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annual report


Fundatia Comunitara

din Odorheiu Secuiesc

Key results in 2013 56 Applications granted 99 Community events organized 161 Volunteers helped realizing our programs 1.017 Companies and individuals supported our work 13.000 Community Card Users 213.572 lei Total value of grants supported

Fundatia Comunitara

din Odorheiu Secuiesc


Dear friends and acquaintances! 2013 has been a year with some particular challenges for the team at the Community Foundation of Odorheiu Secuiesc. Until fall a three-person team did the majority of the work. The results still prove that we were ready for this, we managed to continue and develop all of our programs, and we have even started new ones as well. One of our programs that developed the most is the Community Card, which is already referred to as a “szekler money”. Today each family in Odorheiu Secuiesc has at least one card: this means more than 13.000 cardholders. The number of conscious consumers is increasing: they are the ones who consider it important where and what they buy, because in this way they make their own community more powerful. New stores and a new partner company have joined the program. We managed to raise over 78.000 lei in funds this year. One of the most important projects we did in the Urban Kalaka program was the space planning around the Jesus Chapel, and the reopening of the chapel, in cooperation with the Haáz Rezső Museum. We are proud to report that after the kalaka, over 2.300 people visited the chapel. We were amongst the first in Romania to start a crowd funding site (, which is a new tool for NGOs to promote their work and use a new method of fundraising. Our new grant program – Rural Fund – which we started at the end of the year is highly successful: it is aimed to support rural NGOs, operating in the Odorhei region. The second Run FOR IT! was a great success: more NGO's joined, and they recruited more runners and doubled the first year's revenue, raising over 38.000 lei. Our colleagues and volunteers have participated at two international experience exchange programs. We hereby thank all local companies and individuals who have faithfully helped our work in 2013 as well. As the Foundation of our COMMUNITY we strive to let more and more people experience that it's good to do good, and we can help each other with little things too. Rozália Csáki executive director


Supporting local initiatives The goal of You decide! grantmaking program is to support local and community-building initiatives. In 2013 we had three calls for proposals addressed to NGOs from Odorhei region. Through these grants we supported communication activities and purchase of equipment. Users of the Community Card could get information about these grants at Szuper and Merkúr stores, and they could also vote for one of the projects initiative.

You Decide! Results: 4 years old program 11 granted applications 24 competitors 5.875 votes 39.551 lei funds granted

NGOs supported: Delphi Association, Egy Mosoly az Életért Association, Eszterlánc Foundation, Feel Good Sports Association, Haáz Rezső Foundation, „Kaszaj” Cultural Association, Kuckó Association, Nagycsaládosok „Szent György” Association, Pro Down Foundation, SZIK-Baranta Sports Association, Tehetség és Szorgalom Foundation.

Supporters: over 13.000 Community Card users, as well business partners, especially Elan Trio Ltd.


We build our community from local funds! Project coordinator: Attila Péter

„You decide! connects NGOs with the community. Using the Community Card is the key to success.” Anikó Veress, project coordinator of Pro Down Foundation, Odorheiu Secuiesc „(…) this program is good because we can present ourselves to the locals, we can mobilize anyone who likes us, the requirements aren't difficult, and it's also easy to report our results …” Lóránt Heim, project coordinator of Tehetség és Szorgalom Foundation, Odorheiu Secuiesc

Supporting local initiatives The American Project Harvest Hope Foundation involved us as a partner in running this grantmaking program to support community development projects of Unitarian rural communities from Transylvania from the funds they have raised to this purpose. We were happy to do so, because this way we managed to take a step forward in cooperating with rural communities. In 2013 we announced our third UCA call for proposal. The funds goal was to support community building, to stimulate the cooperation in local communities and the development of sustainable local programs. Project coordinator: Attila Péter

„With the help of the Unitarian Community Fund we managed to finish constructing the Community Center at Mészkő and we also modernized the Unitarian Community House at Szentmihály. We were happy to see that this initiative stimulated the locals to help in the work.”

Unitarian Community Fund Results: 13 application granted 491 participating volunteers 2.866 people whose life turned for the better 5.875 hours of total volunteer work 76.827 lei own-contribution of applicants 123.668 lei total value of grants Rural communities supported: Benţid, Bezid, Calnic, Cecheşti, Cheia Cobăteşti, Crăciunel, Hoghiz, Mihai Viteazu, Ocland, Petreni, Orăşeni, Sănduleşti şi Valea Homorodului.

