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System Store Solutions Motorsport division continues it’s winning streak with some of the top teams in the sport Caterham & Team Air Asia System Store Solutions was given a great opportunity to showcase our skills when Caterham Racing, formerly Caterham Team Air Asia, approached us to provide a complete design, layout and installation of their workshop facilities in Norfolk.

Carlin Motorsport

Yet again, the team of Carlin Motorsport is walking away with championship trophies with Felipe Nasr taking the F3 and Robert Wickens taking the Formula Renault 3.5 series championship. With plans for an even stronger 2012, Trevor Carlin, of Carlin Motorsport, looked to totally revamp their workshops near Farnham, to accommodate the growth of the teams as well as provide dedicated car bays for each championship. Each area needed plenty of storage space with easy accessibility for a smooth work flow.

Universal Race Technologies Universal Race Technologies (URT) is one of motorsport’s best kept secrets. Working with many of the sport’s top teams and companies from both F1 and Endurance, they manage projects from the design process to the final assembly, producing composite solutions that change the way we think about engineering. Much of their work is conducted under strict confidentiality clauses with major motorsport companies, quite often finding the answer to a challenging requirement. With a move to much larger premises and with such a sensitive workload, URT were very particular about what they needed in storage and workshop solutions for their new premises.

Jota Sport When Sam Hignett, founder member of the Jota Group, former professional racing driver and veteran of Le Mans, both as a driver, team manager and team owner, set up Team Jota in 2000, he was keen to ensure the highest level of delivery for the drivers both on track and within the teams set up. Since that time, Team Jota has expanded to include sectors in aviation, design and professional driver training.

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Caterham Team Air Asia

When Caterham Racing formed as Caterham Team Air Asia they looked to have a complete fit out of their new workshops. The team required high quality units that gave a durable and flexible workshop environment, with delivery and installation that did not conflict with the team’s set up for the start of their campaign. Located in adjacent buildings to Caterham F1, whom we had already fitted out, with Phill Spencer being brought across to run the GP2 team, and knowing what System Store Solutions had already provided, brought us on-board to design and fit the GP2 workshop facilities. Caterham Racing’s team’s management expect a lot from their team - a highly professional attitude, together with intelligent, lateral and inspired problem solving to give rise to a winning formula - these same standards are also expected of their outsourced providers. This was an exciting opportunity for us, as we were able to advise and deliver a complete solution, knowing that System Store has the same standards demanded by the team. Initially, the work entailed installation of Fami cabinets, worktops and units for the race bays, and installation of units for the range of workshop and preparation bays. We worked with the team to give them ex-

An Intelligent, Lateral and Inspired Problem Solving Approach actly what they needed with the assurance of durability and resilience Fami is renowned for. System Store Solutions were also asked to add units and tool boxes to the already fitted out workshops at Caterham Cars. We continue to work with the renamed Caterham F1, Caterham Racing and Caterham

Cars as they expand and grow, to ensure they not only get the best from the Fami products but also the best service. “The workshops are now a great environment to showcase us as teams. We can give visitors tours around the buildings, knowing they will see a clean, smart working facility. David delivers with no fuss, a high level of understanding and great service. We are very happy with System Store Solutions” Phill Spencer


System Store Supports Carlin Motorsport’s Dominance as a Top Team

ergonomic and practical for our engineers, we needed a space that our sponsors and clients would find attractive and of a standard that reflects our professionalism and dedication to producing the best.

Carlin Motorsport were keen to have workshops that gave a clean and professional impression, reflecting the ethos of the company. Trevor Carlin instructed their F3 Race Engineer, Mark Owen to facilitate the refurbishments. Having been recommended System Store, Mark worked with David Price, MD of System Store through the summer, on the layout design of the workshops. Then, as soon as Carlin’s season finished the old workshop was completely gutted, a new floor laid and then System Store technicians arrived to install the cabinets, workbenches and units with numerous electric and compressed air outlets. As an exciting addition to the

Before install Carlin and System Store worked together to bring in a film crew, to capture the work from concept to completion. Trevor Carlin after the build commented “We are always looking for ways in which we, as a team, can improve. Our workshops are a key part of who and what we are. Not only did we need an environment that was

System Store gave us exactly what we wanted and the transformation was done smoothly and efficiently. I am extremely happy with the result” Watch the film of the installation

