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AIESEC France Reserve 2012-2013

Goal of the Reserve ď‚› Create

a reserve for unexpected (legal)

issues. ď‚› Create an account which ensures the financial sustainability of the federation.

National Training Conference

Conditions 

Efter each raised EP the federation pays 6 EURs in case of GIP EP and 4 EURs in case of GCDP to the AIESEC France Reserve account. The MC wants to support this reserve account, so:  

 

If an LC reaises an EP, the LC as well as the MC will pay 50-50 % to the reserve account. If the MC raises the EP, it will pay the whole amount to the reserve account.

The implementation of the AIESEC France reserve starts on the 1st of October, 2012. The MC sends report quartelly to the LCs.

National Training Conference

Terms of payment  Issues 


Letigation, legal cases; which doesn’t arise due to the fault of the LC.

 Decision 


The decision will be made by a committee, its members are: Steering Team, Finance sub Committee, MCP, MCVPF.

National Training Conference

Estimated reserves by the end of the term:  206

GCDP: 824 EUR  70 GIP: 420 EUR  TOTAL: 1244 EUR

National Training Conference

AIESEC France Reserve  
AIESEC France Reserve  

AIESEC France Reserve 1213 presentation