József Dimény, project coordinator, Mihai Viteazu Supporter: Project Harvest Hope (USA)


Supporting local initiatives Results: 8 projects uploaded 4 success stories 1.850 euros raised

We were one of the first in Romania to launch a crowd funding website. We started using this new type of fundraising tool and method as a pilot project in June addressed to NGOs from Odorhei region. In order to motivate them, we offered to double the funds raised by the first three projects. This doubling was supported by OTP Bank. In the first two weeks the first 600 euros were raised, and in the following month and a half, two other projects have reached their goal. The website is a place where new type of initiatives are made available, which requires a new kind of communication from the NGOs, and it also develops a new kind of fundraising culture. Project coordinator: Rozália Csáki

Winner NGOs: Areopolisz Floorball Association, Szent Gellért Foundation, Youth Forum of Odorheiu Secuiesc

Supporters: Carpathian International Foundation, OTP Bank

„Our volunteers came up with the idea of a barefoot park this spring. When the Community Foundation launched their fundraising site, it seemed just natural that we should publish this projects, since a new kind of project fits a new kind of fundraising.” Orsolya Vass, Youth Forum of Odorheiu Secuiesc


Supporting local initiatives We launched a new grantmaking program that aims to develop the rural civil society and community activities in Odorhei region. Rural NGOs can apply for grants that let them buy equipment, materials or other assets that help their community work. The funds for this program were raised in two years (via programs like Philanthropic Community and Drink a cup of apple juice for Odorhei Region!), during which we asked members of the local community and companies to support us, to raise 10.000 USD for Odorheiu Secuiesc, because if we can, the funds will be doubled. We were successful! Using these funds we launched our first Rural Fund grant campaign. Project coordinator: Rozália Csáki

Vidéki Alap Rural Fund Results: 9 applicants granted 18 evaluated applications 12.326 lei total value of grant supported Successful applicants: Pro Ége Association, Felső Homoródmente Kistérségi Association, Kákvirág Association, Kánya Youth and Cultural Association, Kőlik Hagyományőrző Cultural Association, Máréfalvi Rozetta Association, Viharsarok Association, Youth Forum of Zetelaka.

„Thanks to the funds we applied for the Rural Fund of the Community Foundation, we managed to buy materials needed for our hand making workshops. We thank you in the name of the children!” Emőke Istók, chief executive of Pro Life Foundation, Feliceni



Community Card Results: 1 new partner joined the program, Réka Pharmacy 2 new stores of Elan Trio opened and joined the program 5 years since program launch over 13.000 cardholders ·78.173 lei funds raised by using the Community Card

We build the LOCAL community and economy! How? • we help LOCAL companies to have conscious customers, who consider it important where and what they buy • we support members and NGOs of the LOCAL community by allowing them to buy with discount using the Community Card, while also donating to a fund used for supporting local initiatives. We use local money to build our community!

The program had a promising start at Târgu Mureş as well: 9 projects supported 2.677 cardholders 9.171 lei funds raised Strategic partners at Odorheiu Secuiesc: Szuper, Merkúr, Euro-car Trading, Réka Pharmacy, OTP Bank Project partners: Mures Community Foundation Project budget: 45.000 lei (22.500 lei in 2013) Supporter of the project: Fund for Civic Innovation initiated by FDSC, supported by Trust for Civil Society and sponsored by Raiffeisen Bank


Project coordinator: Rozália Csáki

Users of the CC get a 1% discount upon purchase The projects make the town a better place to live

Users of the CC decide which project wins

The company sends another 1% to the Community Fund

The fund is turned back to the community via You decide!

Fundraising The Kaláka Campaign is a particular fundraising program, created in order to raise the funds needed for the Urban Kaláka. Employees at over twenty companies have pledged a small sum from their salary, thus supporting each month our initiative of creating a better town together. The strength of our fiveyears old program is that we can use the power of the community for a common goal. Project coordinator: Ildikó Péter

Kaláka Campaign Results: 5 years since launch of the program 18 partners companies 375 individual donors 15.014 lei funds raised

„The Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation represents our society and our community. I think this works if we don't behave as a target audience, but if we ourselves help change our world for the better.” Ildikó Fábián, donor 8


us Run FOR IT! Results: 12 projects supported 24 volunteers 92 runners 966 laps 603 supporters 1.256 kilometers ran 38.577 lei funds raised Participating NGOs: Artera Foundation, Dr. Verestóy Attila Foundation, Dog's Hope Association, Feel Good Sport Association, School of Gates Association, "Kováts István" Photo Archives Association, "Kriza János" School Foundation, "Orbán" Foundation, Pro Down Foundation, "SZÉDIT" (Council of Cristuru Secuiesc's Pupils and Youth), "SZIK Baranta" Association Supporters: Asociația pentru Relații Romunitare, Elan Trió Ltd.