Universal Race Technologies

Universal Race Technologies needed a bespoke solution to ensure effective productivity. Not only did they require workstations that allowed for a large workforce to work uninhibited in a welcoming environment, with easy access to all tools and equipment, but also to ensure all areas could be kept clean and tidy at all times as this was vital for work flow. Also required were zones for R&D, with the ability to expand with different projects; from construction lines of whole composite bodyworks, to small delicate parts for one off projects, as well as training rooms for new employees. All areas would have high usage, so durability and aesthetics were also important. When Matt Cox, MD of URT, commissioned System Store

We Needed a Specialised Workshop Design at URT

Solutions it was important to him that we were involved from the outset of the redevelopment of the building. In addition to the engineer’s requirements, the units needed to be secure, easy to use and give the right impression for all visitors

to their premises. System Store was able to bring our knowledge and expertise to create a working environment that gave URT a solution for their specific needs, as well as optimising the flexibility to the areas specified. By using Fami’s high quality units we were able to design the work areas exactly to URT’s requirements, within budget, and with minimum disruption during delivery and installation.

System Store Solutions is continuing to work with URT, in ensuring that all space available to them, during their continued expansion, works to maximum effect and allows URT to concentrate on their business. “System Store Solutions quickly identified our specific needs and designed the workshops to allow for maximum efficiency and flexibility of usage. The Fami units work well for us, look good and have the durability to cope with the usage we are putting them through. We are extremely happy with the way David Price and the team work with us and support us installing everything in so smoothly. We look forward to working with them as we expand further” Matt Cox

Jota Sport

Our Workshop Needed to Showcase the Attitude of the Company to all Visitors

System Store has supported us with the installation of new kit as required. System Store is in the process of designing a mobile parts storage facility for us under a new mezzanine floor to maximise space and allow for the continued smooth flow of the workshop as a whole.

With the expansion of Jota Sports Group came the need for new workshop facilities. They were keen to establish a workshop that gave not only a well-oiled organised facility, but also showcased the attitude of the company to all visitors to the facility. They chose System Store to help design, fit out and install the completely new workshops. “The image of the company for us is very important as we have very high profile sponsors, drivers and manufacturers working with us. A shabby, untidy workshop gives out the wrong message of who we are as a company” explained James Mitchell, project manager to their Mazda side of their operations. “We are very organised in our approach and needed workshops that flowed well for our technicians – efficiency is key. So the layout designed by System Store works well, with

the ability for us to store everything away in a clear order and close to where we need it, with plenty of workbenches for the technicians. Anyone walking in sees a professional set up.” The company has expanded considerably over the years and

“System Store has provided us with a cost effective solution that aligns with the Jota Group brand values. They always listen to the brief and deliver a clean, well developed solution which assists us with our productivity and day to day running” Sam Hignett

Race Transporter Solutions

System Store has fitted out many transporters over the years, from top end F1 bespoke set ups to roll in and roll out combi units for karting teams. Transportation is a vital part of motorsport, with the transporter doubling up as workshop at the trackside, so storage needs to work as a bespoke solution for each customer. System Store works from the conceptual design through to installation to ensure that the kit fits accurately and cleanly into every transporter.

Grass-Roots is as Important as Top End Motorsport

System Store is as dedicated to supplying solutions for grass roots motorsport as much as solving storage solutions for the top of motorsport. So we were delighted when Rob WIllshire of RG Racing, came to us looking for a cost effective solution to kit out their transporter. Coming from an F1 background, Rob was looking to emulate their storage and work shop solutions, recognising that a tidy working environment gave a more productive work flow. System Store Solutions was able to provide a solution that gave them a transporter with mobile storage units that could be rolled out and moved as required at the kart circuits. “We haven’t looked back since asking System Store for help. The kit is perfect – durable, easy to use and practical. Couldn’t ask for more, really”

A Sign of Quality Fami ensure their clients get the very best from their products. Started in 1929 in the Bassano region of central Italy Fami has concentrated on investing in R&D to produce increasingly functional, innovative and high quality products for their clients. This professional attitude, has also spread out into Fami’s approach to their customers, with care being taken to develop and maintain excellent relations with their customers, no matter how large or small the order, everyone receives the same level of care and contact. For more information go to www.famispa.it The range of innovative storage products include • Stand-alone workstations • Drawer cabinets • Workbenches

• Trolleys Transportation systems • Containers and shelving

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Pit Stop by System Store Solutions  

System Store Solutions Motorsport division continues it’s winning streak with some of the top teams in the sport. Providing the highest qual...

Pit Stop by System Store Solutions  

System Store Solutions Motorsport division continues it’s winning streak with some of the top teams in the sport. Providing the highest qual...