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EMBS54 - Tuesday


Tuesday highlights 

09.00 Plenary: Biodiversity redistribution in a changing climate| Prof. Elvira Poloczanska, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany

17.20 Yellow Submarine


Biodiversity redistribution in a changing climate| Prof. Elvira Poloczanska, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany

Elvira Poloczanska is the Science Advisor to the Co-Chairs and Technical Support Unit of Working Group II of the IPCC and is a Senior Scientist at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany. Her research focuses on the vulnerability, impacts and risks of and adaptation to climate variability and climate change.

09.50 Session: Movement and Redistribution of Species

09.50 Leclerc, Viard, Diaz, Brante | Age of recipient assemblages determines bio-invasion under realistic assembly rules

10.00  Basset, Marrocco, Ciotti, Cozzoli, Gjoni, Rosati, Shokri | Space use behaviour, spatial distribution of populations and organisation models in marine guilds

10.10 Coleman, Williams, Hawkins, Fraser | Limpets in the rough: Manipulating habitat topography to understand animal orientation decisions

10.20 Dawson, Irving, Baker, Constantine | Population connectivity of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) recorded in the breeding grounds of the Pitcairn Islands central South Pacific.


11.00 Session: Movement and Redistribution of Species

11.00 Doogan, Cotter, Bond, Ó Maoiléidigh, Brophy | Early migration behaviour and mortality of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) from the Burrishoole River, western Ireland

11.10 Goossens, Reubens, Torreele, Moens |Tracking European seabass in the southern North Sea

11.20 Juanes, Ramos, Fernández, de la Hoz, Puente, Guinda | Database of macroalgae presence data: OCLE

11.30 Loher | Connectivity of Pacific halibut in North American waters: scales of movement and relevance to fishery management

11.40 Mancinelli, Bardelli | Predicting the potential distribution of the Lessepsian blue swimmer crab Portunus segnis in the Mediterranean Sea

11.50 McGinty, Barton, Record, Finkel, Johns, Stock, Irwin | Projected copepod community changes and trait re-structuring in the North Atlantic due to changing climate

12.00 McInturf, Steel, Buckhorn, Sandstrom, Slager, Fangue, Klimley, Caillaud | Use of a hydrodynamic model to examine behavioral response of broadnose sevengill sharks (Notorynchus cepedianus) to an estuarine energy landscape

12.10 Norrie, Dunphy, Roughan,Weppe, Lundquist | Larval subsidies from bivalve aquaculture may assist with restoration programmes.

12.20 Ponti, Tarullo, Mikac, Desiderato, Zanni, Airoldi, Abbiati | Can environmental gradients promote non-indigenous species recruitment? The case study of the Ravenna channel-port

12.20 Rodriguez-Perez, Sanderson, Friis Møller, James | Open or closed populations? The larval behaviour of the European oyster and why it matters

12.40 Roman-Torres, Klages, Eizaguirre | Effects of climate change on the sea turtles feeding ecology

12.50 LUNCH


13.50 Session: Movement and Redistribution of Species

13.50 Sinopoli, Allegra, Andaloro, Maggio, Milisenda, Cillari | The role of FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices) in the dispersal of fish in Sicilian coast

14.00 Strickler, Lopes, Garcia, Rusch, Luz, Dabiri, Kanso, Costello | Ciliate epibionts - a symbiotic solution to nutrient diffusion limitation in large diatoms

14.10 Tray, Crowley, Brophy, Ó Maoiléidigh | Investigating scale trace element microchemistry as a tool to track adult North Atlantic salmon populations.

14.20 Wichmann, Kullmann, Frankowski, Thiel | Distribution & growth of stocked European glass eels released in the eastern German Baltic Sea

14.30 Jackson, Bolton | Can changing distributions of benthic species be tracked using longterm datasets from volunteer divers?

14.40 McIlroy, Thompson, Landry Yuan, Bonebrake, Baker | Subtropical thermal variation supports persistence of corals but limits productivity of coral reefs

14.50 Vandepitte, De Pooter, Lanssens, Oset- Garcia, Waumans, Vanhoorne, Hernandez | 15 years of the European Ocean Biogeographic Information System (EurOBIS)

15.00 General Session

15.00 Guinda, Ramos, de la Hoz, Puente, Juanes | Recent changes in subtidal macroalgae distribution in N Spain (Gulf of Biscay)

15.10 Simpson, Morris, Harasti, Coleman | Seahorse Hotels: use of artificial habitats to support recovery of the endangered White’s seahorse

15.20 Uttieri, Nihongi, Hinow, Motschman, Jiang, Alcaraz, Rudi Strickler | Copepod manipulation of oil droplet size distribution


16.00 Paul Brooks | Introduction to the Yellow Submarine

16.10 General Session

16.10 Parrondo, Feis, Ballenghien, Chiss, Nascimento Fernandes, Morán, Lejeusne, Yahya Cheikhna Lemrabott, Thiebaut, Jollivet, Borrell | Population connectivity of stalked barnacles Pollicipes pollicipes

16.20 Nunes, Beesley, Dashfield, McNeill, Mesher, Pascoe, Queirós, Somerfield, Talbot, Widdicombe | Strong inter-annual and seasonal patterns revealed by a 10 year timeseries of benthic community data at Station L4, a Western Channel Observatory site

16.30 Nekhaev, Merkuliev | Museum collections as a chronicle for long-term monitoring: a case of benthic gastropods from the Kola Meridian transect (Barents Sea)

16.40 Noble-James, Judd, Diesing, Clare, Eggett, Silburn, Duncan | Developing monitoring approaches for Marine Protected Areas: insights from the Croker Carbonate Slabs Special Area of Conservation.


Old Merville Pitch or Sports Centre, depending on weather, University College Dublin

19.30 CLOSE