Run FOR IT! is a unique fundraising program that tries to gather funds for the local NGOs' initiatives. Civil organizations, donators (both individuals and companies) and volunteers all have a part in the program that culminates in a sports event, a run through the Town Park. The key to the program's success is that it mobilizes lots of people and all the information reaches its audience. Lots of people can help a good cause in lots of ways! Project coordinator: Attila Péter

„Run FOR IT! is a great program, I'm very proud that there are such initiatives in our town. It is a gift for me to be there as a volunteer. By the end of the day, I don't feel that I did something, but that I got something. Something big.” Melinda Varga, volunteer, SzékelyOdorheiu Secuiesc

Fundraising In February 2013 we organized our annual fundraising Gala with 80 guests. During the evening we organized a wine tasting, a charity bidding supporting the space planning at the Jesus Chapel. At this festivity we were happy to report to our supporters and partners about our recent results and future plans. Project coordinator: Ildikó Péter

Community Gala Results: 10 volunteers helped organize 9 valuable items up for bidding 12 offers for lottery 13.400 lei the total value of donations

“I didn't know I am a volunteer, I just answered the appeal from SzKA, and helped with what I could. I believe in the civic force and that lots of little things put together can do a lot. Being the presenter of the gala was no work. If a journalist and TV presenter is willing to “work” three hours a year for the community, so can a carpenter, an economist, or a student – this is the secret force of SzKA, or even of our whole community. Let's be more than spectators or visitors in our own town László Ferenc Máthé, journalist, TV presenter, Odorheiu Secuiesc

Partner: Hotel Küküllő Supporters and donors: Albert András and Lázár Emő, Art Glass, Balázs Attila, Balázs Lajos and Emese, Balázs Zsolt and Ildikó, Boros Csaba and Cecilia, Chris Worman, Csedő Attila, Elan Trió, Életfa Korondi Fazakasok Szövetsége, Elk Farm, Erdély Bálint Előd, Farkas Pincészet, Fülöp Lóránt, Hadnagy Lóránt and Kinga, Honor Villa, Izlandi Lovak, Joseph Sawaya and Anna, Kilyén Irma, Király Krisztina, Legendárium, Márton Zsolt and Mária, Muharrem Ünver and Enikő, Norada, Parajdi Lepkeház, Péter Attila and Tünde, Péter Szabolcs and Orsolya, Pro Down Alapítvány, Szekeres Domokos and Ildikó, Szik Baranta, Trucza Adorján and Nagyálmosi Ildikó, Vári Ferenc and Ottilia.


Community Development

Urban Kaláka Results: 3 visual plans in the competition 310 votes for the winning plan 8 people working on the plans 107 volunteers at the Kalaka 2.300 visitors at the chapel in 2013

Following the will of the community, in 2013 we undertook the space planning around the Jesus Chapel. Based on the visual plans made by the Creative Group of Odorheiu Secuiesc, we worked in a kalaka (community volunteer work). Over 100 volunteers came to help in April, when we planted saplings and tidied up the place. Later we installed the benches and the recycle bins. The whole city kept its eyes on the project, the Haáz Rezső Museum opened the chapel for the public, and the site was visited by over 2300 people in 2013. Project coordinator: Ildikó Péter


Budget: 50.175 lei

„Although I don't consider myself as a religious person, I think that the Jesus Chapel is a kind of built heritage, which was left to us by our ancestors, and it's a part of our history that we have to take care of. Of course the great team and the morale I've been part of is another important aspect.” Krisztina Király, volunteer, Odorheiu Secuiesc Main sponsor: Udvarhelyi Híradó, Raiffeisen Bank Other sponsors: 11 companies and 30 individuals


