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The Best Way To Care For Alligator Leather The reason you purchase quality items is because they look nice and have longevity. For you to keep your alligator belt or boots in their best condition, it's very important to take the best care of them. With regards to alligator leather, there are different dos and don'ts for basic maintenance. One of the most important rules when it comes to alligator leather is that it should not be folded into an unusual position. When you have purchased a belt, don't ever bend it sharply, because this can cause cracking, warping or other kinds of damage. Store the leather in a cool, dry place when you're not using it. For instance, use supports inside of your boots to keep them upright and hang your belts from a hook. You don't ever want to shove your purses into a drawer or stick it under other items in your closet. Instead, hang them or cover them in a protective cloth before storing them on a shelf. Generally speaking, you need to keep your alligator belt and any other leather products away from water or extreme heat, since both can cause damage. Avoid using any household chemicals or alcohol to try and clean them, if they would become dirty. These cleaning products can quickly destroy it, since finish that is normally on the alligator products is delicate. If your items get wet, gently wipe off the excess moisture with a soft, dry cloth. Allow the item to dry naturally out of the sunlight. Never use things like hair dryers or vented heat to try and dry the products. However, you might place them near a small fan so that clean, dry air can pass over and under the item. Flip the item over every couple of hours, which will help the drying process. After the item has been dried thoroughly, use a leather conditioner on the exposed leather to give it the proper moisture and finish it must have to remain beautiful. You may consider applying the conditioner again a couple days later. It might be too late for any repair work, if the leather has already been cracked. If you take proper care of it, alligator leather can keep its beauty for many years. You will want to use a leather conditioner that is used exclusively on alligator products for its regular maintenance. A lot of people choose to use neutral shoe polish that can help to enhance the shine of your item. If you use shoe polish on a regular basis, however, a few of the oils that tanners put into the alligator leather can disappear. So your leather items look like new, the oils in the leather must be replaced periodically. You might need to visit exotic leather shops or department stores to find the right kind of conditioner. You need to be sure the product can aid with water and stain resistance. It'll largely depend on the item on how frequently you care for it. For instance, belts need to be treated on both sides twice a year at least with the conditioner. Wallets or other alligator leather items that are compressed need to be conditioned every month. If you notice the compartments of your wallet sticking together, you can lightly sprinkle cornstarch on the area. Finally, to keep your items smelling fresh, you could use a little baby powder on the interior of a purse or boot. Leather items like an alligator belt or purse can be a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Take the proper care to both prevent and treat any stains or water damage, in order to keep them looking fabulous. If you take the proper steps, you can keep your belongings in great condition for several years to come. Martin Dingman

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The Best Way To Care For Alligator Leather

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The Best Way To Care For Alligator Leather