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EMBS54 - Thursday



09.00 Plenary: It’s the ecology, stupid – willingness to pay to protect cold-water coral Prof. Claire Armstrong, The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, Norway

14.00 Excursions

09.00 P L E N A R Y

It’s the ecology, stupid – willingness to pay to protect cold-water coral Prof. Claire Armstrong, The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, Norway

Claire Armstrong is Professor in Resource Economics and Management at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, UiT, The Arctic University of Norway in Tromso. Her expertise is in bioeconomic modelling and ecosystem services.

Session: Blue Growth

Chaired by Torres Sweeney

09.50 Breen, Tully, Hynes, Loughlin, Reecht, Morley | A Bayesian network model for assessing ecological risk and economic impacts for spatial marine management options

10.00 Rullens, Lohrer, Townsend, Pilditch | Quantification of ecosystem services provided by infaunal shellfish in temperate estuaries.

10.10 Ferreira, Palma, Brotas, Borges, Brito | Implementing remote sensing as a tool towards supporting marine aquaculture off the Portuguese coast

10.20 Hummel H, Kalle, Bienfait, Boyer, de Wit, Hummel C | A stakeholder-driven set of Essential Variables describing status and quality of functions, services, benefits and risks in Protected Areas

10.30 M O R N I N G B R E A K

Session: Blue Growth

Chaired by Claire Armstrong

11.00 Watson, Preston, Watson | Ecosystem valuation of coastal ecosystems for improving water quality underpins blue growth

11.10 Fariñas-Franco, Fort, Edwards, White, Nash, Tey Garcia, Coca Tagarro, Avila, Johnson, Sulpice | Ecological footprint and ecosystem services from seaweed cultivation: a methodological approach to ensure best practice

11.20 Marra, Sepčič, Thornton, Thomas, McCormack | Investigation of mucus in the sponge Haliclona (Rhizoniera) indistincta (Bowerbank, 1866) and assessment of its biotechnological potential

11.30 Drennan, Wiklund, Neal, Rabone, Dahlgren, Glover | Biodiversity in the deep-sea mining frontier based on a new integrative taxonomy

11.40 Sweeney, Venardou, Rattigan, Garcia- Vaquero, Rajauria, Keily, Vigors, Mc Cartney, Ryan, Thornton, Ravindran, O’Doherty | Chemodiversity and health benefits of our native Macroalgae

General Session

11.50 Dursun | Estimation of phytoplankton group composition using HPLC pigment analysis in a highly urbanized estuary (Golden Horn Estuary, Turkey)

12.00 Rubal, Torres, Veiga | Urbanisation reduces the diversity of intertidal canopies of Sargassaceae along north Portuguese coast

12.10 Veiga, Sampaio, Ramos Oliveira, Moreira, Troncoso, Rubal | Effects of harvesting on the mollusc assemblage associated with mussels


Prof. Tasman Crowe, EMBS President

12.30 LUNCH


18.00 CLOSE OF EMBS 54