Community Development


We launched our youth program for the fifth time, and students from different local schools have applied. Based on their CVs and interviews, we chose ten students. The goal was the same as before: to train philanthropic and entrepreneur youths, who can raise 1250 euros with their own fundraising campaigns – this amount is doubled by a partner organization, and the funds is used for supporting youth projects. The volunteer students got to work right after the team building and training sessions. They were at the Christmas Fair, selling entry tickets, warm tea and apple juice at the Fable Town, then organized the YB Star talent show. Five school teams have applied for the funds raised, and four of them were successful. In the end, three projects were realized: a sporting and a cultural event, and an educational program. Project coordinator: Szabolcs Balogh

“I want to do something for the community, prove myself in front of the grown-ups (and more importantly, in front of myself), and I want to contradict the stereotypes we can hear each they: “these youngsters… back in my time…”. YouthBank is a great occasion for all this.” Adél Pál, YouthBank volunteer

Results: 8 person in the team 3 projects supported 25 partners and supporters 1.100 euros raised 1.100 euros given (doubled) by OTP Bank


Supporters: OTP Bank, Asociatia pentru Relatii Comunitare, Youth in Action 12

Community Development

Table for the future Results: 2 tables, commemorating the following:

We have stood a memorial plaque, showing the graves of our great ancestors in the reformat and catholic cemeteries. The idea came from the community. The table contain a clear map with symbols showing the graves, and a short text about the late famous people, helping visitors find their way in the cemetery. An engineer, Levente Csiszár came up with the idea of Table for the future, and the project was carried out by volunteers: Zsombor Mihály, with the help of the local museum and historians, worked on assembling the list of people and their graves. We received a lot of help from Zoltán Fecső and Ferenc Bokor, the graphical design was done by Sándor Györfi and Zoltán Tóth, while the table was placed by Róber Zsolt Kőmíves and Zoltán Zsombori.

Dr. Elek Bakk and Sára Takács, Dr. János Bányai, Aladár Becsek, Sámuel Bodola, László Imecs jr., György Csanády, Rezső Haáz and Sándor Haáz sr., Gergely Baczkamadarasi Kis, József Magyarósi Szőke, the Solymossy and Koncz families, Gyula Mihály Szigethi, László Tompa, World War 2 graves and Endre Demeter, Imre Fehér, Nándor Hargita, József Huber, Lajos Jung Cseke, András Kacsó, Ferenc Kis, Sándor Kónya and János Kónya, István Kováts jr. and sr., János Maszelka, Gáspár Soó, Pál Spanyár, Ferenc Szemlér sr. and Ferenc Szemlér, János Rajmond, Sándor Tomcsa, Dr. Károly Rösler, Zoltán Zenglitzky, István Pál, Géza Pálfi, Ernő Veress.

“I like it when something looks good and it's also useful. And if I can also say that I can work with a great team, and I work for the community, we already have the reason why I accepted this project.” Supporters: Áron Tankó, Haáz Rezső Museum, Bifem Ltd.


Sándor Györfi, graphic artist

Community Development We have been working in the multicultural communities at Alcsík since 2011. In 2013 we helped start and continue such processes in Sancraieni and Sansimion that aim to help Hungarians and Roma people live together. Our main activities were establishing new jobs, educating and training the youth and starting social entrepreneurships. Between November 28 and December 1 a team of 15 people, representing the two communities participated to a study trip in Hungary. They visited similar organizations and saw similar social initiatives in the area of Eger, Esztergom, Bátonyterenye and Rozsály. Project coordinator and professional team: Rozália Csáki, Andrea Sólyom, Lóránd András and Jenő Marthi

Community development at Alcsík Results: Sansimion: multicultural summer camp for kid preparations for establishing a handwork workshop Sancraieni: summer camp with hygiene education and handwork activities for Romany and Hungarian children handwork activities for Romany and Hungarian children

“The Community House is a great place, because kids come here filled with joy, and they already feel it's theirs. I am really happy to do this, and I can only do it if I do it with all my heart, and the kids feel that they can trust you. One of our successes in 2013 was that 7 Roma kids have taken part in the First Communion.” Emese Ioni, social worker, Sancrai

Budget: 42.210 EUR Supporter: ERSTE Foundation


Organizational development

Developing philanthropy for sustainable communities

As part of the 2012-2014 international training program, we took part in two training trips this year. Our team and volunteers traveled to Poland and Bulgaria, visiting community foundations. During the threeday visits they took part in trainings, and visited organizations supported by the community foundations. The main topic of the field trip to Poland was fundraising. All participants presented the methods they use, the projects they implemente and they discussed these in detail. During the Bulgarian field trip we analyzed the community development activities in detail. Project coordinator: Rozália Csáki

