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GG Realestate Development

GG INVESTMENTS IS A COMPANY focusing on PROPERTY INVESTMENTS. We look for pieces of property, such as an unused plot or an old building and find ways to make the most of the given investment. MAKING THINGS VALUABLE IS our obsession. We are constantly looking for partners who share our attitude and vision TO MAKE A LOT OUT OF LITTLE.




GG Realestate Development






UNGARY has been a favourite destination of investors in the former Eastern block of Europe. It was the first country to apply for EU and NATO membership, and the first to join IMF and the World Bank. Hungary had taken steps to shift from a centralised economy to market economy ahead of all other Central and Eastern European countries. As a result, in the past decades, Hungary has become a country with a widely recognised economic and political stability. However, the country’s enormous efforts and perseverance to achieve considerable results in economic development would still not make it a preferred location, were it not for its charming and bustling capital, Budapest. The city has a grandiose historical and unique architecture and, as investors have increasingly recognised, boundless opportunities for property investments.


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GG Investments has several years of experience on the Hungarian property market, focusing its activities on Budapest. The company’s experts are constantly analysing and exploring the Hungarian property market, looking for the best opportunities for investment.


• constantly analysing the market • finding properties suitable for investment

GG Investment works with an international team, including professional experts of the Hungarian market. The company looks for residential, commercial and industrial properties which, after value is added to them, can guarantee considerable return. GG Investment’s main profile is applying property knowledge and expertice and sell the land to a developer with the highest possible profit.

• adding value to purchased properties, with the help of experts • organising permissions • creating an image for the projects, organising marketing • organising architectural planning • selling the property to a developer

GG Realestate Development


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HOUSE Location: Budapest, 9th district, Telepy u. 2. Investor: GG Investment Executor: Superviso n Architect: Hevesi és Pap Építészeti Stúdió Kft.

BEETHOVEN HOUSE is located in the most dynamically developing area of the 9th district of Budapest. It is just few minutes from the new cultural centre of the city, the National Theatre and the Palace of Arts. As a residential building, Beethoven House will locate 14 apartments of 1 to 3 rooms and 25 to 70 sq m. With its terracotta and beige colours and a carefully designed facade, the building will be a characteristic spot in the neighbourhood.


PROJECT Tplot.he project is FOUND IN BUDAKESZI, a small town near Budapest, on an easily accessible The houses are surrounded by a quiet, green and bucolic environment. Small shops for everyday items and bus stops for Budapest are a walking distance away, while there are various large department stores within a fifteen minute driving distance. The project includes 7 houses and 39 apartments from 43 to 97 sq m. Houses are designed in a discreet, rural manner adapting to the environment. All apartments have balconies and face South-East or South-West. Ground floor apartments have their own garden. Location: Budakeszi, Pátyi út 53. Investor: GG Investment Constructor: BAUDING Kft. Executor: Óbuda-Újlak Beruházószervező és fővállalkozó Rt.


RESIDENCES Located in the CENTRE OF BUDAPEST, surrounded by fine restaurants, cafes, cinemas and theatres, Central Residences will be an apartment house of metropolitan luxury and comfort. The nine-storey building will locate 110 unique, pleasant and efficient apartments, all of which will have their own balcony, terrace or garden. The building will interlock a 1000 sq m relaxing park. Every apartment will have a garage, while extra services such as a cafe, an exclusive gym, a wellness complex or a sunbathing terrace will serve the comfort of dwellers. The constructor only uses carefully selected, high-quality materials.

Location: Budapest, 7th district, Nagydiófa u. 14. Investor: GG Investment Architect: Citinvest Financing bank: CIB Bank Technical supervisor: Supervision Kft.

Architect: XXL Architect Tervezőiroda Kft. Financing bank: CIB Bank


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GG Realestate Development


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PROJECT MÁRTON UTCA PROJECT lies in a frequented area of the 9th district of Budapest, in a beautifully restored neighbourhood. The plot connects two quiet, one-way streets. The neighbouring plots host decent, newbuilt residential houses. Metro 3 is a five minute walk away, recently developed Lenhossék park is within only one minute walking distance. The Medical University, located a few blocks away, attracts students from all over the world, which makes Márton project an excellent investment for lettable apartments. The plot has arhitectural plans and permissions for 250 apartments. A major advantage of the site is that it lies just inside a limited area that has been completely renovated as part of an urban development project, so people looking for apartments in the neighbourhood will first look here.

Márton Liget


Plot size: 5138 sqm, Types of property: residential building, yard, 75% of the plot may be built in. Location: Budapest, 9th district, Márton u. 32-34 (Lenhossék u. 35-37)

EHÉRVÁRI ÚT PROJECT is located in the presently most sought after area of Budapest for building and purchasing apartments, in the 11th district. The plot is situated in a frequented part of the district, in a an area where residential buildings, public institutions, offices and industrial developments can all be found. The immediate surrounding is dominated by industrial and office developments, but it has recently been declared a residential district by the municipality. The plot is to be divided up, however at present it is one, undivided unit. It is suitable for investment even in its present state, since after dividing it up, the plot will be worth much more. Presently, the complete plot is estimated to be worth 232 million HUF. The site has its own automatised vehicle entrance from the Kondorfa utca side, which is a quite street parallel to Fehérvári út. The plot has easy accessibility both by public and private transport. It takes some 20 minutes by tram to get to the Downtown. Later, Metro 4 will be within only a 5 minute walking distance. The plot is nicely cultivated (concrete grounds, sideways, green areas). The site is suitable for office, industrial or residential development.



ocated some five minutes walking distance away from METRO 2 AND THE POPULAR SHOPPING CENTRE OF DUNA PLAZA, Madarász utca project lies on a green plot in a frequented and pleasant part of the 13th district, surrounded by suburban communities. A school, a kindergarten, a medical centre and a department store are all within a 200 metre range. The project will have some 250 apartments with large green areas. The project will be ideal for families.

Topographical plot no.: 26079/1. Location: Budapest. 11th district, Fehérvári u. 130-144.

Plot size: 6534 sq m

Topographical plot no.: 3823/6. Plot size: 3132 sq m Building on the plot: a 520 sqm light structure industrial hall (demolishable)

Building size: 1388 sqm (to be demolished) Types of property: residential building, yard, outbuilding Location: Budapest, 13th district, Madarász u 45. Investor: GG Investment Architect: Hevesi és Pap Építészeti Stúdió Kft.


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GG Realestate Development


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CRI Investment CIB Bank Citinvest

GG Realestate Development

Supervision Kft. Aera MHC Kft.

Budapest, 1148, Abavár u. 36. 1 458 78 95 • MOBIL : 20 558 98 55 • TEL .:

Hevesi és Pap Építészeti Stúdió Kft. XXL Architect Tervezőiroda Kft. Casiopea


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GG Realestate Development


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