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EMBS54 - Wednesday



09.00 Plenary: Traits in space: enriching species occurrence data with species attributes for traits Dr Tom Webb, University of Sheffield, UK

16.10 Plenary: Atlantic Salmon lost at sea Prof. Ken Whelan, University College Dublin/Atlantic Salmon Trust

Evening: Conference Dinner and Ceili, Trinity College Dublin


Traits in space: enriching species occurrence data with species attributes for traits Dr Tom Webb, University of Sheffield, UK

Tom Webb is a lecturer in Marine Ecology and Conservation at the University of Sheffield, UK. He is a marine macroecologist, aiming to understand what drives large-scale variation in marine diversity in time and space.

Session: Fundamental Biological Traits

Chaired by Matt Frost

9.50 Dekeyzer, Decock, Verfaille, Vanhoome, Lanssens, Vandepitte | Marine species traits in the LifeWatch Taxonomic Backbone

10.00 Hammock, Schulz | Aggregated trait data for global questions: coverage and fitness for use

10.10 Lockley, Reischig, Eizaguirre | Maternal effects buffer biased sex ratios in species with temperature dependent sex determination – the case of the loggerhead turtle

10.20 Barker, Jiménez Alvarado, Meyers, Wray, Davies, Belén Caro, Sealey, Jacoby | Securing the future of the Critically Endangered Angelshark (Squatina squatina) through multidisciplinary approaches to study this rare, cryptic elasmobranch


Session: Fundamental Biological Traits

Chaired by Tom Webb

11.00 Sealey, Barker, Jiménez Alvarado, Meyers, Belén Caro | Investigation of juvenile Angelshark (Squatina squatina) habitat in the Canary Islands to inform protection of this Critically Endangered species

11.10 Vesal, Nasi, Auriemma, Del Negro | Effects of sewage discharge on macrofaunal communities nearby the underwater sewage duct of Trieste (northern Adriatic Sea) on temporal scale

11.20 Lobov, Maltseva, Varfolomeeva, Mikhailova, Granovitch | Gametic isolation proteins in the model of intertidal snails sibling species.

11.30 Vargas, Cuevas, Aguayo, Lagos, Broitman | Have we underestimated the effects of ocean acidification on different biological traits?

11.40 Käß, Chikina, Vedenin, Soltwedel | Functional patterns of macrofauna at the Arctic deep-sea observatory HAUSGARTEN

11.50 Clare, Garcia, Bolam | Ecosystem function during phases of biodiversity loss and recovery

12.00 Maltseva, Varfolomeeva, Babkina, Kursheva, Morgunova, Renaud, Granovitch | Littorina snails and environmental stress: the first to measure the second.

12.10 Skinner, Newman, Mill, Newton, Polunin | Prevalence of pelagic dependence among coral reef predators across an atoll seascape.

12.20 Žužul, Šegvić-Bubić, Talijančić, Katavić, Grubišić | Combination of molecular and morphological characteristics to assess different origins

12.30 Mavraki, Degraer, Vanaverbeke | Feeding preferences of seven dominant fouling species: trophic specialists or generalists?

12.40 Gladstone-Gallagher, Pilditch, Stephenson, Thrush | Linking traits across ecological scales determines functional resilience to disturbance

12.50 LUNCH


General Session

Chaired by Herman Hummel

13.50 Kleitou, Hall-Spencer, Kletou, Antoniou, Chartosia, Hadjioannou, Savva, Jimenez, Dimitrou, Petrou, Sfenthourakis, Christou, Andreou, Rees | Management of Invasive Species in Marine Protected Areas: The case of lionfish in eastern Mediterranean

14.00 D'Agostino, Jimenez, Reader, Hadjioannou, Josephides, Feary | Behavioural traits, feeding ecology and native prey naiveté, will Mediterranean lionfish invaders be as successful as their western Atlantic counterpart?

14.10 Henseler, Nordström, Törnroos, Snickars, Bonsdorff | How predation risk and competition influence habitat use of perch (Perca fluviatilis)

14.20 Meysick, Norkko, Gräfnings, Gagnon, Boström | Interactions between eelgrass (Zostera marina) and the Baltic clam (Macoma balthica)

14.30 Ahn, Kume, Terashima, Ye, Kameyama, Yamashita, Miya, Kasai | Evaluation of biodiversity at 5 estuaries in Japan using environmental DNA metabarcoding method

14.40 Nour, Pansch, Stumpp | Larval performance of a potent invader in a steep salinity gradient within the Western Baltic Sea

14.50 Wilson | Ecosystem function and diversity: the Dublin Bay intertidal model

15.00 Prestes, Moreu, Cacabelos, Martins, Faria, Neto | Long-term changes in the structure of macroalgal communities in the Azores

15.10 Matveev, McGaw | Effect of time in the lab and diet on the physiology and behaviour of a ubiquitous Atlantic crab (Cancer irroratus)

15.20 McMullin, Wing, Hageman | Tracking waste from aquaculture into infauna communities in the Marlborough Sounds; combining community and biochemical data in a quantitative analysis




Atlantic Salmon lost at sea | Prof. Ken Whelan, University College Dublin/Atlantic Salmon Trust

Chaired by Jens Carlsson

Ken Whelan is an Adjunct Professor at University College Dublin, Ireland, and Research Director of the Atlantic Salmon Trust. He has a wide experience in the fields of fisheries science, stock dynamics of Atlantic salmon and sea trout, climate change impacts on migratory fish stocks and science communications.

17.00 END


Dining Hall & Atrium, Trinity College Dublin

23.00 CLOSE