Results: 2 international field trips 3 partner community foundations from abroad 15 success stories we got to know better Partners: Lom Community Fund (Bulgaria), South Moravian Community Foundation (Czech Republic), Snow Mountain Community Fund (Poland) Budget: 15.000 EUR



“No matter what you're good at, you can surely find a task which, if you do it good, helps things get better, and you can do something for the community. It is an honor to be a part of the volunteer team at SzKA. Our Polish partners strongly emphasize making the lives of disadvantaged children better. They got a lot of help in this program from the local authorities. If there is a strong collaboration in a town, anything can be done to make our lives' better.” Ottilia Vári, volunteer

The Let’s develop philanthropy for sustainable communities GRUNDTVIG project (2012-1-RO1-GRU06-22713) has been funded with support from the European Commission. This presentation reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Community development The goal of this program – Constructive Idea for Cristur – was to raise awareness of people for common problems and for active participation, in order to support local ideas and initiatives important for our community. The community members had a bit of a hard time getting the hang of the program, because it was the first of its kind, so we offered more help for the applicants, starting from the idea until the very end of the project. 1. The Toddler Association fitted the nursery (where 60 children attend) with modern and practical lockers. 2. The Lightning Volunteer Firefighter Association bought high-performance pumps. 3. The Parent Guarding Community Foundation had a bike locker (with a capacity of 64 bikes) made for children in school 4 – The Orbán Balázs High School Foundation made a new gate and refurbished the fence at the school and kindergarten in Betfalva Project coordinator: Erika Andrási

Cristur Community Fund Results: 7.147 lei given in support 4 winning projects 2673 lei donations

Budget: 9820 Ron

We modernized the Mirror Bath at Sóskút from donations: we had benches made, reinforced the floor of the children's basin, painted the wooden parts and the Szekler Gate is done as well. Erika András, executive director of Cristur Community Fund

Supporters: Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation, Partnership Foundation, Asociatia pentru Relatii Comunitare



Type of expenditure Sum/Ron Sum/Eur Grantmaking 213 572 48 330 Salaries and benefits 97 542 22 073 Consulting fees 88 219 19 964 Travel & Accomodation 45 868 10 380 Publishing, printing 6 613 29 221 Equipment 5 835 25 786 Chapel Jesus (equipment, 5 072 22 412 components, sapling) Hospitality, representation 3 315 14 647 (Community Gala included) Office operating expence, rent, maintenance, utilities 3 086 13 637 Communication 2 780 12 284 Supplies 2 006 8 866 Webpage 1 514 6 692 Conference fees 507 2 241 Banking 422 1 865 Donations 113 500 Registration fees, legal fees 50 219 Total expenditure 583 571 132 060

Grant assistance


Type of grant Unitarian Community Fund (all projects from 2013 + one project from 2012) You Choose! Run for IT! Give-get-do Rural Community Fund Constructive Idea for Cristur Rural community development in AlcsĂ­k YouthBank Total grantmaking

Sum/Ron 126 353

Sum/Eur 28 593

34 415 23 024 9 819 9 559 4 288 4 126 1 988 213 572

7 788 5 210 2 222 2 163 970 934 450 48 330


National/local income Sum/Ron Community Card (Oct. 2012., Dec. 2012.-Sept. 2013.) 76 996 Run for IT 40 217 Environmental Partnership Foundation 35 942 FDSC - Community Card program 22 500 Community Gala 21 181 Bank interest 21 172 ARC - Association for Community Relations 18 329 ANPCDEFP - YIA 11 061 Payrole giving / Kalaka Campaign 10 130 OTP Bank - YouthBank, Give-get-do 9 783 Donation for Urban Kalaka 9 565 Give-get-do 6 509 Community Development in AlcsĂ­k 4 500 YouthBank 4 461 Other sponsorships and donations 3 872 Organizing conferences 1 912 2% 1 572 Salty Bath Project 1 334 Benefits returned 1 181 OTP partner 1 177 Book Sales - Udvarhelyszeki Mozaik 955 Unapplied grants 346 International income Sum/Ron Die Erste Foundation Oesterreische Spar CA 147 939 Project Harvest Hope 132 606 ROI BAUDOUIN Foundation 3 130 Bethlen Gabor Fund 2 988 Total income 591 358

