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Japan is now focusing on automation and optimal use of their resources

Investing in an Opti-Kap 1002 optimizing crosscut saw from System TM is part of an automation process of the production at Mitsui Home. This solution ensures an easier production and optimal utilization of the wood. Read the entire article on page 2

no. 1 - 2012

Opti-Kap 5000 Version 2 New incredible speed with a capacity increase of up to 40% Not only is the speed of the Opti-Kap 5000 Version 2 increased with up to 40%, but the excellent quality and the accuracy of the cut remains the same high standard.

Expansion of a line made Tarkett invest in a material handling solution from System TM After delivering a multiple cross-cut system to Tarkett in the 1990’s, they decided to expand the line in order to fully utilize the full capacity of the saw line.

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A&J Scott boosts their production capacity with System TM handling solution

To provide a massive boost to their production of feather-edge and thin fence boarding, A&J Scott invested in an automatic state of the art System TM handling system. Read the entire article on page 7

optimization of staff and wood resources

TM News No.1 2012 - English  
TM News No.1 2012 - English