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Welcome to Sindeon!

Who said girls don’t like roleplaying?

Short introduction by Szilvia Petka

Yes, this is all me


Community for kids in the 8-18 age group

Looking serious: our current queen and her guardians


Programs almost every week (boardgames, sewing, armor and weapon making)

Lord Bastillion, in Phoenix armor, at the castle of VĂĄrgesztes


Camps in every school break (3-5 days in spring, winter and autumn), organized on different locations of Hungary

Our tents , flags, and some children ready to fight


Summer: two weeks long roleplaying camp

Fighting for the Black Mountain


Since 2000: this will be our 14th summer camp

The face did not change: from participating kid to organizer

About the game

Our version of orcs,this photo was taken at a LARP


Roleplaying world: loosely Lord-of-the-rings based, but mainly our own ideas (the story goes on for 30 years now)

A sorcerer and a young elven lady


Complex world system: economy (our own money), noble houses, races (elves, orcs, hobbits, etc.), lands and titles, resources, professions

From left to right: elf, orc, knight


Non-contact fight system (ring-fight), which rewards roleplaying, not physical fighting skills

She can win here: in real fight, this guy would beat her in a second

No ‘out’ time or zone: just playing (even at night, or when you go to shower), for two weeks

Coronation at night

Strict character death: after 12-hour silence you create a new character

Kneel before your queen…

Huge ‘game area’: furthest location at 4-5 km distance (if you want to conquer a land you have to go there)

Pirate of the Stone Sea – and the conquering army

Technical details

Archer girl, some really bad guys, and a handsome noble

The organizers provide every item, armor, clothing, weapons – the participants dont need to bring anything

Another LARP-shot: somehow we take better pictures here…

Every item hand made by us, nothing purchased – the kids who want to help to create them are always welcome

Preparing some weapons before the game – even an ordered Frostmourne


Accomodation: always houses (no camping)

Our Room window

All right, sometimes castles‌ but castles are houses too, right?

Everything included in the participation fee (food, accomodation, costumes) – usually ~5000 Ft (17 EUR)/day

Costumes – for the horses too!

Things I could talk about for hours and you are welcome to discuss these in the afternoon session: 

Importance of the non-combat fight system for kids: no restrictions on character play (little girls can become great knights)

The advantages of the community: long-term effect and improvement of the children, playing many characters and exploring your strengths and weaknesses

Communication and message to parents (negative feelings for roleplaying)

Our view on 'good' and 'bad' characters, what the children can learn from it

Why is it important that the organizers (=grownups) don't get any advantage in the game?

The importance of the wide age group (8-18), cooperation between different aged kids

Why are good looking items (clothes, armor, monsters) important?

Interested? Not under 18?    

Our first camp for adults! 2014. August 8-10 (weekend) Within Budapest, in a national park (12 acres of our own land) ~35 EUR for the weekend (Sindeon pricing: food, accomodation, stuff included)

Thank you for your attention! 

14 03 08 Sindeon presentation on Portal  

Short (4 minutes) introduction presentation about Sindeon in English: presented at the international conference about LARPs - Portal 2014.

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