speed communications system. The SiX numerical control unit is optimised by the innovative Ethercat high-speed communications system, which is necessary for guaranteeing the performance required by the compass dynamics and the high cutting speeds achievable from fibre sources. The numerical control unit manages the movement of the axes, the focal position of the beam, the control parameters of the source and the assist gases, thereby guaranteeing constant and perfect synchronization. In order to guarantee the maximum performance, the L3 is equipped with Laser TRADJUST, the revolutionary series of Salvagnini functions incorporated in the control unit which combine the trajectories defined by CAMLaser optimally with the requirements of the cutting process. Machine data


Working area Worktable X Y (mm)

3048 x 1524


120’’ x 60’’

Z axis stroke Z (mm)




Laser source Type of source


Maximum power (W)



0.5 - 18

0.5 - 20

24 - 5/8”

24 - 3/4”

Cutting capacity (thicknesses)1 Steel (S185JR, S235JR, RAEX520 C LASER) (mm) (gage) Stainless steel (AISI 304) (mm) (gage) Aluminium (AlMg3) (mm) (gage) Copper (Cu-ETP, Cu-DHP) (mm) (gage) Brass (Cu Zn) (mm) (gage)

0.5 - 10

0.5 - 12

24 - 3/8’’

24 - 7/16”

0.5 - 8

0.5 - 8

24 - 5/16”

24 - 5/16”

0.5 - 5

0.5 - 5

24 - 3/16”

24 - 3/16”

0.5 - 5

0.5 - 5

24 - 3/16”

24 - 3/16”



Energy consuption3 Average power consumption (kW)

The quality of cuts on limit thicknesses will depend on the geometries required, the quality of the material and the operating conditions of the system. At the limit values, the cut may have burrs on the lower edge. 2 Actual consumption calculated at full power on a system in a standard configuration, with a standard work cycle.

Salvagnini reserves the right to modify this data without warning -




high-dynamic fibre laser

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