Sum/Eur 17 424 9 101 8 134 5 092 4 793 4 791 4 148 2 503 2 292 2 214 2 165 1 473 1 018 1 010 876 433 356 302 267 266 216 78 Sum/Eur 33 478 30 008 708 676 133 822




lei raised fund

39 551

institutional support 371 365 lej

(international -283 533lej, romanian -87 832 lej) 5%

other income 31 157 lej


lei gived grant


13 000


community cardholders




Environmental protection, biodiversity 1 890 lei Animal-protection 2 160 lei

supported projects

supported projects

Communiy spaces 87 729 lei

Income 591 358 lej

corporate donations 42 859 lej

38 577

78 173

lei raised fund


individual donations 145 977 lej

Education 50 427 lei

Art&Culture 41 682 lei

Total offered grant: 239 259 lei

Social inclusion 30 430 lei

Health 7 147 lei Sport 17 794 lei


The team:

Rozi Csáki executive director

AttilaPéter financial and program manager

Ildikó Péter PR manager

Melánia Kilyén YB project coordinator

Bord Members:

András Albert

founder and president of Board/ CEO –BAP Agency


György Csaba Boros

founder and vice-president of Bord/Director-Elan Trió

János László

founder/CEO-Arkum Group

György Marosi

founder and secretary of Board/Lawyer

Muharrem Ünver

founder and treasurer of Board/Gneral manager

Partners: Székelyudvarhely Megyei Jogú Város Polgármesteri Hivatala

Project supporters:

Sponsors of Run fot IT!:

Székelyudvarhelyi Mentőszolgálat

Székelyudvarhelyi Rendőrkapitányság Forgalmi Osztálya



Mass-media Partners:


Volunteers: Urban Kalaka and Table for the future.: László Ágnes, László Tünde, Cseke Enikő, Márton Ildikó, Szatmáry János, Kubanek László, Vári Ottilia, Kocs Dániel, Mihály Zsombi, Jakab Enikő, Jakab Csilla, Porsche László, Balázs Ferenc, Balázs Dóra, Pialoga Adolf, Szilágyi István, Pollner Frigyes, Pollner Melinda, Balázs Emese, Balázs Ádám, Ágoston Tímea, Ágoston Lilli, Ágoston Ákos, Csáki Rozália, Mar István, Pál Annamária, Márton Katalin, Orbán Dávid, Péter Tamás, Péter Enikő, Orbán Tamara, Ambrus Helga, Ilyés Lóránd, Józsa Csaba, Jére Ildikó, Magyari Lajos, Pál Gábor, Simon Eszter, Kis Márton Mária, Szász Viktor, Szász Előd, Sípos Botond, Jakab Attila, Szatmári Dóra, Király Krisztina, Péter Melinda, Szőke Csilla, Szőke Tibor, Péter Lajos, Pap Lóránd, Kiss Emőke, Derzsi László, Györfi Sándor, Máthé László Ferenc, Tóth Zoltán, Bokor Ferenc, Fecső Zoltán, Kőmíves Zsolt, Zsombori Zoltán, Fábián Ildikó, Máthé László Ferenc, Csiszár Levente, Erdély Bálint Előd, Dombi Gabriella and pupils form the fifth class of Moricz Zsigmond General School.

Run for IT!: Ambrus Helga-Gyöngyvér, Balogh Szabolcs, Bara Ferenc, Bara Ildikó, Csíki Attila, Dávid Helén, Gönczi Dezső, Halász Judit, Halmen Péter, Ilyés Ferenc, Ilyés Sándor Lóránd, Jakab Enikő, Katona Rozália Szidónia, Ketesdi Hajnalka, Ketesdi János, Kiss Éva, Kovács Margó, Lőrincz Orsolya, Majláth Gyöngyike, Máthé Erzsébet, Orbán Attila, Orbán Zsuzsa, Péter Tünde, Serbán Albert, Varga Melinda.

YouthBank 2012-2013: Bándi Szabolcs, Sebestyán Noémi- Éva, Pál Adél, Moldovanu Nicolae, Kulcsár Diana, Magyari Kincső, Nagy Boglárka, Vladár Tünde, Csergő Nóra, Márton Péter.


·Bethlen Gábor str. 55 535600 Székelyudvarhely +40 366 100 283 +40 745 654 164

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Annual Report 2013  

Annual Report of Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation – 2013.